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miq-ignite3MiQ Ignite goes global with ChamSys
Friday, 22 May 2020

Vietnam - MiQ, a New York-based global market research firm, retained designers Martin Dudley and Chris Davey through UK-based event technology specialists Great Expectations, to provide professional lighting design services for a series of events the company was holding around the world for local clients and other interested parties.
Dudley of Martin’s Lights Ltd. and Davey of Stagelighting Tech (both of the UK), knew they would need a powerful, yet flexible, controller that would allow them to accommodate a wide variety of rigs. They also wanted a control solution that they could they could carry on international flights.
These considerations led them to pack two ChamSys PC Wings for their globe-trotting MiQ Ignite tour, which concluded shortly before the COVID-19 lockdown. “We are both long-time ChamSys users,” explains Davey. “This made us confident that we would manage very well running MagicQ software on Windows laptops with the PC Wings as we traveled to places that were not on the main international lighting circuit. Its programming power is fully fledged, yet it’s in a format that makes sense for travel.”
This confidence was well founded, as Dudley and Davey created engaging and aesthetically pleasing looks, often with widely different rigs in places like Cancun, Mexico and Danang, Vietnam. With Dudley handling the main conferences, while Davey took care of the entertainment lighting, the pair created looks that ranged from professional to festive, all while reflecting positively on their client.
“With all product

onyx-at-your-serviceOnyx webinar addresses houses of worship
Friday, 22 May 2020

USA - Obsidian Control Systems will present an Onyx at Your Service webinar on 28 May at 10am PST, focused on lighting control and programming for houses of worship.
Onyx is Obsidian’s scalable lighting control platform that is a popular choice for many houses of worship around the world. It is promoted as easy to learn for volunteers, while having the feature set and power to drive large gatherings.
In this webinar, Obsidian Control Systems product manager Matthias Hinrichs will lead a two-hour discussion with experienced Onyx programmers and lighting designers Chris Eguizabal of Riverside, California, and Joseph Wolff of Calgary, Alberta.
The programme will include insight into their workflow and programming styles and the components needed to put together small and large Onyx systems for churches and other venues.
You can register for the event here.

szeechenyichainbridgeinbudapestatnight-1-c2TMB adapting for the future
Friday, 22 May 2020

USA - Architectural specifiers and installers are discovering the advantages of products derived from TMB’s road-proven technology.
Concert touring is among the most technically challenging environments and touring technology has a long history of being the vanguard for design innovations in other industries.
“There is no question rock & roll technology drives innovation in other industries; first theatre, then film and TV, then corporate events and theme parks, and now architecture,” comments Colin Waters, ex-roadie and TMB’s CEO and founder. “To this end, TMB now has regional reps throughout America, to liaise with specifiers, contractors, and designers who place our innovative products into a broad spectrum of high-profile installations, including Wynn Resorts in Las Vegas, O’Hare airport in Chicago, the Moxy Hotel in New York, the Schuster Center in Dayton, Ohio, and many more. Our North American Architectural Rep Program is managed by Nicole Rizzo.”
Outside of America, TMB architectural products are available from the company's regional distribution partners or directly from TMB. They include Solaris indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures; FloppyFlex LED neon; FloppyTape LED tape; Firefly Festoon and Fairy Lights; ProPower Company Switches; ProPlex Data Distribution Devices; IMS marquee/festoon lighting; Nuri*Lites lighting fixtures; W-DMX wireless lighting control (America only), and of course, ProPlex Installation Data Cables.
For nearly 40 years, TMB has provided lighting and related products to entertainment and st

