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roadieIndustry organisations launch roadie benefit initiative
Friday, 20 March 2020

USA - A group of leading live event industry organisations has joined together to create a GoFundMe campaign to raise $250,000 in donations to provide relief to eligible freelance professionals affected by the coronavirus pandemic due to event cancellations.
The campaign is initially being sponsored by Alive Risk, Clair Global, the Event Safety Alliance, Griffin360, Merch Roadie, Show Makers Symposium and Take1 Insurance, with other companies expected to join the cause. The goal of the campaign is to reach out to entertainment industry businesses and live entertainment fans worldwide to raise $250,000 in direct contributions to the Roadie Relief GoFundMe campaign that will then be distributed to eligible freelance professionals through MusiCares. Information about the Roadie Rescue Campaign, who it benefits and how to apply can be found at
“Everyone needs to join together to help the people in their industry most impacted economically by the novel coronavirus, and in the live event industry that group is the tens of thousands of tireless and dedicated independent contractors, the roadies, who bring every live event to life,” says Take1 Insurance executive vice president Scott Carroll said today. “The live event industry can provide this relief quickly and most efficiently by working with MusiCares, which has been providing assistance to music people in need since 1991.”
According to Event Safety Alliance president Jim Digby: “The Road

christian-wiediger-wkfdrhxdmc8-unsplashIndustry rallies to offer training during COVID crisis
Friday, 20 March 2020

World - Industry professionals looking to make use of any downtime caused by the coronavirus disruption across the events industry can now access various web workshops and seminars for free.
Lighting professionals can look to the Avolites website for upcoming online tutorials, webinars and support on the company’s Titan and Ai platforms.
Ambersphere has added ‘free for freelancers’ grandMA2 user training and network introduction classes, details of which can be found at The grandMA2 user course will be 24-26 March and the grandMA2 Network course will be the 27 March.
Meanwhile, ETC has made its LearningStage classes free until 15 May; these include Introduction to ETC’s Prodigy training, training on the Element console, the Eos family and the Mosaic Designer software. 
Obsidian Control Systems is offering free online classes covering the Onyx control platform and Netron data distribution range. The courses take place weekly on Tuesdays (Introduction to Netron), Wednesdays (Onyx 101) and Thursdays (Onyx Advanced) each week.
MA Lighting's free e-learning portal MA University is the place to check for all things grandMA.

adjADJ debuts RGB LED dancefloor
Thursday, 19 March 2020

USA - ADJ’s MDF (Magnetic Dance Floor) System is a new portable illuminated dancefloor aimed at event production and mobile entertainment companies. Featuring vibrant LED illumination, a robust yet lightweight design, a magnetic connection system for easy setup and individual control of each panel via DMX, it is designed to create impact and atmosphere at a wide range of corporate and private parties and events.
Each panel (MDF2) is illuminated by an array of 3-in-1 RGB LEDs that cause its opaque surface to glow intensely. Full colour mixing (red, green and blue) allows the creation of an almost limitless selection of vibrant colours, while each panel in a larger dancefloor system can be controlled individually. This provides unlimited creative potential for the design of static patterns and animated chase effects using DMX control, while the system also offers a variety of easy-to-use pre-programmed colour macros and chase effect patterns.
Users can choose between Sound Active, Standalone or DMX Controlled modes, while the later offers four different DMX channel modes (3, 5, 7 or 10), allowing flexibility depending on the total number of available channels and the level of control required. Mode selection and DMX addressing of each panel is facilitated via a four digit LED display on the side of the panel, which is hidden when a full dancefloor is setup.
Thoughtfully designed with input from seasoned event professionals, the MDF2 panels fit together quickly and easily thanks to an innovative magnetic locking system. This not only makes it easy t

