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versengeold-multi-1ChamSys mixes Versengold’s Nacht der Balladen
Friday, 26 May 2023

Germany - Chart-topping band Versengold blends traditional music with more contemporary folk songs, as well as dance and party tunes, all elevated by the artistry of lead singer Malte Hoyer.
The band’s current Nacht der Balladen (Night of Ballads) tour, which began on 18 March and runs all spring/summer, ending on 4 November at Barclays Arena in Hamburg.
Supporting this evocative music is a richly textured and immersive lighting design by Yannik Klimas. Running his six-universe lightshow on his ChamSys MagicQ MQ250 Stadium, he is engaging audiences while reflecting the music with his deep colours, mellow effects, and crisp key lighting. For songs like the band’s hit Das Bier ich in der Rechten trug, when Hoyer connects directly to the audience, Klimas creates engaging crowd lighting. While with other songs, such as Küstenkind which relate to the North Sea, Klimas relies on his lighting to create a more nautical mood.
The flexibility of his console’s MagicQ software has made Klimas’ life much easier on the busy tour,” he said. “I can programme an entire show on a laptop at home without a console, which is very convenient, as is the app that allows me to control the MQ250M from my cell phone.”
Another thing he appreciates about the console is its compact size. Weighing in at only 13kg and measuring 680mm wide by 416 mm deep, the console is easy for Klimas to take from show to show by plane.
Most important though, is the console’s power and flexibility. The bands give Klimas a great deal of leeway lighting th

axion-las-vegasphoto-by-amanda-holmes1Elation lights Axion at Transfix in Las Vegas
Friday, 26 May 2023

USA - Christopher Bauder, a light artist from the design and art studio WHITEvoid, and KiNK, an electronic music producer, have collaborated to create Axion, a large-scale outdoor art installation and multi-sensory experience. Axion is the centrepiece of Transfix, the world's largest immersive art experience that opened at Resorts World in Las Vegas in April.
Located on four acres at the north end of the Las Vegas Strip, Transfix includes over 50 interactive, kinetic, illuminated artworks - living works of art - by artists from around the globe. The experience invites participants on a journey of personal creative discovery, encouraging guests to engage with each piece in their own unique way.
With Axion, Bauder and KiNK explore the ultimate horizon - outer space - in a work of art that reflects on the potential of axions, dark matter and the idea of the unknown. The artwork - an enormous pyramid that constantly morphs in appearance and mood - resembles a scientific device akin to space exploration or particle detection.
Lighting is an important component of the piece, which is synchronised with an electronic music soundtrack that oscillates between calm ambient melodies and more furious beats. IP-rated luminaires from Elation Professional are used (Proteus Excalibur, Proteus Maximus, SixPar 200IP, SixBar 1000IP), supplied by Las Vegas-based production and rental house AG Production Services.
Visitors can survey the pyramid from atop a perimeter walkway or explore by walking around or beneath it. Axion also hosts special DJ nights with the

dwr-distribution--roxxDWR to distribute Roxx in South Africa
Friday, 26 May 2023

South Africa - DWR Distribution has been appointed as the official partner in South Africa for German-based lighting company Roxx.
Established in 2019, the three founding partners, Daniel Garcia, Michael Herweg and Thorsten Sattler, have many years of experience in the events and lighting industries. The products developed and designed in Germany include the Show Series, Flex Series, Cluster Series, control on the ROXX. APP and accessories from lenses, cases, and brackets to power supplies and ground plates.
DWR’s introduction to Roxx occurred almost simultaneously, although 10,000 kilometres apart. Lighting designer Roland Greil was in South Africa to present a lighting design workshop hosted by DWR. During a conversation with Duncan Riley, he mentioned that he had been using Roxx.
Meanwhile, DWR’s Robert Izzett and Bruce Riley were in Australia visiting LSC Control Systems, who are also a Roxx distributor. “I had just seen the Roxx equipment at LSC when Duncan called me and said I had to look up a new product called Roxx, and of course, I had just seen it,” recalls Robert Izzett from DWR. “We both felt the products were amazing, and we started the process.”

robe-eurovision-2023-photo-by-sarah-louise-bennett-ebu2899Multiple Robe moving lights deliver slick Eurovision
Friday, 26 May 2023