mendongraduation3Chauvet lights virtual graduation tribute
Thursday, 21 May 2020

USA - Nipmuc Regional High School in Mendon is a little over six miles from the Imperial Cars automotive mall. Lately, a lot of seniors from the 654-student enrolment school have been making that drive to the dealership. They aren’t necessarily looking to buy a new car; they’re coming to see a special graduation tribute that the popular dealer has sponsored for them.
With the regional high school’s usual live graduation ceremony cancelled because of the COVID-19 lockdown, Imperial Cars contacted Image Production Services of Worcester, MA to put together a virtual alternative for Nipmuc students.
Having worked with Imperial Cars on many projects in the past, Darren Lussier and his team at Image Production Services including media specialist Tovia ‘Ben’ Shapiro, put together an impressive video display to honour graduates. They used 80 Chauvet Professional PVP LED panels to create a double-side video wall at the edge of the Imperial Plaza lot, with one of those sides facing Route 16.
Mounted on a stage and covered by a roof, the video wall displays the name and portrait of each graduate with words of congratulations. The looped videos will run continuously from 11am to 11pm every day for two weeks, giving friends, parents and students a chance to drive by and celebrate the moment.
Students who want to do something extra to commemorate their graduation, can swing into the Imperial parking lot and having their photo taken on the inward-facing side of the video wall.
“This is the first project for high school graduations like this

astera-beyond-the-road-photo-julian-abrams-2-pAstera goes Beyond The Road at the Saatchi
Thursday, 21 May 2020

UK - Last year, Astera Titan Tubes were at the heart of a lighting scheme designed by Ben Donoghue, now of Flare Lighting, for Beyond the Road, an immersive exhibition at London’s Saatchi Gallery.
Featuring the music of Unkle, the experience merged the worlds of visual arts, music and film, offering visitors a chance to lose themselves in a multi-sensory world led by sound. Together with music pioneer James Lavelle (Unkle), the overall work was curated by creative producer Colin Nightingale, and sound designer/creative director Stephen Dobbie (both of the Punchdrunk theatre company).
Lighting designer Ben Donoghue - who has recently joined Ben Cash, David Amos and the team at Flare Lighting from global creative agency Imagination - has worked regularly with Nightingale and Dobbie and was asked to collaborate on the project to create a lighting design for the experience which ran for a highly successful 12 weeks.
Dobbie, along with sound designer Salvador Garza Fishburn, deconstructed the last two Unkle albums, The Road: Part 1 and The Road: Part II / Lost Highway, re-arranging and re-interpreting the work within a curated environment featuring a range of artistic and filmic works. Contributions artists including Danny Boyle, Jonas Burgert, Alfonso Cuarón, Toby Dye, Doug Foster, Norbert Schoerner, Warren Du Preez & Nick Thornton Jones ranged from painting to film, sculpture to photography, tracing influences in Lavelle’s work.
Beyond the Road took over the entire top floor of the Saatchi Gallery. Visitors fl

bcmc-1-michele-wedelBandit lights Brown County Music Centre
Thursday, 21 May 2020

USA - The city of Nashville was already well-known as a centre for artists and artisans, but due to a 2009 fire that robbed the community of its music centre (known affectionately as the Little Opry) county officials sought to build a venue that would draw top touring artists.
In an effort to craft a lighting system that would match the talent they sought, Brown County commissioned Bandit Lites, trusting the sales and integration team to make the space usable for touring acts. From rigging to backstage layout and ultimately the lighting controls, Bandit’s team elevated the lighting to match the vision of the centre.
“We wanted the stage to be a first class, state of the art lighting package,” explains project manager Doug Harden of Miller Architects. “Bandit delivered exactly that.”
Bandit Lites provided all the fixtures for the building, including the stage work lights, lobby lights and more, right down to the bathroom sconces. The facility seats 2,000 people but the venue’s designers made sure that the farthest seat is only 106ft from the stage, meaning every fan is able to experience a stellar show. Furthermore, with a stage measuring almost eighty feet wide, Bandit’s team knew the fixture selection would have to be precise.
Bandit supplied Ayrton Mistrals, HES SolaFrame 1000s, Elation Professional DARTZ 360, Chauvet Professional STRIKE 4 blinder and strobes, Chauvet Professional Rogue R2 Washes and ETC ColorSource Spots. In addition to the venue’s fixtures, Bandit’s team provided the Tyler Truss, Chainmaster Hoists fro