dublin1Quest moves into the future with Chauvet
Thursday, 19 March 2020

USA - In last few years, the people of Dublin, GA on the banks of the Oconee River built its annual gala around the theme of ‘Into the Future’.
Playing on this concept, John Berret of Quest Sound & Productions energised the event with celestial space exploration images that would have been right at home in a Star Wars style movie. Aiding him in this endeavour was a collection of Chauvet Professional Rogue and COLORado fixtures.
“We wanted to create the look of a sci-fi movie that makes people feel excited about the future,” said Berret, who ran his lights with a ChamSys PC Wing and Extra Wing. “This was the kind of mood that the client wanted to convey, with deeply saturated colors combined in ways that suggested deep space.”
Drawing on the independently controlled eight-facet prism of the eight Rogue R1 Beam fixtures in his rig, Berret created the impression of laser beams shooting across the room from multiple directions. This, combined with the spacey orbital patterns on the stage’s backdrop, which were washed in saturated colours by the eight COLORado Tri IP and 16 Chauvet DJ EZLink Par-Q4 fixtures in his rig, set a distinct intergalactic tone in the room.
Also adding to the shooting star effect were the tight and intensely bright beams from two Rogue R3 Spot fixtures. Positioned on risers stage left and stage right, the two 300W LED fixtures were used to create bright crossing patterns of light beams.
Berret added a compelling dramatic element with help from a pair of Chauvet DJ Geyser RGB atmospherics.

texasGLP weaves magic at Feduk Moscow show
Thursday, 19 March 2020

Russia - Feduk, a young Russian hip-hop singer, recently wowed fans at Moscow’s Adrenaline Stadium, presenting his new concert programme, One Love, in support of his new album. Feduk prepared a number of surprises, including a completely new visual show that was developed and implemented by Alexey Zhuravlev and Anton Orlov, lighting designers from, who took full advantage of the creative potential of GLP’s award-winning LED fixtures.
The creative team had been invited onto the project by Dmitry Yakovlevsky, the concert producer. Right from the outset all three men had reached a common understanding of the visual component, and the main concept of the show. They merely had to further refine their concept in order to implement it on stage.
The centrepiece of the scenography consisted of three vertical screens, visually extended by the powerful array of lighting above.
Anton Orlov explains the underlying concept: “We developed a shape to flow from bottom to top, in order to frame the stage and thus create a single media space.”
To create the arraying of light on stage, he turned to GLP’s popular JDC1 hybrid strobes, and impression X4 Bar 20s.
“I haven’t been working in the industry for too long, and I first saw the GLP equipment live about a year ago,” Anton admits. “I was really impressed by the possibilities and brightness of the JDC1. Today, I turn to fixtures by GLP in more than half the ideas and concepts I develop for events.”
At Feduk’s show, six vertical columns were decorated with 48

thrice1photocreditmatt-hildrethMavericks capture mystique of Vheissu
Wednesday, 18 March 2020

USA - Vheissu was the fourth of California quartet Thrice’s 10 albums to date. It not only redefined the band with its deeply introspective, brooding sound, but also influenced an entire style of alt rock music. On the US tour celebrating the 15th anniversary of the seminal LP, which concluded 29 February with a show at The Novo in Los Angeles, Lenny Sasso reflected the mood of Vheissu in all its complexity with an evocative lightshow marked by beguiling silhouettes and unexpected angles of backlighting.
Helping him create these looks was a versatile touring rig that featured Chauvet Professional Maverick MK2 Spot fixtures supplied by Squeek Lights. Positioning five of the 440W LED fixtures across the deck behind the band, he used them to light the artists from ground level angles, suggestive of the “underworld” tones of the ancient Vheissu legend.
“When we started to discuss lighting for this tour, we wanted to change the vibe up a bit, because of the unique nature of Vheissu,” said Sasso. “Riley Breckenridge, the band’s drummer, had posed the idea of having lights come up from the deck. I basically ran with this concept, because it fit the mood of the show, which features the all the songs from the Vheissu album, plus three B-side numbers and four additional tunes. My vision was to capture these dark and moody moments by keeping the lighting minimalistic and not have too much rain down on the band from above.”
With one Maverick MK2 Spot behind each band member, except the drummer, who was positioned between t

obsidian-free-weekly-online-trainingObsidian offers free online training classes
Wednesday, 18 March 2020

