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prolightsPro Lab appointed Prolights distributor for UAE
Friday, 4 June 2021

UAE - Pro Lab has been appointed exclusive distributor for Prolights in the GCC region and Egypt, as of June 2021.
The appointment comes after the increased demand for the manufacturer's products, and strategy alignment between the two companies who are eager to supply high-quality equipment with the best technical expertise and product support.
“We are thrilled to start promoting Prolights' products and be able to show them to our customers as the world of entertainment opens back up,” said Rami Haber, managing director at Pro Lab. “We have been following Prolights' continuing success not only in entertainment but also in the broadcast and theatre markets, and we couldn't be more excited to be part of that journey.”
Paolo Albani, international sales manager at Prolights commented, “We are very happy to work with the team in Dubai. Despite its young age, Pro Lab is a well-established company in the region, targeting high customer service levels, focused on the quality of products they represent with a very strategic vision for its future. This couldn't come at a better time as Prolights grows in multiple sectors.”

shakespeare-in-lovephoto-credit-robin-savageChauvet lights Shakespeare In Love
Friday, 4 June 2021

UK - A small group of patrons of London’s Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts have been able to enjoy a live performance of the romantic comedy, Shakespeare In Love.
Performed in front of a small and socially distanced audience of industry professionals, the production immersed them in the fictional tale of Shakespeare’s unrequited love for his ideal women. Contributing to this experience was an evocative Adam King lighting design, which, despite the well-advised safety protocols at the theatre, was able to convey a richly textured sense of time and place.
“We had lots of different locations to depict in the play, but due to Covid we could not have massive scene changes,” said King. “It therefore became very crucial that our lighting really help drive the scenes taking place on stage, whether they be dingy taverns or grand ballrooms.”
Helping King accomplish this was a house rig that featured over 40 Chauvet Professional fixtures. Among them were 15 Ovation E-910FC ellipsoidals, which were located in FOH and boom positions and served as the main face light and key light into the peace, as well as 16 Ovation F-915FC Fresnels, which were used for top lighting, back lighting and silhouetting.
Also in the mix were eight Ovation B-2805FC Batten and two Ovation B-1965 Batten fixtures. Some of these units were placed behind curtains to create vivid colours, whilst the other were set behind scenic window cuts outs to provide colour from the interior of buildings. A third group of these fixtures were used to light the full stage curtai

volbeat2ChamSys powers Volbeat live show video
Thursday, 3 June 2021

<b<Denmark - In the weeks leading up to the lockdown, Volbeat was tearing up Europe on a 32-city tour of the continent. The Danish metal band included a date at the 15,000-seat Stuttgart Hanns Martin Schleyer Halle.
Building on the energy of the band’s performance and driving the intensity level ever higher was a 40-universe Niller Bjerregaard light and video show powered by the designer’s two ChamSys MagicQ MQ500 Stadium consoles. Part programmed and part busked, the show served up a torrent of searing images for the 22-song set.
Although fans haven’t been able to see a live Volbeat show since the lockdown, they had the chance to immerse themselves in the magic of that special evening when the band’s Stuttgart performance was streamed on a pay per view platform.
“The broadcast was as original as it gets,” said Bjerregaard. “All elements and features were as they happened that night and nothing was added or changed to enhance the viewer experience. The Stuttgart recordings were part of numerous recordings on that tour, but no elements were used from other shows, so what fans saw was exactly what happened. This video is a close as possible to that night, which is pretty cool.”
Among the sights that were there to behold that night was a dramatic opening that featured a video wall rising to reveal the band. “We had been using a kabuki front drop in the beginning of our shows, so we were looking for something different this time, while still keeping the element of surprise when we introduced the band,” said Bjerregaard. “We h

chesteruniversity1University installs Mavericks and Ovations
Thursday, 3 June 2021

