The NX Series continues to grow
Spain - At this year’s ISE, RCF will display a comprehensive range of audio products including new models for installed sound, pro sound, live sound along with new RDNet management software and Shape D3D simulation software.
RCF will debut the PMR 60T, a two-way 80W pendant speaker for commercial applications, and a comprehensive range of both self-powered and externally-powered subwoofers for professional applications. The new S 8019 and S 8029 subwoofers, single and double 19" passive units respectively, come equipped with high-excursion transducers, delivering ‘exceptional sound pressure and quality for high-power installation applications’. These subwoofers pair ideally with the RCF XPS 16K amplifier.
RCF will also introduce the DMA 504 amplifier, a new member of the Business Music Series. This 4x500-watt, 2-rack unit amplifier with digital routing and DSP is versatile for multiple applications including retail, hospitality, education, and public facilities.
Adding to its portfolio, RCF will unveil the NXL 14-A, the most compact loudspeaker in the NXL Active Column Speaker Series. Available in black and white and equipped with two 6" woofers, a 1.75" PKX HF driver and a 2,100W amplifier, the NXL14-A is perfect for portable systems and immersive applications.
RCF’s NX Series adds two flagship models, the NX 932-A and NX 945-A. These loudspeakers incorporate RCF’s new Precision Transducers with neodymium magnets and titanium compression drivers, share the advanced features of the NX 9 Series cabinet and DSP, and are powered by 2,100W Class D amplifiers.
The ART 7 Series, a hallmark of RCF, introduces seven new MK5 models. Building on the ART7 foundation, the MK5 brings improved sound quality with models offering 8-inch to 15-inch woofers. Utilizing FiRPHASE and XBOOST algorithms, the new ART 7 MK5 models ensure optimal sound at any volume. The series includes new compression drivers with 1.75" Kapton diaphragms for better definition and thermal resistance, with flagship models featuring RCF Precision Transducers.
The SUB AX Series is an addition to the RCF’s subwoofer line-up, offering full DSP control and Bluetooth remote capabilities. The SUB 15-AX and SUB 18-AX models centralize loudspeaker management on the subwoofer with professional digital tools for tuning and optimisation. Additionally, the MK3 versions of the SUB 8003-AS and SUB 905-AS subwoofers have been updated with improved sound quality and a new polyurea coating.
At ISE, RCF will offer a glimpse into the future with the upcoming RDNet 5.0 management software and the Shape D3D simulation software, enhancing the creation of 3D acoustic models and offering advanced tools for sound system engineering.

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