This year The Lodge travels to Winter Park, Colorado, Stratton, Vermont, Steamboat and Lake Tahoe, California
USA - LightenUp Inc. (LUI), a Los Angeles-based professional lighting company, has added 48 Ayrton Rivale Profiles to its extensive inventory of Ayrton fixtures and quickly put them to work on a cross-country Paramount+ project. ACT Entertainment is the exclusive distributor of Ayrton lighting products in North America.
Owned and operated by skilled and experienced technicians, LUI supplies a full range of lighting equipment and power distribution to all types of events. It also offers lighting rentals. The Rivale Profiles join a roster of Ayrton fixtures that includes Diablo, Perseo, Zonda 9 FX and Zonda 3 FX units.
Rivale Profile is the most versatile fixture Ayrton has created to date. Rivale is a 450W 6500K LED IP65-rated moving head profile with 4-52º zoom developed for mixed use indoors and outdoors, in all conditions. Surprisingly lightweight, it offers continuous rotation of the pan and tilt movement, a new high-definition progressive CMY colour-mixing system for perfect colour reproduction as soon as the filter is inserted, framing shutters, and a large selection of gobos and effects.
“We were one of the first to get Diablos, which have been our workhorse fixture, and now we’re one of the first with Rivales in our push to find IP-class fixtures,” notes LUI lighting designer, Joe O’Neill.
“We are not afraid to be the first to jump in if we believe in the product,” notes LightenUp founder, Nathan Megaw. “We have a history with Ayrton and know first-hand about their quality, craftsmanship and performance.”
O’Neill recalls, “When I saw Rivale on paper it looked like a very cool, IP-rated light that wasn’t much bigger than Diablo. When I saw Rivale in person, after comparing a lot of IP fixtures from different companies, I knew we had to have them.”
O’Neill cites Rivale’s form factor, high output, continuous pan and tilt, 270º tilt option for achieving steep angles, colour wheel for mixing, multiple layers of colour correction, gobo wheels, animation and frost as big selling points. “It has everything we need, all the features of the highest-class Ayrton fixtures in a compact form factor that’s rock solid,” he says.
Megaw concurs and explains that LUI plans to “eventually switch everything over to IP-rated fixtures that work well in all environments. That’s where our investment in new fixtures will be focused.”
The Rivales will see cross-country action when LUI teams with 15|40 A Creative Studio for The Lodge: A Paramount+ Experience, a four ski-slope-stop experiential event that’s part of the company’s Mountain of Entertainment campaign, which plays off the brand’s snowy mountain logo. The event expands on its 2023 debut, which LUI supported in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and Mammoth Mountain, California.
This year’s The Lodge travels to Winter Park, Colorado, Stratton, Vermont, Steamboat and Lake Tahoe, California. It welcomes skiers on the mountains to a rustic lodge featuring interactive displays and activations spotlighting shows such as Halo, Frasier, Lawmen: Bass Reeves, Mean Girls and fan-favourite franchises Survivor, Spongebob Squarepants and Star Trek: Discovery. Apres-ski evenings add a party atmosphere after sundown.
15|40 A Creative Studio will build ski lodge tent structures on the slopes at the four resorts, complete with indoor fireplaces and antler chandeliers, to host the activations and après-ski performers.
“We will have eight Rivales outside the tent since they are able to handle moisture, snow and cold,” explains O’Neill, who acted as lighting designer for the series of stops. “They will paint and give texture to the snow during the daytime then transition to a party vibe at night. I’m extremely excited about having the Rivales on these mountain-top jobs; their size and weight will make a difference working in the snow and their IP rating is a necessity. Inside the lodge, a dozen Diablos will frame set pieces, layer texture on the ground and light the performers.”
The Rivales were also deployed in an open-air pavilion at The NFL Commissioner’s Party, one of the highest-profile events of the Super Bowl LVIII weekend in Las Vegas.
“Rivale is on track to becoming one of my all-time favourite fixtures,” O‘Neill declares. Megaw says he considers ACT to be “our partner as we continue to grow our company. We appreciate their professionalism and attention to client services.”

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