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robe-phoebe-bridgersRobe tours with Phoebe Bridgers in UK and USA
Friday, 25 November 2022

USA/Europe - The music of Phoebe Bridgers has been captivating an ever-growing fanbase since her first album release in 2017, with lighting designer Spike Kienholz Inglis of Spike Design having been lighting the artist since those early days.
The LA-based singer / songwriter released her second album, Punisher, in 2020. With live events and touring disrupted at the time due to covid, she is now mid-way through a 2022 world tour which started in the US, before moving to Europe for a festival blast through the summer, and ultimately culminating in a UK headliner tour.
For the US leg of the tour, Spike specified a full Robe moving light rig – with 24 x MegaPointes, 24 x Spiiders, 16 x Tetra1s and six Fortes – all supplied by Gateway Studios & Production from St Louis.
Spike first encountered Robe’s products whilst touring Europe in 2014 and has been a big brand advocate ever since. Most of his tours for the last five or six years have featured either Pointes or MegaPointes.
For the Phoebe Bridgers design, five of the Fortes were positioned on the deck with the sixth used as a centre rear key spot flown on a mid-stage truss. Spike describes Robe’s current most powerful moving light as “fantastic” and appreciates the streamlined size for the brightness and power they emit.
Of the 24 x MegaPointes, 16 were in the air and eight on the floor and they were the primary workhorses of the rig. “They look great and are extremely reliable,” he noted.
Eight of the Spiiders were on floor towers as sidelight, used heav

estopaShowtec supports Estopa’s Fuego tour
Thursday, 24 November 2022

Spain - Estopa, one of Spain’s most popular rock/rumba bands, have been touring the country for much of 2022. With many venues sold out, their Fuego tour has been a roaring success. Sixteen Showtec Sunstrips have been used as part of the lighting setup throughout the tour. They were supplied by Fluge Audiovisuales, who were responsible for the tour’s sound, lighting and AV equipment.
After performing a few dates in the USA earlier this year, Estopa have played more than 20 dates throughout Spain. The Fuego tour was originally planned to go ahead in 2019 and 2020 to support the release of the album that bears the same name but, due to the global pandemic, the tour dates in 2020 had to be scrapped.
Consisting of brothers José and David Muñoz, Estopa have now been successful for over two decades. In addition to touring Spain, they have played in the USA, the UK and much of Latin America. Their popularity is clear to see with packed venues and 10 studio albums under their belt, each of which has gone to number one in their homeland.
By adding 16 Showtec Sunstrip blinders to the light show for the Fuego tour, Fluge Audiovisuales were able to light up the audience whenever the moment arose. Often, this is done to encourage the audience to sing along, but in Estopa’s case, they already were.

main-lightMain Light grows Ayrton inventory with Zonda 9 FX
Thursday, 24 November 2022

USA - Main Light increased its rental inventory of Ayrton lighting fixtures with the purchase of a large complement of versatile new Zonda 9 FX fixtures. The company currently has offices in Delaware, Tennesse, and Las Vegas, with a fourth location coming February 2023 to Teterboro, NJ. Main Light has seen a steady demand for its Ayrton Perseo, Khamsin and Diablo fixtures, which were acquired during the past two years from ACT Entertainment, the exclusive distributor of Ayrton lighting in North America.
Main Light’s acquisition of Zonda 9 FX represents one of the first investments by a US company in the luminaire. Designed for a multitude of applications, Zonda 9 FX is the first in a new family of products for stage lighting equipped with a high-performance 40W LED source with RGB+W additive colour synthesis. Zonda’s LED/optical system combination can produce a powerful light output of 25,000 lumens and a homogeneous mixture of pastel and saturated colours. It serves as a powerful wash light while delivering 3D volumetric effects via individual control of each LED. Its high-definition LiquidEffect creates complex 2D and 3D graphical effects, which can be coupled with beam, wash or matrix applications.
“We were eager to add to our mix of Ayrton products based on the reliability of the fixtures we have and the support that ACT offers,” says Randy Mullican, CEO of Main Light. “We saw Zonda at Prolight + Sound, and it filled a gap for us in large-format LED wash fixtures, which also offer tremendous pixel control and new and exciting effects. Zonda

elationldi-2022Elation Professional enjoys ‘fantastic’ LDI 2022
Wednesday, 23 November 2022

