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astera-surganova-concert-201010203507Surganova dazzles with Astera Titan Tubes
Friday, 26 March 2021

Russia - Lighting designer Vladimir Lyubimov continues to use Astera Titan Tubes as a key lighting feature for concerts by Russian rock musician, singer and poet, Svetlana Surganova.
The most recent of these took place at Crocus City Hall in the Krasnogorsky District of Moscow, staged in the autumn - at the time this was during a brief period when concerts and large gatherings were allowed during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Surganova & Orchestra presented their In Contrast programme to a full live audience at the venue after the show was moved at short notice from the famous 1930 Club, also in Moscow, to the larger 7,300 capacity venue.
Having planned to use their most recent touring lighting and stage design from the start of 2020, Lyubimov and the crew were left facing the challenge of making their production work in the new space.
Delighted to be back working in a concert environment after so many months of livestreams and studio recordings, he and all the production crew from rental company ZavodShow relished the task.
“Sixteen Astera Titan Tubes does not sound like a lot of lights,” says Lyubimov, “but this is more than enough to fill a standard stage area.” They were used in tandem with other lighting fixtures and moving lights on the rig.
The Titan Tubes were deployed to create three layers of depth - some were sitting on their floor mount stands and positioned around Surganova and her six-piece band, while others were attached at different heights to an arc of eight upstage totem truss towers, with all these

robe-cgs-fortes-img7014CGS Dry Hire invests in Robe Forte
Friday, 26 March 2021

Germany - Rental company CGS Dry Hire has invested in a large number of Robe’s recently-launched Forte LED moving lights, delivered via Robe Germany. These are now available for dry hire at CGS.
These are the first Fortes to be received in Germany and have been purchased for general lighting rental stock - with CGS’ Christian Geyer looking ahead to when the industry restarts, and for a couple of specific jobs that require a high-powered, multifunctional LED fixture.
Geyer, who founded CGS in 1999 whilst still a technology-obsessed teenager and a keen DJ, commented: “Investing in premium brands and solid technology has always been a CGS trademark. It has helped enable us to build the company’s reputation for excellence, and we see Forte as a smart option for rental stock that will help expand our market position both now and for years to come.”
He and his colleagues, including CGS department manager Josef Reichenstetter, noticed a groundswell of interest in the Forte from lighting designers and the lighting community generally even before it was launched by Robe last month, and this encouraged them to organise a demo as soon as units were available.
CGS has been investing heavily in Robe products throughout the last few years. “We’re adding more Robe fixtures to our inventory step by step since Robe products are not only demanded in high quantities, but also almost always accepted as an alternative to any other brand,” explains Geyer.

netron-one-year-anniversaryObsidian marks a year of Netron line
Thursday, 25 March 2021

USA - Obsidian Control Systems reports a successful year of shipping its comprehensive Netron data distribution line of RDM splitters and EtherDMX nodes and has announced a new version 2.6 firmware release.
Prompted by the increasing fixture counts and continuous growth in the number of Universes used on a show, Netron supports applications from live production and venue installations to architectural environments and has enjoyed strong market adaptation globally since its release.
“The introduction of the Netron line has been a real success story despite the difficult circumstances of 2020,” states Obsidian Control Systems product manager Matthias Hinrichs. “The feature set, plug-and-play design and competitive pricing have really hit the sweet spot and the feedback from our users has been phenomenal. It is a perfect complement to our Onyx console range and a well-designed package for anyone requiring rugged, reliable, and affordable data distribution systems.”
The Netron range includes three RDM splitters - RDM 6XL, RDM 645 and the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ RDM 10, a combination of 10-port AB splitter and integrated two-port EtherDMX node. Three dedicated Ethernet to DMX converters - EP4, EN4 and the high-density EN12 - round out the product line.
Continuous firmware improvements and feature enhancements are made based on market input, including refinements to Netron’s intuitive remote web configuration. The latest Version 2.6 firmware is now available for download on the Netron product page at test

