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robeCreative Productions and MPH join forces
Friday, 12 June 2020

Australia - Creative Productions Australia is a new full-service technical production facility providing design, equipment - lighting, video and audio - plus crew for all shows, tours and live events, created by the merger of two Australian rental houses – Gold Coast based Creative Productions and Melbourne based MPH Australia.
The new enterprise also unites two well-known and popular industry characters – CEO Dave Jackson, founder of Creative Productions and head of business development Matt Hansen, founder of MPH Australia.
After many years of both collaborating and competing, and around two years of serious discussions about the merits of consolidating their aggregate experience, knowledge and client, Dave and Matt now head up the independently owned operation.
Three bases – Gold Coast, Melbourne, and Sydney – offer clients cost-efficient coverage and continuity of service, kit, and personnel across the whole country, and in particular the busy south eastern Australia region. Melbourne and Gold Coast will be the two main touring hubs.
With these considerable resources to hand, lighting, video, and audio rigs can be duplicated or triplicated and trucking costs reduced allowing Creative Productions Australia to offer a fantastic service that is competitive and viable.
It also makes Creative Productions Australia the largest stockholder of Robe moving lights in Australasia – and possibly the Asia Pacific region – with over 2000 fixtures. Both companies have steadily invested in Robe in recent years.
Creative Production

ald-agm-2019ALD AGM discusses future production options
Friday, 12 June 2020

UK - The Association of Lighting Designers held its 2020 Annual General Meeting via video conference yesterday. As an inclusive association with widespread UK membership the ALD is ahead of the curve having previously held a Manchester-based satellite meeting to its 2019 AGM via video conference. The move, now timely, was introduced to enable ALD members from all parts of the country to contribute without the need to travel considerable distances to London.
This year, over 120 members attended individually. The AGM aims to inform and educate ALD members on a range of subjects relating directly to their professional career and to the further development of the ALD as an organisation.
The full-day agenda opened with the meeting itself. Follow on sessions comprised a series of smaller working groups open to all members, including Digital Networking in an entertainment environment: a discussion on sustainable practice, and specific sessions looking at the issues affecting specific categories of membership.
Importantly, several of the groups discussed the issues that have been raised by the global pandemic and the effect on working practices in live production.
One such discussion centred around how the industry gets back on its feet with specific reference to those working in live entertainment lighting. An open letter to producers, written by Johanna Town, chair of the ALD sent out the call for a joint endeavour to combine creative minds across the production industry, to find solutions to the situation ALD members and other production wo

fog-generatorADJ fog generator offers ‘hassle-free’ operation
Thursday, 11 June 2020

USA - The latest addition to ADJ’s Entour range of atmospheric effect generators, the Entour Chill, is a compact yet powerful low-fogger. Using a combination of standard water-based fog juice and regular ice cubes, it can be used to create a dramatic low-lying fog effect without the hassle or expense of procuring dry ice.
Building on the success of ADJ’s popular Mister Kool Series, the Entour Chill features enhanced technology that allows for increased output and a robust design that makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications. A newly-developed 800W heater system allows for continuous output for up to an hour, while sophisticated new electronic temperature control lets the machine heat up in just 3 minutes and stay at optimum temperature ready for immediate firing of the effect when it is required.
The unit features an internal tank design, however a slot in the back of the machine’s case makes it easy to monitor the amount of fluid remaining. This is made even more convenient by an LED illumination system which lights the tank red when the machine is heating, green when it is ready to use, and flashes red when the tank is low. For optimal output, use of the ADJ Kool Fog juice is recommended. This particularly dense water-based fluid has been specifically developed for creating low-lying fog effects.
A versatile effect generator, the Entour Chill offers a variety of different control options. It features a 16-character LCD display screen that presents a menu-driven interface for configuration of the unit’s control and other operati