USA - Elation expected a busy LDI 2022. Their booth was crowded from the minute the show opened on Friday at the Las Vegas Convention Centre and lighting pros continued to make their way to the booth to talk lighting and demo Elation, Obsidian and Magmatic products throughout the weekend. The Elation team was excited to be back at the show after a three-year hiatus.
“We had a fantastic show,” enthused Elation director of sales & marketing, Eric Loader. “We expected a lot of contact and interest from customers leading up to the show so the crowded booth didn’t surprise us in the least. It was great to see so many faces again, both our faithful partners and customers but also the many new faces and contacts we made. The attention on our new products was great and based on the quality leads generated it gives us a lot of opportunities to continue our growth.”
A steady stream of quality customers showed particular interest in the new Proteus Rayzor Blade, a combination wash, high-intensity strobe line and SparkLED FX inside a compact IP65 linear fixture design, as well as the new Fuze Wash 500, a full-spectrum LED Fresnel moving head. The new KL Profile FC ellipsoidal framing fixture also proved especially popular.
Several other new fixtures in the Proteus, Fuze and KL lines were also on display including the 75,000-lumen Proteus Brutus LED wash effects moving head, the Proteus Rayzor 1960 LED wash effects luminaire, the Fuze MAX Spot/Profile LED moving heads, and the KL Panel XL, a bigger, brighter and bolder version of the popular KL P

canberraProlights VersaPar lights Canberra street theatre
Tuesday, 22 November 2022

Australia - The Street Theatre in Australia is Canberra's award-winning home of live storytelling and performance, and a major investor in new theatre, music, and artists from the ACT and region. The Street Theatre commissions, develops, produces, and presents work that challenges expectation and convention.
In the months leading to their purchase, they had experienced a bigger demand for LED product in their lighting rig. This demand was driven by the desire to be able to respond to key moments in a performance and being able to easily colour mix and adjust focus, allowing their operators to create lighting that could help drive a performance.
“We produced a three-month concert series early 2022, and for this series we hired in an LED lighting rig for the season,” explained James Tighe, technical manager. “After seeing what our lighting team were able to create with the added function of LED product, we started looking to upgrade our inventory.”
The Street Theatre, as a theatre producer, also has a commitment to sustainability in producing theatre - working more efficiently and cost effectively, reducing electrical energy consumption while ensuring they engage with contemporary arts practice in lighting design.
“Being able to replace a large portion of our halogen lighting inventory with quality LED products was a driving factor in this area,” added Tighe. “We've been able to remove around 30 kilowatts of power from our standard rig as we move towards a hybrid lighting model.”
Tighe had tested other Prolights' products

claypakybrightsidetoddmoffses1Xtylos shines on the Brightside for The Lumineers
Tuesday, 22 November 2022

USA - Lighting designer Ian Haslauer chose a large complement of Claypaky Xtylos and Mini Xtylos HPE fixtures for the North American leg of The Lumineers’ Brightside World Tour 2022.
Christie Lites and representative Martin Kelley supplied the Xtylos fixtures, featuring Claypaky’s proprietary RGB laser source, for the arena tour supporting the American folk-rock band’s Brightside album. The tour played dates across the UK and Europe before moving to North America for the spring and summer, wrapping at Wrigley Field in Chicago in September.
Haslauer has worked with The Lumineers since early 2019. Production designers Sooner Routhier and Robert Long of SRae Productions came onboard in 2016 and have three tour cycles to their credit. Routhier suggested that Haslauer use the small form factor Mini Xtylos HPE in his rig following her success in deploying them for Coldplay.
Haslauer mounted 48 Mini Xtylos HPE atop the whalebone scenic pieces on stage, right in front of a circular videowall. An additional 18 Xtylos were positioned on the FOH truss.
According to Routhier: “We were asked to repurpose the large, circular videowall with its geometric frame. It was important to give it a new identity, so we painted it silver and lined it with some LED neon.
“The Brightside album cycle branding features a particular blue colour that lends itself to cooler metal tones and neon accents,” she continues. “We wanted to frame the circular videowall and surround the band with an additional scenic element. The whalebones piece

ourplanetlive04fotozdenkohanoutShowtec and Infinity tour with Our Planet Live
Tuesday, 22 November 2022

