Tensor-MINI is suitable for a host of applications
UK - HH Audio has announced the launch of Tensor-MINI, an ultra-portable, all-in-one, battery-powered PA. Tensor-MINI delivers from an easy to carry design which can be set up in seconds.
With its a powerful 6.5” co-axial full-range driver, Tensor-MINI is suitable for a host of applications, including buskers, small gigs, parties, gyms, cafes, classrooms, corporate AV presentations and more. Its versatile pre-amp includes a three-channel mixer (two universal inputs with tone presets and adjustable EQ, and an auxiliary input), DSP and reverb effect, along with a Bluetooth/USB media player which doubles as a charger for the input device. Bluetooth also supports stereo linking of two Tensor-MINI units.
Tensor-MINI’s multi-angle cab allows the unit to be used on the ground, as a monitor, or on a pole stand, and comprehensive audio protection prevents overloading and damage. Fully chargeable in just five hours, the unit delivers up to 12 hours continuous playback thanks to its built-in Li-ion battery.

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