fondation-de-ma-vieChauvet helps honour hospital heroes
Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Canada - Every day when health care professionals enter Chicoutimi Hospital, Saguenay, Quebec, they get ready to face the realities involved in caring for patients afflicted with COVID-19. Now, they are also greeted with a rainbow of colours intended as an expression of gratitude from the Fondation de ma Vie (Foundation of my Life) and LSM Ambiocréateurs.
Spearheaded by project leader Ricky Ricken of LSM, working closely with the Fondation de ma Vie, the display covers the entire width of the hospital’s entrance side in brilliant blues, oranges, yellows and purples from a collection of over 70 Chauvet Professional COLORado 1 Tri Tour IP fixtures from LSM’s own inventory.
Placed at the base of the building and on ledges at various heights, the RGB fixtures cast their glow to the top of the hospital’s two the six-story wings. Light from the COLORado units also shines to the top of the complex’s main tower, which at 39 meters is the fourth highest building in Saguenay. The IP-rated lights illuminate the building every night.
In keeping with the selfless spirit of cooperation that has brought this community together amidst the pandemic, the illumination project was an all-volunteer effort on the part of LSM, master electrician Gabriel Chaperon and lighting programmer Dany Bouchard, as well as Alexandra Girard, Jean-Philippe Beaulieu, and Remi Larouche.

perg-part-of-esta-logo-1PERG return to work guidelines out for review
Wednesday, 20 May 2020

USA -The Production Equipment Rental Group (PERG) has released a draft of its return-to-work guidance for the safe resumption of camera and lighting rental services.
The PERG Safe Return to Work Guidelines provides recommendations for the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 and was created by a task group who took into account recommendations from the CDC, OSHA and public health officials and applied them to rental operations, equipment and facilities.
The draft will undergo a public review process from 19 May through 9 June, providing an opportunity for materially-affected parties to participate in the development of these industry guidelines, ensuring that they reflect an industry consensus.
Feedback is welcome from all stakeholders, and instructions for providing feedback are included with the download. Comments will be reviewed by the task group for resolution and revision. Download the draft of the guidelines, public review form, and public review instructions at //
PERG and the entire ESTA community are dedicated to the safe return to work. The PERG Safe Return Task Group is made up of representatives from Abel Cine, ARRI Inc., ARRI Rental, Camtec, Cinelease, Cinequipt, Keslow Camera, Illumination Dynamics, High Output, Insight Equipment, LiteGear, MBS, MP&E Cameras and Lighting, MPS Studios, PC&E, Panavision, Quixote Studios, Taylor & Taylor, William F. White International. Many equipment manufacturers also contribu

prolightsSeesound appointed Prolights distributor for Spain
Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Spain/Italy - Prolights has announced the appointment of Seesound as its new distributor in Spain with immediate effect.
Nacho Alberdi, CEO of SeeSound, comments: “To me, working in this kind of industry means to carry on my family legacy, as in 1880 my grandfather started manufacturing pipes for church organs. That’s why we aim to continue doing what we do with passion and in the most professional way, taking care of the quality of the work done by our team. This should allow us to offer the best solutions to our customers and partners.
“When I first approached Prolights, I was fascinated by the ambition and dedication I could see throughout the headquarters, from the R&D department, production, logistics right to the sales and managements departments. Prolights boasts a broad portfolio and a one-of-a-kind product design, which will grant us to provide innovative solutions to our reference market.”
Alberdi continues: “Both companies share a common vision of the future, the same values in regards of quality, constant development and commitment to our customers. I couldn’t be more confident about this new partnership. We will face some challenges for sure, but the attitude already shown by Prolights will help us to overcome them, as the brand has grown so much in the past few years proving to be a leading player in the market.”
Paolo Albani, Prolights international sales manager, adds: “SeeSound’s professionalism is well known in the industry, and the company gained a broad access to every market segment through the Spain,