UK - Award-winning lighting designer Tim Routledge and a talented team of creatives and technical specialists - working across multiple disciplines - helped deliver a slick, streamlined 2023 Eurovision Song Contest event at Liverpool Arena in the UK on 13 May.
Tim utilised over 600 Robe moving lights for his design which comprised approximately 2,500 luminaires plus 2 kilometres of LED tape, clocking up 17,500 individual light sources when counting the individual pixel cells of the various fixtures, all supplied via lighting equipment contractor, Neg Earth Lights.
For his first ESC, he collaborated closely with set designer Julio Himede, known for his work on major music broadcast shows like MTV’s VMAs and EMAs amongst others, also working on his first ESC.
Tim and his team created 37 lighting environments to showcase each delegation’s songs, keeping each of these micro-shows animated, fluid and energised, curating lighting and video interactively and simultaneously.
This enabled the end-goal of offering the clean, precise shots from multiple angles that resonated with camera directors Nikki Parsons, Ollie Bartlett and Richard Valentine, and translated brilliantly on the TV broadcast.
The set effectively surrounded the performance space with video, so lighting placement was challenging and had to be facilitated where there was no encroachment, whilst maintaining the architecture of the space and creating all the right moods.
The lighting rig included a 15-way Robe RoboSpot remote follow system running with 15 out of

elum704maintempProlight Concept announces Elumen8 Evora 1940ZP
Thursday, 25 May 2023

Europe - Backed with a two-year warranty, the Elumen8 Evora 1940ZP LED Zoom Wash from Prolight Concepts produces an incredible high output from a sleek and durable chassis, making it a truly versatile yet affordable solution for both rental and installation applications.
The first-class optical system presents a high intensity adjustable zoom; the narrow four degree beam angle creates sharp mid-air effects, whilst the wider angles produce uniform colour mixing, bathing concerts and events in rich colours.
Full pixel control over the 19 x 40W Osram Ostar quad-colour LEDs gives lighting designers a further level of creativity, whilst colour calibration ensures colour consistency from batch to batch.
Further features include built-in colour macros, an adjustable refresh rate, five dimming modes and wireless control (W-DMX Sweden transceiver), making this the ideal choice for your next event.

tom-jonesTom Jones takes Bandit back on the road
Thursday, 25 May 2023

USA - Tom Jones kicked off his international tour with 16 North American performances lit by Bandit Lites. Jones performed two shows at the Hollywood Bowl before making his way to Nashville, Texas, Florida, New York, Charleston and Atlantic City.
The tour relaunched a previous production design from Mark Cunniffe as well as programming from Tim Fawkes. Bandit Lites provided a floor package comprised of Claypaky B-EYE K20 fixtures and a grandMA 2 console for control.
“The Claypaky Eye K20 unit has quite a bit of versatility within itself that makes this a great unit to use as a floor light,” explained LD Keith Hoagland. “We have 29 of these doing just that: they are part of a beautifully designed floor package that has so many looks for this show.”
Jones’s Ages and Stages tour is a nostalgic turn through all his hits, and for Bandit Lites, it’s a return to supporting the veteran performer. Bandit illuminated the Welsh star for many years, beginning in the 1980s.
“Matt King has done a great job of prep and direction,” finished Hoagland. “Jemma has been an amazing asset to making this system work every day for our performances.”
Following the Atlantic City performance, Jones will head over to Europe, where the tour extends into August.

claypakyhouseofmusic4House of Music partners with Claypaky
Thursday, 25 May 2023

USA - Atlanta’s House of Music Productions, an event production services company offering lighting, staging, A/V production, broadcast streaming and product rentals to a wide array of markets, has expanded its rental inventory of Claypaky fixtures and become a Claypaky partner for resale, installation and design projects in the southeastern US.
“We’re really excited about the opportunity to represent a superior brand of lighting products for rentals, purchase and design integration,” says Jeremy Ladd, owner/CEO of House of Music Productions. “Our new partnership with Claypaky is exactly what we’ve been looking to do, and we hope to help the brand gain momentum in the southeast.
“Outside of a few companies that have Sharpys, there’s been a true lack of Claypaky products in this area,” he points out. “We approached Claypaky about developing a partnership to fill in the gaps in this market with a full-service approach to rentals, sales and design.”
House of Music was introduced to Claypaky fixtures several years ago when it acquired a complement of versatile A.leda B-EYE K20 high-performance wash/beam/effects lights for its rental inventory.
“The complexity of the K20 and its amazing functionality and colour saturation were so far beyond anything we had that we decided Claypaky fixtures were the way we wanted to go. Our goal was to move to as many Claypaky products as possible as we retired older fixtures,” says Ladd.
“We are one of the few companies in our market using K20s, and they’ve been popular in festi