UK - In February 1840, a group of local citizens, including a future prime minister, welcomed 10 students to what was Britain’s first purpose built teacher’s college. Over the ensuing 180-plus years, both the size of the institution and the scope of its mission have changed dramatically.
Known today as the University of Chester, the university welcomes some 15,000 students from every continent, save Antarctica and, as its guide notes, offers courses ranging from Animation to Zoo Management.
The energy and broad educational mission of the university is reflected in the busy main performance space in its School of Arts and Media. One of four such spaces at the university, this facility hosts myriad productions that can include a traditional theatrical performance, a live music concert and a lecture or conference covering endless topics, sometimes all in the same day.
Helping the production space meet the demands of this diverse and busy production schedule is a lighting system that has been upgraded recently with the addition of 34 Chauvet Professional Maverick and Ovation fixtures supplied by the Sterling Event Group.
“We were conscious that some of the lamp types we were using in our existing fixtures would not be around forever” said Colin Blanchard, technical team leader at the university’s School of Arts and Media. “Some of our traditional fixtures were also growing tired and with recent advances, installing the LED units finally seemed like a viable option for us.”
Blanchard and the University of Chester School of Arts

granton21CC Group transforms Granton Gasholder
Thursday, 3 June 2021

UK - Scottish events company 21CC Group has recently unveiled the output of months of planning, with a new project delivered in partnership with The City of Edinburgh Council and Edinburgh College.
The creative lighting design company was appointed to transform the iconic gasholder tower into one of Scotland's biggest works of art, while providing opportunities for students at Edinburgh College - a major academic institution in Scotland - to work on a live creative project.
Commenting on the success and long-term objectives of the installation, Geoff Crow, director of 21CC Group states: “We are immensely proud to have been appointed for this project, and of the results achieved by our technical production company, 21CC Productions. For us, it’s about giving Edinburgh a new landmark and students hands-on experience with cutting edge equipment, that will enable them to leave school, college or university with the practical skills and head start in some of the key sectors for industry growth across Scotland.
“Over the course of the next two years, we are also planning to work alongside Edinburgh College to further support the students with their practical experience on the ground, introducing them to some of the newest technology available and creating a platform for them to learn more about its practical application.”
Through providing students at the college with direct access to this equipment, it is hoped that the innovative lighting project will support the enablement of skills and create an opportunity for students to turn theory

barber-stefancohen433-smlOpera returns in San Francisco with Ayrton Perseo-S
Thursday, 3 June 2021

USA - The San Francisco Opera utilised a complement of Ayrton Perseo-S fixtures when it brought opera back to town in a COVID-safe outdoor production of Rossini’s The Barber of Seville. Ayrton Perseo is the first compact, multi-function luminaire with an IP65 enclosure rating developed for intensive outdoor use.
The Barber of Seville, directed by Matthew Ozawa, ran from 23 April - 15 May at Marin Centre, 15 minutes from San Francisco, where the audience pulled up their cars alongside the lagoon with the beautiful hills of Marin in the background. They watched the production, on a custom-built stage with soaring LED videowalls, from their vehicles.
“We have staged concerts before in Golden Gate Park, but nothing to this extent has been produced outside in the three years I have been with the company,” notes Justin Partier, lighting director for the San Francisco Opera. “We considered several venues and found Marin Centre to be the best location. So we constructed a stage and used the set from a yet-to-be-produced production of Fidelio in a new configuration.”
Partier says the lighting team was looking for a fixture that offered shuttering, gobos, colour and diffusion, which was small enough to place inside the set. The lights also had to be able to withstand any inclement weather during the opera’s three-week run. Perseo-S ticked all those boxes.
“The fixtures had to be small and bright - they were the only way to get light underneath the set from side light and footlight positions,” he explains. “They also nee

chemamagraneralejocerverajuanjoseisebarcelona2021Equipson gives LightShark line its own identity
Wednesday, 2 June 2021

