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songwritersBandit illuminates songwriters’ showcase
Thursday, 25 June 2020

USA - When award-winning songwriter Victoria Shaw required lighting for her music performance and storytelling series Songwriters Under The Covers with Victoria Shaw, Bandit Lites delivered.
The show is described online as “a new, intimate, music performance and storytelling series created in collaboration with award-winning songwriter Victoria Shaw puts the spotlight on the songwriters of some of music’s biggest hits across pop, rock, and country. Top-selling songwriters share the little-known stories behind their hit songs along with an intimate live acoustic performance on stage”.
For the second season, viewers can expect to see Ken Mo, Clint Black, Tommy Shaw (of Styx and Damn Yankees) Bob DiPiero and Garth Brooks. Lighting designer Mark Carver was tasked by the producer to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in order to make the artist on stage and their music the centre of attention.
“We tried to highlight the key architectural features of the stage and room,” explained Carver.
Bandit Lites supplied Elation’s Seven 42s, ETC LED Tungsten Lekos for key light, Chauvet R2X Washes as backlight and colour toning. GLP X4S were used for colour toning the walls as well as adding upstage depth and dimension. Ayrton Khamsins LED profiles supplied pattern break ups on the walls for texture and depth and a grand MA 2 lite console provided control.
“Time frame, budget and ease of execution are always concerns on these shows,” said Carver. “Mike Golden and Jimmy Hatten supplied a well prepped package that met budge

nidadusksmLSC brings power and protection to NIDA
Thursday, 25 June 2020

Australia - Power and protection are the keywords with dimming and distro and Sydney’s National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) now has both thanks to LSC Lighting Systems.
NIDA is Australia's leading centre for education and training in the performing arts and features six professional performance venues, studios and rehearsal rooms. As the largest of the performance venues at NIDA, the Parade Theatre offers seating for audiences of up to 707 people in its three-tiered, horseshoe-shaped auditorium. The Playhouse is a 155-seat amphitheatre, designed for more intimate productions. NIDA has three smaller black box theatres - the Space, the Studio Theatre and the Reg Grundy Studio - that are frequently adapted to suit different production needs.
NIDA recently decided to upgrade its dimming and power distribution systems with LSC Lighting Systems GEN VI dimmers and APS power distribution. A total of 42 GEN VI dimmer /distros and an additional four Advanced Power Systems power distribution units have found a new home at this celebrated institution. The Parade Theatre, Reg Grundy Studio and Space Theatre have all benefited from the recent LSC Lighting fit-out.
NIDA’s previous dimmers were installed in 2003 and had exceeded their expected 15-year longevity mark, thus becoming electrically unreliable and so NIDA began investigating replacement options.
“Once we found the money we went hunting for dimmers,” says Chris Dickey, NIDA’s technical manager. “We wanted something that offered a bit extra in the venues and that was the LSC GEN VI r

jannie-and-leon-and-soneDesigners meet challenge of MA2 competition
Thursday, 25 June 2020

South Africa - In mid-March, South Africa was placed under lockdown to try to deal with the imminent threat posed by the rapid spread of COVID-19. Almost 100 days later, the events industry is still under severe restrictions, with no indication from the government when large-scale events will return.
“The lockdown has been very hard on people in our industry, especially for the freelance crew, technicians and engineers,” says DWR’s Jannie de Jager. “After a couple of days into lockdown, it quickly became apparent that boredom was going to be one of our greatest enemies, and would negatively affect the mental health of everybody if we let it.”
Jannie and the lighting team at DWR, therefore, decided to challenge lighting designers in South Africa to put their skills to good use during the lockdown by designing a light show using the MA2 PC platform. “We are very privileged to have some very talented and experienced lighting designers on staff, and everybody got behind the idea,” says Jannie. The team chose Johnny Clegg and Savuka’s 1982 hit Scatterlings of Africa and De Jager developed a 3D show file, with fixtures patched, for the exercise.
According to Jannie, they received 14 completed show files for consideration. The panel of judges included theatre lighting specialists, Kevin Stannett and Michael Taylor-Broderick; architectural lighting specialist, Johnny Scholtz; and live events specialist, Vincent van Niekerk.
All of the files were reviewed independently by the judges, who applied predetermined criteria to assig

plasawemakeeventsPLASA launches #WeMakeEvents to support the industry
Wednesday, 24 June 2020

