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glassonionLightenUp expands growing Ayrton inventory
Friday, 3 March 2023

USA - LightenUp, a Los Angeles-based professional lighting company that supplies the full range of lighting equipment and power distribution for all types of events, has added a large complement of Ayrton Zonda 9 FX and Zonda 3 FX fixtures to its inventory. The new luminaires join Ayrton Khamsin, Perseo Profile, Diablo-S in white and black housings, and MagicDot fixtures available for projects and rental. ACT Entertainment is the exclusive distributor of Ayrton lighting in North America.
“We’re always looking at new equipment. We do our due diligence and have biweekly meetings with lighting designers about new gear and keeping our inventory up to date,” says lighting designer Nathan Megaw, president of LightenUp. “A lot of new equipment is always coming out, and there’s always the risk of, ‘Will you pick right? Will the gear be hot in the market? Can we cross-rent it?’ We were the second company in LA with Diablos, so we picked correctly, but there’s a lot of homework involved.”
ACT provided demo units of the Zonda 9 FX, which LightenUp quickly felt would fit well in the company’s inventory for a broad roster of projects and to serve a smaller rental market. “The Zonda 9 FX’s features are a step above any competitive wash fixtures in that weight class,” says Megaw. “The effects capabilities are a bonus and offer effects no other units have. We not only like what the Zonda 9 FX can do, but how the instrument looks with its clean and simplified shape, quality and craftsmanship.”
To the Zonda 9 FXs, which have just been de

daliDALI Alliance reaches double milestone
Thursday, 2 March 2023

USA - The DALI Alliance has reached two new milestones that demonstrate broad global support for the organisation and its certification programmes. The number of certified DALI-2 products now exceeds 3,000 devices, and at the same time DALI Alliance’s membership has grown to 350 members.
The 3,000th DALI-2 product is the EUM-150S150ET LED driver from Inventronics. This product includes luminaire, energy and diagnostics data (Parts 251-3), which means that it can store luminaire information (typically encoded by the luminaire manufacturer) in one of the driver's DALI memory banks, and can report operational diagnostic and energy usage data.
DALI-2 certification requires the product to successfully pass a rigorous and comprehensive set of tests based on the international standard IEC 62386. The DALI Alliance independently verifies the test results, and then lists each certified product in its online product database, providing public traceability. The database contains all certified DALI-2 and D4i components.
The 350th member is Leap Info Systems Pvt, a lighting controls and automation technology company based in Pune, India, which has joined as an associate member (view the full member list). Associate membership enables companies to participate in the DALI-2 certification program, and to use the DALI trademarks. To date, membership of the alliance consists of 35 Regular members, 267 Associate members and 51 Community members.
“We are grateful to all our members who support our certification programs, and we’re excited to continue driving

vari-liteNicLen gears up for festival season with Vari-Lite
Thursday, 2 March 2023

Germany – Dry-hire company NicLen has invested in VL3600 Profile IP fixtures from Vari-Lite. The popular German firm has purchased a large quantity of the high-output, IP-rated fixtures, citing superior optics and build quality as the reason for the purchase.
“We have a long history with Vari-Lite and strong fondness for the brand,” explains Jörg Stöppler Co-CEO/CCO at NicLen. “We have VL2600 Profiles and VL5LED Washes in dry hire at the moment, so we know that Vari-Lite makes quality fixtures. It was unsurprising, then to find the VL3600 had a premium feel and build quality with a solid construction and no plastic. Overall, it’s exactly the sort of well-made product you expect from Vari-Lite in an IP rated fixture.”
“The NicLen service quality is excellent, and it’s something known in the market,” says Franck Tiesing, Vari-Lite key account manager, DACH at Signify. “The fixtures are always clean, and everything is in top condition. So, NicLen understandably has very high expectations for the fixtures they buy, and that’s why they went with the VL3600 Profile IP.”
After first being introduced to a prototype of the VL3600 Profile IP at Prolight + Sound 2022, NicLen worked closely with Vari-Lite, providing feedback during development. “Vari-Lite has been helpful throughout the entire process,” adds Stöppler. “From the initial conversations to after-sales support, they’ve been very responsive to anything we needed.”
NicLen reports an uptick in interest in the VL3600 in recent weeks as word of their VL3600 purc