Spain - LightShark, Equipson's range of multiprotocol control products for the entertainment industry, are being given their own brand identity to reflect their growing popularity and the impact they are making on the entertaiment industry.
With LightShark, hardware and software control of up to eight DMX universes and 4000+ DMX channels is completely integrated via smartphones and tablets, while full compatibility with other manufacturer's equipment is assured because the products work with industry-standard DMX and Artnet lighting protocols, as well as any operating system (Android, Linux, Windows and macOS).
Equipson originally included LightShark in its Workpro range, which features a wide variety of products aimed at the installation and live sound markets. But as the LightShark products have evolved, the company has decided to make this a stand-alone brand with its own division, which involves a product development, sales and marketing team.
"LightShark products are so different from any of our other product lines that they require an individual approach to R&D, sales and marketing," says Juan Jose Vila, CSO of Equipson. "The range has become incredibly popular - to the extent that customers are already recognising it as a separate brand - so this move is a natural progression that makes the public acceptance official and gives the range its own identity within the company. From now on, LightShark will have different verticals that are attuned to the market's specialized needs and an entirely separate staff who will be responsible for all

prolightsAudiovisuales Canarias invests in Prolights
Wednesday, 2 June 2021

Spain - Audiovisuales Canarias, part of AVC Group, has recently purchased 16 Prolights EclPanel TWC and TWCJr to their rental fleet.
The AV service provider decided to invest in these units to continue offering their customers equipment with reduced energy consumption thanks to its LED technology.
“Our decision to acquire the Prolights EclPanel TWC and TWCJr came after an exhaustive comparison with similar products on the market and, after some last tests of brightness, colour temperature, features, etc., we made the final decision to go ahead with the Italian brand. All the characteristics of this fixture were exactly what we needed to add to our list of equipment for our rental market,” said Alex Labao, commercial director for AVC Group. “The ECL Panel met our needs, completing our increasingly extensive list of equipment with reduced energy consumption.”
The fixtures are already being used in different projects, among them, the recording of the programme 35 Years of Canary Islands Awards for the public broadcaster on the Island, transmitted during the Day of Canary Islands, at the end of May. Seesound is the exclusive distributor of Prolights in Spain.

rsc-2-photos-courtesy-of-royal-conservatoire-scotland-and-tim-morrozo-photographyWL lights Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
Wednesday, 2 June 2021

UK - Based in Glasgow, the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland is a world-leading conservatoire of music, drama, dance, production and film. Founded in 1847, it now has more than 1,300 students studying undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and, pre-COVID, staged over 600 live performances across its professional venues throughout the year. It recently opened a new rehearsal and performance space for its students and approached White Light (WL) to provide the lighting equipment.
As part of its COVID-19 response plan, the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland realised that building occupancy numbers and social distancing were going to play a key part in ensuring it could continue to deliver technical training and support to all its students. The decision was made to transfer a rehearsal studio into a new, fully-equipped performance space that would allow both performance and production students to keep learning throughout the pandemic and beyond.
Dave Evans, lighting tutor at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, explains: “The equipment chosen would be used across theatrical plays, dance and musical theatre, and ensure that all of these production styles could also be filmed; something that has become a necessity with live audiences at a minimum. Therefore, we had to look for equipment that could provide both a high quality of light, but also be a useful teaching and learning tool for developing technicians and lighting designers,”
Prior to this upgrade, the rehearsal studio had a simple overhead grid of 48mm pipe, providing a rigging area, and was equipp

esc-rotterdam-2021the-grand-finalphoto-ralph-larmandsc01951grandMA3 consoles control Eurovision lighting
Wednesday, 2 June 2021