UK - PLASA has launched #WeMakeEvents, a new campaign with the aim of amplifying the industry’s voice and gaining meaningful Government support. Central to the campaign is a video highlighting the vital role of supply chain companies along with the freelance community and the devastating impact of the coronavirus pandemic upon the live events sector.
PLASA is calling for people from across the industry to share the video across social media to give much needed exposure to the supply chain to events including production and rental companies, manufacturers and freelancers, to raise awareness of the need for longer term financial support.
In addition to sharing the video, PLASA has published two infographics illustrating the complexity of the live events supply chain and the typical arena show – which requires an average of 443 professionals spanning design, planning, preparation, warehousing, and venue staff. The graphics also show how valuable the sector is, collectively delivering £100 billion to the UK economy.
PLASA also encourages everyone to add their name to the campaign, and to send a letter to their local MP using the customisable letter samples which were created by a collective of PLASA, ABTT, PSA, SOLT and UK Theatre – details of which can be found here.
PLASA’s managing director Peter Heath comments: “We all know that the events industry has been devastated due to Covid-19, and we expect that the road to recovery will be a

etc-colorsource-spot-jr2-1ETC extends ColorSource family
Wednesday, 24 June 2020

USA - ETC ColorSource Spot jr is the latest addition to the ColorSource family of affordable ETC fixtures. At only 5.5 kg, ColorSource Spot jr is nearly half the weight of a full-sized ColorSource Spot fixture. And it’s not only half the size, it’s also about half the price.
Spot jr is available in two array options - Original for subtle pastels and white light to enhance skin tones, and Deep Blue for more saturated, dramatic colours. Like all ColorSource fixtures, Spot jr includes ETC’s colour integrity technologies so you can be sure the colours you set in rehearsal are the same colours you see during the show. This includes thermal droop compensation, third-party lifetime testing, and comprehensive factory colour calibration.
Spot jr has built-in 25-50-degree zoom which is suitable for small stages, club spaces, and retail with both longer and shorter throws.

hydroADJ’s Hydro Wash X29 now shipping
Wednesday, 24 June 2020

USA - The latest addition to ADJ’s Hydro Series of weatherproof moving head luminaires, the Hydro Wash X19, is a powerful and versatile wash fixture designed for touring, rental and event production applications. Combining impressive brightness with an expansive feature set, this rugged workhorse is ready to shine in even the most challenging of conditions, says the company.
Nineteen Osram 40W RGBW 4-in-1 LEDs fill the face of the Hydro Wash X19, making for an impressive total of 760W. The LEDs offer smooth colour mixing, allowing for the creation of a wide variety of different hues, and are arranged in three concentric circles. Each LED is individually controllable, allowing for the creation of pixel-mapped effects, with support available for both the KlingNet and Artnet control protocols as well as standard DMX-512.
Linear motorized focus allows the beam angle to vary between a narrow 6-degrees and wide 40-degrees. This means the fixture can be used to create tight mid-air beam effects as well as bathe large areas with vibrant colour washes at different moments during the same show. The focus function is both fast, to allow quick changes between different looks, and smooth, to allow seamless slow transitions.
The Hydro Wash X19’s robust all-metal casing is ready for the rigors of the road, while it’s IP65-rating means that it can be used safely outdoors in all weather conditions. Protected from rain, dust and dirt, it can be used reliably anywhere from dusty deserts to rainy fields. However, the fixture isn’t designed soley for use outdoor