tslTSL Lighting solution for Skillsoft live stream
Thursday, 11 June 2020

UK - TSL Lighting helped independent live events production company LRI create a Covid-secure lighting package for a live stream training session by e-learning company, Skillsoft, in May.
TSL was approached by lighting designer Tim Ball to supply a fitting solution for the project, with a specification that would provide the presentation with the perfect balance of lighting for the cameras filming the session.
Skillsoft had originally programmed its Perspectives 2020 session as an in-person event, but the Covid-19 lockdown meant that LRI and Skillsoft worked quickly to transform the production into a fully online, global digital experience.
Ball’s design included Chroma-Q Colorforce II 48 LED battens for scenic treatment, Arri 650 Plus fresnels for key lighting, ETC Source Four Profiles for graphics highlights and an array of battery-powered Astera AX3 LightDrop LED spotlights for backlight.
The event was prepped, delivered and installed onsite by Ball and Graham Loughman, with full consideration to the UK government's Covid-Secure guidelines, with social distancing in place for all logistics, build and de-rig.
“The brief from Elliot Levi at LRI was for a warm ‘daytime TV’ feel to the lighting,” says Ball. “The venue, an unoccupied space in the office building where the client is based, did offer some challenges, particularly the nine-foot high ceiling with no hanging possibilities. I decided to go with a single ground support truss for key light from four Arri 650W fresnels mounted on short barrels on top of the truss

chamsyscontest2ChamSys announces competition winners
Thursday, 11 June 2020

UK - With many designers and programmers looking for new challenges during the lockdown, the ChamSys Online Programming Competition offered a creative outlet: the chance to programme the power packed 200-plus fixture rig that Chauvet Professional had earmarked for the company’s stand at the 2020 ProLight + Sound exhibit before the show was ultimately cancelled.
Drawing over 200 entrants from around the world, the contest asked participants to create a three-minute or shorter show with the PL+S rig, using ChamSys MagicVis software. The large outpouring of creativity awed the panel of five judges, though it made their job of selecting three finalists more challenging.
After a careful evaluation, the judges named Amir Cohen of Tel Aviv, Israel the winner for his inspired two minute and thirty-eight second show. Cohen’s design flowed seamlessly in sync with dramatic musical shifts he selected, as it transitioned from blinding effects, to black outs, to swirling gobo patterns, conveying myriad moods all along the way. Amir dove into MagicVis and even wove in different camera vantage point angles to stunning effect in his programmed show.
Second place winner, Niklas Fuchs of Vienna, Austria, created a dramatic choreographed display of light in his three-minute submission, which was entirely busked, with no time code. Third place finisher David Misakyan of Moscow, Russia, devote considerable creative juice to matching his lights with the music, weaving a mesmerizing pattern of strobes and crossing beams around Paul McCartney’s Live and Let Die

10of10GLP launches short-form video series
Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Germany - GLP is to launch a new series of short-form, fun, and informative interview videos with lighting designers from all over the industry.
The series will see videos released on a weekly basis with different designers facing the same 10 questions, covering their formative years, as well as career highs and even some of the moments they would rather forget. Partly informative, partly inspirational, and partly irreverent and amusing, the interviews have been designed to bring a little bit of everything to the viewer.
To keep them easy and fun, the interviews will be edited into 15-minute episodes. Given that some of the more elaborate stories could take a little longer, full-length versions of the interviews will be made available in the future. Episodes will be published every Wednesday on GLP’s YouTube Channel, and through its various social media feeds.
With future guests including concert touring designer, Ethan Weber; Broadway and West End award winning designer Neil Austin; the legendary Steven Cohen; NBC Universal’s Fred Bock and many more characters, the series kicks off with Justin Kitchenman, best known for his work with Nashville artist Luke Bryan.

feedourcrewimageFeed Our Crew embarks on final push for funds
Wednesday, 10 June 2020