larkin-poeChauvet lights Larkin Poe Blood Harmony tour
Thursday, 2 March 2023

USA - Rebecca and Megan Lovell, the Georgia-born sisters, better known as the roots rock duo Larkin Poe have been touring in support of their sixth studio album, Blood Harmony. Tony Caporale of Infinitus Vox has been reflecting its richly textured music in light.
Caporale, joined by lighting director Alex Molinaro, has captured the deep emotional currents of Larkin Poe’s performance with a multi-faceted design that draws on the colour-mixing prowess the Chauvet Professional Color STRIKE M and COLORado PXL Bar 16, which, like the rest of the lighting rig, were supplied by 4Wall Entertainment.
Positioning six of the motorised strobes in a horseshoe configuration on the floor around the performers and arranging an equal number of the battens along the upstage deck, Caporale and his team created transformative colour scapes to reflect a wide range of emotions.
“We are definitely painting a more scenic look on this tour that can translate as day, or night, with saturated colours to establish a vibe,” said Caporale, who has lit Larkin Poe before. “Since my main intention was to create these night and day looks, I tried to stay in blue and orange family of palettes as much as possible. However, there are also times when we opt to do a complete 180 and take off to go with some psychedelic looks. A beautiful thing about Larkin Poe is that they are true to their core style, but at the same time are also able to take it in different directions.”
While Caporale designed the production and programmed the lighting, Molinaro is running the

adj-ukADJ announces new distributor for UK and Ireland
Thursday, 2 March 2023

UK - In response to significantly different market conditions in the UK following Brexit, ADJ has announced the moving of distribution of the brand’s products to a new UK-based company. Audio Visual Security Limited – AVS – will be led by two familiar faces to ADJ customers in the region and provide vastly improved delivery times – next day in most cases – as well as local service, support, and repairs.
Kris Dawber and Andy Howarth are the directors of AVS. Kris has been a part of the ADJ family for 15 years, was instrumental in first bringing the brand to the UK and has previously served as UK & Ireland sales manager as well as European sales manager for ADJ Europe. He has an extensive knowledge of the UK and Irish markets as well as a vast network of industry contacts. Andy has worked with Kris within ADJ’s UK-based business for over 10 years and has an in-depth technical understanding of the company’s extensive product range.
“Recently, due to situations beyond our control, we haven’t been able to offer our usual high level of ADJ service to customers here in the UK,” explains Kris Dawber. “Through AVS we’ll be able to change that immediately. By holding stock here in the UK, we can dispatch orders to customers for the next working day. Andy and I have worked together for a long time and are excited to move into this new chapter together, serving our existing customer base and growing ADJ’s market share across all facets of the industry, including production, rental, integration, and retail.”
“Kris and I both be

backstage-academyElation and Obsidian support Backstage Academy
Wednesday, 1 March 2023

UK - Elation Professional and Obsidian Control Systems are partnering with Backstage Academy. Both Elation and Obsidian are providing the latest in cutting-edge products to Backstage Academy for use in educational courses and training purposes.
Backstage Academy is located in the heart of Production Park, a live events and entertainment technology campus near Leeds that combines industry, education and innovation. It features production studios, businesses and educational facilities, where creatives, technicians, designers, and engineers collaborate to advance the live events industry.
Backstage Academy offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, short courses and bespoke training programs that involve getting hands on with cutting-edge equipment and technology used by the entertainment industry. 4Wall Entertainment, TAIT and ROE Visual are onsite and entrenched in the fabric of Production Park as well as other industry leading companies.
Backstage Academy students will have access to Elation lighting and Obsidian lighting control products for their studies for both on-campus and off-campus projects. The gear will also be utilised in training courses with industry professionals. The package includes Proteus and KL series luminaires from Elation, Magmatic atmospheric effects, as well as NX control solutions and Netron data distribution devices from Obsidian.
Rachel Nicholson, head of institution at Backstage Academy, said, “We pride ourselves on being a place where we equip the next generation of live industry professionals with all the