vw1Chauvet enhances Volkswagen branding event
Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Germany - As part of a rebranding campaign, Volkswagen’s new showroom design is being rolled out at some 10,000 facilities across the globe. Prior to the COVID-19 lockdown, groups of invited dealers got to “test drive” the new retailing concept through Volkswagen Brand Experience Days, an event involving 50 nations, where guests could get a first-hand look at a real replica of a new store.
Accenting the aesthetic features of the harmoniously balanced showroom concept was a lighting design by Markus Axmann of Maxx Lichtdesign who used a collection of Chauvet Professional Ovation and COLORado fixtures supplied by Hildebrandt Veranstaltungstechnik, which was entrusted with the overall technical implementation.
“Brightness and colour temperature were extremely important in reflecting the new design concept,” comments Martin Hildebrandt, CEO of Hildebrandt Veranstaltungstechnik. “The show was hosted by many different speakers every day and we had little time for rehearsals. It became clear that the whole light operation had to be done with cues inside a PowerPoint presentation connected with a timecode programmed show. Our lighting designer and Torsten Bauschke, who was responsible for static analysis and CAD drawings, as well as our whole team did an excellent job pulling many different variables together.”
Given the reality of dealing with demands of time and space, the design team needed a group of compact, easy-to-handle fixtures that could be set up quickly. They got this from the 22 Ovation F-915VW Fresnels, 12 Ovation E-930VW ellipso

we-make-eventsPLASA highlights supply chain importance
Tuesday, 23 June 2020

UK - PLASA is gearing up to launch a new video highlighting the vital role that the supply chain and backstage crew play in the production of concert touring, theatre, and live events. It is hoped that the video will shine a light on product manufacturers, production & rental companies, crew, designers, programmers and more – all in vital need of on-going Government support and often overlooked in mainstream media coverage of the effect of the coronavirus pandemic on the entertainment industry.
Earlier this month, PLASA released two infographics illustrating how the live events supply chain will be impacted without further government support. The graphics reflect the number of people it takes to deliver just one performance - on average 443 professionals, spanning planning, design, preparation, warehouse and venue staff. Additionally, the graphics show how valuable the sector is, delivering £100 billion to the UK economy - with the freelance community making up around 72% of the workforce.
Set to launch tomorrow (24 June) across PLASA’s website and social media platforms, the video features big industry names keen to help highlight the importance of the supply chain and the need for financial support. Watch this space!

the-elation-hour-square-logo-tnElation Hour: elevating the house of worship experience
Tuesday, 23 June 2020

USA - Lighting for houses of worship will be the focus of The Elation Hour virtual presentation, taking place this Wednesday.
With the knowledge that dynamic lighting systems can positively impact the overall worship experience, houses of worship are finding success in growing their ministries through flexible stage and house lighting systems.
Those who tune in will gain insight into how dynamic lighting can enhance both live and broadcast worship from three houses of worship market lighting specialists. Hosts John Dunn and Bob Mentele will welcome Josh Holowiki from E2i Design, Griffin McCravy from Church of the Highlands, and Chris Eguizabal from Harvest Christian Fellowship for a special Elation Hour discussion about elevating the worship experience utilizing lighting and control technology.
The discussion will take place on Wednesday, 24 June at 10:00 a.m. PDT.
RSVP here.
The Elation Hour and Elation Innovation Hour are weekly virtual presentations that delve into the more personal side of product development. Broadcast since 22 April, they include discussions with top industry designers who share their experience across the broad scope of entertainment lighting, and also include virtual product launches.
Following Tools & Techniques - House of Worship, the series continue on 1 July with a virtual product launch of the Fuze Wash FR.