USA - In light of the coronavirus outbreak and the challenges it presents the entertainment industry, Obsidian Control Systems will provide free weekly training sessions covering the Onyx control platform and new Netron data distribution range.
These classes will be hosted online and are available globally for anyone interested in learning more about Obsidian’s advanced yet intuitive lighting control products.
Every week a different range of topics will be discussed in an open forum that encourages user interaction and questions. Topics will include navigating the new Dylos pixel engine to the building of cue and playback structures, as well as FX creation. The Onyx workspace environment will be discussed in depth along with any other topics users are interested in addressing.
For details and registration, visit

chauvetChauvet Pro praises industry resilience
Wednesday, 18 March 2020

USA - Reacting to the coronavirus crisis, the Chauvet Professional team has offered words of encouragement.
“While we are all facing the harsh impact that the coronavirus pandemic is having on our family, friends, colleagues, customers and businesses, we believe that even in the midst of this darkness, light will find a way to come through. And does,” says Chauvet. “This is reflected in the resilience and resourcefulness of our own industry members who, with the door closed on large gatherings, have ingenuously turned to lighting live streamed events.
“We’ve been inspired by the example of Events United, which has partnered with UltraSound LLC to live stream a Drop Kick Murphy’s concert; Star Design Event Services, Spectrum Audio Productions and MediaQuest, which streamed a music video by Code Orange on Twitch; and Nic Vasquez who streamed services Sunday at Willow Crystal Lake Church.
“There are many more examples of pure grit, creativity and determination by our industry friends, the world over. They are ensuring that entertainment lighting continues what it does best: please the eyes to stir the soul, lift spirits to connect us all!
“Chauvet Professional will continue to support you in your efforts. Light always prevails over darkness. Long after this crisis passes, the example we set together today will continue to shine brightly.”

petitionPetition urges UK government to support the events industry
Tuesday, 17 March 2020

UK - A petition has been launched urging the UK government to offer economic assistance to the events industry during the on-going COVID-19 pandemic. Instigated by Matt Rakowski of DBpixelhouse, the petition’s aim is: “For the UK government to provide economic assistance to businesses and staff employed in the events industry, who are suffering unforeseen financial challenges that could have a profound effect on hundreds of thousands of people employed in the sector.”
To-date, the petition has been signed over 131,000 times – surpassing the 100,000-signature threshold required for the issue to be considered for debate in parliament.
Rakowski comments: “The response has been phenomenal so far, we’re at just over 131,000 – which, considering we launched on Thursday evening, is a remarkable achievement, although not surprising considering how many people work in our industry.”
“I’d like to take this opportunity to request we keep this matter at the top of the news agenda for our industry. The current climate looks as though things are only likely to get worse over the coming weeks and months. It’s vital that we stick together as an industry and do everything we can to mitigate the fallout from the current situation.”
“I have written to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Prime Minister, my local MP and various members of the cabinet and the shadow cabinet. The content of my letter was to la

christielitesChristie Lites releases statement on COVID-19 measures
Tuesday, 17 March 2020

World - Huntly Christie, CEO of Christie Lites, has released the following statement in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic: “Like every other company in our business, Christie Lites is not immune and at the end of last week I enacted some difficult measures to counter the effects of the ‘shock-stop’ the industry has endured as a result of the COVID-19 virus. Sadly, this included laying off approximately 200 staff globally. This has definitely been the most difficult situation I have experienced in the company’s 35yr history. We’ve worked extremely hard to build and assemble a great global team and it was a really painful process to see some of our people lose their jobs.”
He continues: “As such, I feel it is important to speak about this publicly and this past week have taken several interviews with mainstream media outlets in North America. I have given an honest account to the media about the devastation to the industry as a whole and the effects on Christie Lites. I feel it is important to speak to the economic consequences that the Coronavirus has caused. In my opinion, we have some leaders and politicians failing to use pragmatism and science to guide their communication and decision making and I did not want to watch 200 Christie Lites staff lose their jobs quietly and without a voice.”
“Some people may take these media interviews and measures taken to mean that Christie Lites is now unstable. In actual fact, I would like to reassure everyone that we are extremely stable and rest assured that Christie Lites will be here for our