ABTT and ALD present in the round seminar
Thursday, 25 March 2021

UK - The ABTT is joining forces with the Association of Lighting Designers to present a seminar, Lighting-in-the-Round on 26 March (Friday) from 2.00pm.
The seminar will feature a number of lighting designers who have worked extensively in-the-round. They will talk about the challenges faced when creating lighting in this staging configuration, some unique opportunities created by theatre-in-the-round and about some of the productions they have worked on during their careers to date.
This webinar is the second of six and will be hosted by Dave Wybrow (director, The Cockpit).
Wybrow will be joined by lighting designers Johanna Town, Elliot Griggs, Daniella Beattie and Tigger Johnson. This webinar is followed by a Q&A session where you will be able to pose your own questions to the panellists.
Tickets for the event are available at

griven3LR Lighting to represent Griven in UK
Thursday, 25 March 2021

UK - 3LR Lighting has confirmed that it is now the sole UK manufacturer’s representative for Griven. The Italian manufacturer, founded in 1990, produces a range of exterior architectural lighting.
3LR will work closely with Allison Rose, Griven’s UK business development manager, to increase brand awareness and drive new specifications across the region. Particularly renowned for its coloured light solutions, Griven’s range complements 3LRs existing brand portfolio, dovetailing with its interior lighting and control products from ETC and Rosco.
Matthew Lloyd, managing director of 3LR comments, “We were attracted to Griven by its reputation for fixture quality, exceptional optics, and the highest level of colour consistency and uniformity over time. The products are designed and manufactured in the company’s factory in Italy, and exhibit the innovation, flair and emotional link to lighting that we value highly at 3LR.
“Griven shares our determination to deliver exceptional customer service and are able to offer customisation across and beyond their product range. We look forward to working closely with Allison to enhance the brand’s visibility in the UK”
Griven CEO, Luca M. Meinardi comments: “We are very happy with this agreement and are confident that the development of this partnership, with such a renowned and professional company, relying upon the close presence and direct support of Allison Rose, will allow us to further consolidate our business in the UK.”

avolites-learning-platform2Avolites launches UK online learning hub
Thursday, 25 March 2021

UK - Avolites has announced the UK release of its new online learning hub for holistic training on its Titan and Ai software platforms.
The online courses are designed to teach or re-enforce the theory behind using Titan and Ai. The platform offers seven courses to work on from home, with more in-depth, hands on training courses available at one of Avolites in-person Academy sites. The courses are designed so that users can start applying their knowledge directly to a real life example they may be tasked with in a real world environment, as well as build on their current level of proficiency.
Plans are in place to release the leaning hub across other geographies later in the year, when translation of the courses is completed. In this initial phase, the hub is only accessible to UK residents.
The courses allow users to pick their own path to further their knowledge, with support whenever required. The learning experience on all of the courses is intuitive with tasks, quizzes and exercises backing up each lesson. Once they are a proficient user, users can also access specialist courses covering topics such as Networking, Syntax, Synergy, Pioneer Pro DJ Bridge Link Integration and Web API. Avolites will provide the core skills required to take total creative visual control of users future shows. The courses will be available to access any time over a three month period.
Gordon Clarke, training manager at Avolites, comments: “No matter your age or experience, Avolites Academy is there to support you. To begin any educational journey, you need a

obsidian-video-training-seriesObsidian launches training videos for NX4
Wednesday, 24 March 2021

USA - Obsidian Control Systems’ practice of providing valuable educational resources to lighting designers and programmers continues with the release of a series of 13 training videos covering the NX4 lighting console and Onyx lighting control platform. A training video series covering the compact NX2 lighting controller will be available soon.
The NX4 training series, hosted by David Henry of Learn Stage Lighting, condenses over two hours of content into short, segmented videos to watch at your own pace. Console trainings usually come with a hefty fee, making these complimentary videos consieable value.
The NX4 training series is available at Topics covered include: Introduction to NX4, Patching Fixtures, Setting Up Groups, Working in the 2D Plan, Controlling Lights, Creating Presets, Recording Cues, Using Pixel Mapped Video in Dylos, Cue Editing and Updating, Copying and Cloning, Working with Art-Net and sACN and Working with RDM.
All Obsidian lighting controllers run the uncomplicated lighting control software Onyx, available for free download from