ayrton-karif-ltAyrton unleashes long throw Karif-LT
Tuesday, 23 June 2020

France - Ayrton has introduced Karif-LT, its ultra-compact 300W LED beam-spot, and the first in Ayrton’s new line of LT (Long Throw) products dedicated to long-range applications.
Karif-LT is equipped with a 168mm frontal lens offering a zoom ratio of 17:1 and a 2.8°- 47° zoom range, the narrowness of which is unprecedented and unmatched in an LED fixture, says the company. A new high-efficiency, low-etendue, compact LED module delivers an ultra-intense beam which, calibrated at 8500K, can generate powerful metallic white light and deep, vivid colours. Karif-LT has an overall output of 13,000 lumens at a colour temperature of 7500K, and a centre-beam luminous intensity of 3,500,000 candelas.
Billed as ‘a creative wizard’, Karif-LT’s rich feature set includes a CMY colour mixing system, a patent pending multi-position CTO wheel with seven different colour correction filters, a wheel of 13 complementary colours for infinite pastel hues and saturated colours, nine interchangeable rotating HD glass gobos and a new innovation in the form of a wheel with 39 fixed gobos (patent pending).
Karif-LT also has a glass monochrome multi-position, bi-directional effects wheel, and a prism effect system comprising four combinable rotating prisms which, coupled with an ultra-intense beam, can achieve complex effects. Standard features also include light and heavy frost filters, a dynamic animation effect with speed and fade adjustment and an electronic dimmer. Karif-LT is shipping with immediate effect.
View the newly released Karif-LT pres

glennbeckerESTA stalwart Glenn Becker passes away
Tuesday, 23 June 2020

USA - Glenn Becker, the Entertainment Services and Technology Association (ESTA)’s first president, passed away on 19 June aged 70.
“Glenn’s vision was about bringing the industry together to make it a better industry”, says ESTA. “He thought that competitors could come together and share ideas and solutions to make business easier and more successful for everyone. Because of that vision and Glenn’s hard work, the Theatrical Dealers Association (TDA) was born.”
Becker organised its founding meeting in 1987 and served as the first president from 1987 to 1991. In 1994, when the decision was made to form ESTA, the TDA board turned to Becker to chair the committee that rewrote the bylaws and set up the new organisational structure. The board would continue to turn to him over the years to take on special projects.
He became involved in theatre in high school. In 1968, Becker took a job delivering newspapers for the Chicago Sun Times and on his first day he read the paper and saw an ad for a job at Grand Stage Company which had been founded by Paul Tyler in 1947. Becker was hired and one of his first jobs was to assist in the company’s move to its new building on Lake Street - in the midst of the infamous Democratic National Convention. Becker started off coiling cable and helping in the rental department and within a year had worked his way up to become general manager. He also worked as a theatre electrician and stage manager across Chicago area theatres.
In 1977, Becker and his wife Janel took over the full running of the comp

unitedcity-church3Texas church revitalised with Chauvet
Tuesday, 23 June 2020

USA - Among the buildings devastated by the hurricane Harvey in 2017 was First Baptist Humble, in Humble, Texas, which had 18-inches of water in its sanctuary. Determined to rebuild its campus, the 111-year old house of worship gave itself a new name, United City Church, and remade its sanctuary interior, adding an advanced AVL system installed by Stark Raving Solutions that featured Chauvet Professional LED fixtures.
The new 1,200-seat church was scheduled to host services for the first time on Easter Sunday, 2020, but fate intervened once again in the form of the coronavirus. With the lockdown in effect, the church couldn’t reopen on schedule and had to limit itself to online streamed services. Almost two months later, however, with restrictions on public gatherings eased, the church was able to welcome limited groups of worshippers to its new sanctuary, following social distance guidelines.
Although many of its members continued to worship online, those in attendance got to experience first hand the immersive environment that United City’s technical director Chad Kirchoff and his team envisioned when they began working with Stark Raving Solutions on the new lighting system.
“The church wanted a completely fresh start in terms of the environment created in the sanctuary,” says Marcus Hammond, of Stark Raving Solutions. “They wanted a really modern lighting package - lots of color, movers and flexibility, so that’s what our team, led by Bret Hoskins, lead system designer for the UCC project, and Jason Lericos, SRS project manager, were

zero-88-coca-cola-arena-dubai-exterior-credit-coca-cola-arenaZero 88 in control at Coca-Cola Arena
Tuesday, 23 June 2020