ben2Ben Farrey passes away
Tuesday, 19 May 2020

UK - Knight of Illumination Award winning live video director Ben Farrey (previously Miles) sadly passed away last week. Sharing the news, Coldplay – just one of many high-profile bands and artists Ben worked with throughout his career – paid tribute to a ‘beloved’ member of their crew in an emotional post shared across their social media platforms on Thursday 14th May.
The message, signed by all members of the band, reads: “We're sad to report that we lost one of our most beloved and talented crew members last night. Ben Farrey was our live visuals director. He was in charge of everything that you saw on the screens at our live shows. If you ever made it to a show, you’ll know that he was ridiculously good at his job. He was also one of the kindest and most generous-spirited people you could ever meet. We love you, Ben.”
The message was accompanied by a video of Ben saying what he loved most about his job. He said: “What I really like is coming to work, because my work day is the day thousands of people have been waiting for. The anticipation and the excitement – there’s some electricity in the air every work day.”
Having worked with Coldplay for over 10 years, Ben won the prestigious Knight of Illumination Award for Video Electronic Content in 2016 for his work on their A Head Full of Dreams tour. His considerable talents were also put to work for acts including The Spice Girls, The Script, George Ezra, Elbow and more.
Avolites - where Ben spent time working in the service department at the beginning of his ca

ayrton-sarah-womackAyrton Khamsin-S is a Revelation for Mika
Tuesday, 19 May 2020

UK - The charismatic singer/song writer Mika’s Revelation tour in support of his fifth studio album, My Name is Michael Holbrook, may have been postponed midway through due to the current coronavirus crisis, but it wowed audiences from autumn through to this spring. Lighting designer for the tour was Vince Foster who, with an impressive CV which spans well over thirty years, requires little introduction.
Foster’s design for Mika’s ‘Revelation’ was clean and uncomplicated: plenty of floor lighting, significant numbers of side fixtures and trusses in the most effective of locations. His choice of fixtures was similarly unambiguous: just four different fixtures and overwhelmingly from Ayrton. Alongside around thirty Ayrton Magic Blade-FX fixtures were approximately one hundred and twenty of one of Ayrton’s newest moving heads, Khamsin-S.
“Every moving light is a Khamsin,” opened Foster when we spoke to him about his design. “I have always been a big fan of Ayrton, using a variety of their fixtures over the years and their move into developing moving heads that have that Ayrton combination of feature-rich technology and quality engineering is really exciting. The Khamsin-S are everywhere on the rig: the floor, the side hangs, the ‘B’ thrust stage and on both the stage trusses and the one downstage of the B stage. The rig was designed with input from both Mika and his sister Yasmine. We wanted an unfussy but solid music hall look to allow the audience to focus on Mika himself. The brief was essentially to create somet

performer1500fresnelq6Highlite adds to Performer series
Tuesday, 19 May 2020

The Netherlands - The Power Of Entertainment, Highlite International’s latest campaign, is well on its way. The campaign contains several product introductions and continues with the presentation of the latest additions to the well-known Performer-series.
Showtec adds seven new Performer models to the already successful Performer range. It starts with a house-light, the Performer Pendant Q6. This offers a six-colour RGB ALC LED engine with which a very broad colour spectrum can be achieved, resulting in a very high CRI level of over 90. It is very well equipped to be used in theatres, auditoriums and more.
The new models continue with three Performer 1500 units, available as Q6, Tungsten and Daylight luminaires. The Daylight version has a colour temperature range between 4000K and 6500K while the Tungsten version starts at 2700K until 4500K. Controlling each unit can be done via DMX but for quick changes in any setup manual control is available as well. The manual zoom, approachable on both sides of the unit, delivers a beam angle ranging from 10° to 50°.
If more output is required then the Performer 2500 models offer the right solution. They are also available as Q6, Tungsten and Daylight with the same functionalities and DMX-channels as the 1500 units. This makes it very easy to use the various models in one setup. The difference between the 1500 and the 2500 is a stronger LED engine and a wider zoom range which goes up to 60°. The CRI-levels are 90 for the Q6 units and 95 for the Tungsten and the Daylight Performers.