South Africa - #Feedourcrew, supported by DWR Distribution’s SOS Charity Fund, are hoping to give a final push to raise funds internationally for event industry freelancers and theatre technicians in South Africa. This very hardworking and dedicated group of people have struggled to put food on the table during the national lockdown due to COVID-19 lockdown. Nicole Barnes of DWR reports:
Over the past two months, the #FeedOurCrew initiative has been able to provide shopping vouchers for over 350 families, who’s primary breadwinners are no longer able to make a living due to the closing of the events industry.
“The #FeedOurCrew fund has raised R280 000. Originally each recipient was given a voucher for R1000. Due to dwindling funds and a huge increase in applications, we are now giving recipients vouchers of R500 each. This has helped just over 350 freelance technicians that are currently completely without any form of income and do not qualify for UIF,” says Tamsyn Strydom, technical production manager at MGG.
As the crisis deepened, donations are drying up as both businesses and individuals in the sector are running out of funds themselves. To date, government relief has not addressed any of the needs of the industry, despite multiple appeals. At the initiation of the hard lockdown, The Department of Arts and Culture announced a relief fund to be distributed among affected persons in the industry, and not a single freelance technician has benefited to date.
“We have done everything that we can as an industry to support our m

harfordsound2Harford Sound goes beyond basic streams
Wednesday, 10 June 2020

USA - With its 76 fixtures and 18ft by 10ft video wall, the rig set up inside the Harford Sound warehouse in Joppa, MD, looks like it’s being prepped for a live event. But the impressive collection of Chauvet Professional lights and F4IP LED video panels isn’t going anywhere, nor was it ever intended to. Instead, it has remained inside the company’s 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse since early March, turning out a series of immersive livestream shows at a clip of three to four a week.
Harford Sound owner Evan Kirkendall and his team didn’t pull any punches when they created this 30ft by 25ft performance space following the COVID-19 lockdown. Rather than limiting themselves to providing a “scaled down studio” that bands could use for livestreams, their goal was to offer something that would have a far more lasting impact, allowing clients to create videos that would benefit them long after the pandemic has passed.
“We wanted to go beyond doing a simple streaming setup,” says Kirkendall. “Our thought was to build a space that could be used to create signature looks that would elevate our productions. By doing this we could offer bands the chance to create footage that could be used as promotional material for years to come. This is why we wanted to design the most epic rig possible.”
Given that Harford’s active live event schedule was on hold, the company had a robust group of fixtures to choose from when creating its studio. Kirkendall and his team elected to go with an all-Chauvet Professional rig that features 40 R2X Washes, 12 Rogue

living-heroes-10Manchester’s key workers to be celebrated in light
Wednesday, 10 June 2020

UK - A call has gone out for people to nominate their hero to feature as a portrait, digitally projected onto one of 33 trees in and around Manchester City Centre, as part of a project being delivered by Greater Manchester charity City of Trees, Hits Radio and projection artists, Illuminos.
Hits Radio launched their Hero Hour to promote the people who are going out of their way to keep us healthy, safe and fed during this time.
Greater Manchester-based projection artists Illuminos - the force behind many large scale art projects including the Lunar Loops Blue Dot festival illumination at Jodrell Bank last year, and the ‘Momentous’ projections on Leeds Civic Hall - were inspired by Hits’ Hero Hour. They have teamed up with charity City of Trees, who aims to plant and nurture at least 3m trees - one tree for every person living in the city region, for this project.
City of Trees has created a tree trail in Manchester City Centre, which identifies 33 notable trees in key areas such as Manchester Cathedral, Stephenson Square as well as green spaces across the city such as Sackville Park and St John’s Garden. Trees include a Giant Sequoia, Tree of Heaven and a Paper Bark Maple.
During June these trees will be connected to 33 individual key workers through video projection of one portrait onto each tree, created over several evenings.
Rob Vale, artist with Illuminos explains: “Sentinels is our response to the coronavirus outbreak, and a way of using our artistic practice as celebration of those people who must continue

plasa-docsPLASA illustrates scale of events sector jobs at risk
Tuesday, 9 June 2020