The Netherlands - Lighting, audio and rigging for the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) was delivered and co-ordinated by leading Netherlands rental specialist Ampco Flashlight, and for lighting control, this included 14 grandMA3 light consoles and 32 active grandMA3 processing units (PUs) used by production lighting designer Henk-Jan van Beek of visual design practice Light-H-Art and his team.
Henk-Jan created a spectacular design that enabled each of the 39 entries participating in the 2021 contest - which also included two televised semi-finals - to have a distinct and dynamic look utilising over 1,800 (main show floor and key) moving lights and LED luminaires from multiple brands, plus over 500 universes of LED tape running via two Green Hippo media servers.
In addition to the real lights in the space, some augmented reality elements featured in the broadcast involved several virtual lights running via Art-Net. Ten of the grandMA3 consoles were stationed at FOH in the arena, and divided into three different sessions (main, décor / specials and key lighting), two more grandMA3 light were on the floor for focussing and technical sessions and another two were located in a studio used for offline programming.
Session 1 - the main show lighting rig - utilised 15 grandMA3 processing units; Session 2 - the LED lines running through the Hippo servers, virtual lights, audience & delegation specials, smoke / atmosphere, and the moving LED battens next to the camera-tracks used up another 15 grandMA3 processing units. Session 3 used the other two gra

barcelonaISE Live & Online opens in Barcelona
Wednesday, 2 June 2021

Spain - Integrated Systems Events managing director Mike Blackman marked the opening of ISE Live & Online yesterday with a presentation at the Fira de Barcelona Gran Via in front of a gathering of representatives from government, local executive boards and agencies, ISE’s owners and the media.
ISE Live & Online is a hybrid event, livestreaming from the Fira and broadcasting to a global audience via the ISE Digital platform.
The opening of ISE’s first show in Barcelona represents a significant milestone in the development of Integrated Systems Europe, and a personal and professional triumph for Blackman, who launched the event 17 years ago with a staff of three.
Along with representatives of the Fira, ISE co-owner AVIXA and ISE exhibitors, Blackman made a symbolic trip by motorbike from ISE’s office in Munich to Barcelona, stopping en route in Geneva, the location of the first ISE show in 2004.
Speaking at a press conference just before the doors to ISE in Barcelona opened, Blackman said: “You do not need me to comment too deeply on our shared experiences of the past 15 months. The effects have been universal, and our heartfelt sympathy goes to all countries, businesses and individuals touched by it. No one has escaped. Yes, in more recent times the light at the end of the tunnel has begun to glimmer and then to shine. Which is why after conducting exhaustive research with our exhibitors, partners, and owners we decided that ISE Barcelona, Live and Online, should take place. And here we are.
"And there’s another reason w

robe-guildford-cathedral-surrey-day-2021-gui012110130Guildford Cathedral goes green with Robe
Wednesday, 2 June 2021

UK - Philip French and his team from Peachy Productions lit Guildford Cathedral resplendent green - using Robe Pointes and LEDBeam 150 moving lights - to mark Surrey Day 2021, one of several celebratory events happening around the county led by Visit Surrey and their media partners BBC Radio Surrey and Surrey Life magazine.
It was the second Surrey Day in which Peachy Productions has been involved. The company has many strong ties to the city and the area, and was keen to participate in promoting Surrey, which is known for its natural beauty, woodlands, and wildlife habitats among many other attributes.
Having lit the Cathedral on several occasions last year, including in support of the National Health Service and other frontline workers battling the pandemic and also to commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE Day, the Peachy crew were delighted to be back on top of Stag Hill running out lights and cables on Guildford’s strategically prominent high point.
The goal was to ensure that the Cathedral became as visible as possible from as far away as possible, like a glowing beacon of positivity during the evening. With the 160ft high bell tower being the tallest part, that is where the Pointes came into play, with two fixtures deployed in four different positions down both the long sides of the building, eight in total, all in pole position to hit the tower.
“We needed the power and punch of the Pointes to do this properly and get the impact we wanted,” explains French. “They were absolutely the right fixtures for the job and did a great

vue2visualizationnickpidgeonVisualization to distribute VUE2 in UK
Wednesday, 2 June 2021