robe-new-york-fashion-week-aw-2020-zimmf20villelafoh-082Robe takes the runway at 2020 NYFW
Tuesday, 17 March 2020

USA - First created in 1943, New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is a semi-annual gathering of renowned and emerging fashion designers seeking to unveil their latest collections to buyers and media members from around the world.
As a featured participant in the event, the Australian clothing brand Zimmermann, led by designer Nicky Zimmermann, enlisted the assistance of fashion event agency Shades of Grey to create a guest experience that would leave a lasting impression.
Held at SIR Stage37, the event production team worked with the multi-discipline design firm Enlumen who created a lighting design using Robe Lighting PATT 2013 and picklePATT luminaires supplied by 4Wall.
“The original design brief was to create a hanging sculpture of light in a gold room that enhanced and warmed the tones of the treated walls and custom carpet,” began Shawn Kaufman, Enlumen. “Over the years, Zimmermann has really looked to evolve their show and create dynamic thoughtful designs that are cohesive environments, so we didn’t want to create something that was derivative of what had been done in the past.
“We’ve often thought of using the PATT 2013 and picklePATT fixtures for other projects and we realized they would be perfect for this design due to the warmth of the light and their form-factor that would create a unique visual experience to enhance the show.”
Moving forward to realize the experiential lighting design for the February 2020 fashion showcase, Kaufman and the Enlumen team began by visualising the layout of the space and where the fixtur

rwa-facade-lighting-credit-gdsGDS recreates sunsets on the Sahara
Tuesday, 17 March 2020

UK - Bristol’s oldest gallery, the Royal West of England Academy (RWA), sought the help of GDS to bring their Africa State of Mind exhibition to life for their ‘After Hours’ event. The exhibition featured photography from all over the African continent so the RWA wanted to use vibrant lighting to evoke the beauty of a Saharan sunset.
Having already worked with the Bristol-based lighting manufacturer to transform their gallery and workshop studio spaces in 2019, the RWA were keen to see the bespoke lighting design GDS could create to enhance both their external and internal spaces during the event.
In order to achieve the rich colour palette that the RWA desired over such a large-scale area, GDS chose FOS, Brick and X-Brick fixtures from Italian lighting manufacturer DTS to create a carefully-crafted, even wash of light over the entire façade of the impressive building. A GDS brand partner since last year, DTS products deliver consistent power, and the output of their Brick fixture is so impressive, it could be seen even in broad daylight.
To mirror the natural beauty of sundown on the Sahara, GDS programmed five minute-long colour sequences of vivid red, amber and orange into rich purple and deep indigo, using gradients to create a subtle ambience.
Internally, GDS used uplighters and 2 DTS Alchemy 5’s to light up the RWA’s famous dome. The 6-colour light engine and soft edged beam of the Alchemy 5 helped to create a soft gradient of light, that bathed the entrance hall and grand staircase in amber-white, burnt-orange, blue an

kiefer1photocredit-beth-elliotKiefer Sutherland goes Rogue in the UK
Tuesday, 17 March 2020