live-aidfinaleLightpower limited edition backs events industry
Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Europe - As the COVID-19 crisis continues to hit the live music and event industry particularly hard, The Lightpower Collection is determined to continue to donate to organisations dedicated to preserving jobs within the live event industry - organisations that include Crew Nation, Behind the Scenes and Backup.
The Lightpower Collection has therefore teamed up with photographer Neal Preston to release a set of more than 25 previously unseen music photographs. Each of these images is being made available in a limited edition run of just 20 per image.
The Lightpower Collection is proud to exclusively offer these signed and numbered fine art prints for purchase at the special price of only 950 Euros. The new collection can be viewed at
To coincide with their release, Lightpower has announced a new cooperation with our new partner e-commerce company EMP which offers its Backstage Club members further advantages when purchasing.
To buy one of these special edition images and help support our industry, please direct all enquiries to The Lightpower Collection or EMP via the websites below.

driveincomedyDrive-In Comedy returns with Chauvet
Tuesday, 19 May 2020

USA - Michael Longfellow from NBC TV’s Bring The Funny show at the Drive-In Comedy Night represented the first step in bringing live entertainment back to Phoenix, USA’s fifth largest city.
Lighting the stage in the car parking lot where Longfellow and fellow comics Joe Carden and Mike B Dapper performed was a collection of Chauvet Professional Rogue and WELL Fit fixtures supplied by Creative BackStage. John Garberson, who served as the LD for the show, relied on the fixtures to help enliven the stage and create a comedy club feel with deeply saturated colours and a few well-chosen ‘ballyhoo moments’.
At the same time, the lighting also ensured that attention was focused on branding material from the evening’s sponsors, Rick Bronson's House of Comedy and the High Street Association.
“This was a first, a very different experience,” said Garberson of Creative BackStage. “But it was also a lot of fun. You could feel the energy in the air. People were excited. We had the WELL Fits on trees stage left and stage right to create a nice warm glow. The Rogue R2 Washes were also on trees. They gave us evocative stage washes, in addition to creating some punchy aerial patterns at key moments.”
Garberson placed additional WELL Fit fixtures in front and behind the stage. Those in front were used to keep constant light on the prominent sponsor banner. The rear fixtures provided back lighting and also set an inviting tone by lighting the trees behind the improvised stage.
Keeping the stage well lit and maintaining good s

mars-music-hallAlabama’s Mars Music Hall opens with Elation
Tuesday, 19 May 2020

USA - Mars Music Hall in Huntsville is changing the landscape of the music scene in northern Alabama. The latest success in an ongoing expansion project at the multi-purpose Von Braun Centre (VBC), Mars Music Hall debuted its Elation Professional lighting rig in early January, an occasion that set an upbeat tone for the next eight weeks of shows before the venue went into COVID-19 hibernation.
The inaugural show, a 3 January sold-out performance featuring Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit, highlighted the intimate character of the venue’s broad design with its wrapping balcony overlooking a 50ft wide stage. A variety of events ranging from concerts to comedy acts and everything in between play the new venue.
Justin Young, production supervisor at VBC, designed the lighting system for the new space and worked with Freed Sales to secure an Elation lighting package. Having developed a relationship with the rep firm that goes back many years, he says he knew Dustin Pesnell and his team would take good care of them.
“At the theatrical lighting shop I was at before I came to VBC, I saw how well Freed took care of us and over time we bought a lot of Elation gear,” he comments. “I know the brand well and knew I wanted to deal with a company that I could trust. I’m perfectly happy with the equipment but that wasn’t my driving factor in choosing Elation. Relationship and experience were key.”
First opened in 1975, Von Braun Centre, with an indoor arena, concert hall, playhouse, convention spaces, banquet halls, and a full-service restaurant h