prolightsProlights upgrades Privilege Club in Dubai
Thursday, 25 May 2023

UAE - Prolights has recently upgraded the lighting system at the Privilege Club in Dubai, located on the top floor of the SLS Hotel in the Business Bay area. The club has hosted high-profile artists such as Will.I.Am and Akon, and has received recognition from the Guinness World Records for having the world's highest outdoor pool.
In collaboration with Em-Tec and lighting designer Alex Douglas, the Privilege Club decided to enhance its lighting setup to provide visitors with a visually captivating experience befitting the venue. The lighting fixtures were supplied by Pro Lab, the Prolights distributor in the United Arab Emirates, and included the Prolights ArenaCob 4FC and Air 5Fan.
With this upgrade, lighting designer Alex Douglas was able to create an immersive design that heightened the club's atmosphere, offering a wide range of visual effects. By strategically positioning the Prolights ArenaCob 4FC fixtures around the videowall to mimic the colours displayed on the screens, Douglas achieved dynamic and immersive visual effects. He states: "The Prolights ArenaCob 4FC fixtures have undoubtedly enhanced the visual impact of my lighting design."
Douglas further explained his choice of using the Prolights ArenaCob 4FC and Air 5Fan projectors, stating: "First, the Air 5 Fans caught my attention with their sleek and clean build and visually appealing lenses that provide eye candy and offer a wide spread of light thanks to their five independently moving heads, which can be adjusted from 0° to 28°, allowing for versatile lighting effects. Both the A

springsteen1photocredit-steve-jenningsChauvet connects Bruce Springsteen with his fans
Thursday, 25 May 2023

USA - Connectivity is warmly evident on Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band’s current 2023 World Tour, not just in the artist’s music and stage presence, but also in a lighting design that goes more than the extra mile to join the performance and audience as one.
Jeff Ravitz, Bruce Springsteen’s long-time lighting designer, has been focusing on this special bond from the very beginning, and continues to celebrate it this year. “Bruce feeds off his audience’s energy, the same as they channel his; that’s what has always made his shows such a personal experience,” said Ravitz.
“So many people have said that Bruce brings the audience onstage. Or maybe, instead, he turns the entire arena or stadium into the performance space. That’s pretty powerful - to be drawn right into the force-field. People are singing and acting out the words to every song. Bruce sees that, and it spurs him on. So, you can see why audience lighting becomes hugely important.”
Helping Ravitz create this level of audience lighting on the current tour is the Chauvet Professional Color STRIKE M, supplied by Christie Lites. The tour rig features 35 of the motorised strobes for indoor arena shows; and more of the IP65 rated units will be added at outdoor venues later this year.
Ravitz’s design for the tour’s 360ﹾ stage has trussing that outlines the four corners of the room. Color STRIKE M fixtures are positioned on each of these corners, while additional units face straight out into the audience from the edges of the stage.
In addition to ligh

robe-surabayaRobe Tetra2s illuminate wedding events
Wednesday, 24 May 2023

Indonesia - Bobby Therry is a lighting designer at the Lasika Productions Group, a busy rental company based in Surabaya, supplying lighting, LED screens, audio, trussing and rigging to many different events. He personally specialises in lighting the specific field of weddings, together with some corporate shows.
Sixteen Tetra2s have recently joined the company’s rental stock, and Bobby has enjoyed incorporating these fixtures into his designs where possible. He recently utilised them for the wedding of Larry and Felicia at the Westin Grand Ballroom, Surabaya.
Bobby was working for wedding planner and concept initiator Nuansa Group. They produced a series of bespoke elements for the event in collaboration with a scenic / décor designer and a team from DFactory (also part of the Lasika Productions Group) who are visual animators which were based on the couple’s brief.
Bobby then lit the various different spaces to accentuate the drama, emotion and great vibes of this very special day, using his creative flair and imagination to craft many unique lighting treatments.
The wedding format in Indonesia – especially Surabaya – will often resemble a gala dinner or awards night with a main stage, a dancefloor area, banqueting tables, etc, complete with live artists to entertain the guests. It is a busy, high-energy environment, and the performances and excitement are frequently amped up with pyro and SFX, all adding to the sense of spectacle to which lighting is also vital.
The Westin Grand Ballroom does not have a house lighting rig,