christieChristie Mirage ‘redefines the 3D experience’
Wednesday, 24 March 2021

USA - Christie has announced the launch of the new Christie Mirage SST-6P, a dual-head 18,000 lumen, 4K, 6-primary 3D RGB pure laser projection system that the company claims delivers twice the onscreen brightness of traditional colour-comb 30,000-lumen lamp-based 3D projection systems for bright, colourful, and detailed 3D images for venues including theme parks, attractions and giant screen dome theatres.
The 6-Primary (6P) 3D dual-projector system uses two sets of RGB laser primaries with slightly off-set wavelengths: one for the right eye, and one for the left. Reusable passive 3D glasses filter different wavelengths and direct the light to the correct eye, with no shuttering, for a natural and comfortable 3D visual experience. The result is a projection system that is 90% efficient at projecting light onto the screen, and white-screen compatible for blending the multi-projector arrays typically used in dome theatres and media-based attractions such as dark rides and flying theatres.
“With the Mirage SST-6P projection system, dark 3D visuals are a thing of the past,” says Larry Paul, executive director, Technology and Custom Solutions, Enterprise and Entertainment, Christie. “The Mirage SST-6P was developed specifically for 3D applications and exceeds the DCI-P3 colour space, ensuring that 3D visuals in dark rides, attractions and planetariums look as intended - bright, contrast-rich and colourful - revealing a level of detail audiences haven’t seen before.”
With TruLife electronics, Mirage SST-6P delivers 4K 3D content up to 120fps p

wiredstudios1Chauvet creates big looks in a small space
Wednesday, 24 March 2021

USA - Back in July, Mike Cristella, owner of Live Wire Productions, and Bob Sallade, who owns Sound Track Production Services, based in Hammonton, NJ, pooled their resources and expertise in lighting and sound to create Wired Studios, a 30‘ x 20‘ space that would allow customers of both companies to reach people during the lockdown with livestreams.
“It became apparent to Bob and me and that the pandemic wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so we got together to create this space in our warehouse,” said Cristella. “The space isn’t the largest in the world, but we outfitted it with excellent sound and lighting gear as well as cameras so our customers could produce livestreams and video recordings that would reflect well on them.”
In terms of lighting, Wired Studios packs an intense punch with a high-output and versatile rig anchored by Chauvet Professional Rogue RH1 and Rouge R2 Wash fixtures. Created by Rob Garcia, Live Wire Productions’ lighting designer, the rig is intended to serve the diverse mix of clients that have used the studio over the past five months, a group that includes everyone from bands and DJs, to cappella groups and playwrights.
A key part of the rig are 16 Rogue RH1 Hybrid fixtures. Positioned four apiece on three truss structures with four additional units on the floor, the intense 330W movers drive the majority of looks at the studio, serving as beams, spots and washes. “Rob has really taken the time to diversify our shows especially by utilizing the RH1’s prisms and focusing the field down to the 2.5 ° d

audiHigh-speed GLP show for Audi e-tron launch
Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Germany - For the presentation of the new e-tron GT, Ingolstadt-based car manufacturer Audi staged a special demonstration at the Munich Zenith.
The world premiere of the ‘electric spearhead of the four rings’, as it was termed, took place in February with two digital events; a cinematic intro, using spectacular lighting technology, was produced in advance at the Munich Zenith, and developed by LD Raphaël Demonthy. Demonthy, who has focussed entirely on lighting design and programming over the past 10 years, regularly realises his own design projects, but is also happy to make his talent available to other designers as an associate designer or operator.
As part of the world premiere of the new Audi e-tron GT, a reveal trailer had to be produced. For this purpose, a driving circuit was installed in the Zenith Munich, which was constructed exclusively from light elements. Demonthy used a large number of different GLP fixtures to implement and highlight the varied, dynamic stations of the course.
To produce the ‘carwash’ element, the LD turned to 46 GLP FR10 Bars. These Bars framed the tunnel, created laterally - both on the floor and from above. Three FR10 Bars placed on the floor were punctuated by two Bars installed vertically, one above the other. The resulting vertical lines were extended to the ‘tunnel ceiling’, with three further FR10 Bars.
“With this resource, I was able to build a light fog wall, which on the one hand ensured that you couldn't see through, and on the other, created a kind of 'scan effect' when the vehicle