Hosted by Oscar-winning composer Steven Price, the two-hour spectacle features highlights from the series shown on a giant 4K screen with live music being performed by an orchestra conducted by Robert Ames. Intelligent lighting by Infinity and Showtec enhance the entire experience.
While breath taking images on screen and live orchestral music already engage the audience, stunning lighting effects throughout the venue augment the visual experience to fully immerse them. Numerous lighting fixtures by Infinity and Showtec are used for this. These include 34 Infinity iW-1941 RDM washers, 14 Showtec Helix S5000 Q4 washers, 25 Infinity S401 Spots and eight Infinity S601 Profiles. Each fixture plays an important part in the spectacular light show that was designed by Art of Light’s Andre Beekman. Additional effects are provided by two Showtec Mistique CO2 hazers.
In addition to raising further awareness about the state of the planet, net profits from Our Planet Live in Concert will be donated to the WWF’s (World Wide Fund For Nature) global education and awareness initiatives.

breaking-benjamin-2022photo-by-toddkaplan1Smarty Hybrid adds tailored touch to Breaking Benjamin
Tuesday, 22 November 2022

USA - One of the 2000s most successful hard rock bands is Breaking Benjamin, whose guitar heavy sounds and powerful vocals delivered by Benjamin Burnley have endeared them to fans for two decades. The band teamed up recently with Alice in Chains, to co-headline a tour that also saw Bush on the bill as special guests.
The 30-city co-headlining tour kicked off on 10 August at The Pavilion at Star Lake in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania before wrapping up 8 October at the Xfinity Centre in Mansfield, Massachusetts. Ty Veneziano of Bandit Lites designed, programmed and operated lighting for the Breaking Benjamin performance and turned to Elation Professional’s compact Smarty Hybrid moving head to tailor the look and fill out the rig with beam looks.
Ty, who has been working with Breaking Benjamin since 2021 after five years working with Chevelle, says that Scott Holthaus (Red Hot Chili Peppers) had already designed a rig for the Alice in Chains set, which he then took and built around for Breaking Benjamin. He explains, “Scott’s design was made up of five overhead fingers of truss with each finger housing beam moving heads and LED fixtures and lined with video panels. For Breaking Benjamin, I added three-tiered torms upstage right and left and placed nine Smarty Hybrids on each.”
On Ty’s previous outings with Breaking Benjamin, he used dedicated beam lights as a key fixture in his design but when he saw the Alice in Chains setup, he noticed it lacked a beam fixture. Although, as a Bandit employee, he has used Elation gear quite a bit on projects

mcrjanine-van-oostrom2My Chemical Romance return with Martin MAC
Tuesday, 22 November 2022

Europe - To provide My Chemical Romance with immersive and stylised lighting for their highly anticipated world tour, lighting production house Penlight designed a custom-built rig featuring Martin Professional solutions. After officially disbanding in 2013 and several postponements due to the COVID-19 pandemic, MCR embarked on the tour in May 2022.
The band aimed to exceed fans’ lofty expectations with massive, immersive visuals that accentuated their music’s raw energy and adapted to their constantly changing setlists. To meet these requirements, Penlight worked closely with the band to design a detailed and versatile lighting rig featuring Martin MAC Ultra Performance, MAC Quantum Wash, MAC Aura XB and Atomic 3000 fixtures.
“For this tour, the band never does the same setlist twice,” said AJ Pen, founder, Penlight. “And by that I don't mean that they swap some songs around. Literally, except for the first song, they wipe the board clean every night. I think we're up to 55 songs that they've rehearsed, and we have programmed, and the set list is only 20 songs long. Anybody who bought tickets to multiple shows will have a completely different experience each time. Lighting-wise, each song had to stand on its own, so I collaborated very closely with Gerard Way, the lead singer, and the rest of the band to get a rig that could adapt to whatever they needed.”
With a jagged, asymmetrical design and a washed-out colour palette, the tour’s lighting rig matched the stage’s depiction of dystopian urban decay while also providing the cove