arne-stadlerARRI CPO programme under new management
Wednesday, 24 May 2023

Germany - Under the umbrella of the Approved Certified PreOwned (CPO) Programme, ARRI offers technically refurbished products with the same warranty as new models. This globally oriented programme is now headed by Arne Stadler as business manager certified pre-owned programme camera systems & lighting.
He takes over this role from Christian Richter, who has successfully established and expanded the CPO business at ARRI over the past five years and will now focus on his role as general manager sales & solutions EMEAI.
Arne Stadler reports to Stephan Schenk, general manager global sales & solutions. Before joining ARRI, Stadler was responsible for the business development of film cameras and lenses at Canon for the DACH region.

eurovisionAyrton stars in Routledge’s Eurovision dream
Wednesday, 24 May 2023

UK - For the 67th Eurovision Song Contest staged at the Liverpool M&S Bank Arena, multi award-winning lighting designer, Tim Routledge and his team were, in addition to all 37 performances, responsible for every aspect of the lighting including presentation states, commentator boxes, voting sequences, and the half-time and opening shows for the two semi-finals and Grand Final.
This massive undertaking was based on briefings, renders and notes - mostly delivered remotely - and a 20-minute meeting with each of the countries’ delegations in March. “We had to focus on the key points from each to realise their design wishes, and work fast to deliver everything within the time frame,” says Routledge.
With such tight time schedules and high-profile exposure, Routledge needed equipment that was fast, accurate, versatile and reliable. He chose Ayrton’s new Zonda 9 FX, Karif LT, MagicBlade R and the laser-sourced Cobra as key components of his lighting inventory.
Ninety Zonda 9 FX were used to create 10 ‘Svoboda 3000’ pods, Routledge’s modernised recreation of the classic Svoboda batten, which he says were a ‘massively important feature’ in the show.
The pods were mounted on independent automated hoists, and tessellated within the three concentric rings of oval lightboxes above the centre stage to form one big curve, and could each be lowered and raised at will.
“I’ve always loved those Svoboda lights, plus it was a kind of nod to my late father who first gave me a book on Josef Svoboda when I was young,” says Routled

claypakyClaypaky and Audiosales host Woodroffe workshop
Wednesday, 24 May 2023

Italy - Claypaky and distributor Audiosales recently hosted a Patrick Woodroffe workshop at the Teatro Sociale in Bergamo.
In Lighting The Stars, Woodroffe, who has designed the lighting for the Rolling Stones, AC/DC, the London 2012 Olympic Games, and a host of other internationally important events, discussed his most significant and exciting experiences, including an emotional tribute to Michael Jackson, with whom he was working on preparing a tour just days before Michael's untimely death.
After that, in an original live hands-on exercise, he put together a lighting design for the song I wanna be your slave by Måneskin, revealing some of the secrets of his art and technique.
The workshop was organized by Claypaky and Claypaky's distributor for Italy Audiosales, with as media partner and AILD as sponsor. It was held on Tuesday 16 May, in the beautiful old city centre.
Alberico D'Amato, Claypaky sales director, says, “It was a great honour for us to host such an important and charismatic figure as Patrick Woodroffe. We are convinced that we have given all those who attended a great opportunity for professional growth, and we hope we have contributed to spreading the culture of light in the best possible way.”

tel-avivProlights illuminate Tel Aviv Duhl Centre
Tuesday, 23 May 2023

Israel - The Duhl Centre is a cultural institute and auditorium located in the Hatikva district of Tel Aviv. The venue was designed and built in 1985 and since then has been an active artistic and cultural site, quickly becoming a landmark of the community, not only of the Hatikva district but of the entire south area of Tel Aviv.
Given the great social impact of the place, the venue has been recently upgraded with new lighting technologies, in order to make the centre more modern and innovative.
For the lighting system, the Duhl Center has appointed the multimedia consultant Harel Tabibi, who has chosen to rely on Prolights’ latest LED fixtures, and the gear has been supplied A.B. Electronics, distributor of the brand for the territory of Israel.
The multimedia consultant has enriched the new lighting rig with the Prolights Astra Wash 7Pix LED moving wash light: "The choice was dictated by the extreme versatility that characterises the Astra Wash7Pix," said Tabibi. "The extremely high-efficiency optical system allows zooming from 4° to 56°, but most all, the small and lightweight body and the fast movements make the product extremely suitable for the needs and spaces of an auditorium."