UAE - The new Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai unites three lighting brands from Cooper Lighting Solutions - Zero 88 for entertainment-style control, iLight for architectural-style control and Ephesus LED sports lights.
The interior lighting and control systems together with all associated infrastructure were delivered as a turnkey solution during last year by Eaton Lighting Systems - now known as Cooper Lighting Solutions (CLS).
These aspects of this flagship project were managed by Peter Coles (business manager), supported by Martin Piper (iLight International training & support manager), Jon Hole (Zero 88 product manager) and Cooper Lighting Solution’s two EMEA project teams - one based in the UK, the other in Dubai, who together oversaw the process from design to final delivery in close collaboration with UAE-based lighting installation contractor, BMTC.
The venue itself is a 17,000 capacity (bowl format) multi-purpose indoor arena located in the City Walk neighbourhood of Dubai and operated by ASM Global.
The tender requirement stipulated the specific sports lighting criteria required to maintain the correct lighting levels to be TV / broadcast friendly. The whole arena had to be properly lit in white as well as having the capability of being turned into an array of vibrant colours and textures, so in all, some 369 high output LED fixtures were specified.
Three different types of LED fixtures are used in combination - 74 Ephesus Arena Pro Variable White, 191 Ephesus Prism RGBA fixtures and 104 LED profiles. These are carefully positi

claypakyfestivaloflights1Festival of Lights invests in Sharpy Plus
Tuesday, 23 June 2020

South Korea - Festival of Lights, an entertainment lighting company founded in 2013, has added 70 Claypaky Sharpy Plus fixtures to its inventory.
The firm designs and operates lights for numerous concerts, festivals and television programmes. As the K-pop phenomenon has gone global, Festival of Lights has also done overseas tours for Korean musical artists. Its comprehensive services range from rentals to design, installation, operation and maintenance. The company has particular expertise in show operations, and its young operators are known for their creative lighting designs.
The Sharpy Plus has two independent operating modes. In beam mode, it offers enhanced aerial effects and an extraordinary power output (over 300,000 lux at 10m distance). In spot mode, the light is diffused in a more even way, which means visual effects can be projected with excellent uniformity. The fixture’s 3° to 36° (1:9) zoom covers the entire range linearly, both in spot mode and beam mode.
“Sharpy Plus is true to its name as a 100 percent hybrid fixture with beam and spot functions,” says executive director Yundo Kim with Festival of Lights. “We love to use the fixtures in spot mode and wide zoom, as well. Where other common beam spots have too much concentrated light at the centre, Sharpy Plus has a soft and clear spot.”
Recently, Festival of lights utilised Sharpy Plus fixtures on the broadcast programmes JTBC Phantom Singer 3. “We preserved the atmosphere of the set by evenly spreading soft light in the Sharpy Plus spot mode,” Yundo ex

robe-the-voice-ukraine-10Robe finds a voice in Ukraine
Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Ukraine - The coronavirus pandemic didn’t dampen anyone’s enthusiasm for the 2020 final of singing competition The Voice Ukraine, which was broadcast live from the Kiev studios of TV channel 1+1, produced by Volodymyr Zavaduyk, directed by Tri.Direction and lit by Eugene Kostyra, also working closely with DOP Sergey Petrov.
To create an original and spectacular lighting design for this socially distanced television event, Eugene utilised Robe MegaPointes and Spikies as a key part of his lighting rig which were supplied, along with all the other lighting equipment, by Ukraine’s largest rental and production company, Alight.
It was the tenth season for the popular show and Eugene has been involved with the lighting since the fifth series (as well as two series of the ‘Junior’ edition).
Tri.Direction - directors creative team of the show developed the set design which was based around clean lines and start geometry, with a large three metre-high central riser with LED screens around the base, complemented with more screens upstage in a curve around the back and sides of the studio space.
Eugene took this as inspiration and filled the areas with light following the same clean and well-defined precision, accentuating the cube shape and the relationship between the different screen areas. By varying the screen content, the whole mood of the set could be shifted dramatically for each participant.
Eugene used 42 Robe Spikies rigged on vertical truss in between the rear LED screens for creating intense and highly accurate beam ef