UK - Supporting the Keifer Sutherland Band’s performance on their recently completed tour was an evocative Dan Williams designed lightshow that featured Chauvet Professional Rogue R2 Wash fixtures. Like the rest of the fixtures and towers in the touring rig, the RGBW moving wash units were supplied by Colour Sound Experiment.
Positioned on six towers that spanned the upstage deck, the Rogue R2 Wash fixtures provided stunning back washes that accentuated Sutherland and his bandmates on stage, in addition to creating mood-evoking aerial effects.
“Before I sat down and did some renders, I met with Kiefer’s music manager to learn about his vision for the show,” says Williams, owner of DanDoesLights. “Understandably, given his vast experience as an actor, Kiefer wanted a theatrical look, which I thought fit the driving concept behind this tour very well. There is a very distinct and powerful storytelling element to his music and we wanted to reflect this in our design.”
Williams punctuated his design with multiple dramatic moments, downlighting Sutherland and the other band members at different points in the show. “There was the view that these are all very talented musicians, so we should concentrate on lighting them as well as Kiefer,” he says. “Toward this end, we highlighted lots of the band members solos with spots at points, without much no else going on. With some of the slower songs, we would start with small spots on band members and then the looks would ‘grow’ with the song.”
To accentuate the dramatic effect on

ambersphereAdlib invests in multiple Ayrton fixtures
Tuesday, 17 March 2020

UK - Merseyside-based Adlib has made a sizeable investment in Ayrton fixtures by adding Khamsin-S, Bora-S and Diablo LED profiles and wash lights to its inventory, purchased from Ambersphere, Ayrton’s exclusive distributor for the UK.
“Adlib’s policy is to look to the future of technology and be at the forefront of what’s coming next,” says head of lighting and video, Tom Edwards. “Over the past two years we have seen significant growth in both our lighting and video departments as the markets we operate in change and expand. We focus on lasting relationships with clients over many years, so it’s exciting for us that some of the fantastic companies and artists are developing along with us and we can support them across such a wide spectrum of live events and special projects.
“To facilitate this, we were looking to add some big, powerful LED fixtures that were bright enough to handle the areas that we are growing into - fixtures that were comfortable in arenas and larger venues, with a full feature set, framing shutters, CTO wheels, and all the other essentials. The Ayrton products ticked all of these boxes.”
Edwards first spotted Bora and Khamsin at a tradeshow in the company of Ambersphere: “It was the quality of light coming out of the Bora wash light that caught my eye and especially impressed me,” he says. “It is very rare that you see something in the ‘bread & butter’ range that excites - and on the face of it the Bora specs seem nothing out of the ordinary - but when I saw the fixture, it was like seeing some

bmfl-washbeamBandit Lites extends touring Inventory
Tuesday, 17 March 2020

USA - Bandit Lites recently made another investment in growing its touring inventory with a sizeable purchase of Elation Professional Proteus Maximus fixtures, Ayrton Khamsins and Robe BMFL WashBeams.
The Elation Professional Proteus Maximus is slated for the Reba McEntire’s upcoming tour featuring a lighting design by Gayle Hase and David Hare. With its ability to cut through great distances, hardy water and dust-proof design, the IP65 rated LED Profile fixture is a great addition to any tour.
“I spent a lot of time looking for long throw fixtures with a bold beam and kept coming back to the Maximus,” shares Bandit Lites director of technical services, Jake Tickle. “Coupled with its advanced feature set and the IP rating, the Elation Proteus Maximus fills a hole in our inventory.”
The newly designed Ayrton Khamsin was recently featured on Robb Jibson’s lighting design for Chevelle’s winter tour. The high-end 750 W LED fixture features a double rotating gobo wheel on a single axis allowing stunning morphing effects.
“Building off our existing Ayrton inventory, the Ayrton Khamsin was the right choice for a large format LED moving head,” says Tickle. “The Ayrton product line has been rock-solid in both our touring and installation market. Between that and the support provided by ACT, it is easy to invest in such a versatile product.”
Due to the popularity of the Robe BMFL WashBeam, Bandit invested in additional luminaires, with many delegated to Dave Butzler’s design on the Garth Brooks stadium tour and the NAS