prolightsFontys University refurbished with Prolights
Wednesday, 1 March 2023

The Netherlands - From conservatory to Academy of Circus and Performance Art, Fontys University of the Arts offers a wide range of courses in the performing arts.
The university has recently launched a bid to refurbish their lighting, and Dutch system integrator Lichtpunt offered their services to install the new equipment.
In addition to supplying and installing new LED theatre lighting, the grid suspensions also had to be renewed in eight rooms. A large array of nearly 550 new LED theatre lights and controls was delivered and installed, including 24x Prolights LumiPar 12UQ Pro, 45x EclProfile FW TU, 38x EclFresnelJr TW, 14x LumiPix 12UQ Pro, 34x DisplayCobTU and 70x DisplayCob TRWDFC.
“We love Prolights' diverse product portfolio,” said Leon van Warmerdam from Lichtpunt. “Their range of LED profiles and LED fresnels are a great replacement to these types of venues wanting to modernise their equipment while being eco-friendly. Not only that, but the transition from older luminaires to new fixtures is incredibly easy for everyone, as they make their equipment super intuitive.”
The equipment was supplied by Full AVL, Prolights' exclusive distributor in The Netherlands.

martinMartin drives Grey Cup Halftime Show visuals
Wednesday, 1 March 2023

Canada - To provide the Twisted Tea Grey Cup Halftime Show with a hybrid lighting and creative video display that translated both on television and in person, Electric Aura Projects collaborated with Christie Lites and Solotech to deploy a rig featuring a wide range of Martin lighting solutions.
Established in 1909 and named for former General Governor of Canada Albert Grey, the Grey Cup is the championship game that concludes each Canadian Football League season. With regular viewing audiences of four million, the Grey Cup is Canada’s largest annual televised sports event. The 109th Grey Cup final took place on 20 November, 2022 at Mosaic Stadium in the Saskatchewan city of Regina. The highly anticipated Twisted Tea Halftime Show featured performances by Tyler Hubbard, Jordan Davis and Josh Ross.
To ensure a successful halftime production, Patrick Roberge Productions (PRP) once again turned to Electric Aura Projects to supply a lighting design that simultaneously entertained the live audience in the stadium and millions of viewers at home. Electric Aura Projects’ Robert Sondergaard and Jason McKinnon designed a stage show using a plethora of Martin lighting fixtures supplied by Christie Lites and Solotech, including the MAC Aura PXL.
“The Grey Cup is one of the most watched TV programmes in Canada every year,” said Robert Sondergaard, production designer / co-owner, Electric Aura Projects. “We needed to put on a show for the television audience, but it also had to look good for the 40,000 fans in the stadium. On this show we had Martin f

lscgruppe20 chooses LSC Control Systems
Wednesday, 1 March 2023

Germany – Event production company, gruppe20, has invested in a Unitour power supply system from Australian manufacturer LSC Control Systems, in order to provide maximum control over its power management capabilities.
The Augsburg-based company, which purchased the systems through LSC’s exclusive distributor for Germany, LMP Lichttechnik, will be using them to power audio, video and lighting systems across the German market, in all types of production, including events, touring, film and television.
LSC’s Unitour is their premium portable power solution for the broad range of equipment - LED walls, audio, moving lights and AV hardware - used in entertainment production. The 24 or 48-channel modular system can be fitted with power switching modules for audio and video, or with dual-mode TruPower dim/switch modules for lighting. As well as the module flexibility, each channel can also be separately configured as a power supply, switch pack or dimmer. Not only can a broad range of equipment be powered, but both LED fixtures and conventional lighting can be dimmed from the same system.
gruppe20 first encountered the Unitour system on the stand of LMP Lichttechnik at the Prolight + Sound exhibition in Frankfurt last year. After a shootout, the company made the decision to invest in a 48-channel Unitour system with individual RCBOs per channel, a hot patch field and the flexible option to switch between power supply and dimmer.
Klaus Mayer, managing director of gruppe20, says, “The system will help us to be even more secure in dealing with o

wizardofozChauvet balances video and light for Wizard of Oz
Wednesday, 1 March 2023