nashua-humane-societyEvents United lights fundraiser with Chauvet
Monday, 22 June 2020

USA - Soon after the Covid-19 lockdown went into effect, Events United owner Tim Messina and his team began transforming Studio Lab (their shared space production facility) into a livestream studio to produce events. They weren’t exactly sure where this effort would take them; they just wanted to keep busy and find a way to continue paying their team.
Turns out they did much more than that. In the weeks following the initial lockdown, Studio Lab has gone on to fill a variety of important roles in the community, including that of a fundraising tool. A variety of charitable groups have raised much-needed money during the pandemic by holding online benefit auctions at the Studio Lab facility in Derry, NH.
The latest of these is the Humane Society for Greater Nashua, which raised $105,000 in June through an auction livestreamed and produced by the Events United team at Studio Lab. Running slightly over one hour on Facebook and YouTube, the programme featured musical entertainment and appearances by adoptable animals in addition to the auction.
Pulling the diverse elements of the programme together and providing camera-friendly visuals was a collection of Chauvet Professional Maverick, COLORado and STRIKE fixtures as well as 60 F2 Video panels.
“We have done a few of these virtual auctions now, and it’s been an amazing experience, getting to work with these organisations and seeing the things they do,” said Jon Martell, production design manager at Events United, who worked closely with event producer Donald Van Slyke and lighting designer

rock-of-agesRock of Ages revived with Artiste Monet
Monday, 22 June 2020

USA - The recent Rock of Ages revival at New World Stages in New York City was a resounding success, just as it was in its 2008 Off-Broadway debut at the same theatre prior to its successful six-year Broadway run. The show opened last June and after originally being scheduled to close in September was extended for an open-ended run, eventually shutting down when Broadway went dark in March.
Lighting designer Jason Lyons has been lighting the musical since that storied 2008 New York debut. “Back then it was a bit of an experiment,” he says. “We didn’t really know what we had and it exploded from there. It’s one of those rare shows that people can go back to over and over again and still have a really good time. I think that’s part of its success. You find new moments to enjoy every time.”
Rock of Ages is a jukebox musical that tells the story of a rock ‘n’ roll romance on the Sunset Strip during the glitz and decadence of the ‘80s. When the Bourbon Room is set to be demolished (the local bar where most of the action takes place), it’s up to wannabe rockers to save it. With a score that features some of the biggest classic rock hits of the ‘80s, this hilarious, high-energy 80’s-era satire has evolved into a theatre classic.
Jason has been using Elation’s Artiste Monet on the revival (supplied by Christie Lites), his first time working with the award-winning LED profile moving head and a significant upgrade from what he was using on earlier incarnations of the show
“I was really excited to use it for

matthew-klasmeierAltman strengthens engineering support
Friday, 19 June 2020

USA - Altman Lighting has appointed Matthew Klasmeier as product development support engineer.
Klasmeier was previously employed as a field service technician for Vincent Lighting Systems, specialising in the installation and verification of new entertainment and architectural lighting systems. Working within the new Altman headquarters in Denver, Colorado, he will be responsible for overseeing current and future product development, as well as in-house warranty service, support and repair.
“We are very excited to have Matthew joining our team as he will serve as an integral part of the launch and support of many new Altman technologies,” says Pete Borchetta, vice president Altman Lighting product innovation. “His expertise within the lighting industry is undeniable and he will be a valuable asset in the development and customer service behind our entertainment and architectural lighting solutions.”
“Understanding the reputation of Altman Lighting as one of the most trusted lighting manufacturers in the industry, I am very delighted to be joining the team,” adds Klasmeier.