highliteHighlite introduces Artecta Display fixtures
Tuesday, 23 March 2021

The Netherlands - Highlite International BV has introduced the Display Series of indoor fixtures for professional architectural applications. Switchable between 3000 K and 6000 K, the dimmable LED sources offer a high CRI. This makes them suitable for lighting galleries, art, and other colour sensitive subjects and locations.
Artecta’s latest range of indoor lighting fixtures, the Artecta Display Series is intended for highlighting objects and locations where high appeal is paramount, such as museums and galleries, lighting art and paintings. The compact fixtures offer a high CRI (>92), which helps the original colour tones to come through. They are switchable between 3000 K and 6000 K colour temperatures and can be dimmed manually to adjust the output intensity to the desired ambiance.
The Display Series offers solutions for a gamut of applications with a range of fresnel, profile and flood fixtures. Fresnel fixtures project a soft-edged output suitable for lighting objects at close range. Profile fixtures project an adjustable hard-edged output for projecting a delimited shape on a surface. Equipped with a wide beam angle, a Flood fixture is intended to illuminate a full wall or decor. Apart from the Flood model, all models are available with a standard mounting bracket or with a3-phase track adapter that can be mounted on most 3-phase track systems.
The implementation of Display fixtures is not limited to art-related areas, it is also very much at home in public places, such as clothing stores and theme parcs. Each projector offers multiple

estonian-eurovisionChamSys in the mix for Estonian Eurovision
Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Estonia - Out of chaos and confusion, creativity often emerges. Such was the case last year, when René Jõhve and his team at CuuClub set out to design the stage for Estonia’s 2021 Eurovision pre-selection programme.
“We had a design ready, but there was a great deal of uncertainty in the air, because no one was clear about what would happen with the pandemic,” recalls Jõhve. “New issues kept emerging during our planning process. At one point, there was the possibility that the preselection semi-finals would have to fit into a TV studio with the finals being moved to an arena. So, we had to change our plans last minute to create a design that would work in both settings.”
Accounting for all these issues, Jõhve molded his ideas into an adaptable, all-encompassing stage design that created an array of different looks for artists competing in this year’s Estonian National Eurovision Preselection, which was held in March at Tallin’s Saku Suurhall arena.
With its multiple layers of angled floor-mounted LED video panels, massive triangular backdrop, and floating strips interspliced with brilliant aerial beams, his design projected an aura of majesty and expectation, providing an ideal setting for a contest highlighting aspiring talent.
Powering his massive 47-universe lightshow were three ChamSys consoles: one MagicQ MQ500M, which Jõhve used to run moving effects and blinders; and two MagicQ MQ 500 desks run by Erki Kukk, who took care of the key lights, and Črt Birsa for LED strips and special FX programming.
Jõhve notes,

robe-live-in-leithRobe lights Live in Leith broadcasts
Tuesday, 23 March 2021

UK - Live in Leith is a series of PPV (pay-per-view) digital gigs recorded at the Leith Theatre, Edinburgh, combining some of the best rising star music talent in Scotland with spectacular production values – including Robe moving lights – which were used for two of the three initial set of broadcasts.
The four featured artists – two per gig – were lit by two of Scotland’s leading lighting designers, Grant Anderson and Sam Jones. Featured acts were Ransom FA and Nova Scotia the Truth, Lucia and The Best Boys and The Ninth Wave.
The gigs are presented by BBC Radio Scotland DJ Vic Galloway and were produced by Lynn Morrison and Callum Jones for the Leith Theatre Trust. The six (in total) recordings were also the first fully in-house productions staged since the venue reopened in 2017 and will be streamed via Dice TV on three consecutive Saturday nights in March / April 2021.
More than that, the concerts also provided a valuable opportunity for some Scottish production professionals to work for a week in this venue, enabling rental companies like lighting supplier (for shows 2 and 3) Black Light which is headed by Calder Sibbald to get back to doing what they love best.
Built in 1932, the charismatic 1500 capacity Leith Theatre was a hub of the community that has survived World War Two bombs, the threat of demolition and nearly 30 years of mothballing when it closed in 1988. Immediately prior to that during its live concert heyday in the 1970s and 80s, the likes of AC/DC, Thin Lizzy, Kraftwerk, Status Quo and many more played there.<

invitationCalibre UK presents LEDFusionPro webinar
Tuesday, 23 March 2021

UK - Calibre UK is giving integration and audio-visual professionals an intensive online preview of the soon-to-be announced Calibre LEDFusionPro, billed as ‘a flagship All-in-One direct-view LED display solution’. LEDFusionPro will be officially launched in May 2021 in the Asia-Pacific region and offers ‘an entirely new way to design, prepare and deliver content within hours’.
The webinar will take place on Tuesday, 30 March 2021 at 09:00am GMT. It will give participants: an overview of the direct-view international LED market and opportunities; detailed information about the All-in-One direct-view LED concept; and, a preview of the LEDFusionPro advanced features and benefits.
“As a leading display and image processing technology creator, Calibre UK continually invests in future-forward technologies for high display quality and optimum performance,” said Willy Tsai, managing director at Calibre UK.
LEDFusionPro is the next evolution in the All-in-One direct-view LED product line with a host of new performance features. LEDFusionPro will be available in two sizes: 130-inch 1080p (1.5 pixel pitch) and 163-inch 4K (0.9375 pixel pitch) and a host of advanced features. There will be built-in display modes for clever splicing of content across two LEDFusionPro screens (dual screen, centre and full-screen). More detailed product information will be available after the webinar.

