Vieri Parrulli - sales manager
Italy - KSCAPE has appointed Vieri Parrulli to the role of sales manager. Parrulli brings with him over a decade of experience in the lighting industry, alongside ‘a wealth of knowledge and expertise’.
Parrulli studied at the Faculty of Architecture in Florence. After a year of experience as a freelance professional, he decided to specialise in the field of lighting design, which he had always appreciated from an aesthetic point of view. Since then, Parrulli has gone on to complete several specialised courses and training throughout Italy.
“I am delighted to join the team at KSCAPE within K-array, an organisation that is at the forefront of innovation in the audio industry,” confirms Parrulli. “RAIL is an exceptional offering that has already set a precedent in a merging industry of light and audio, and I am eager to introduce it to the wider market.”
Parrulli has always been fascinated by the use of light to create spaces, define environments, and shape moods. In 2013, he began work at CREE, a multinational American producer of LED lighting fixtures for urban lighting, with European headquarters in Sesto Fiorentino.
After 10 years at CREE, Parrulli moved on to explore different worlds aside from urban lighting. This led him to KSCAPE, where he hopes to contribute to the commercial development of a new product.
"We are delighted to welcome Vieri to the KSCAPE family," says Tom Riby, KSCAPE global sales & marketing manager. “Today’s announcement marks the beginning of an exciting chapter for KSCAPE, not only because we gain Vieri’s expertise and talents, but also because this marks the transition of KSCAPE from a start-up brand within K-array to becoming a much larger player both internally and externally in this new and exciting market segment where light and audio combine.”

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