keep-calm-and-carry-onDWR urges calmness
Tuesday, 17 March 2020

South Africa - As South Africa declares a national state of disaster in light of the current global pandemic caused by the coronavirus, DWR Distribution has issued the following:
“The measures that government has implemented, including preventing gatherings of more than 100 people, has enormous implications for the eventing industry in South Africa and across the world. It is fair to assume that the events industry will be hard-hit by the current situation - but it is important to remember that this is temporary, and we are not alone as every industry, sector and market will be under pressure due to the knock-on effects of the pandemic and our world governments are mobilising plans to mitigate these effects - South Africa included.
“What sets the eventing industry apart is that we are resilient, we are not afraid of hard work and most importantly, we look after each other. During this difficult time, we encourage all of our clients and friends in the industry to remain positive, to stand together and to remember that the whole country is going to need a really great party in a few weeks time when this is all over, and we will be ready and waiting to turn on the lights, pump up the volume and celebrate life as never before.
“Over the next few weeks, we would like to encourage you to use this time to your advantage. We will be ramping up our training programmes so that technicians who are not working on shows right now can beef up their skills. Please take a look at our training calendar which will be updated regularly to book your spot. Our

emotional-moments2photocreditcarstennachlikphotographyChauvet makes magic at Westerholt Castle
Monday, 16 March 2020

Germany - Serving as the backdrop to an Emotional Moments performance of ABBA tribute act, ABBA Deluxe, was the facade of the 19th century Westerholt Castle, which was given subtle yet purposeful accentuation by Schallmeister's incorporation of 12 Chauvet Professional Maverick MK1 Spot and 16 Rogue R2 Wash fixtures.
With the large staircase in front of the facade acting as a stage for the four musicians from the UK, the audience was treated to an extraordinary concert setting from which to enjoy Abba's hits. Not wanting to waste the opportunity presented by the location of the show, Schallmeister went about utilising the entire facade as a projection surface upon which to create an all-encompassing visual spectacle.
“Although this was the third year of our involvement with Emotional Moments, the setting itself never ceases to amaze us," said Schallmeister production manager, Tim Jansen. “This year, we decided to replace our conventional moving heads with newly acquired Rogue and Maverick fixtures, which served to paint the beautiful facade with enchanting visuals whilst underlining the colourful performance of Abba Deluxe.”
Positioned at the foot of the facade on either side of the staircase, the Rogue R2 Wash fixtures were tasked with providing vivid illumination of the facade. Thanks to the 19 (15W) RGBW quad-LEDs and 12° to 49° zoom range, Jansen and his team were able to utilize the fixtures to paint a plethora of intensely bright colors over the whole length of the two-story building. The resulting array of colours serv

robe-worakls-paris-zenith-231308Worakls arena shows orchestrated with Robe
Monday, 16 March 2020

France - Classically trained French musician, DJ and electronic music producer Worakls is renowned for his melodic and experimental sounds. He toured his latest Orchestra album throughout 2019 to a series of 1000-1500 capacity venues and concluded the year by stepping up to three arena-sized shows - Zeniths in Paris and Toulouse and the Salle 3000 concert hall at the Lyon Palais des Congrès - complete a with a 31-piece orchestra.
To light these larger shows plus some additional European dates scheduled for early 2020, lighting designer Nicolas Galloux was asked onboard to add his visual magic into this musical collaboration.
Nicolas specified around 80 Robe moving lights to assist him in the task, including MegaPointes, BMFL Blades, Spiiders and LEDBeam 150s, all supplied by French rental company S Group who also provided the audio.
S Group’s technical director Nicolas Cantier was instrumental in getting Nicolas G involved with lighting these important shows, on which he worked closely with the artist to evolve the appropriate ambience and mood.
They made the decision that lighting should be the primary visual medium, so no video meant Nicolas was under a lot of pressure to accomplish all the desired effects and ramp up the overall emotional impact of the performance, a task he achieved with style and flare.
“With Worakls’ intricate music and all the depth and richness brought by the orchestra, I knew that with the right fixtures, I could achieve everything needed with lighting,” he explained.
The design and physi

psi-in-irelandfarmers-bash-2019PSI in Ireland makes major Elation purchase
Monday, 16 March 2020

