The recently renovated Eichelberger Theatre
USA - The 700-seat historic Eichelberger Performing Arts Centre in Hanover, Pennsylvania recently renovated its theatre and upgraded its permanent audio system. After hearing through word of mouth about the new 1 Sound system in the Levoy Theatre, a venue similar in size and touring performers, Fitch Electronics who was contracted for the audio renovation at Eichelberger contacted 1 Sound for a demonstration.
1 Sound brought the proposed loudspeakers to the theatre for a demonstration with the team of Fitch Electronics and the director of Eichelberger Performing Arts Centre. The client heard the premium audio quality from the loudspeakers, felt that they worked aesthetically in the space, felt assured in the brand’s support, and quickly understood the quality of this investment.
The Eichelberger building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is considered worthy of preservation, so it was important for the installation of the loudspeakers to not be intrusive to the space.
Fitch Electronics installed two of 1 Sound’s new Contour CT212 as the main left and right on the orchestra level for 450 seats. The Contour CT212 is a three-way point source with controlled directivity, a long throw, and a max SPL of 145dB. The CT212 has an intimate sound at lower volumes and an unprecedented clarity and lack of distortion at high SPL, especially for a loudspeaker of its size, making it suitable for this application where there can be a theatre play or a touring rock band on the system.
To support the balcony level of 250 seats two Contour CT28s were mounted with their Wall Bracket accessory. For bass two SUB215s were hung in the centre of the hall above the proscenium. To rig the subwoofers in the air, M8 eye bolts were screwed into their rigging points at the top of the subwoofer and used to hang the subs in combination with custom hanging hardware made by 1 Sound.
For extra support in the first rows, Fitch Electronics specified five Panorama MS34s as the front-fills on stage. The Panorama MS34s were deployed in 1 Sound’s Mono + Stereo mode utilising their proprietary M+S Controller interface, maintaining the stereo image in the seats next to the stage. The MS34s were all ran on one wire across the lip of the stage. Three full-range Cannon C8s were mounted to the ceiling using their C-Clamp accessory for under-balcony audio support.
Lou Mannarino, the audio designer and CEO of 1 Sound, visited Eichelberger after the installation and did the system optimisation for the venue. “It was such a pleasure to work in this historic theatre and with Bill Fitch and his sons at Fitch Electronics. For us [1 Sound] this was our first completed installation using our new SUB215s so I was pleased to hear their performance in this theatre, their sonic clarity and musicality in the low frequencies, and also their efficiency and impact at high SPL.
“This project incorporated three of our new products we just launched this year, including the CT212 and C8 as well, so it was a proud moment for me hearing the results. They did a beautiful renovation at the Eichelberger Theatre.”

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