UK – Lighting designer Ollie Wilkinson lit The Wizard of Oz at Blackpool’s Grand Theatre with a video wall backdrop.
“This was definitely a first for me,” he said of the experience. “I have lit many theatrical shows that feature projection, but never a wall of LED tiles. This presented a challenge in terms of how bright and vibrant the video wall was, but it turned out very well.”
Helping Wilkinson meet this challenge were the 18 Chauvet Professional Maverick MK2 Spot fixtures in his kit. Supplied by Arranpaul, the 440-watt moving fixtures were flown on upstage and mid-stage electrics. From these positions, the high output (up to 20,200 lux at 5m) luminaires provided the light Wilkinson needed to balance the LED video wall.
“I needed a workhorse fixture that would be up to the challenge of competing with 56 Panels of screen,” said Wilkinson. “I needn’t have looked any further than the MK2 Spot for that. Our video director Ashley Swain and I worked closely together to achieve and excellent balance between light and video. I should add that my director Nigel Machin was also a pleasure to work with, as were the people from AVR Dance and the theatre’s technical manager Dave Renwick and Arranpaul, which provided excellent technical support.”
Wilkinson also worked with the camera film team to ensure the show was white balanced and that it worked well on camera. He was careful to inform the camera team of what colour and temperatures they would be facing.
Working together, the design team achieved an equilibrium b

robe-black-coffee-zamna-festivalRobe up all night with Black Coffee at Zamna
Wednesday, 1 March 2023

Mexico - The beauty, magic and history of Mexican Caribbean indigenous cultures blended with dance beats as the rhythm and free spirit of rave sent a rush of positive energy and human experience coursing through the 2023 Zamna Festival in Tulum.
The eye-catching jungle venue surrounded by nature reserves and sacred cenotes, provided an appropriate setting for this event, and into this dreamscape reality stepped lighting designer Eran Klein, working with artist Black Coffee on the Island Stage.
Eran was asked to light Black Coffee’s performance by Oren Heknin – a long term client and underground club promoter / presenter. Eran insisted on having Robe Spiiders, MegaPointes LEDBeam 150 and Tetra2 moving lights on his rig, which involved swapping out the originally proposed moving lights for his Robe luminaires.
“I could not contemplate producing such a special show without the right tools,” he commented.
The Island Stage – one of several performance spaces across the site – is surrounded by water and an integral part of this large outdoor club environment which energises each year through January, attracting major DJs and music producers from around the world.
Behind the DJ booth and stage was a permanent ground support structure which could be utilised for lighting positions, but Eran and the Black Coffee team built their own 8m high ‘heart’ centrepiece in front of this.
This comprised custom goalposts creating four arches in a slightly abstract heart shape – open to interpretation in numerous imaginative, interest

london-nyeAC-ET supplies ‘rock-solid’ wireless for NYE party
Tuesday, 28 February 2023

UK – London welcomed 2023 with its largest ever New Year’s Eve celebration, and its first after two years of Covid cancellations. To source the wireless DMX control system which would be essential for the event, lighting supplier Neg Earth Lights turned to A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET), the UK & Ireland distributor for Swedish innovator LumenRadio.
Produced by Identity, with creative direction from Dan Colbourne and David Zolkwer, the celebrations included an enormous fireworks display, along with a drone light show and a large-scale lighting spectacle created by lighting designer Tim Routledge. With the television cameras in mind, Routledge knew he needed powerful lighting fixtures inside each of the London Eye’s 32 pods to provide the visual ‘punch’ required, and chose Elation’s new Proteus Excalibur beam moving heads for the job. He also knew that the luminaires would have to be controlled wirelessly, as this would be the only way of sending control data to each pod.
Neg Earth Lights, with help from AC-ET’s Jack Moorhouse, began looking at LumenRadio’s latest wireless DMX control products back in September, with a series of demos set up by AC-ET at Neg Earth’s London headquarters. After encouraging results, followed by successful site tests, the team was confident that the LumenRadio systems would ensure the reliability required for such a high-profile event. The order was placed for three CRMX Stardust and 34 CRMX Aurora units, along with the required antennas. For the actual event, 12dbi outdoor directional antennas we

vl-next-to-normalVari-Lite Spots add drama to Next to Normal
Tuesday, 28 February 2023