iconic-at-the-alabama-theatre1Chauvet colours Alabama Theatre’s Iconic
Tuesday, 23 May 2023

USA - Iconic a multi-media production at the Alabama Theatre in Myrtle Beach, SC, (the venue is named after the band) takes audiences on a ‘journey through the music that has shaped our sense of time and place, from country hits and Broadway show tunes, to power rock anthems and pop ballads’.
While a group of talented performers on stage told this story through music, and a large video wall supported it with vivid imagery, the shades of colours so important to its telling was provided by an enchanting rainbow of a lighting design created by Susan Rose.
Helping Rose work her magic was a collection of Chauvet Professional COLORado fixtures. “This show is very edgy and contemporary and definitely a major step up from the typical production shows,” said Rose. “It was especially fun for me to light, since I had such a wide variety of music to light. Creating a rainbow of colours with my Chauvet fixtures was a key part of achieving my vision for this design.”
Most critical of all though, was the help Rose received from David Hart, the theatre company manager/production manager, who designed the set house, and house LD Lance O’Connor. “I was fortunate to work with some very talented people at the Alabama Theatre,” said Rose. “As the LD/technical director, Lance put together a very excellent rig, including the Chauvet fixtures.”
Rose was mindful of the colourful costumes on stage when selecting her palette. She positioned 12 COLORado 1 Solo units stage left and right to accent the colourfully dressed dancers.

the-salt-shedphoto-by-cat-florea5Upstaging lights The Salt Shed with Elation
Tuesday, 23 May 2023

USA - The Morton Salt complex in Chicago had been in operation for nearly a century before it was closed down in 2015. Today, the complex has been transformed into a multi-purpose venue for live music and other events named The Salt Shed. Boasting modern sound and lighting systems, including a comprehensive Elation stage lighting rig from Upstaging, The Salt Shed is quickly becoming a popular performance space in Chicago.
The venue spreads over 1.5 acres of land along the Chicago riverfront and can accommodate around 3,300 people indoors and 5,000 at an outdoor performance space, which opened in the summer of 2022. The newly renovated indoor space was previously a storage facility for salt and features a distinctive A-Frame structure. Today, it boasts a performance stage and an entertainment lighting system of Elation Artiste Monet, Proteus Lucius, Proteus Rayzor 760, Fuze MAX, Fuze Par Z60 IP, Protron 3K Color, and DTW Blinder 700 IP luminaires.
Director of production Tim Schoen at The Salt Shed was responsible for procuring all the necessary production elements for the venue, including lighting, rigging, audio, staging, and other related equipment. He also oversaw the design of the stage, green room layouts, and docking area, among other aspects.
Steve Wojda and Mike Creager of Upstaging visited the site in 2021 when construction of the new facility was just underway. Schoen shared renderings of what the space would look like and asked Upstaging to come up with some lighting concepts. Various options for both the entertainment lighting and the a

claypakymusetoddmoffses5Xtylos delivers ‘post-apocalyptic look’ for Muse
Tuesday, 23 May 2023

USA - Muse hit the road with its North American tour, Will of the People, on which more than 150 Claypaky Xtylos enhance the band’s performance.
The tour is named for the band’s most recent ninth studio album, which gave Muse its seventh consecutive No. 1 on the UK albums chart and topped Billboard’s Alternative and Rock Albums tallies. The Will of the People tour began in Chicago’s United Centre on 25 February and concluded on 20 April in Salt Lake City, after which it moved on to Europe.
“The band and I really wanted to go in a very different direction from their previous tour to give this one its own identity,” notes Jesse Lee Stout, creative director and co-production designer. “We developed a post-apocalyptic, near-future world as a metaphor for our ‘New Normal’. Over the past couple of years, a pandemic wreaked havoc, an insurrection stormed the Capitol, anonymous activist hackers attacked governments and corporations, and people began tearing down monuments across the globe. We all quickly grew accustomed to wearing masks and proposed a story of an extreme leftist group of vigilantes resetting the world to ground zero: The Great Reset.”
Lighting designer Sooner Routhier of Sooner Rae Creative, who also served as co-production designer with Stout, created a rig that echoes “the skeletal nature of a post-apocalyptic, near-future world. It consists of grids of the same lights that put the band inside a deconstructed building: simplistic, industrial and homogeneous. This became the visual identity of the [limi

visual-productionsACT Entertainment to distribute Visual Productions in US
Tuesday, 23 May 2023