robe-mupa-budpest-mup281311283MÜPA Budapest invests in Robe
Tuesday, 22 November 2022

Hungary - Művészetek Palotája (MÜPA) – Palace of the Arts – enjoys a commanding position on the shores of the Danube in Budapest and is a powerhouse for high quality arts productions. Its prestigious venues include the 1,700-capacity Bartok National Concert Hall and the festival theatre which accommodates 450 people.
The lighting department – comprising 12 people – has recently invested in more Robe moving lights, with 30 x Tarrantulas and 13 x Fortes joining the inventory and now in use, mostly in the Festival Theatre.
During the pandemic lockdowns, all MÜPA’s technical staff including the lighting department was kept busy staging streamed shows and they also ran drive-in performances in the car park outside.
MÜPA also seized the opportunity of ‘dark’ time during the lockdown to upgrade some of the technology – some of which had been in the building since it opened in 2005 – with more contemporary options.
The audio team were concerned about quietness in relation to some of the noise-sensitive performances. They had frequently voiced an opinion on this with the older lights in use, while the video and broadcast teams wanted to ensure that any new lighting technology was camera-friendly, especially with the rising popularity of streamed and ‘hybrid’ events.
The main objective was to replace most of the old conventional lighting with modern, flexible, and of course more sustainable fixtures, so most of the old wash lights were switched for Tarrantulas, which also replaced the previous generation of LED wash l

smartbatplusg2Prolights updates uplighters with Smart BatPlusG2
Monday, 21 November 2022

Europe - Prolights has announced the release of the Smart BatPlusG2, a high-end version of the Smart Bat uplighters designed with enhanced output and battery performance, IP65 with a new look.
The fixture has four 20W RGB+WW LEDs with high CRI, twice the output on the battery against the previous generation, and nearly three times if connected to the mains. The Smart BatPlusG2 is also ‘Spektra calibrated’, joining a large family of Prolights products that share the same colour calibration standard.
The mechanical design allows turning the unit from an uplighter into a spotlight by using the suspension or floor bracket without compromising the aesthetics of the fixture.
The Smart BatPlusG2 introduces new features such as interchangeable batteries and easy covers with multiple colours, making it possible to change its look as desired. User-friendly, it can be used wirelessly with a built-in battery, CRMX/W-DMX and RDM control, or wired through the PSU and XLR connectors (bypassing the battery).

museum-image00009Chauvet joins Voyage to the Edge of Imagination
Monday, 21 November 2022

UKScience Fiction Voyage to the Edge of Imagination is an interactive exhibition of unlimited possibilities at the London Science Museum, which opened this October and runs through May 2023.
Designed by Framestore, a Bafta and Oscar winning creative studio in collaboration with P&P Projects, a Dutch scenic design company, the ticketed exhibit draws on a variety of AR and VR tools including a multi-array projection dome featuring a real time Unreal Engine visualisation of extra-terrestrial beings, to immerse visitors in a universe where imagination knows no boundaries
Guided by” artificial intelligence of an alien origin,” visitors board a spaceship and explore an unknown planet at this remarkable attraction. Enhancing the transformative journey and deepening the experience of visitors as they leave the familiar behind and enter a new reality is a lighting design from Fusion LX that features 118 COLORado 1 Solo IP65 wash fixtures and four Ovation F-195 FC Fresnel units from CHAUVET Professional.
An AV company specialising in the museum and heritage industry (its clients include The British Museum and Natural History Museum among others), the Fusion LX team specified the Chauvet Professional fixtures for their colour rendering and focusing capabilities.
“We used the COLORado fixtures in a variety of places,” said Fusion LX director Ian Carling, who tendered the fixtures and managed the layout of the lighting system in addition to focusing the lights. “This was the first time, we used the COLORado 1 Solo IP fixtures. The