solotech-morrisSolotech strengthens US presence with Morris acquisition
Tuesday, 23 March 2021

USA - Solotech has announced the completion of the acquisition of Nashville-based Morris Light & Sound.
Martin Tremblay, president and CEO, Solotech, comments, “Our joint capabilities enable us to significantly strengthen our footprint in the US, and much more in Nashville, to the benefit of all our clients. It also provides assurance of our unrivalled readiness to our clients in the live productions industry, signals our enhanced ability to offer compelling innovative services and solutions when activities resume after the global crisis ends. We continue to grow based on long-term relationships and delivery excellence to propel our footprint locally, nationally and globally.”
Solotech will leverage its current systems integration experts and resources in the area and all over the United States, as they already design, develop and integrate some of the most advanced systems in a variety of venues, in numerous verticals.
Mickey Curbishley, president, Live Productions Division, US and UK, Solotech, and Philip Giffard, president, global sales and systems Integration Division, Solotech, will oversee a strong leadership in place in Nashville to manage all operational aspects and ensure a smooth and efficient transition. “The Morris teams are dynamic, they hold an innovative vision and together we will successfully put forward our best practices, ideas and service offerings, namely with InteRise in the houses of worship market where they have extensive reach already,” says Rod Sintow, president, Sales and Systems Integration Division, US, Sol

bergentheatreMavericks seen but not heard in Bergen
Monday, 22 March 2021

Norway - From the outside, the sleek, new Åsane Kulturhus multi-use civic centre in Bergen projects an image of engineering excellence. This impression is reinforced throughout the spacious structure, including in its 540sq.m Culture Hal where the engineering and design team created accurate acoustics.
Audiences attending performances at the hall are able to enjoy the audio experience exactly as that team intended them to, thanks in large measure to an all-LED lighting rig anchored by seven Chauvet Professional Maverick Silens 2 Profile fixtures.
“Silence was essential to the concept of the culture hall with its excellent, fine-tuned acoustics,” said Petter Norby of Rubicon, which installed the fixtures at the centre and continues to serve the centre along with the Chauvet Professional’s Norwegian distributor, Scandec. “Eliminating noise as much as possible from the lighting was of critical importance, but at the same time the theatre did not want to sacrifice color quality and optics when making the choice of fixtures.
“The Silens 2 Profile won over the theatre with silence,” continued Norby. “It performed best in the ‘noise test’ conducted by the theatre’s acoustic consultant company, Brekke & Strand Akustikk, as well as in the actual lighting shoot out.”
Flown in front of the 220sq.m stage, the, completely silent Maverick units fill a variety of roles at the theatre, which was completed in the fall of 2020 and began hosting limited attendance events in March. The fanless fixture’s 10-to-1 linear zoom helps make

attention1Chauvet animates church’s music video
Friday, 19 March 2021

“We cannot deny with our culture what we declare with our message,” the multi-campus Bridge Church proclaims on its website. The culture and message of this church are both evident in Bridge Worship, a collection of contemporary praise music EPs written by members of its congregation to reflect their voices and experiences.
Growing out of a Song Writing Days programme started by church worship staff and volunteers just a few years ago, the EP series has already passed over one million Spotify streams from 76 countries. Recently, Bridge Worship reached another milestone with the release of Attention, a music video performed by a mixture of staff and volunteers.
“Everyone you see on this video is a worship volunteer or church staff member, many of whom recorded the music and vocal parts of the song, and consequently the video has an authentic, high energy performance” said Mike Marcario, Bridge Church’s lighting designer. “We’re all so happy with the end result.”
Marcario had more than a little to do with that end-result. Drawing on his experience as a designer for Grammy nominated country stars and Dove Award winners, he used over 40 Chauvet Professional fixtures from the rig at the church’s campus in Spring Hill, TN to support the video with a dynamic lightshow punctuated by moments of intense brightness and sudden darkness. In the process, he lent an air of expectation to the production that fit perfectly with the mood of the music.
“The song Attention was written and recorded to have pop rock ener