USA - Visual Productions (VP) has announced that it has entered into a new distribution agreement with ACT Entertainment in the United States.
Dutch lighting control system manufacturer Visual Productions has developed a modular range of DMX and DALI light controllers that speak the language of system integrators. Products such as CueCore, B-Station and TimeCore are used in architainment, hospitality, themed environments and other fixed installations.
Maarten Engels, managing director of Visual Productions, explains the collaboration. “The rationale for joining forces with ACT Entertainment is really a story of synergy: On the one hand, VP is expanding its distribution network with the ACT organisation which consists of several offices in the US and a very strong technical support team.
“We are of course delighted that ACT's platform will make our products much more visible in the US market. On the other hand, by bringing VP on board, ACT strengthens its proposition in the systems integration market and can now offer A-brand lighting control solutions across the board, both for entertainment and fixed installations.”
With ACT's technical team already trained on the new products, both teams are ready to launch the collaboration at Infocomm in Orlando in June.
“The more we got to know the Visual Productions team and their products, the more obvious it became that we had to find a way to bring their brand to our customers,” says Ryan Hindinger, market manager, concert touring & live experiences, ACT Entertainment. “Visual P

sherrywellsSherry Wells joins Bandit Lites
Monday, 22 May 2023

USA - Bandit Lites has announced the hiring of Sherry Wells to its Nashville office. Wells will serve as a purchasing assistant, aiding the purchasing department with receiving, inventory and sales for the entire company.
With 12 years of experience, Wells will work directly to further support purchasing director Andy Reese.
“Sherry brings a great skillset and energy to Bandit Lites,” said Reese. “Her addition to our purchasing department will allow us to become more efficient and better serve our clients and our internal needs as Bandit’s business continues to grow across all departments.”
Wells’ hiring follows the complete overhaul of the Nashville location, with an office expansion and remodel.

love-has-no-limits5Chauvet lights Love Has No Limits stage
Monday, 22 May 2023

USA - Love Has No Limits - 1 Day Houston was actually a two-day event, that raised awareness and funds for community organisations in the Texas city.
The Activity’s Patrick Dierson, who led the creative team, initially planned on working with a much larger stage at The Toyota Centre. Unfortunately, but ultimately fortunately, logistics got in the way, necessitating a change in his design strategy.
“Ultimately, we were forced into having a smaller turntable, which led to a slightly tighter performance area,” said Dierson. “With things beginning to narrow, we started playing with the idea of going with a more elongated look for the project. So, we decided to base the overall design on a series of trusses that would be orientated upstage to downstage at an upward rake. This ended up giving us a much larger overall look.”
Working with this rig, Dierson and lighting director Justin Cheatham created a wide variety of looks for headliners Tim McCraw, Tobe Nwigwe, Tori Kelly and other stars, ranging for soft monochromatic washes, to intense crisscrossing patterns of bright white light. Contributing to the panorama were 32 COLORado PXL 16 motorised battens from Chauvet Professional, which, like the rest of the fixtures, were supplied by Gemini Light Sound & Video.
The COLORado linear units were flown on alternating fingers. Drawing on the wide (5.7-47.9ﹾ) zoom range, and 200ﹾ tilt of the pixel-mappable fixtures, the designers were able vary coverage areas throughout the show. While the linear battens were on one group of fingers, wash

media-pro-group-team-in-the-warehouse-in-saudi-arabia-with-their-new-ayrton-cobrasMedia Pro Group invests in Ayrton Cobra
Monday, 22 May 2023