UK - Technical solutions distributor Visualization will distribute the VUE2 product line in the UK.
VUE2 offers a range of 3LCD laser-based projectors across a range of brightness and resolutions.
With a complement of 21 products that cover installation, portable, and Ultra Short Throw (UST) series, the VUE2 range addresses the corporate, education, house of worship, and rental staging markets.
Visualization managing director, Nick Pidgeon, comments: “The VUE2 product line fills a gap vacated by a number of manufacturers. With a range of resolution and brightness at extremely competitive price points - and backed up with a reassuring seven-year warranty - we believe the VUE2 product range will be very well received in the UK.”
Mohammed Sajjad, product manager at VUE2, adds: “The UK market - via Visualization - offers us a tremendous opportunity to grow the VUE2 brand. We are very excited by what Visualization can offer in both distribution and the support of the product line.”

prolightsMercedes EQA rolls out with Prolights
Tuesday, 1 June 2021

Poland - The debut of the new Mercedes-Benz EQA vehicle in Poland took place in April, with Kukoni and Robimy Live supplying sound and lighting equipment, cameras and streaming systems.
Kukoni supplied a range of Prolights equipment, including 16 Air5Fan, 12 Stark 1000, eight Ruby, 20 Lumipix 12QTour, six Sunblast 3000FC, one Mosaico, 18 SmartBat Plus, 18 TrussPod3 Bat and 18 Solar 27Q, with design by Kuba Czarnik.
“Our main goal was to create a spatial effect to win the emotions of our viewers watching the event online,” says Miłosz Łapiński, manager at Kukoni. “We placed the Air5Fan on all sides of the stage area, where the car would drive in. We then placed the Sunblast 3000FC fixtures behind the car, proving a powerful colour punch as it would come in through a mist of smoke.”
The Stark 1000 washes provided front white-light to the presenters and the car all around the showroom.
There was also a Q&A session during the live stream, and for that Miłosz used the 16 Lumipix 12Q Tour, connected to media server. “We also used the eight Ruby, 18 Solar 27Q and the battery-operated fixtures as ambient light, to fill the space with colour. We then used the Mosaico to project the Mercedes logo,” said Miłosz.

benjamin-dube-virtual2Chauvet lights live gospel marathon
Tuesday, 1 June 2021

Zimbabwe - Blessing Bero, Tatenda Gaylord Rushwaya, and the rest of the Events Evolution team faced a formidable task recently when they worked a noon to 8pm pay-for-view show by platinum Epic Records star Benjamin Dube.
A noted South African gospel singer (he performed at Nelson Mandela’s Freedom of the City Award presentation), Dube was joined by a large group of other performers on stage. This helped the Events Evolution team achieve the diverse looks they were after. Also contribution to the variety, was a flexible lighting rig that included 11 Maverick MK2 Spot, four Rogue R2 Spot and four Rogue R2 Wash fixtures, plus a Net-X node from Chauvet Professional.
“We created a wide range of backgrounds with our videos and the rainbow of colours we were able to get from our lighting fixtures matched them all,” said Rushwaya, who programmed the show and ran the videos, while Bero handled the lighting design. “Colour was key to keeping things visually fresh and interesting throughout the entire show. The design we went with called for a great many bold colour mixes.”
Relying on the wide beam angles of their fixtures, which were hung on three rows of overhead truss, as well as on stage left and stage right structures, the Events Evolution team frequently changed the coverage area of their colourful displays. They also didn’t hesitate to overlap shafts of light in different bold colour combinations, going with red, green and yellow one moment, they moving to purples and blues for another song.
Changing the configuration of shapes from t

alightwalk01-bwA Light Walk supports ALD and Backup charities
Tuesday, 1 June 2021

