Caroline de Grey’s newly created dance studio
UK - An old cowshed with flagstone floors has been transformed into a home dance studio fit for a competitive dancer, thanks to Le Mark Group. Caroline de Grey, who competes in ballroom as well as a social Argentine tango and Latin dancing, needed a home rehearsal studio for the hours of practice she puts in each day.
Work on the barn conversion began at the end of 2021 and was completed in June 2022, with Caroline now boasting a space that allows her to glide seamlessly through her routines on a new vinyl floor laid by Le Mark.
“The project started in October. I got in touch with a production manager for Holland Park Opera who creates temporary dance floors. He created a frame which sat over the flagstones, before installing a wooden floor on top. He then recommended Le Mark Group for a vinyl to lay over the ply,” explained Caroline.
Caroline did her research online and narrowed her selection down to two companies. “I felt drawn to Le Mark as it markets itself as a very reliable family business. It is also a well-established company, and I felt they were professional from the word ‘go’ and very proactive; I didn’t get the same impression from the other supplier.”
The 20sq.m floor space needed a very specific sort of floor. In ballroom dancing, there is a drive action that requires the dancer to be able to push off and glide across the floor. Too slippery and the dancer goes flying; not slippery enough and the dancer won’t move. Similarly with the Argentine Tango, the dancer must be able to pivot and the floor beneath their feet is vitally important. After receiving some large samples that allowed her to try out some of her dance moves, Caroline decided on Le Mark’s Nocturne floor.
Gabriella Graham, sales and performance flooring sales at Le Mark said: “Nocturne is our most durable floor. It boasts an outstanding quality and is designed to stand up to the rigours of all contemporary dance styles as well as tap, flamenco, and Irish dance. While it is ideal for studios, academies and colleges who like to maximise the longevity of the floor, it ticked all the boxes for Caroline’s home studio. Subsequently, she decided it was worth investing in a floor that was robust and would be able to withstand the many hours of daily practice she puts in.”
Nocturne’s fibre glass mineral layer allows for a fast lay and retains dimensional stability to resist stretching and bubbling. Meanwhile, the reversible feature of the floor allows the user to refresh their dance surface by turning it over if required. Another benefit of Nocturne is that it is suitable as both a portable floor as well as a permanent installation. Its matt finish is perfect for professional lighting. Meanwhile, its slip resistant surface offers dancers like Caroline confidence, while also allowing smoothness of movement.
Caroline contracted the Le Mark team to install the flooring as she wanted the peace of mind that it was laid perfectly. “While my builder was happy to lay the product and Le Mark can provide instructions for installation, I was more comfortable getting the experts to complete the job. I wanted people who knew the product well to take responsibility for its installation. I’ve now got a fantastic space to prepare for my competitions and Le mark Group lived up to my expectations every step of the way,” concluded Caroline.

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