Middle East - Media Pro Group is an audio-visual production company, with more than a decade of experience in providing event technology and creative design solutions for any and every event. Media Pro Group recently added to its repertoire of state-of-the-art equipment, the compatible Ayrton Cobra laser-sourced fixtures.
Media Pro Group ordered a total of 226 compact Cobra laser-sourced fixtures which were used at sporting events, music festivals, award ceremonies and other events. Cobra is Ayrton’s first laser-sourced, IP65 rated fixture. It is designed for rendering a D65 white point that allows perfect colour reproduction, with an output of 386,000 lux at 20m, 38x zoom ratio and a zoom range of 0.6° to 23°. Cobra is capable of illuminating an object several kilometres away, it also has the famous Ayrton continuous pan and tilt, a highly innovative colour section and unrivalled graphics capability (including 92 gobos, four prisms and an extreme range of focus (XT-Focus) which permits the beam shape to be adjusted according to the operating distance.
Some of Cobra’s key features include, an optical design that creates laser-like beams which can be controlled and manipulated in a wide variety of ways; it has high output RGB laser modules that provide bright intense colours and sharp beams, making it ideal in large venues and at outdoor events. The zoom range enables lighting designers to create a variety of beam shapes, from sharp beams to soft washes; the built-in-effects generator allows for the creation of complex and dynamic effects.

ips-plasaPLASA Focus Leeds success for IPS
Monday, 22 May 2023

UK - IPS were delighted to exhibit again at the 2023 PLASA Focus show, returning to Leeds has become a firm date in the company calendar. “The team on the stand met lots of familiar faces during the busy two-day event and had lots of productive conversations about upcoming projects and the latest hire items in the IPS inventory,” says IPS’ Tom Warden. “There was also interest in the IPS offering from new potential customers, as well as students and others interested in starting out within the technical events industry.”
The IPS stand was consistently busy as people visited to have a look at the fixtures on display, which included the new Martin MAC Aura XIP LED Wash fixture (which was recently one of the stars of the show at the Windsor Coronation Concert) and the new GLP Impression X5 IP Bar, which will arrive in hire stocks very shortly. The X5 IP bar boasts a brighter output with the impressive colour range from the new RGBL X5 LED engines, plus a wider zoom range and faster movement, all now in an IP rated package.
Also on display and continuing the IP rated lighting theme were Chauvet onAir IP Panel 2 fixtures providing diffused stand lighting, with Chauvet Ovation Reve E3-IP profile fixtures on highlighting duty. The stand itself was a Black Prolyte H30V Truss based structure, and everything was built from standard hire stock items.
One of the most popular features of the IPS stand was the pick’n’mix stand which helped keep spirits high during the show for event attendees and fellow exhibitors alike, with the intention being to

theentertainers4Dsouza lights The Entertainers with Chauvet
Friday, 19 May 2023

USA - At one point in Akshay Kumar’s show, The Entertainers, the Bollywood star seemed to be floating in the air. The harnessed Kumar then picked up dancer Mouni Roy and ascended over the audience with her. The sellout crowds at the three stops on this US tour might very well have felt that they were air surfing too, such was the uplifting magical mood of this three-and-a-half hour show that featured music and dancing interspliced with plenty of dynamic crowd interaction.
In addition to Roy, Kumar was joined on stage (if not in the air), by stars like Norha Fatehi, Disha Patani, Sonam Bauwa, Zahrah Khan, Jasleen Royal and Steben Ben, along with a large cast of supporting dancers, singers and musicians. Adding to the excitement was a multi-dimensional lighting design by Roosevelt Dsouza that featured over 80 Chauvet Professional fixtures supplied by AVL Productions.
Arranging most of his fixtures in a M-shaped overhead truss configuration with three horizontal rows behind it, Dsouza used them to create a seemingly endless variety of looks, each one of them carefully coordinate with video images shown on a large center stage LED wall, which was flanked by two vertical strips on either side.
Featured in the tour rig were eight Color STRIKE M motorised strobes positioned in the center of the design. “I used these fixtures to accent big moments,” said Dsouza. “It was very impactful to have this bright light source coming from the middle of the rig and reaching out into the audience for a big punch.”
Dsouza engaged the audience thro

prolightsLandetxe Kultur Aretoa theatre adds Prolights
Friday, 19 May 2023

Spain - The new Landetxe Kultur Aretoa theatre in the city of Oiartzun (Guipuzcoa), was inaugurated on 10 April 2023. The complex is designed to improve the social and cultural welfare of the city, consisting of a recreation centre for the elderly, a lounge bar and a theatre.
For the new stage's equipment, the Landetxe turned to Cinetronica which was able to realise this major project relying on Prolights LED fixtures, through the know-how of Seesound, Prolights distributor for Spain.
Installed lighting includes: LED ellipsoidals EclProfile CT+ with Zoom lenses, LED Fresnel EclFresnel JrTW with six colour LED source, EclPar FC Spotlight with RGB+WW LED source and the asymmetric CYC light EclCyclorama 050.


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