The show will be the international debut for the CCX8 series and CCX15 series
Spain - Fulcrum Acoustic will be showcasing its patented Passive Cardioid Technology during ISE 2023. The show will be the international debut for the CCX8 series and CCX15 series compact coaxial loudspeakers as well as the CS212L and CS218L subwoofers.
CCX8 and CCX15 are coaxial, subcardioid loudspeakers that provide the output capability and pattern control of normal premium two-way systems in significantly more compact enclosures. Their trapezoidal shaped enclosures allow for mounting very close to ceilings with minimal effect on sight lines, which facilitates acceptance by interior designers and architects. The CCX8 is an 8in system offered in two horn patterns and the CCX15 is a 15in system offered in five horn patterns.
CS212L and CS218L are high output, low profile, subcardioid subwoofers intended for a wide range of venues. These models feature dual, high power-handling woofers in compact, low-profile enclosures. The CS212L is a 2 x 12-inch system and the CS218L is a 2 x 18-inch system.
All four of these products utilize the Passive Cardioid Technology by Fulcrum Acoustic. This technology addresses one of the major challenges of direct-radiating loudspeakers: excessive rear LF radiation. Unlike active cardioid loudspeakers, Fulcrum’s Passive Cardioid Technology does not require additional amplifiers or cancelation drivers. The CS212L provides about 7 dB of rear attenuation while the CS218L provides >10dB. Both the CCX 8in and 15in models provide 7dB of LF attenuation in the rear hemisphere.

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