Henry Bourne, Jeremy Courtney, Axel Kern, Phil Myers and Lucas Zwicker
Europe - In light of the company’s ‘rapid growth and the obvious necessity to provide its customers with innovative answers to new workflow models’, Lawo has established a CTO Office staffed with experts from all areas, dedicated exclusively to achieving the overall strategic goals of Lawo’s product and R&D organisations. The CTO Office drives innovation and marketable solutions for current and future developments and ensures that the forward-looking initiatives of the corporate strategy are delivered.
Phil Myers, Lawo’s CTO, explains: "The CTO Office will implement the execution of our customer-centric strategy across the organisation. Lawo is well aware that the delivery of products involving audio, video, networking, and control infrastructure is no longer enough. Customers increasingly expect seamlessly integrated solutions rather than technically robust assemblies of hardware and software. Lawo customers have jobs to do, and we need to provide intuitive and efficient tools and workflows that span the full gamut of Lawo's portfolio. Tight integration is the cornerstone of our strategy."
"Lawo solutions need to be powerful, easy-to-use, quick to deploy, and technically aligned. To achieve this, we will ensure that all parts of the organization are in sync and work towards a common goal. The CTO Office is tasked with driving this convergence within the company.”
The CTO Office consists of: Axel Kern, senior director, cloud and infrastructure solutions; Lucas Zwicker, senior director, workflow & integration; Henry Bourne, senior director, experience & design and Jeremy Courtney, senior director CTO office coordination.

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