showlightShowlight 2023 postponed
Monday, 21 November 2022

France - With great sadness, the Showlight Committee has announced the postponement of Showlight 2023. The popular quadrennial networking event was due to take place in Fontainebleau, France from 20th – 23rd May 2023.
In a statement from Showlight, chairman John Allen explains the reasons behind this decision: “It is after lengthy consideration and with much deliberation that we have decided to postpone Showlight 2023. The plans and preparations for Showlight in Fontainebleau have been underway since 2018 and although the Covid lockdown took two years out of our work, it was always our intention to hold Showlight in 2023 following the lifting of Covid restrictions.
“Fontainebleau is a beautiful town with an intimate theatre and a wonderful chateau as well and it is an ideal place for our quadrennial event. Plans progressed with this aim in mind. However, developments over recent weeks have raised concerns about the viability of holding Showlight next year. The major problem is that of costs for the event which have risen considerably at a time when inflation in the UK and across Europe is rising.
“When we first budgeted for Showlight in Fontainebleau, in 2018, the future looked good, but the combination of Covid, the current political and economic state in Europe, and more recently, uncertain final costs for the event, have put Showlight in severe jeopardy of failure, both with the standard of our unique event and also in its cost.
“As a result, the directors of Showlight Ltd have decided that we need to postpone next May’s event.

prolightsSQM invests in Prolights EclExpo Flood300WV
Friday, 18 November 2022

Poland - Multimedia solutions company SQM has recently purchased 54 Prolights EclExpo Flood300WV.
The Polish-based company invested in these units as part of a commitment to differentiate itself from other exhibition suppliers: “What attracted us to the EclExpo Flood300VW was the fact we wanted to offer better standards for exhibition stands,” said Jakub Kowala, BDM at SQM.
Jakub added: “Other companies are still using halogen flood lights or lights that you can buy in DIY stores. We want to offer more, including features like changeable colour temperature, and individual unit control, so we get the best effects and generally have brighter stands, which will stand out and be more visible than others.”
SQM was also driven to these fixtures for practical reasons: “I think the EclExpo Flood300VW will bring new operational standards and simplify our work. Clever features like the barndoors and local knob control make any setup easier than before,” added Jakub.
The EclExpo Flood300VW is a variable white LED flood light designed for exhibitions and showrooms as a high-quality, eco-friendly replacement of traditional tungsten, CDM or HMI asymmetric luminaires.

martinelp-par-ip-1dMartin Pro debuts IP65-rated LED wash fixture
Friday, 18 November 2022

USA - Harman Professional Solutions has introduced the Martin ELP PAR IP static LED wash fixture with IP65-rated outdoor protection.
Joining its sibling, the ELP PAR, this fixture features high-intensity zoom, full-gamut color calibration and smart rigging and control functions and is suitable for indoor or outdoor applications with an IP65 rating for protection against dust and water ingress. And its sealed design supports fewer maintenance cycles. The ELP PAR IP and ELP PAR are versatile workhorse lighting solutions for rentals, installs and touring.
The ELP PAR IP delivers 3,350 lumens of output thanks to its newly designed 7 x 40W RGBW light engine. It’s designed for covering larger stages that require long throw distances.
“The ELP PAR significantly raised the brightness bar in the compact class, producing up to twice the lumen output of its predecessors,” says Mark Mercer-Buss, Martin product manager, Entertainment Lighting. “The ELP PAR IP takes this versatility to the next level with integrated IP65-rated outdoor weather protection that makes it ideal for lighting outdoor or indoor theatre productions, festival, exhibitions or corporate events.”

robe-twenty-one-pilotsRobe on the road with Twenty One Pilots
Friday, 18 November 2022

