Sweden - XM Automation started the new year on a high by successfully demonstrating its XMove software controlling a number of automated bars in an existing theatre system. The XM team were able to show how easy it could be to upgrade the control front-end without requiring costly upgrades to the existing hardware or electrical installation.
The demonstrations attracted more than 50 Swedish theatre technical directors, technicians and consultants, all keen to see how XMove, the new front-end software could be used to run an existing system with minimal changes to the back-end. According to one attendee,“This event is too interesting to miss.”
The ease of use and intuitive, familiar feel of the software also surprised many attendees, who were able to try programming a

UK - Audient has introduced ORIA, an all-in-one audio interface and monitor controller designed specifically for multi-speaker arrays ranging from stereo to 9.1.6 setups - and everything in between.
“As immersive audio continues to become more prevalent across music, film, TV, game and VR production, our goal was to design a purpose-driven and affordable solution for those wanting to work in the immersive space,” says Audient’s Andrew Allen.
“ORIA is designed to prioritise immersive audio workflows, giving you onboard room and speaker calibration DSP, true immersive

Spain - LED Studio is expanding its EDGE series with the launch of the 54” EDGE Pro and 65” EDGE at ISE. The single die-cast cabinets are designed as a direct replacement for popular videowall LCD panels, offering increased sustainability with up to 40% energy saving vs LCD, as well as simplified installation and operation to make large scale LED applications more accessible.
LED Studio is on a mission to eradicate throwaway culture with its proprietary V1 Architecture within its EDGE series. This cabinet infrastructure allows for the pixel technologies to evolve as technology

Spain - Part of the K-array brand ecosystem, KGEAR has released two new product launches in the run up to ISE 2024. The pro-audio manufacturer introduces the GU210 subwoofer and GMX4L mixer to its product family, two releases that once again showcase the ingenuity of K-array’s engineering.
The GU210 subwoofer is suitable for fixed installations, especially in environments where a discreet audio solution is required.
Enclosed within a stainless-steel cabinet and grille, the subwoofer boasts an IP rating of IP64, making it appropriate for indoor and outdoor installations. Th

Spain - Shure has announced the launch of Microflex Wireless neXt 2 (MXW neXt 2), the latest addition to its Microflex ecosystem, expanding the original Microflex Wireless platform. Designed with a combination of advanced features, the new Microflex Wireless neXt 2 is a versatile, two-channel wireless system designed to offer ‘a cost-effective, intuitive, and all-in-one audio solution for diverse spaces and hybrid environments’.
“MXW neXt 2 is an ideal new solution for those seeking enhanced meeting equity and clear sound reinforcement in videoconferencing and hybrid presen

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