UK - The team behind A Light Walk, a charity walk set to take place across 20-24 September, has announced details of the fundraising mission and the ways in which everyone can get involved.
A Light Walk will see Chauvet’s Sam Bowden and ALD Lumière working group chair Charlotte Burton walk from The Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford Upon Avon to the National Theatre on London’s Southbank, a total distance of over 101 miles (160 km), which will be completed in just five days. Members of the ALD’s executive committee and other members of the Lumière Scheme working group will be joining the walk for individual days or remotely.
Departing from The Royal Shakespeare Company on day one, the walkers will complete a distance of 24 miles. Day two starts at Bloxham and ends 19 miles further at Bicester. With day three, the walkers will pace the 23 miles to Great Missenden and on days four and five, the distances are considerably shorter, with 18 miles on day four taking participants to Ruislip and finally towards the southbank of the Thames a mere 17 miles on, where day five and the full 101-mile walk, ends.
The money is being raised to support two causes, the ALD’s Lumière Scheme in 2022 and industry charity Backup.
Burton explains: “We are taking on this almighty test of endurance because we believe that the work achieved through the Lumière Scheme and by Backup is vital and worth the sore feet!”
The funding will assist the evolution of the Lumière scheme which for the past five years has seen continued succes

robe-dakar-rally-2021-oc-cc-dscf5179Robe in the driving seat for 2021 Dakar Rally
Tuesday, 1 June 2021

Saudi Arabia - Jeddah provided the start and finish lines for the 2021 Dakar Rally, while its King Abdullah Sports City Stadium - 30 kilometres north of the bustling port city - was the venue for the opening and closing ceremonies which included a special show complete with soundtracks by Daft Punk, other cultural performance segments and a host of media events and live broadcasts including the winner presentations. Each of the two events comprised around 10 hours of consecutive airtime in total.
French creative lighting practice Concept K was invited by Paris-based Leap Creative Studio and Blink Experience’s Dubai office to create a production lighting design for the two ceremonies. Their brief also included direction of lighting for the cameras and integration of the set and scenic elements and video screens into a single visual picture for the events which were attended by a live audience of VIPs. (General attendance was not possible due to Covid restrictions)
Aldo (CEO & art director of Concept K) included 124 x Robe moving lights on the lighting plot - a mix of BMFL Blades, Spiiders and MegaPointes - which were supplied by the event’s lighting contractor, Media Pro together with the production’s audio and video.
These Robe luminaires were positioned across a large ground support system built around the stage to provide lighting positions and structural infrastructure for the set designed by Leap Creative Studio, which included LED screens and an impressive 3D scenic model of the striking Dakar ‘head’ logo.
The 24 x BMFL Bl

eurovisionHenk-Jan van Beek engages Ayrton trilogy for Eurovision
Tuesday, 1 June 2021

The Netherlands - ESC official technical supplier, Ampco Flashlight of Utrecht, supplied a large number of Ayrton Huracán-X, Karif-LT and MiniPanel-FX LED fixtures for the 65th Eurovision Song Contest at the Rotterdam Ahoy Arena, at the request of ESC head of lighting, Henk-Jan van Beek of Light-H-art.
With some 39 countries and 55 scenes to create and programme different looks for, van Beek needed fixtures that would give him a lot of variety and used the ‘trilogy’ of Ayrton fixtures for three different purposes.
“Huracán-X is our workhorse,” says van Beek. “We chose it because it gave us all the power, possibilities and creativity in one fixture and we used every feature of it.”
180 Huracán-X were rigged over the main and B-stages where 40 of them were mounted on extendable drop arms, and on three levels around the auditorium from where they were used for show and key lighting.
“Huracán-X gave us all the colourful looks and gobos we wanted for top and side lighting, and superb architectural looks, textures, beams, and audience backlighting from the auditorium fixtures. It also helped us work around the massive video wall that is the backdrop to the whole show.”
Florian Wieder’s set design was inspired by the long lines and low horizons of the Dutch landscape - a motif that van Beek continued through into the linear looks of his lighting design. It was imperative that none of the technology should interfere with these lines or impinge on the video backdrop. “By using Huracán-X rigged at a distance and located o