USA - The much anticipated Twenty One Pilots Icy tour hit the road this summer, offering lighting designer Tyler ‘Shap’ Shapard the chance to produce an elegant and imaginative lighting design based on atmospherically engineering the mood and vibes.
A cornerstone of this design was 80 x Robe MegaPointes explained Shap who collaborated closely on this tour with co-designer and programmer Dayne DeHaven. Their creative process involved Shap producing the essential looks and building blocks for each number and Dayne completing the ‘nuts and bolts’ programming which they finessed together. Shap was also on the road running lighting day-to-day.
MegaPointes are a personal favourite fixture of Shap’s and they have featured on the last two Twenty One Pilots tour cycles which included the immediately post Covid Takeover tour earlier in 2022, where the band played four different sized venues in six key cities, followed by an international summer festival tour.
The MegaPointes were dotted all over the five upstage / downstage orientated touring truss ‘fingers’ which gave the whole stage look an aura of architectural elegance and were joined by 21 x Robe BMFL WashBeams being used for primary key light, about which Shap is equally as enthusiastic.
“BMFL WashBeam is an epic great wash light. The framing shutters are fantastic, and when hung on a downstage truss with the zoom rolled right out, they bring an incredible depth to the picture. The intensity fall off is very limited along the BMFL zoom and it blends very naturally, producing that u

claypakyvolero-wave1Volero Wave LED bar leads Claypaky LDI promotion
Thursday, 17 November 2022

USA - Claypaky is set to launch new products at LDI in Las Vegas.
Making its world premiere will be Volero Wave LED bar, with original and innovative features. It is made up of a system of eight moving heads, each one independently capable of a 220° tilt, thus producing never-seen-before three-dimensional volumetric projections. Each of these heads contains a brand-new mirror-based optical system combined with 40W RGBW LEDs; the innovative concept behind Volero Wave was to be able to move the entire light source on its axis, thus preserving the same intensity of the light flux in any position of the tilt range.
The beams always appear extremely sharp and collimated, parallel to each other thanks to the 2.9° projection angle. Their synchronized movement produces an impressive wave of light, all the more overwhelming the more Volero Wave units you seamlessly connect to each other. When fitted on the Claypaky Panify, they can even be provided with an endless variable-speed pan rotation.
The Xtylos family is the result of years of joint studies and design carried out by Claypaky and Osram regarding both performance and safety in laser engine-based light sources. In compliance with the regulations governing the use of products that incorporate a laser system, today Claypaky is the only manufacturer having laser-driven moving heads approved for the worldwide tours.
Specifically for the United States, Claypaky has implemented a Xtylos programme to support customers in getting the authorisation by the FDA through the issuance of their own variance,

ligabue-sml--michele-allegramenteAyrton Domino Profiles light Ligabue tour
Thursday, 17 November 2022

Europe - It was a quick sell-out for Ligabue's seven Italian dates at the spectacular Arena di Verona, followed by four more European concerts in Barcelona, Brussels, Paris and London.
Ligabue returned to the stage after the great success of his 30 Years in a Day show on 4 June 2022 at the famous Arena in Campovolo, a symbolic venue for the singer who, in 2005, managed to break the European record there for the greatest number of paying spectators for a live show by a single artist.
"Guys, I don't know about there...but from here it was beautiful," wrote the singer under a photograph of the live show in Verona.
The lighting design for the event was handled by LD Jo Campana, who chose to use 61 Ayrton Domino Profiles. "I have used Ayrton products many times in the past - most recently 120 Magic Panel FX in Ligabue's last stadium tour in 2019,” says Campana. “Once again, I chose the Ayrton brand for a simple reason: I have always considered it a synonym for quality and reliability. When I get the chance, it’s natural for me to consider them on my shopping list.”
Thirty-one Domino Profiles were used as traditional spots, mounted on three trusses at different depths on the roof to guarantee the effects package. "These stood out in terms of presence and brightness," says Campana. Another 30 Domino Profiles were positioned way up on the topmost level of the Arena steps behind the stage area to create a frame and a natural backdrop to the black-box of the performance area.
"Given the uniqueness and historical importance of the Arena di

claypaky-greenClaypaky reaches key sustainability milestone
Thursday, 17 November 2022