UK - Working to support government officials in understanding the unique issues facing the events industry due to COVID-19, PLASA has produced two infographics illustrating how the events supply chain will be impacted without further government support.
The graphics reflect the number of people it takes to deliver just one performance - on average 443 professionals, spanning planning, design, preparation, warehouse and venue staff. Additionally, the graphics show how valuable the sector is, delivering £100 billion to the UK economy and employing approx. 589,000 people.
It is hoped that information contained in the graphics will help highlight to government officials how many jobs are at risk in the events industry without support beyond October.
PLASA says in a statement: “Whilst many industries will be looking to return to some normality from July onwards, experts are predicting that with continued social distancing rules, many events won’t be able to fully return until spring next year, which will put a tremendous financial strain on companies and professionals working in the industry.
“The events sector has suffered enormously due to the worldwide shut-down of live events caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, when cash grants worth up to £51,000 were made available to ‘Leisure, Hospitality and Retail’ businesses, they weren’t extended to the events supply chain, and many of the 72% of freelancers working in the industry fell through the gaps of receiving any income support, due to them either working as limited c

Four draft TSP standards in public review
Tuesday, 9 June 2020

USA - Four draft standards have been posted for public review on ESTA's Technical Standards Programme website. Materially affected parties are invited to review them at
BSR E1.6-1, Powered Rigging Systems. ANSI E1.6-1 – 2019 is being opened for limited revision, with the scope of revisions applying only to section 6.6 of the standard. The revisions are necessary to correct errata in that section only. No other revisions will be considered or made at this time. Comments are due no later than 28 June.
BSR E1.39, Entertainment Technology - Selection and Use of Personal Fall Arrest Systems on Portable Structures Used in the Entertainment Industry. This standard establishes minimum requirements for the selection and use of personal fall arrest systems (PFAS) on portable structures in the entertainment industry. In addition, the standard establishes minimum requirements for products and portable structures used in the service of PFAS. The requirements for other methods used to protect workers from fall hazards such as safety nets, guard rails, and rope access techniques are not included in this standard. Comments are due no later than 28 June.
BSR E1.54, ESTA Standard for Colour Communication in Entertainment Lighting. The draft standard is a revision of the existing ANSI E1.54. It specifies a standardized way of specifying colour to facilitate the communications between lighting controllers and color-changing luminaires. The method is generic and is neither manufacturer-specific nor colour technology-specific

virtualisland4Rogues and Mavericks land on a virtual island
Tuesday, 9 June 2020

USA - The weather in eastern Maryland never got much past 70° on 23 May, but the vibe in the improvised studio at Showtime Sound’s Baltimore warehouse was decidedly tropical.
Aaron Kovelman, the company’s director of design and production, saw to that by creating breezy, colourful, beach-like visuals for its one-hour Virtual Island Festival featuring Jah Works.
“From a design perspective, it was very important for me to consider the audience point of view given the platform they would be watching the performance on,” explains Kovelman. “I wanted to give viewers the feeling of an intimate performance, as if this stream was being done straight for them. Yet, at the same time, I wanted to deliver large enough landscapes through the video looks and depth of lighting to make the audience feel as if they were outside on lawns listening to music amidst summer vibes.”
Helping Kovelman create this look for the show, which was streamed on Facebook, was a collection of Chauvet Professional Maverick MK3 Profile and Rogue R2 Wash fixtures from Showtime’s own inventory.
Kovelman positioned 13 Maverick MK3 Profile units on the 40ft by 40ft stage, six hung on upstage truss and seven flown down stage. “The upstage Profiles did most of my stage texturing through gobos and prisms,” he says. “I knew aerial beams wouldn't be much of a heavy-hitter with the camera angles, so I wanted to do as much texture within the band performance space as possible. The zoom range with the MK3s allowed me to do this easily within the tight stage area.

