The service connects and sources freelance production crew
UK - Crewing platform Entourage Pro (EP) has launched its free to use and join freelance production crew resource. The service connects and sources freelance production crew and underpins traditional word-of-mouth methods for finding work and sourcing crew.
Partnered by major manufacturers of production technology including Robe, Avolites, Yamaha, d&b audiotechnik, MDG, Chainmaster and Marshall, EP is an online network of crew that has already secured thousands of members from over 60 countries around the world.
Initial uptake is being extended by EP’s partnership with Showcase Music, with the platform being promoted to over 350,000 rental companies, artists, labels, management, venues and production and tour managers from across the globe.
Searches by role, experience, availability, credentials, visas, rates, languages, qualifications and much more, gives the whole industry access to an unrivalled source of professional freelance crew from over 150 industry roles.
“The non-return rates of freelancers who had to leave the industry to find other work during the pandemic are frightening,” says EP director, Joel Perry. “We know the number of crew lost has reached into the 1000s, globally. Consequently, the opportunities presenting themselves for skilled video techs, riggers, staging, audio and lighting practitioners, are vast. EP can plug the gap quickly, efficiently and comprehensively.
“Entourage Pro was conceived well before the pandemic, and was able to act swiftly during lockdown,” adds fellow EP director, James Stanbridge. “The industry has often spoken about an alternative, verified platform to facilitate connections and source crew - particularly at short notice.
“Something which was hard pre-COVID, let alone, post . . . Continuous testing on tour and the constant threat to productions of crew having to self-isolate, means EP is providing a real option to source alternative staff quickly and efficiently, and help keep shows on the road both now and well into the future.”
Beyond this service for the production crew community, EP has also been laying the foundations for a new initiative - Entourage Pro: Learns. Developed in conjunction with education institutes from up and down the country (and soon to expand into the US and EU), EP will provide students and newcomers with a passion for the industry better access pathways into the various segments of event production.

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