miley-cyrus4Chauvet lights Miley Cyrus basketball show
Friday, 28 May 2021

USA - Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, and actress Miley Cyrus performed between games of the NCAA Men’s Division 1 Basketball Tournament Final Four, which was aired on the CBS network. Her performance paid tribute to frontline workers and their continued service and sacrifices during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Lighting designer Otis Howard called on over 500 light fixtures supplied by 4Wall Entertainment in a design that used modern technology to create a dazzling, elevated 1970s rock & roll show for the superstar.
Included in this mix were close to 200 Chauvet Professional COLORado 2 Solo fixtures. The par style wash units, which are fitted with three 40W RGBW LEDs, were positioned directly behind Miley Cyrus along with 44 LED panels.
The creative inspiration for the Miley Cyrus team for the lighting design was from early rock shows like Queen and Led Zeppelin. "One thing we knew we had to have, was a lot of par cans, without having par cans," joked Howard. "As we started to get deeper into the design, she wanted lighting under stairs, primary colour looks and large washes to really dive deep into the theme of the show."
Putting together this show with smaller crews than usual due to the pandemic, Howard leaned on a talented team, asking them to take on multiple responsibilities.
"This was such a collaborative effort in all aspects of the show," said Howard. "Lighting director Michael Appel, lighting director Stephen Sakowski, and gaffer Mike Grimes were all crucial elements on the team.”

usaVerge Aero drones mark Armed Forces Day
Friday, 28 May 2021

USA - Families from across Georgia watched in in May as a spectacular firework display and 180-strong drone show by Verge Aero lit up the sky to mark Armed Forces Day.
The annual Thunder Over Evans event returned for 2021 following the relaxation of COVID restrictions, offering an opportunity for the community to come together to honor members of the armed forces. Event producers were keen to go the extra mile and supplement their traditional firework display with drones, ramping up the visual spectacle using Verge Aero’s sophisticated control capabilities.
The result was a choreographed vision of colourful and dynamic firework explosions and drone imagery as Verge Aero’s fleet flew the US flag, spelt out ‘U-S-A’, and military logos from all five services, all synced to an accompanying soundtrack.
“We've been doing our Armed Forces celebration for over a decade and work to make it better every year,” says show producer Shane Thompson. “This year, the wonder team of Verge Aero joined us. They took our event to a level that we couldn't even imagine. The Verge Aero team was easy to work with, made edits that we asked for and even incorporated designs that we had in mind for our show."
Verge Aero’s flight planning software allows fast and easy creation of dramatic shows with complex graphics and animations.
Nils Thorjussen, CEO of Verge Aero adds: “We were honoured and excited to be part of this year’s Thunder Over Evans and were delighted with the overwhelming audience response. With thousands of spectators and a tight o

phoenixSpyders deliver for Phoenix Suns Arena
Friday, 28 May 2021

USA - Christie Spyder X80 multi-windowing processors are helping to deliver a new fan experience at the Phoenix Suns Arena. As part of a massive renovation of the entire arena, the new lobby area has been outfitted with 7,000sq.ft of LED displays, with the Spyder X80 driving content to engage and educate fans as they enter the building.
The 29 year-old venue underwent a significant $230m modernisation with improvements that allow the Suns to deliver ‘a world-class guest experience’. The transformation included upgraded fan amenities, technology and more. Stranger Production, which specialises in sports and broadcasting video processing and automation, commissioned the Christie Spyder X80 processors that are used to drive content to the LED walls in the new lobby area.
Two custom, curved LED displays welcome fans to the arena inside the reimagined Phoenix Suns Arena pavilion. One display measures 26ft high by 202ft long and the other 26ft high by 113ft long, and display a combined 64.8m pixels. Two Christie Spyder X80 processors (one used as the primary processor, and the other as part of a back-up system) were installed to deliver content to the displays.
Says Eric Howell, owner, Stranger Production, “The system is designed so that the Spyder X80 is the central processor of the pavilion LED displays. Video is fed from computers to the media processors, into the Spyder. The display is completely customisable, including advertising, video feeds, and pre-game content, and different types of media and content can be layered using the Spyder.” Ad

robe-saddleback-church-worship-5-pSaddleback Church invests in Robe Fortes
Friday, 28 May 2021