robe-a2c5t-brussels-technical-03A2C5T celebrates with light art experience
Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Belgium - Creative director and lighting designer Koert Vermeulen wanted to do something extra special to celebrate 25 years of his Belgian-based creative design practice ACTLD, so he and his team crafted ‘a fluid and mesmeric large scale spectacle of lighting art’ - A2C5T - which was presented to the public for three weeks at the See U event space in Brussels.
The 45,000sq.m former police barracks provided an atmospheric backdrop for this multi-level light art experience, which was inspired by the core tenets at the heart of ACT - Art, Concept and Technology.
Within the installation, these three values were represented by three abstract intersecting works of creative lighting, carefully curated by Koert to offer a different but equally compelling immersive experience for guests. The three elements could be enjoyed individually or as one, or as a user-definable mix of several different components.
Complete with a special soundtrack compiled by Solemn Eye / 70 Hills Music / Marco Macaluso, visitors could lose themselves in the ephemeral magic of light, colour, texture, and other visual effects.
The central piece was Technology, and this was created using 36 Robe Spikies, 20 SilverScans and 16 T1 Profiles.
While the emphasis was on the technology, this was delivered as a sculpted work of art.
The SilverScans were rigged at one edge of the installation space on a scaffolding frame flown from the ceiling, arranged four wide and five deep, while the Spikies stood on a series of low wooden plinths stood in front of and around

jimmy-oElation lights Jimmy O. Yang comedy special
Tuesday, 9 June 2020

USA - Lighting for comedy has its own special characteristics and lighting designer Marc Janowitz, who recently lit comedian Jimmy O. Yang’s debut stand-up comedy special on Amazon Prime - Jimmy O. Yang: Good Deal - using Elation Rayzor 760 and Fuze Z350 LED wash lights, knows all about them.
“In the concert industry, you can end up with a thousand different ways to use a light in a single show but in comedy you work hard to come up with a perfect look that stays throughout the entire show and needs to look right from a multitude of camera angles.”
Recorded last fall at the Neptune Theatre in Seattle and aired in early May on Amazon’s paid subscription service, the Silicon Valley and Crazy Rich Asians star laid down a hilarious hour of comedy in a blossoming career as a stand-up comedian.
“When lighting a comedy special, there is typically an intro look with a bit of fanfare as the comedian walks on stage,” Janowitz says, “but then that settles into a look that stays for the rest of the show. It’s a different way of thinking about lights. You study a bunch of different features of a light simply so you can find the one feature that makes it on camera as opposed to finding a light that has a lot of features because you need a multitude of flexibility.” There is a walk-out look as well, typically similar to the walk-on look, but Janowitz says it often ends up on the edit room floor.
Chief designer at lighting and production design firm E26Design, Janowitz’s extensive lighting experience includes a decade with Blue Man

silversunCathcart lights Silversun with Chauvet DJ
Monday, 8 June 2020

USA - Eric Cathcart begins the design process by forming an idea for a distinct look in his head. Then he goes to his rental company contacts, does his best to describe his vision down to the smallest detail, and asks which fixtures in their inventory can help him achieve it.
This sums up what happened late last year when Cathcart envisioned expanding the look of his show to better reflect the free-flowing sound of Silversun Pickups. Understanding Cathcart’s inspiration as they did, his contacts at Upstaging recommended the COLORband PiX from CHAUVET DJ.
“I have been working with Silversun off and on since 2016,” said Cathcart, owner of Bigtime Lighting Design. “The album cycle started June of 2019 with a very minimal floor package, consisting of strobes and small movers. For the new year, I wanted to create a wall of light to close the gap between the floor package and the local production. Silversun’s music has a lot of dynamics with a lot of rhythmic underlying synth that I wanted to capture with the use of LED pixels.”
This goal led Cathcart to the COLORband PiX. “Given what I wanted to accomplish, I went straight to this fixture,” he said. “We took off the trunnions, and replaced them with eye bolts. Then we added in a few bits of aircraft cable, half-couplers, as well as some carabiners and straps - and presto, we had a wall of light.”
Cathcart arranged 28 COLORband PiX fixtures in seven columns of equal height. Pixel mapping the fixtures, each of which have 12 cells, he was able to create a constant stream of unique

