Modulo Pi will showcase an interactive LED experience at its booth
Spain - Modulo Pi will introduce its latest media servers’ developments at Integrated Systems Europe 2024. Visitors will have a chance to experience an interactive LED setup powered by the Modulo Kinetic media server. Furthermore, Modulo Pi’s multi-projector auto-calibration module will be highlighted with a sphere projection mapping.
Modulo Kinetic powers an interactive LED display In collaboration with LED manufacturer Absen and technical provider Alabama Media, Modulo Pi will showcase an interactive LED experience at its booth. The LED display will feature two walls and a floor, all made interactive thanks to the Modulo Kinetic media server and the support of 2D & 3D LiDARs.
With the introduction of Version 5.1, Modulo Kinetic serves as the cornerstone of the interactive setup. The media server offers quick and easy calibration of the LiDARs, allowing the seamless realtime tracking of one or multiple users. Using its internal library of effects and node-based compositing tool, Modulo Kinetic offers to create a large array of movement and gesture-based interactions without the need for coding.
Through captivating demos, the LED display will transport the audience into various worlds, offering an array of interactive experiences. Whether by touching walls or walking on the LED floor, visitors will interact real-time with media, generate content, trigger videos, images or sounds, and more. Multi-projector auto-calibration drives sphere projection mapping Modulo Pi will demonstrate its auto-calibration module for the first time on a tradeshow.
Fully developed by Modulo Pi and launched three years ago, it allows to automatically handle multiprojector soft edge blending and geometry on planar, curved, and dome surfaces. The solution relies on Power over Ethernet (PoE) cameras to offer fast and simplified cabling. Available as an option for the Modulo Player and Modulo Kinetic media servers, the dongle-based auto-calibration module allows to achieve high-precision edge blending and warping within minutes and with zero latency. The solution will be demoed on a mini-dome setup powered by three projectors.

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