christiepublitec adds Christie Griffyns to rental fleet
Friday, 19 March 2021

Germany - publitec has added the Christie Griffyn 4K32-RGB high-performance projector from Christie to its rental fleet.
The Griffyn 4K32-RGB is Christie’s first projector to offer new digital convergence to give users the ability to select red, green, or blue individually and adjust each colour by remote control, for easy picture-perfect image alignment that saves time and money. In addition, the Griffyn 4K32-RGB has an integrated metal frame, which makes it possible to mount the projector in the rental area without separate rigging accessories.
Jens Richter, publitec managing director, comments: “The Christie Griffyn was a convincing winner in a direct shoot-out with comparable projectors from other manufacturers. In particular, in terms of brightness, colour space, sound level and price, we could see clear advantages for our customers. It will replace the popular Boxer in our rental fleet in a line-up which has achieved almost cult status over the past six years and has successfully delivered for our customers and our own technicians at countless major events.”
Jan Walter, regional sales manager DACH, Christie adds: “We’ve had a longstanding and successful relationship with publitec that has now entered a new phase with the addition of the Christie Griffyn to their rental fleet. I’m looking forward to building on this relationship as the world begins to open up, and as we enter a new and exciting phase for live events and AV across the DACH region.”

liveinleithryanbuchanan225ETC Rent goes Live in Leith
Friday, 19 March 2021

UK - ETC dealer Black Light has supplied new High End Systems gear through the ETC Rent programme for Leith Theatre’s latest venture in Edinburgh: Live in Leith.
Live in Leith will be taking place at the Leith Theatre from 20 March with musical performances from different artists being broadcast live in a series of digital gigs.
The performances will be lit by 24 TurboRay fixtures which were supplied by Black Light who act as an official rental hub for the ETC Rent programme. The automated fixtures are a part of the High End Systems’ Effects family and are designed not only for wash and aerial effects, but as a powerful hard edge beam with special pixel-mapping effects.
Field project coordinator at ETC, Matt Cowles, comments: “ETC Rent gives local venues, rental companies and creative designers access to some of the latest fixtures from ETC and High End Systems. The programme was introduced in the UK with the aim to help the industry get back on its feet following the effects of the pandemic. As Black Light are one of our four partners in the scheme and based in Scotland, it was an easy and efficient fit getting the fixtures over to the Leith Theatre.”
Lighting designer Grant Anderson has worked on the lighting for performances by Ransom FA and Nova Scotia The Truth for Live in Leith. Describing his lighting design, Grant says: “As both of my artists are solo performers, I wanted to create a sense of intimacy with the design so that the atmosphere wasn’t lost on what is a large stage. I decided to have a grid

anolis-knebworth-house-photo-by-rob-ryder-2Knebworth House bathed in a Anolis light
Friday, 19 March 2021

UK - Architectural LED lighting specialist Anolis was approached by Robert Parker of the Historic Houses Association to assist in the specification of a replacement lighting scheme to illuminate the front of Knebworth House, a Grade II listed Tudor stately home in Hertfordshire, dating to the 13th century.
Today the house is still a home for its ancestral Lytton family as well as being open to the public. Its features include extensive landscaped gardens, it is also a well-known open-air venue for major rock and pop concerts as well as being a popular event space and location for film and TV shoots.
The lighting brief, recalls Anolis account and project manager Simon Gooding, was to upgrade the previous sodium lighting - probably dating back to the 1980s - with a sustainable, low maintenance, modern and cool alternative.
Simon assessed their needs, surveyed the site, and suggested four Anolis Divine 160 RGBW fixtures, three for the front façade of the house and one to cover the side elevation, together with a single ArcSource 48MC Integral to highlight the newly restored Watchman’s Tower which had been unused since the 1950s.
The client wanted to keep the existing lighting positions but wanted the additional flexibility of colour changing in addition to the signature warm white look.
Lumen output and the correct optics were key to the fixture choice and critical to avoid light pollution. The Divine 160s were picked for their intensity and coverage. Most of the positions are 20-40m away from the front of the house, an area covered by

virtual-showlightVirtual Showlight 2021 reveals first sponsors
Friday, 19 March 2021