stage-rightStage Right lights 6 Feet Together concerts
Monday, 8 June 2020

USA - Over the last two months, Stage Right Lighting of Virginia Beach has been hosting a 6 Feet Together livestream concert series that has put some much needed joy and optimism into the live event community. Stage Right’s final livestream concert was held Saturday, 6 June and featured Celtic-inspired rock band The Fighting Jamesons.
The 6 Feet Together benefit concerts are streamed live from Stage Right Lighting's own studio and are decked out using their extensive inventory of lighting gear including Elation Proteus Rayzor 760 moving heads, Seven Batten 72 linear lights, ZW37 II moving heads, Cuepix 16IP matrix panels and Protron Eclypse multi-effect lights.
The 6 Feet Together benefit concerts raise money for out-of-work musicians and crews with donations going to Hampton Roads musicians and local stage technicians, as well as the technicians that make the 6 Feet Together series happen. Sponsorship opportunities are also available.

robert-juliat-sully-familyRobert Juliat reveals new Sully LED family
Monday, 8 June 2020

France - Robert Juliat has launched a new range of luminaires – and the latest introduction to its LED lines – Sully.
Sully is a new family of LED products based around the same exclusive 115W white LED engine, with an output that equals or exceeds that of a traditional 1kW tungsten fixture.
Robert Juliat has developed a new LED compartment which will enable customers to upgrade current traditional profile installations to LED by simply swapping the tungsten lamp base on their existing RJ 600SX Series for the new T650SX LED module. The new accessory is also compatible with Robert Juliat’s Aledin Series, Figaro, and Quincy, and with its tungsten Cricket and MSD Buxie followspots.
This new development is kinder to the planet as well as your budget. Any 600SX Series profiles can be transformed from tungsten to LED sources whilst retaining the iconic, ergonomically-designed, steel bodywork that has become synonymous with the Robert Juliat name. By simply changing your existing tungsten lamp base for a Sully T650SX LED base, you can have a new LED rig without the cost, inconvenience and waste of replacing your existing rig. What’s more, you can retain all your existing 600SX Series accessories (iris, gobo holders, etc…) which are compatible with the new module – recycling at its best! Your reward for helping to save the planet? Lower power consumption and running costs too!
The newly-developed Sully LED compartment is also the key element in a whole new range of fixtures from Robert Juliat which offers a choice of profiles, beam spots

robe-leisuretec-ukLeisuretec Pointes light Wigan’s DW Stadium
Monday, 8 June 2020

UK - Event production specialist Leisuretec UK, headed by Phil Jameson, has utilised imagination and resources to light up Wigan’s DW Stadium in a variety of vibrant colour combinations, showing support for the National Health Service (NHS), essential workers and various community initiatives as everyone pulls together to beat the coronavirus pandemic.
The venue is used by both Wigan Athletic football club and Wigan Warriors rugby league club, and Leisuretec UK is the preferred event technical supplier, which entails providing kit, services and crew for numerous corporate activities happening there – around two to three a week for most of the year.
With all that and other work on hold, the idea of firing up some lights started at the Leisuretec UK warehouse in support the UK’s weekly Thursday night Clap For Carers action which Phil illuminated with their 12 x Robe Pointes.
It is located in a mixed industrial / residential area, and, to his surprise, a bunch of the neighbours noticed the lighting and started coming out into their back gardens to get a better look, cheering him on!
That positive reaction made Phil think about taking the Pointes down to the stadium – which is a local landmark and a great source of pride in the area. Initially, he proposed a pilot session to venue manager Andy Birch to see how it would look.
The first week, the 12 Pointes were positioned on the roof of the stadium’s retail area and blasted beams into the sky which looked spectacular.
The second week they took the lights inside the stadium