vrstream1Chauvet enhances VR Stream’s DJ marathon
Friday, 19 June 2020

Belgium - Robbe Verburgh wants more EDM DJs to start streaming. So much so, that he’s created VR Stream, a complete mobile streaming solution in a van that allows DJs to do a show and get it up and running online from anywhere, even their own back yards.
To promote his new service, Verburgh created a streaming marathon in his backyard, or more precisely the warehouse of the company he works for, DV Sound. To draw attention to the event, which took place 17-18 May, he lined up Gianni Foquaert (aka DJ Flavour Drop), known for his own pioneering radio concept, as host of the event. Then, to ensure that his 21-hour (over two days) stream was energised by wave after wave of supercharged looks, Verburgh retained the services of Cedric Duré.
The teenage owner of Outdream, Duré obliged, creating an intense outpouring of pixel mapped movement and colour that never seemed to repeat itself, as it wrapped around the sounds of 14 DJs over the two marathon sessions. Aiding him in this endeavour, expanding the visuals of his show, while at the same time framing it neatly for smaller livestream screens, was a collection of 16 Chauvet Professional EPIX Strip Tour linear fixtures supplied by DV Sound.
Arranged on truss in diamond pattern around the DJ stand, the one-meter long RGB strips accomplished the seemingly paradoxical task of expanding and framing the lightshow through a combination of performance features. Duré used the high output linear units to envelop the DJs in a radiant aura of light. In so doing, he kept the focus of his show on the artists even

shaftsburytheatre-1024x683Stage Electrics wins Dawlish theatre contract
Friday, 19 June 2020

UK - Stage Electrics has been awarded the key contract to supply and install three new Zero 88 Chilli By-Pass Dimmers, ETC Element 2 Desk and new DMX infrastructure around the stage and FOH for the Shaftesbury Theatre in Dawlish.
This is the first step for the Devon theatre in moving from a traditional tungsten rig towards a more energy efficient LED solution.
Replacing the old dimmers with the new Zero 88 Chilli bypass dimmers offers the ability to swap between dimming or hot power, whilst the 10 new DMX points around the stage and front of house allows for increased flexibility for future productions.

robe-the-art-of-online-teaching-with-peter-fisker-img3852Robe scores top marks in event tech course
Friday, 19 June 2020

Denmark - At the end of 2019, after three years constantly on the road, Danish lighting, video and set designer Peter Fisker wanted to spend a bit more time at home. Fortuitously, a part-time teaching post became available at EUC Nord in Frederikshavn, who needed a tutor for the lighting module of their well-known and respected Event Technicians course.
The college administration asked if he was interested in applying, and he jumped at the chance as this would enable him to stay home part of the year whilst also retaining the flexibility of touring and lighting shows via his design company, HeCameToEat.
The vocational Event Technicians course allows rental and event production companies, music, and theatre venues, etc. to take on trainee technicians who work at their companies and learn the theoretical, practical and creative skills needed to master the craft over a four-year period, with an emphasis on multi-skilled tasking and being able to juggle many balls in the air simultaneously. They also learn to be part of a hardworking team with long hours, plenty of pressure and little time off.
“It’s very important that the students have a good sense of how to do a proper tour prep, so I’m trying to get up and running with all kinds of showcases in our own working studio,” says Fisker. “Technology and practices are constantly evolving in our industry, so it’s vital to be up-to-date.”
As the coronavirus pandemic unfolded, Denmark was the first in Europe to fully lockdown and all students were sent home mid-March as the teaching shift