Europe - In March 2022, Claypaky launched its CP Green – Spotlight on Sustainabilityinitiative for environmental sustainability. The project was undertaken in cooperation with Spinlife, spin-off of the University of Padova. The Spinlife team provides public and private organisations of all sizes with tailored consulting plans regarding strategic environmental management and sustainability management techniques.
Believing that what is not measured cannot be improved, Claypaky took the first step of understanding, quantifying and analysing its current carbon footprint using the ISO 14064-1:2018 norm and achieving certification via a third-party auditing process. Developed by the International Standards Organisation, a non-governmental organisation in Geneva, Switzerland, ISO 14064 offers policy makers and organisations a ready foundation of best practices upon which to build a GHG (Greenhouse Gases) reduction programme to address the global environmental challenge of climate change.
Claypaky successfully completed this first part of its initiative and is proud to have become the first company in the entertainment lighting industry to receive certification in the carbon inventory management system.
Simultaneous with achieving this milestone, Claypaky has defined and implemented several projects to reduce the environmental impact of its business activities. They include plastic-free packaging, implementation of the Kanban control system into the manufacturing process to increase efficiencies and reduce waste, investment into green energy and of

mts-cmaCMA honours Bandit Lites’ Michael T. Strickland
Wednesday, 16 November 2022

USA - Bandit Lites founder and Chair Michael T. Strickland was honoured with the CMA Foundation Humanitarian Award on 9 November at the 56th Annual CMA Awards live on ABC television.
The seldom given award is provided to “an individual who has served as a humanitarian through community leadership, financial support, personal volunteerism and advocacy.” Previous recipients include Kix Brooks, Vince Gill, Randy Owens, Brad Paisley, Dolly Parton.
“I am indeed humbled to be honoured in this way,” said Strickland. “To be mentioned in the same group as the previous honourees is amazing. But, at the end of it all, it was not me, but it was the millions of great people in the industry that have listened, acted, and taken the time to effect change and take care of one another. Entertainment is a huge family, and we all pulled together starting in 2020 and I was simply the one steering the ship. I am honoured to have been given the opportunity.”
Strickland has worked since March 2020, up to the present as the face and voice of the entire entertainment industry before Congress. He called Senators Lamar Alexander and Marsha Blackburn to request help for the industry, and that journey has never ended, and when Senator Alexander retired, Senator Hagerty took his place.
During his legislative work, Strickland has appeared on major television networks, met with over 80 Senators and Representatives, and advanced the needs of the entire industry daily. He has worked on The Cares Act, PPP, PPP 2, Enhanced Unemployment, The RESTART Act, Save Our Sta

painting-with-lightPainting with Light enjoys busy summer
Wednesday, 16 November 2022

Belgium - International show, visual and production design studio Painting with Light has enjoyed a busy summer and autumn back to full speed working on a wide range of projects and events embracing theatre, television, and live broadcast.
The company is headed by Luc Peumans, who comments, “It was fantastic for our team and all our clients to be back doing live shows with real audiences after two years of pandemic restrictions. While this ‘dark’ period forced us to be imaginative and inventive in creating entertainment and engagement, there is nothing like feeling the buzz and excitement of shows packed with crowds, anticipation, and real human experience.”
Tien Om Te Zien, a popular Sunday night VTM music show ran from 1989 – 2008 and was then rebooted in 2014 and 2021. The 2021 was such a success that the broadcaster revived the concept once again to run in summer 2022, on the beach at Westende in Flanders, this time with a live audience again.
Luc designed lighting taking the original 1989 tensile stage structure – revamped for 2022 by PWL’s creative partner and set specialist, Deusjevoo – as a starting point, choosing lighting fixtures that would fit around this and work well in the context.
He collaborated closely with PWL’s programmer Werner Dries and lighting operators Sieben Vanuffelen and Jeroen Opsteyn, dealing with challenges that included lighting the whole site and audience for camera as well as ensuring all the artists looked awesome for all the music fans watching live.
The artist line-up was very di

dts-simonas-lankutisKaunas state theatre revitalised with DTS
Wednesday, 16 November 2022