ayrtonAyrton appoints A17 distributor for Belarus
Monday, 8 June 2020

Belarus - Ayrton has announced A17 Stage Systems as its new, exclusive distributor for Belarus with immediate effect.
A17 Stage Systems was established in 2019 with the mission to service its customers’ projects from concept to completion using only the best, most reliable brands in the industry. The company is composed of experienced technicians with many years of expertise in the lighting, sound, rigging, staging, conferencing and video markets. Its customer base includes VVIP and government organisations.
“From the very beginning, A17 Stage Systems has hunted out the best brands in all areas of its activity,” says A17’s engineering director, Vitaly Kazakevich. “We look for future leaders, not just current brands, and see that Ayrton is a fast-growing company with interesting new technologies, and a very good, professional team.
“The Ayrton product range fills us with great confidence because all of its new products carry the ‘Ayrton DNA’ which guarantees a combination of superb quality and innovation across a range of products that serve all applications. It’s not only our team, but also our clients who feel this and we like it!”
A17 Stage Systems has plans to show the full range of Ayrton products in different regions of the country as soon as current health restrictions are lifted. In the meantime, the team is making good use of their industry contacts with local dealers and rental companies to introduce them to the Ayrton brand, whilst A17 has integrated Ayrton products into several of its own upcoming projects.

DIN SPEC 15800 recognition for GDTF confirmed
Friday, 5 June 2020

Europe - With fellow General Device Type Format (GDTF) founders MA Lighting and Robe lighting, global design and BIM software provider Vectorworks reports that DIN SPEC 15800 officially recognises the GDTF as an open standard for the entertainment industry worldwide.
"With this latest accomplishment of DIN SPEC 15800, GDTF will continue its growth and see even greater success now that it is recognised as a standard way of communicating controllable characteristics of lighting fixtures,” said Vectorworks CEO Dr. Biplab Sarkar.
“GDTF has covered a lot of ground in the two short years since inception. We already have 35 manufacturers signed on to support the open standard and are grateful for their contributions to help build a solid basis for a standardized format that will advance the industry in new ways. I look forward to seeing more manufacturers, as well as more entertainment professionals contributing to the wide-spread availability of GDTF files and benefiting from it in their workflows.”
DIN, the German Institute for Standardization, is the independent platform for standardization in Germany and worldwide. A DIN SPEC, is a document that specifies requirements for products, services and/or processes, and it’s a trusted strategic instrument for quickly and easily establishing and disseminating innovative solutions on the market. DIN's job is to ensure that a DIN SPEC does not conflict with any existing standards or rules of procedure.
Now, GDTF will be a standard for describing the hierarchical and logical structure and controls o

keith-urbanChauvet colours Keith Urban drive-in show
Friday, 5 June 2020

USA - The concept was key to everyone behind Keith Urban’s Nashville drive-in concert on 14 May, not just for the Vanderbilt University Hospital medical heroes, in whose honour the event was held, but also for the team that managed to create an immersive stage setting for the one-hour show on short notice.
“The paramount thing about this gig for Keith and everyone else was being socially distant and as safe as possible,” said Brent Maxon, Urban’s lighting director. “Our goal was to involve the fewest people possible in setup, while still putting together a quality show for this very important audience of special guests.”
Maxon and the rest of the team began working on a plan to achieve this goal only five days before the surprise show was scheduled to begin. They had no precedent to draw ideas from, since this was the first drive-in theatre concert by a major artist in the USA.
“I was contacted by Chuck Hull, our tour manager, telling me that Keith wanted to get a ‘guerilla style’ show together to honour the hospital workers,” said Maxon. “We didn’t have much time, so Randy Gardner, our stage manager, and I headed over to Premier Global Productions and talked to Geddy (Anthony Kordyjaka) about securing a flatbed trailer for our stage, a generator, and a few lights to get things going. It was a one stop shop for us, which was super helpful, given that we had so little time.”
With time short, space on the flatbed trailer/stage limited, and crew-size restricted by social distancing, the team needed lighting fixtures that