senateThe Italian Senate lit up by Prolights
Friday, 19 June 2020

Italy - The facade of Palazzo Madama in Rome has been lit up in the colours of the Italian flag from18 March until the end of the COVID-19 medical emergency.
Audio-Luci-Store, an online division of the company Il Microfono, took care of the lighting set-up. Sabino Coppolecchia, owner of Il Microfono, said: “At the end of 2019, Audio-Luci-Store received a request from the technical staff of the Italian Senate. Our task was to provide a lighting system for the imposing facade of Palazzo Madama, in order to illuminate the building on very special occasions, like the International Day for the elimination of violence against women or Telethon.
“Basic requirements were for a quick and simple installation, so that the internal staff of the Senate could be able to interact with the fixtures in complete autonomy, without need of technical support.”
According to the given directions and needs, Audio-Luci-Store in close cooperation with Prolights technicians found the most suitable fixtures: 12 Prolights ArcShine 12FC, linear wall washer positioned on the ground for a raking light illumination supported by two pedestals, and 16 Prolights studioCob PlusFC with trusses, for a front illumination.
“When the pandemic came up, Palazzo Madama was already equipped with the appropriate fixtures to project the Italian flag colours on the facade of a building of such institutional relevance.
“The Senate's technical staff expressed great satisfaction for the amazing efficiency of Prolights solutions, as well as for the ease of daily mounting and dism

markus-spiske-ucbmz0s-w28-unsplashGovernment DCMS survey reveals COVID-19 damage
Thursday, 18 June 2020

UK - The damage across the UK culture, media, sports and digital sectors caused by the coronavirus outbreak has been laid bare in a government survey published this week.
The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has released the results of its Business Survey, showing the impact of coronavirus on organisations across the four sectors. The survey received 3,936 responses submitted between 23 April and 22 May.
Headline findings reveal the devastating impact of the pandemic on businesses, with more than a third (1,646) of respondents reporting their revenue has decreased by 100% year-on-year, whilst just 97 have seen an increase during the period.
In terms of how long businesses can continue to operate viably, the majority (1,156) of respondents selected ‘up to six months’, whilst 1,102 indicated that they could stay afloat beyond six months. However, 202 respondents said their businesses were already no longer trading; 155 stated they could only carry on trading for less than a month, and 902 reported they could only trade viably for up to three months. The remaining 408 selected ‘don’t know’. An overwhelming 2,668 respondents also indicated their business’ ability to trade was under threat due to the pandemic, with just 1,070 stating the opposite.
More than half (2,146) of respondents said they had accessed government support during the survey period, but nearly half (1,790) hadn’t. The headline findings can be found test

toucan-productions-secret-shop4Toucan’s Secret Shop DJ series goes live
Thursday, 18 June 2020

USA - Production company Toucan Productions has started to livestream weekly DJ sets from its facility in Oklahoma City using a festival-worthy setup that includes nearly 100% Elation lighting gear. Dubbed Secret Shop and hosted on Twitch TV, the livestream broadcasts feature multiple 45-minute DJ sets and run every Wednesday from 8:00 pm to midnight Central Daylight Time in the U.S.
Arvol Dingess and Parker Shore, both of Toucan, have been instrumental in getting the Secret Shop livestreams up and running, an idea that emerged from Covid-era downtime. “Sometime in May, Arvol, our video lead at Toucan, hit me up with the idea to do a streaming show from the Toucan shop and I jumped on it,” said Shore, an Oklahoma City native who has been a lighting specialist at Toucan for the past five years. “We did some cocktail napkin sketches of the rig, built it and then pitched it to my network of DJs. Since no one has gigs at the moment, they’ve been more than happy to do it.”
With few projects on the board and touring put on hold (Shore was supposed to be on the road as L2/laser programmer for Louis the Child), the idea came together fairly quickly with the first Secret Shop DJ sets airing on 27 May. Not only have the sets provided much needed musical relief during the COVID-19 pandemic, they have allowed Toucan personnel to hone a new skill, one that will almost certainly be essential in the near future.
“As there won’t be concerts for a while, we’re taking the time to keep our skill set sharp and develop some new o


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