robe-lux-partum-231-pRobe lights Lux Partum art installation
Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Germany - Lux Partum (Emission of Light) was a sculpted interactive lighting installation and live stream staged at the Motorwerk event space in Berlin, created by lighting and show designer Chris Moylan and his team.
This comprised Lars Musasch, Andreas Schindler, and Matthias Schöffmann together with DJ and music producer Paul van Dyk who composed a special soundtrack and played a three-hour live concert during the first weekend.
The work utilised 54 x Robe moving lights including MegaPointes, Pointes plus Tetra2 moving LED battens which were installed in the venue with LED screen elements, and all rigged, programmed and set up to be accessed by the public via the website and ‘played’ in real-time.
By the end of the 10-day run, over 43,000 visitors from 94 countries had engaged with the art work in 6.355 registered sessions utilising’s bespoke user interface technology. They chose over 200.000 different combinations of lighting / video which were viewed over 528,404 minutes of activity.
Visitors could select the colour and patterns of the lighting and video effects as they played out to the music track, changing at pre-determined points to keep the groove flowing harmoniously.
Running over two weekends and the intervening week, Paul van Dyk played a three-hour live set at the Motorwerk on the first Sunday night, enabling his massive fanbase to tune into the stream and be part of making the concert visuals look spectacular – each visitor to the site having a three-minute sl

arthur-800w-ledhd-3cRobert Juliat releases Arthur LED followspot
Monday, 18 May 2020

France - Robert Juliat has announced the launch of Arthur, its new 800W LED long throw followspot capable of matching the lumen output of a 2500W HMI RJ Aramis followspot and delivering up to 29,000 lumens.
This eagerly-anticipated move opens up the use of LED followspots into large venues such as opera houses, musical theatre and live music venues, concert and touring venues, both indoors and out, says the company.
Arthur’s powerful LED engine, narrow beam angle (5.5° - 15°) and long-throw capability, ensures “invincible performances with a minimum output of 2000 lux at a distance of 40m (200fc at 130 ft), while offering premium light quality with a high CRI (>90) - an essential feature for a followspot whose main role is to shine a light on performers in the most sublime way possible”.
A smooth flat beam with no hot spot is teamed with excellent gobo projection, sharp focus at every beam angle and independent control of image size and focus, thanks to Arthur’s variable zoom optics featuring a 3:1 beam ratio.
The electronic dimmer ensures smooth, high quality dimming without clipping or cut-out at low intensity levels, and no shift in colour temperature.
Power consumption is minimised, not only by the lower power requirement of the LED source, but also because it can be switched off when inactive, unlike discharge sources which need to run constantly throughout a show.
With the choice of several ventilation modes and silent-running cooling fans, Arthur is much quieter than its discharge rivals – “Arthur can rule

elation-hourElation Hour addresses theatre lighting
Monday, 18 May 2020

USA - Elation Professional’s 20 May Elation Hour will feature lighting designers Bradley King, Jeff Croiter, John Froelich and Jason Lyons who join hosts John Dunn and Matthias Hinrichs to share their personal insight, experiences and tricks of the trade in lighting the theatrical stage.
Bradley King, is a two-time Tony Award-winner for his work on Natasha, Pierre, & The Great Comet of 1812 (2017) and Hadestown (2019); Jeff Croiter is a Tony award-winning lighting designer for Peter and the Starcatcher (2012) with over 25-years of Broadway experience; John Froelich is resident lighting designer at the Metropolitan Opera who oversees all technical and artistic aspects of lighting design for the opera. Jason Lyons, credits include On the Town, Bronx Bombers, Barefoot in the Park and Rock of Ages.
The Elation Hour is a weekly (Wednesdays, 10am PST) virtual presentation that delves into the more personal side of product development and includes discussions with top industry designers who share their experience across the broad scope of entertainment lighting. To RSVP, follow this link.