USA – Yale’s David Geffen School of Drama staged a performance of the American rock musical Next to Normal recently, with a lighting design by David DeCarolis using VL2600 Spot luminaires as part of the Vari-Lite University Outreach Programme from Signify.
DeCarolis employs a musical approach to his lighting designs, having studied music in the past. He structures his looks based on form, harmony and dynamics, even seeing a lighting console as something of an electronic drum kit. He collaborated with the team at David Geffen School of Drama and Vari-Lite to deliver the right luminaires for the production of Next to Normal, choosing the VL2600 Spots as he required a high-output fixture offering a broad range of rich colours and effects.
The Vari-Lite University Outreach Programme initiative is an ongoing project allowing talented students to use Vari-Lite luminaires in a real-world environment. The programme allows educational design programs to connect with Vari-Lite technology and staff to explore design solutions that are often only available to professionals.
“I needed a fixture that wasn’t too large, could perform pretty quietly, and enabled me to have fun with effects and a varied colour palette,” says DeCarolis. “The VL2600s fitted into that picture perfectly and could help me create the world I wanted for the production. In addition to being simple to rig with the universal clamps – the electricians said it was the quickest load in for moving lights – I really took advantage of the Iris, the CMY color mixing and

badbunnyChauvet sets the mood on Bad Bunny dates
Tuesday, 28 February 2023

Mexico - Bad Bunny’s two-hour show on the recent World’s Hottest Tour delivered all of the power-packed passion that fans have come to expect from this Puerto Rico-born superstar. The Latin American leg of his sold-out tour included stops in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and the Dominican Republic.
In each of his shows, Bad Bunny was supported by a fast-moving lightshow that featured 96 Color STRIKE M and 40 STRIKE Array 2 fixtures from Chauvet Professional, supplied by different vendors in various countries.
The lighting designer for the tour, Travis Shirley reflected the transformative mood created by the beaches of Puerto Rico. Tour director, Roly Garbalosa, and the LD/programmer Krizia Velez helped bring this imaginative panorama to life at every venue.
“The looks were inspired through music and even many of the songs have sounds of the sea where you can see the waves, the birds and even the dolphins,” said Krizia, who began her own collaboration with Bad Bunny in 2017.
Discussing the makeup of the tour rig, Krizia noted: “One of the reasons why we chose the Chauvet Color STRIKE M is that it is the only strobe effect with all the elements we are looking for, including an IP65 rating. This was one of the main reasons why we did not hesitate to add them to our rider. All our shows were outdoors. For its part, the STRIKE Array 2 gives us an emulated “amber shift” that warms the colour temperature of the light as it dims to provide a classic tungsten look

claypakyconangrayClaypaky lights Conan Gray’s Superache Tour
Tuesday, 28 February 2023

USA - Working with Solotech US, UK-based production and lighting designer Will Smith designed the lighting, video and set for the North American, Australia and Asia legs of American singer-songwriter Conan Gray’s Superache Tour.
Smith chose Claypaky Scenius Spots and Mythos 2 fixtures for the sold-out North American leg of the tour, which is in support of Gray’s second studio album of the same name. Superache was released in June 2022, debuted at number nine on the US Billboard 200 and spent 12 weeks on the chart.
Smith, who also worked with Gray on his previous tour, designed Superache “to befit the new album with its very romantic and rose-based aesthetic”, which includes “a big entrance and incorporating a heart in the video design,” he explains.
“I was inspired by the great romantic music videos of the ’80s and early ’90s that Conan is a fan of,” says Smith. “We used a lot of white billowy drapes with a traveller system to create a flat projection wall and entrance while also giving a different tier to the performance space. When sketching this up I incorporated a lot of big looks with hard-edged spots to contrast with the softer looks.
“The focal point is obviously the heart-shaped videowall that was custom fabricated by ELS in Nashville. The videowall together with primarily hard-edged fixtures really gave us a very stylized and unique design that fans immediately associated with the dramatic Superache album.”
In choosing fixtures Smith was looking for “a powerful, hard-edged spot with goo

