Pan Immerse 4D Audio introduces a new multifunctional, interactive production platform
Spain - With the acquisition of ACS "Acoustic Control Systems" from the Netherlands in April 2022, Pan Acoustics made its debut in the field of virtual room acoustics. Since then, the portfolio has been consistently revised to offer an end-to-end solution for natural and spatial audio representation from a single source.
“More and more modern productions today rely on spatial sound reinforcement to immerse visitors deeply in a world of sound experience. It was immediately clear to us that the future would consist of a symbiosis of virtual room acoustics and spatially flexible audio representation. The result of our efforts can be found in Pan Immerse 4D Audio," reports Udo Borgmann, CEO of Pan Acoustics.
"With the 4D, i.e. the four dimensions of height, width, depth and time, completely new, impressive worlds of experience can be created for an audience. Via the dimension of time, for example with time code control or interaction, with action controllers, additional audio or image objects can be staged and controlled in a sound installation or live performance," says product manager Sebastian Oeynhausen, explaining what is behind Pan Immerse 4D Audio.
"Pan Immerse 4D Audio introduces a new multifunctional, interactive production platform. Primarily, the platform is designed for rendering and controlling audio objects, but it can also interact with other systems via various control protocols."
In addition to classic 3D audio positions such as 7.1, a wide variety of speaker arrangements are supported for spatial audio applications with up to 128 or more speaker channels. Pan Immerse 4D Audio can be seamlessly integrated into an existing ACS system, allowing retrofitting of already installed systems.

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