united-we-streamUnited We Stream draws energy from Chauvet
Monday, 18 May 2020

Germany - Club culture continues to thrive in Germany even amidst the COVID-19 lockdown. The country’s world-famous night spots may be closed to the public, but they are still reaching out to clubbers thanks to United We Stream.
Run in alliance with ARTE Concert, United We Stream hosts a series of online shows from event organizers and artists that showcase the rich diversity of German club culture. In addition to streaming live DJ sets, live music and other performances, the initiative serves as a platform for discussion sessions, presentations and club culture-oriented films.
The alliance was started to support Berlin’s club culture and expanded internationally. Hamburg was the first city outside of Berlin. It was here that Koyo, the designer behind many Hamburg’s well-known clubs, a group that includes Uebel & Gefährlich, a venue located in an old-World War II bunker, where the livestream show took place.
Aiding Koyo in her endeavour was a collection of Chauvet Professional fixtures. Key among them were 12 ÉPIX Strip IP linear units. “It it was important to be able to show a very different image with every content, which is what our VJ Mateo did with the ÉPIX Strips,” said Koyo. “They are a still fixture of course, but we made them look flexible and moving by having them floating behind the DJ playing.”
“The ÉPIX fixtures have a truly beautiful dimming curve which made it possible to have them visually in the dark, making them look like they were floating in the middle of the huge space,” continued Koyo. “The cre

aliaALIA to cover wider production base
Monday, 18 May 2020

Australia - Australian web-based organisation ALIA is expanding its area of activities to cover the wider live production business. For 20 years ALIA has been a resource for the lighting community in Australia. Starting as a simple website, ALIA, it has continued to grow with daily updates on gear, people, projects, productions, business news – basically anything to do with lighting. Now, as Australasian Live Industry Alliance, it plans to offer more.
Earlier this year ALIA rallied lighting manufacturers to donate gear to their Fireaid Appeal which raised $61,000 through an online auction.
Last month, ALIA organised #lightunite to draw attention to those fighting the battle against Covid-19 and also the production industry that has been decimated. The project reached national news stations and helped to lift spirits of those involved.
“Over the years, I have often been asked why ALIA only caters to the lighting side of production and so today, at the risk of infuriating lighting purists, ALIA will be doing just that,” says ALIA’s Cat Strom. “The format is still the same, as are the categories, but the focus will be more on the people of our great industry and so I will be relying on your input.
“Since the start of the Covid-19 lockdown, I have implemented My Gig, whereby you can send in info on any gig you have done in the past 12 months, and also Lockdown where you can share you experiences.

vulcan-statueSolaris Flares light landmark Vulcan statue
Monday, 18 May 2020

USA - The largest cast iron statue in the world shines brightly over Birmingham, Alabama, thanks to lighting design by Schuler Shook and lighting design revisions, control system design, and programming by Marc Brickman and Tactical Manoeuvre, Inc. The essence of the 56-foot Vulcan statue overlooking the city is the 124-foot pedestal on which it stands, highlighted and enhanced with seven Solaris Flare IP HR dual-head outdoor fixtures.
Lighting for the project was provided by 4Wall Nashville. “The Flare IPs have an incredible amount of firepower and are killer bright,” says 4Wall account executive, Damon Herbert. “We used the dual-head version of the Flare IP outdoor lights, with narrow 8-degree lenses for maximum throw.”
Damon adds, “At night, the statue can be seen for miles and Tactical Manoeuvre’s programming is exquisite. Over two years in development, the clients are extremely happy with the results. Flares make us look good.”
Schuler Shook worked with the Kiwanis Club of Birmingham to develop concepts for re-energising Vulcan’s presence over Birmingham through a dynamic use of light. The statue’s inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places led the team to design fixture mounting locations concealed around the base of the pedestal and on tall poles strategically placed around the park.
Tactical Manoeuvre (TactMan) was brought on to the Vulcan project toward the end of the design and construction process. After viewing the proposals for programming services from several other companies, Wayne Gillis of t

zero-88-tacchi-morris-arts-centreTaunton arts centre opts for Zero 88 FLX
Monday, 18 May 2020