astraProlights launches the Astra Profile600IP
Tuesday, 28 February 2023

Europe - Prolights has released the Astra Profile600IP, a bright, IP65-rated LED moving profile. The unit is designed for large-scale touring and exterior installations.
The Astra Profile600IP offers’ an outstanding performance’ that utilises a 600W white LED engine, reaching 21,000 lumens whilst achieving a flat field beam projection. Its optical system moves linearly from 7° to 62°.
This fixture has a CMY colour mixing system that delivers saturated colours, linear CTO correction from 2,700K to 5,600K and a colour wheel with six colour filters plus a 5,600K high CRI filter.
The Astra Profile600IP includes four-layer motorised framing shutters, an animation wheel, a rotating gobo wheel, one frost filter, a four-facet prism and an iris.

btinnotec-teamAyrton appoints BT.innotec distributor for Germany
Tuesday, 28 February 2023

Europe - Ayrton has announced the appointment of BT.innotec as its new, exclusive distributor for Germany with effect from 1 March 2023.
A new company, yet with 44 years of professional industry experience, BT.innotec was established in 2021 by Michael Timmer and Raphael Berndzen to focus on the distribution of carefully selected professional lighting, trussing and control technology for the entertainment lighting market.
The company will be responsible for the distribution and support of the entire range of Ayrton products.
“Ayrton is a well-recognised A-brand in our industry and we are honoured to be chosen as a partner in the worldwide Ayrton sales network,” says BT.innotec managing director, Michael Timmer. “It is a great opportunity and challenge at the same time, and we are convinced that, due to Ayrton’s technological leadership and stable product offering, there are exciting times ahead.
“Ayrton products are state-of-the-art in their development and engineering. The combination of light output and quality of light, along with the features each product offers, is top level. Especially important is the comprehensive IP65/66 offering which will become more and more relevant for our industry because they cut down service and maintenance time and costs in these times when we are experiencing a shortage of skilled workers.”
“Passion, knowledge and focus – combined with trustworthiness and continuity - these are the key ingredients that make an ideal distributor for Ayrton,” comments Michael Althaus, Ayrton’s global

pabst-theatreRogues anchor Pabst Theatre tribute show
Monday, 27 February 2023

USA - Some venues just lend themselves to creating evocative looks on stage, believes Glenn Ottenbachker. That’s one reason why the lighting designer from A.G. Entertainment USA was only too happy to take on the project of lighting a shared headline show at The Pabst Theatre recently.
Opened in 1895, the Renaissance Revival style theatre on the Milwaukee River exudes history. (It is the fourth oldest continuously operating theatre in the United States.) The 1,300-capacity venue also provides a supportive backdrop for a variety of looks with its drum-shaped interior complementing its proscenium stage and Austrian crystal chandelier hanging over its seating area.
Ottenbacher played on these aesthetics when lighting shows by tribute bands Barracuda and 52nd Street, using Chauvet Professional fixtures supplied by AG Entertainment to create a series of different looks that tied the stage, the auditorium and the performers together.
Relying on his moving fixtures to create intersecting patterns of up and down lighting, he gave the stage a sense of depth that fit nicely with the architecture of the theatre, all while keeping his palettes simple, by either going with monochromes or limiting himself to two colour combinations.
Anchoring his rig were six Rogue R2X Wash fixtures, which were positioned on upstage and mid-stage pipes. “The Rogues were essential to accenting the bands,” noted Ottenbacher. “I positioned them in opposite positions to create different looks. I also used the upstage units for aerial effects.”
Directing light in