Ireland - Over the last few months of 2019, one of Ireland’s largest technical production companies, PSI in Ireland, invested in a large stock of Elation Professional lighting, a purchase that included Elation’s award-winning Artiste and IP65 Proteus series moving heads among other lighting fixtures.
With offices in Dublin and Belfast, PSI in Ireland provides technical audio, lighting, and rigging solutions for the entertainment and installation sectors across Ireland and Northern Ireland. The company’s lighting inventory, already Ireland’s largest stock of professional lighting equipment, has expanded with the addition of Artiste Picasso LED profile moving heads, Proteus Hybrid IP65-rated moving heads, narrow-beam Dartz 360 LED moving heads, and IP65 Pixel Bar 60IP LED strip lights.
“After looking at many of the manufacturers out there I felt like Elation had the best to offer,” said Brian Reilly, managing director at PSI. “It was initially a bit of a surprise to me that the products were so good, especially the new ranges they’ve created, but now that I know them I’m convinced it’s the way forward for us. We invest with a focus on return on investment and want fixtures that are market leaders. The Artiste range, particularly, I think is just superb.”
Reilly worked closely with Elation's distribution partner in the UK and Ireland, Entedi, to evaluate and eventually demo the products. “Cally provides a great support network and does anything he can to make the process run smoothly,” says Reilly, who has maintained a long-

claypakymisfits1Sharpys light Original Misfits’ reunion
Monday, 16 March 2020

USA - Lighting/production designer Jon Eddy is using 38 Claypaky Sharpys to illuminate the Original Misfits reunion shows featuring Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only. He also incorporated his Misfits lighting design into 2019 Psycho Las Vegas, the massive metal/punk rock festival held annually in August. Eddy is marking his fourth year designing for Psycho Las Vegas.
The Original Misfits got back together for a series of gigs last year and continue to play selected venues in 2020. Their next appearance will be headlining Mexico City’s Domination Fest in May.
The reunion shows, which included dates in LA, Denver and Seattle, coincided with the band’s 40th anniversary; they sold out their date at New York City’s Madison Square Garden.
Eddy designed the shows with a huge fanned out finger rig; six of the long fingers feature 18 Sharpys, bottom hung. An LED videowall is upstage split into seven 5 x 20ft strips with strobes and blinders in between on ladders. Twelve Sharpys are bottom hung on upstage GT floor towers. An additional eight fixtures are on the downstage edge of the deck. DSS, Inc. provided the fixtures.
“Sharpy has been the main workhorse in my rigs for almost 10 years now,” says Eddy. “They’re the best, with the most even beam and fastest, smoothest motion - even with the pinspot beam at its narrowest - that beats every other beam fixture.”
Eddy notes: “Sharpys have always been the go-to fixtures that have set my shows apart. I love using beams and negative space in my designs.”
Psycho Las Vega

retgypsy-hes-1Royal Exchange upgrades with High End
Monday, 16 March 2020

UK - Manchester's Royal Exchange Theatre - the largest theatre in-the-round in the country - has recently upgraded its lighting rig to incorporate SolaFrame fixtures from High End Systems.
The glass-walled space, seats up to 750 people on three levels and is a seven-sided theatre suspended from four large columns. Although most of the theatre’s work is self-produced and bespoke for the space, its current programme requires a luminaire that can meet very different challenges; from straight plays, to musicals and even live music events.
“We were looking to replace our existing moving lights with a high-quality LED unit and had waited a number of years for the right fixture to become available,” says Mark Distin Webster, head of lighting. “Following much consideration, we felt the SolaFrame 1000 was the moving light that gave us the best spectrum of choice whilst still maintaining a high-quality core.”
The theatre’s design means all seats are less than 30ft from the circular stage. To give lighting designers immediate access to useful angles and looks, seven SolaFrame 1000 fixtures are interspersed with pre-existing wash units.
“Additionally, we put a SolaFrame 3000 high-CRI unit on centre as it’s always a popular lighting position and the 3000 has plenty of punch and huge amount of options,” explains Distin Webster. “Crucially, its 55° beam angle means it can fill a revolving stage in a single shot. Also, using the same product range allows for easy and precise colour matching to the other units around it.”
A recent