UK - The Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre (TMAC) is a multipurpose performance space located in Taunton, Somerset, UK, and dedicated to staging an array of shows, events and activities for the whole community embracing music, dance, drama, comedy, spoken word and other genres.
Just before the coronavirus pandemic temporarily halted the entire entertainment industry, TMAC took delivery of a brand new Zero 88 FLX lighting control console, complete with two wings, which was specified by technical manager Kevin Stratton.
The new console replaces their previous generation Zero 88 consoles which have been there since the venue opened in 2000.
Kevin has worked there since 2016, and before then was a busy freelancer, touring theatre technician and production LX who has also worked as a Level 3 instructor in production arts at a leading Somerset further education college.
He decided on the FLX after extensive research. “A new console isn’t an item purchased every year, so we wanted to ensure that it was right for us and fit for purpose and trialled / demo’d a number of options before choosing the FLX.”
Familiarity was a major factor he explained, together with the price to features ratio – as a non-funded venue, best value was a major consideration. “FLX is a complex, competitively priced desk that will grow with our venue.”
The FLX is controlling over 200 generic and LED lighting fixtures in the house over 96 channels of dimming including the house lights, and there are additional moving light and other intelligent luminaire rentals

photo-by-cdc-on-unsplashWhite Light MD issues call to save live events industry
Monday, 18 May 2020

UK - White Light managing director Bryan Raven has written an open letter asking for support for the supply chain to the live events industry. The London-based supplier, in conjunction with a number of industry colleagues, has outlined a 10 point plan for help needed from the UK Government.
“The live events industry - which includes music, theatre, corporate events, festivals and live broadcasts - was amongst the first to be closed down by the COVID-19 pandemic and will be the last to return to normality,” writes Raven. “This is global issue and I would ask you to take the time to watch this video from the Live Events Coalition in the US which graphically represents the issue for the whole world.”
He continues: “Both the producers of live events but also the suppliers to live events need help. It is critical to consider the entire ecology of the live events supply chain when designing business support mechanisms.”
The key points listed by Raven in the letter are:
“1. Live events are pretty much impossible until the 2m Social Distancing rule is either unnecessary or relaxed - 2m distance needs to be advisory in conjunction with face covering and hygiene (in combination with testing) NOT compulsory. Until the 2m distancing requirement is reduced or, eventually, removed, many live events will not be financially viable.
2. Need to recognise the supply chain to industries/sectors that are still closed – and therefore offer support especially in those sectors that use theatres and live music venues which will be closed until th

genesis-console-and-wing-with-color-pickerAltman debuts Genesis lighting console
Friday, 15 May 2020

USA - Altman Lighting has introduced the Genesis lighting console.
The desk combines physical fader and touchscreen control and provides advanced programming functionality with features such as Shape FX, Chases, Fan, and Individual Cue Timing. Additionally, the graphical user interface allows control of luminaire parameters via familiar icons, colour picker, movement targets or touch sliders.
For moving light control, pan and tilt are also controlled via the touch pad adding a fine movement control for those critical focus points. The animate feature provides a simple and intuitive way to quickly create chases, sequencing, and patterned attribute control within a single cue.
“Focused on giving programmers of all skill levels the operation simplicity of an instinctive console which boasts high-end features, we are very excited to be releasing Genesis,” adds Pete Borchetta, Altman vice president product innovation. “This product line takes us into a new direction that allows us to broaden the innovative and affordable technology solutions that people in the industry have come to expect from Altman Lighting.”
Genesis control consoles can control up 24 discretely addressed luminaires, each with a physical intensity fader and bump button, and each console is capable of controlling one DMX 512 universe. Additional universes and luminaire counts may be achieved through the connection of an optional Genesis wing, and two Genesis wings may be added to each control console.
(Jim Evans)


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