tumbafestivalRaynor Laufer rocks Curaçao with Mavericks
Monday, 27 February 2023

Curaçao – Singer Raynor ‘Raey’ Laufer recently performed a song entitled Kaminda tin Huma, Tin Kandela which translated from Papiamentu, the language of Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao means Where There is Smoke There is Fire.
Many were warmed by the glow of the Curaçan artist’s own fire when he performed this number at the 51st annual Tumba Festival, a four-day event that drew over 40,000 fans from around the world and was broadcast on TV throughout the Caribbean and in Holland.
Even more people will be watching (and hearing) Raey song very soon. As the winner of the Tumba Festival’s competition, Kaminda tin Huma, Tin Kandela was named the official anthem of Curaçao’s internationally famous pre-Lent carnival.
Like all the other artists who entered songs in the Tumba Festival, Raey not only sounded great, he looked impressive too, thanks in part to a dynamic lighting design featuring over 130 Chauvet Professional fixtures that were supplied and installed by Massive Productions, which also set up the event’s audio system and LED screens.
Massive Productions’ Jimmy Lo-A-Njoe, came up with the concept and LD Ramon Ramirez who designed the lighting rig, used this power-packed rig to connect the large outdoor crowd to each performance on stage.
“Our goal was to create an experience for the client, the public, and the crowd at the event as well as those watching TV at home,” said Jimmy. “Coming up with interactive ways to enhance the show trough lightings video and sound was our focus. Working from my

tsl-investsTSL adds Elation KL Fresnel to inventory
Monday, 27 February 2023

UK - TSL Lighting in has expanded their product offerings by adding Elation Professional’s KL Fresnel 6 FC to inventory.
According to TSL managing director Sam Tamplin, the company had been searching for an LED Fresnel light to add to their inventory for several years but they had not found one that met their high standards until now. “They were either too bulky, or the output wasn’t bright enough,” he said. “The KL Fresnel 6 FC gives us a unit which is compact, punchy and with a high-quality full colour engine, bright enough to satisfy even the most demanding lighting designers.”
Designed for any application requiring high output soft light with precise color reproduction and adjustable color temperature, the KL Fresnel 6 FC excels at projecting a uniform wash of soft field light while matching the white balance for camera. It houses a 220W RGBMA LED engine with CRI of 92 and can produce up to 8,000 field lumens.
TSL arranged a demo of the KL Fresnel 6 FC through Entedi, Elation's exclusive UK distributor, and thereafter decided to add it to their stock. The investment adds to other Elation fixtures in TSL inventory, including over 700 outdoor-rated Paladin Cube LED floodlights. “We have been impressed with the build quality, reliability, output and price point of the Elation products we have in our inventory,” Tamplin remarked.
TSL commended Entedi for their excellent support and quick delivery, and also recognised Marcel Wijnberger, technical manager at Entedi, for his technical assistance across the Elation range. “Ente

astera-etpETP invests in Astera Titan Tubes
Monday, 27 February 2023

Denmark - The lighting department of Danish rental and technical production specialist, European Touring Productions (ETP), based just outside Copenhagen, has started investing in Astera wireless LED lighting products.
The first purchase of 32 x Titan Tubes – four sets of eight – was recommend by project manager John Askwith, who came on board last summer and swiftly made a list of ‘must have’ products to service ETP clients, shows and events, especially in the corporate and television sectors. Titans were part of this list.
Previously, ETP had rented assorted Astera fixtures as and when needed. However, the increasingly frequent requests together with John joining the company energised the decision to start amassing their own stock of Astera fixtures.
“It was the way to go,” commented Emil Finsen who runs the lighting department with Sune Verdier. General manger Mikael Windfeldt also endorsed the purchase which was delivered by Astera’s Danish distributor, Light Partner,
Emil joined ETP as a student in 2010, and Sune, also a well-known lighting designer in his own right, joined the lighting team full time in 2019, and both are big fans of the brand.
Sune designs most of ETP’s in-house lighting projects plus his own independent design projects and will frequently specify Astera for this work. Recent projects include Astera Titan Tubes and AX3 LightDrops which he deployed as practical and imaginative tools as part of a striking lighting scheme for Danish musical, Elsk Mig i Nat (Love Me Tonight).
Emil a

