AV Stumpfl will present new Pixera 2.0 media server features and the Blackpeak projection screen surface
USA - The Austrian AV technology manufacturer AV Stumpfl will present new Pixera 2.0 media server features and their Blackpeak projection screen surface at LDI (booth #783) in Las Vegas.
One of the highlights of AV Stumpfl’s Pixera version 2.0 is its multi-user workflow capability, which will allow media server operators to be much more flexible and efficient when working on complex installations or show environments.
Users now have granular control over how they collaborate on Pixera projects. They can opt to share only a single portion, such as a projection warp or editing a compositing timeline, or they can open up the entire project to the other users connected to the system.
Another upcoming Pixera feature highlight is Content Remapping, which makes it possible to define multiple areas within a content frame, and to position them separately in the compositing space. The pixel accurate placement and rotation of content parts is made possible by using rectangles, as well as freely editable polygons. Mapping challenges that are best handled at the actual content level can be easily mastered with this new feature.
Pixera is the exclusive media server sponsor for the LDI’s Battle of the Busk training opportunity.
AV Stumpfl will also present their recently renamed black projection screen surface material Blackpeak (formerly known as Flex Black Pro). Using conventional projection screen surfaces, projected images may sometimes appear ‘washed out’, due to ambient light, and important image details might even disappear. The new Blackpeak projection screen material allows for the projection of highly impressive images even in bright environments.
AV Stumpfl Inc president Todd Liedahl comments: “Blackpeak offers phenomenal black levels and a great contrast ratio, even in settings with ambient light. Unlike white projection screen surfaces, it is also very inconspicuous during the moments when no content is being projected. Our recent tests show that you don’t need ultra high-powered projectors to achieve beautiful results with this highly innovative product.”

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