World - Showlight has announced the first sponsors of Virtual Showlight, the one-day online event taking place on 25 May.
Planned in celebration of the enduringly popular quadrennial lighting conference and networking event that was due to take place this May in France, Virtual Showlight aims to bring lighting professionals together online for a day of engaging papers, discussions, networking opportunities and break-out sessions from the comfort of their own homes.
Sponsors of the event so far include headline sponsor Robert Juliat, plus ACT Lighting Inc, Altman, ARRI, Ayrton, Claypaky, Copper Candle, ETC, Robe and Vectorworks. Virtual Showlight is also supported by media partner LSi, and by LSA.
“Sponsorship of Virtual Showlight offers a unique opportunity for sponsors to connect with clients and industry colleagues whom they have not seen for many months,” says Showlight. “As a sponsor you will qualify for a slot in which to host your own ‘breakout’ room during the day.”
Those wishing to get involved by sponsoring Virtual Showlight are encouraged to contact
Charity support
All proceeds from Virtual Showlight will go to support industry charities, including Backup and Behind the Scenes.
Backup is the UK’s registered charity that provides financial support to industry technical professionals, crew/production personnel and people working in the technical supply chain across the UK enterta

grazianoLuca Di Donato joins the Zalight team
Thursday, 18 March 2021

Italy - Pro lighting company Zalight has appointed Luca Di Donato as business development manager.
“To face future challenges the best way, I will have a great friend and one of the best Italian professionals, Luca Di Donato, by my side, comments Zalight owner Graziano Zanini. “Luca has a deep knowledge of the professional market both in the entertainment and architectural fields, due to the many years he spent as commercial manager for companies of international standing. I am sure that together we will bring Zalight to a higher level of diffusion and competitiveness on the Italian market."
"I share with Graziano mutual esteem and identity of views,” says Luca Di Donato. "I’m going to bring my contribution to make Zalight grow and make it evolve into a modern marketing-oriented company following the current path, in which the customer has always been at the very centre.”

etc-launch1ETC to debut new fixtures at online event
Thursday, 18 March 2021

Europe - ETC is hosting an online event on 30-31 March to launch two new theatrical fixtures. This event is open to the public and starts at 16:00 CEST/15:00 BST (09:00 CDT) with a keynote message from David Lincecum, VP of marketing.
Immediately following the keynote, attendees will have the opportunity to hear from Tony-nominated Broadway lighting designer, Justin Townsend, on the impacts of LED on lighting design.
Additional sessions over the next 24 hours include product demos and Q&A with the development team, and a series of classes that focus on incorporating technology into your theatrical workflow to increase efficiency and productivity.
Much of the content will be presented in multiple languages (English, French and German) and multiple time zones around the world making this a genuinely international launch event.
Visit for session details and registration information.

robe-ledbeam-350-2v3a5595editii-pRobe launches ‘bigger, brighter’ LEDBeam 350
Thursday, 18 March 2021

Europe - Robe has introduced the LEDBeam 350, a 6,000lm variant of its popular LEDBeam 150, which delivers “even more punch and presence for those wanting crystal clear beams and beautifully rich colour washes”.
The new fixture has retained and built on all the features of the LEDBeam 150, including a zoom range of 3.8 to 60° and innovative lens coating technology which keeps the lenses clearer and scratch-free.
Anti-static properties further reduce dust collecting on the lens, and the latest coating treatment brings countless additional benefits like lengthening the intervals needed between cleaning and enhancing the light output.
More advanced technology includes CPulse, Robe’s acclaimed Pulse Width Modulation control system that removes any on-screen camera flicker, making the LEDBeam 350 a match for the most advanced HD and UHD camera systems, says Robe.
All the most popular features of the smaller LEDBeam - including fast movement, colour mixing, zoom and control can be maintained via a ‘compatibility’ mode, allowing for the seamless combination of both 150 and 350 models together on the same rig for perfect continuity, says Robe.
The 12 x 40W RGBW LED multi-chips provide plenty of high-quality output and superior CMY colour mixing control. DataSwatch contains 66 pre-mixed colours and tones including whites for fast reliable colour selection, and Robe’s L3 Low Light Linearity system delivers imperceptible fades to absolute blackouts.
Quiet operation is another benefit of the LEDBeam 350, which features an advanc


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