Lithuania - Kaunas State Musical Theatre has been under reconstruction. UAB Sonus exsertus in cooperation with AB Light were responsible for the architectural lighting solution for the building's façade. Sonus exsertus deployed a range of the Italian-based DTS Lighting projects for this project.
According to the concept designer Arvydas Buinauskas the client's goal was to give liveliness to the theatre and make it more playful during the dark hours of the day. Artistic lighting was designed with the aim of transforming the building to the theme of a certain event. One of the challenges for the designer was to first give the very idea of how lighting a building must be done, highlighting the unique elements of the façade in pastel colours, so that it would not be annoying and that it could blend into the urban landscape environment.
With such a structure located in the city centre, next to a park, it is preferable for it to not stand out extravagantly but rather to integrate it into the general atmosphere of the city. Edmundas Žižys, head of Sonus exsertus which were the integrators of the project, says that the technical challenge was not to breach the requirements of cultural heritage which the theatre belongs to.
Special attention had to be paid when designing and laying the cables and choosing the suitable places for the lighting devices. The result is that the lighting system can be controlled both by zones and individually with respect to certain groups of luminaires. In this case, it is possible to control the colour on each individual s

rock-the-houseRock the House grows Elation inventory
Wednesday, 16 November 2022

USA - Rock the House Entertainment Group is a growing, Cleveland-based entertainment and production company with national reach. They cover several core segments from Fortune 100 company annual meetings, over the top social events such a Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, weddings and high-end celebrity gatherings, as well as national headlining acts and major music festivals. Founded in 1999, the company has expanded into several vertical markets over the course of its history and has consistently relied on Elation lighting the last 15 years to successfully realise all manner of projects.
As a company that may design production elements for thousands of youths during school homecoming one day and head to Bonnaroo the next to work with top tier national artists, versatile products that can fulfil roles on an assortment of different projects are preferred.
“We like lights that scale well and look to acquire products that we can use in a variety of verticals,” stated Ryan Konikoff, partner & COO at Rock the House. As an Ohio-based company, he says a lot of what they do is seasonal. “In the fall and spring, we’re in corporate/non-profit season, and in summer we’re in festival and community event season. We want gear to easily translate from one to the other and we’ve found that Elation products do that. We’ve also found that the cross-rentability of Elation exceeds other brands and we’re excited to have the gear out in the field for long term rentals.”
Rock the House has recently added a number of Elation products to their rental inventory along w

prolights-studiocob-plusVisual Elements chooses Prolight StudioCob
Wednesday, 16 November 2022

UK - Creative and technical solutions company, Visual Elements, has added the Prolights StudioCob Plus range, supplied by A.C Entertainment Technologies, (AC-ET) to their inventory.
This Kent based business offers a full range of services from the dry hire of equipment to productions of any scale. The scope of their projects meant that they required a more energy efficient solution than the traditional PAR cans.
Following discussions with the ACET team, the client decided upon the Prolights StudioCob Plus range, based on versatility and competitive price point.
Opting for this range, Visual Elements received powerful units that have a high CRI and the capability to produce beautifully smooth pastels, vivid saturated colours and a full range of flattering white tones.
Yvette Pinnington from the Visual Elements team comments, “The Prolights StudioCob plus is so flexible being IP65 Rated, with a true white chip and not one, not two but three lens options. It fuses the old and new PAR perfectly. The service from AC-ET is always efficient and professional, it is a pleasure to deal with them, we have always experienced great personal customer service.’’
Managing director Mike Townsend adds, “Such a versatile unit, one moment they are on the floor lighting some trees and the next framing artwork in a hotel window or illuminating an exhibition stand. Easy to use either standalone or part of a complete system.”


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