nottingham-city-hubStage Electrics wins City Hub contract
Friday, 5 June 2020

UK - Stage Electrics has announced that it has won a contract for the design, supply, and installation of specialist production lighting, sound & video projection systems to the new Nottingham College, City Hub facility at a value of over £200,000.
This new building will offer students a modern facility including a large performance hall and drama studio, both of which will feature new lighting fixtures including the Chauvet Professional Ovation E-910FC and CYC 1 FC units.
Stage Electrics worked closely with both the main contractor Wates Construction and Nottingham College to develop a specification that was within budget and met all the technical requirements whilst utilising the colleges existing sound equipment. Work commenced on site in May and is anticipated to be completed in early August.

astera-anzac-day-2020-brisbaneAstera makes Anzac Day impact
Friday, 5 June 2020

Australia - Lighting designer Brenton Slattery from Scene Change Brisbane chose Astera AX1 and Titan Tube wireless battery-powered LED fixtures to create a memorable light sculpture and high-impact messaging for the 2020 Anzac Day commemorations.
The sign spelt out ‘LEST WE FORGET’ in bold, bright, positive letters and was highly visible on the waterside lawn at Howard Smith Wharfs in the Queensland state capital.
Brenton is based at the Howard Smith Wharfs multi-venue site comprising a series of regenerated – and now heritage-listed – riverfront buildings on the Brisbane River, overlooked by Story Bridge which was constructed around the same time, between 1934 and 1940.
He took up his post in February after three years of freelancing, and now he and his team coordinate technical requirements for Scene Change Brisbane’s diverse events schedule that include conferences, presentations, awards shows, weddings, and private parties.
Scene Change has an in-house inventory of sound, lighting and audio kit including the 48 x Astera AX1s which were used for this installation.
The additional seven Astera LED fixtures needed to make up the lettering were Titan Tubes supplied by Astera’s Australian distributor, the ULA Group.
Astera sales have accelerated since the ULA Group was appointed the distributor at the start of 2019, and Brenton observes that they are specified on a lot of shows, which is why Scene Change made the AX1 investment.
“I love working with Astera, the lights are super versatile and come with such a rang

robe-charles-clore-park-tel-avivMusic fans show solidarity for backstage workers
Friday, 5 June 2020

Israel - A star-studded line of music stars and artists performed during a protest concert in Charles Clore Park, Tel Aviv, titled Behind The Scenes: An Assembly of Solidarity to draw attention to the plight of freelancers, backstage technicians and all the zero-hours contract workers in the Israeli event industry whose livelihoods have been decimated as the music and live event industry has been paused in the fight to control COVID-19.
This solidarity rally was initiated and produced by Tali Yaacobi Events Production and backed by Inbar and Marius Nacht – an Israeli entrepreneur, social activist, and philanthropist – who made a generous donation to all the crew working on the show.
The lighting and audio were supplied by Argaman Systems – including a large Robe moving light rig which was designed by Cochavi & Klein and operated by two of Israel’s best-known lighting professional, Eran Klein (of Cochavi & Klein) and Ronen Najar.
When Eli Cochavi (CEO of Cochavi & Klein) was asked by Tali Yacobi to join the production, he assembled the design team, with Eran Klein as head of design and Omer Israeli as lighting designer. They instantly started sparking ideas and enjoying a great synergy as if a single day had not passed since they were separated by the COVID-19 lockdown!
Stated Eran, “Our industry was the first to shut down in late February and will be the last to come back, and that includes anything related to ‘culture’. With complete silence from the government department of sport and culture, we feel strongl


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