pls2020a-tnProlight+Sound 2020 is cancelled
Friday, 13 March 2020

Germany - Prolight+Sound will not be held in 2020. A statement from Messe Frankfurt, the show’s organisers reads: “On 12 March, the Hessian Ministry for Social Affairs and Integration issued general decrees prohibiting large-scale events expected to attract more than 1,000 visitors. At the present time, it cannot be assumed that the current situation will have changed by the time the postponed event was to have been held. Therefore, Messe Frankfurt has decided to cancel the event.”
The event was originally scheduled to take place 31 March - 3 April but was postponed to May due to the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).
Detlef Braun, a member of the executive board of Messe Frankfurt, comments: “We did everything we could to hold Prolight+Sound 2020 as soon as possible after the original dates and would like to extend our thanks to the response and support from numerous companies and organisations that said they wanted to join forces with us to do so. We are very sorry to have to cancel the fair. However, we firmly believe that, under the current circumstances, this is unavoidable.”
The next Prolight+Sound will be held from 13 to 16 April 2021.

pls2020a-tnPL+S: ACME and Highlite join list of exhibitors to withdraw
Friday, 13 March 2020

Europe - ACME Lighting and Highlite International are the latest companies to announce that they will no longer be exhibiting at the postponed Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt this May, due to the health risks posed by Coronavirus (COVID-19).
“At this moment, the entire entertainment industry is experiencing huge challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the response to the virus,” says Marco Galli, EMEA sales director at ACME Lighting. “We take the health of our staff and customers very seriously. Well-being and containment of COVID-19 is our duty and priority, and therefore, regretfully, we are forced to cancel plans to participate in Prolight+Sound 2020.”
Meanwhile, a statement from Highlite reads: “We have decided not to participate in Prolight+Sound 2020. The new dates after the postponement of the fair do not fit within our plans and vision of the industry. It is not an easy decision because every year we are eager to talk to our customers and contacts and to show our new products. Of course, the health of visitors and our employees comes first, which is why we respect the choice of Prolight+Sound.”
Both companies remain focussed on developing new products. “We would like to reassure our friends and partners that ACME is continuing to innovate and manufacture within the current restrictions and taking into account the safety of all of our team,” Galli continues. “We will keep all of our stakeholders informed and up-to-date in the coming weeks as we respond to COVID-19.”
Highlite says: “Don't worry, with the campaign '

broadway-photo-jordhan-madec-on-unsplashBroadway theatres suspend performances until mid-April
Friday, 13 March 2020

USA - Under the direction of New York state governor Andrew Cuomo, Broadway shows in New York City will suspend all performances immediately in support of the health and well-being of the theatre-going public, as well as those who work in the theatre industry, in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Performances will commence the week of April 13, 2020.
"Our top priority has been and will continue to be the health and well-being of Broadway theatregoers and the thousands of people who work in the theatre industry every day, including actors, musicians, stagehands, ushers, and many other dedicated professionals," said Charlotte St. Martin, president of the Broadway League. "Broadway has the power to inspire, enrich, and entertain, and together we are committed to making that vital spirit a reality. Once our stages are lit again, we will welcome fans back with open arms so that they can continue to experience the joy, heart, and goodwill that our shows so passionately express every night."
Those holding tickets for performances through April 12, 2020 should contact their point of purchase for refunds and exchanges.
The Broadway League will continue to closely monitor the evolving coronavirus situation on behalf of the Broadway community and make decisions as circumstances require, in accordance with guidelines from the CDC and state and local health officials.
In other news, Carnegie Hall and the institutions associated with Lincoln Center (including the Metropolitan Opera, New York City Ballet, and N


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