USA - Robe’s Forte LED moving lights have been purchased and installed at the extensive main campus of Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California.
The Baptist Evangelical mega-church in southern Orange County is the largest in California and one of the biggest in the US with several campuses in California and worldwide, complete with a busy worship schedule inspired by senior pastor and best-selling author Rick Warren.
For now, the 24 new Forte luminaires - the Church’s first Robe investment, specified by lighting manager Jacob Olson and supplied via integrator Amplio Systems - are rigged on trusses above an impressive temporary tented structure, custom-designed and erected during reconstruction of their church’s main auditorium.
The structure was erected when the California COVID tier system enabled the church to start holding limited capacity worship sessions once again, providing a safe temporary venue for socially distanced events during the pandemic.
Jake had recently graduated from University of Alabama where he studied Production Design & Technology when he joined the technical team at Saddleback Church, which is led by technical director Dennis Choy and John Cassetto who oversees all the worship sessions.
One of Jake’s initial tasks was to start looking for appropriate fixtures for the new worship center. The large auditorium will have its previous 3,500 capacity increased once finished, so this already needed bright high-impact luminaires.
“Fast, fluid and flexible” was a mantra driving the choice of al

zero-88-widelite-edb-hong-kong-product-training-session-img0542Zero 88 proves an educated choice for Widelite
Thursday, 27 May 2021

Hong Kong - Widelite Technology Limited has installed Zero 88 FLX range lighting control consoles and Chilli dimmers in over 30 schools for the government’s Education Bureau (EDB) department which is tasked with overseeing state-wide education and learning.
Widelite is a stage engineering company founded in 2009 to provide stage and studio lighting for multiple sectors, incorporating equipment sales, system design and installation services plus audio and video systems for the broadcast world.
Zero 88’s FLX range and the FLX S48 in particular, together with their practical and robust Chilli dimming systems have proved a good choice for several reasons, explained Widelite’s Charlie Mak, one of the sales engineering team.
“They are perfect for schools where staff and students can learn the console quickly and easily. Usually, a half-day training is sufficient to grasp the basics, and from there they can start creating great-looking lighting scenes for themselves and quickly grow their confidence with practice.”
He believes that Zero 88’s ‘Made in the UK’ marque is a bonus when talking quality and reliability.
These assorted educational projects range from a standard government school hall – utilised for anything from speech days to singing contests and other productions, to sophisticated black box theatres presenting drama and musicals in some of the international schools.
Widelite’s role in assisting these upgrades of the establishment’s facilities sees them engaging in several ways, and depending on the avai

schwarzkaue-herten3Schallmeister blends old and new with Chauvet
Thursday, 27 May 2021

Germany - Schwarzkaue Herten is an event space that was once part of the now closed Schägel & Eisen colliery.
Although outfitted with the latest modern amenities, the facility pays homage to its industrial past through its traditional architectural flourishes. The team at Schallmeister balanced these classic features with a contemporary lighting design to create a memorable livestream event for a tech-drive industrial client.
“It was absolutely essential that the set for the livestream retain the historic architecture of the building,” said Tim Jansen, owner of Schallmeister GmbH. “Special features, such as the baskets on the hall ceiling, give the room an interesting texture. Our task was to integrate a modern and professional television studio into an old industrial location.”
Helping Jansen and his team meet this challenge was a collection of Chauvet Professional fixates that included 16 Maverick MK 1 Spot, 16 STRIKE Saber, and 16 Rogue R2 Wash fixtures.
Filling a variety of roles in the design, the 350W LED Maverick MK1 Spots were flown on overhead truss and placed along the deck at the back of the stage, from where they provided up-lighting and aerial effects. Joining the spot units behind the stage (as well as behind a speaker counter) were the STRIKE Sabers. Arranged vertically, the linear fixtures were used to create a dynamic backdrop to the livestream presentation. Washing the set with a variety of colours were the Rogue R2 Wash units, which were flown on truss at different angles to the stage.
“Particular attent


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