‘Hive’s Beehive is designed so that every part of it serves a purpose’
Spain - Hive has introduced two new additions to its Beeblade product range. Beeblade Minima and Beeblade Osmia are joining Beeblade Pluto as part of the wider ecosystem, offering users more media playback solutions that work in harmony with a wide range of project types. Additionally, Hive is also launching the new Beehive 5U rack mountable chassis at ISE 2024.
Beeblade is a new approach to media playback that seamlessly integrates into any Smart Display Module (SDM) compatible display or projector. It’s the hidden hero behind complex, creative video that can be synced across multiple players using Hive’s Beesync software.
Joining the Pluto Beeblade - which is designed for large-scale mapping projects - the Beeblade Minima is Hive’s newest HD player with the lowest technical specification. The new Beeblade Osmia is a mid-range solution that can achieve 4K media and 4K output capacity.
With all the functionality you need, the Beeblade range is simple to integrate, easy to manage and features an intuitive user interface that can be accessed from any modern browser. The Beeblade family can also live in Hive’s Beebox and Beehive units.
The Beebox is a custom designed portable enclosure that can be placed next to display technology if there is no in-built SDM slot. Beehive is a 5U chassis that can hold up to 16 Beeblades so that you can create a system that suits the unique nature of your project.
Inspired by the intelligent structure of a bee colony, Hive’s Beehive is designed so that every part of it serves a purpose. Whether you fill the Beehive or use it partially populated, each Beeblade SDM slot has its own network connection. HDMI output and isolated visual display on the front of the chassis help you create the exact number of video playback channels and control that you need.
“These new media playback products represent Hive’s natural evolution in technology advancements, providing visionaries with the most efficient tools to enable the most ambitious of ideas to come to life organically,” explains Mark Calvert, Hive managing director & co-founder. “We are very happy to bring new products to the market that do not cost the earth, and at the same time are naturally easy to use and maintain.”

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