toverlandAntari snow machines create wintery ambience
Friday, 24 February 2023

The Netherlands - Toverland theme park in Sevenum faced the challenge of opening its doors outside the standard theme park season for its immersive Winter Feelings experience and successfully turned to Antari snow machines supplied by Highlite International BV to add to the wintery ambiance.
From 26 November to 15 January, the Dutch theme park offered visitors a magical winter wonderland. For their immersive Winter Feelings concept, they aimed to transform the entire – normally tropical-themed – Port Laguna entrance area into a winter-themed world. To meet this challenge, they invested in 14 Antari S-500 L Snow Machines, acquired from Highlite. The Antari S-500 L is a professional, silent snow machine that delivers snow showers to medium and large venues and was therefore perfectly suited to the occasion.
The main activities centred around a large ice-skating rink, providing traditional winter fun for all the family. Set up around a 10m-tall Christmas tree, young and old could be seen enjoying a turn on the ice. The 14 snow machines were scattered throughout the Winter Laguna area and provided much of the winter weather experience with their artificial snow showers.
Toverland added a new element to the Winter Laguna - a curling rink where groups of up to eight people could enjoy a friendly game of curling. There was also a 5m high tubing hill for children and adults to slide down. Food & beverage stalls decorated in appropriate winter style in the area completed the picture.

borosChauvet helps Republic celebrate in Budapest
Friday, 24 February 2023

Hungary - The worst band in Hungary! The popular quintet, Republic, has, on occasion, introduce themselves as such, tongue planted firmly in cheek. Anyone familiar with this group knows that this sort of self-deprecating humour, is in keeping with the freewheeling, let’s-not-take-things-(or ourselves)-too seriously attitude that has marked their career.
After 32 years and 30 top-selling albums, Republic remains as bold, adventurous, and irreverent as a newly formed garage band. As their lighting designer, András Praksch, knows the importance of keeping intense, contemporary looks front-and-centre in his shows supporting the band’s blend of traditional Hungarian folk music infused with new electro-rock sounds.
“Republic is legendary, and they’ve been around for over three decades, but they are definitely not ’old school,” he said. “Their sound is always evolving, and so are the looks we create for them. We use LED walls with a lot of break out patterns and pyro for their shows, except when indoors. Instead of going with traditional cues, we try to create a WOW feeling that connects to younger fans.”
The forward-looking attitude was very much in evidence recently when Praksch lit Boros:60, a nationally televised concert at the Budapest Congress Centre to celebrate the 60th birthday of the band’s Csaba Boros. Helping him give the show, which featured the band backed by a 20-piece orchestra, dynamic looks was a collection of 58 Chauvet Professional fixtures supplied by G-Sound Limited.
Praksch positioned his 18 Maverick MK2 Wash

robe-goose-readingTAB / Goose share Robe lighting vision
Friday, 24 February 2023

USA - The sold-out co-headlining Trey Anastasio Band (TAB) and Goose winter 2022 tour played multiple arenas along the north-east coast and was a massive hit with fans, who, not only enjoyed some superlative music, but also witnessed a collaboration between the two artists’ respective lighting designers.
Marc Janowitz (TAB) and Andrew Goedde (Goose) plus their lighting directors / programmers and operators on the road, Patrick Hayes for TAB, and Tony Caporale for Goose, engaged in teamwork and creative synergy to make this happen while utilising Robe moving lights.
The mix of Robe Fortes, Tarrantulas, Spiiders, Spikies and Tetra2 fixtures was supplied by Gateway Studios & Production Services (GSPS), together with all the tour’s lighting equipment.
There was no playback video onstage, but all the shows were streamed, so both band sets were lit for a full live broadcast camera package, as well as for the live audiences.
For expedience and efficiency, some lighting elements were shared but there were also individual aspects to each rig to meet all the various creative requirements. With Goose playing first, their complete floor package and risers had to be struck after their set each night. TAB’s set up and the relevant overhead lighting bars were flown out and in during an impressive lightning-quick 20-minute changeover.
This feat of creative co-operation, production value, and logistical planning was masterminded, coordinated, and supervised on the road by production manager Jesse Sandler.
The 90-minute Goose set, and


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