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parisDushow delivers for Global Citizen Live
Monday, 20 December 2021

France - Dushow recently helped deliver the world’s biggest concert, Global Citizen Live, as lead technical partner for the Global Citizen Live event in Paris.
Serving as the main official service provider for the broadcast event which featured Ed Sheeran, Elton John, Black Eyed Peas, Christine and the Queens, Doja Cat and Måneskin, as well as special guest performances by Angélique Kidjo, Charlie Puth and Fatma Said, and raised more than US$1bn to fight climate change, famine and vaccine inequity.
Dushow partnered with its video-specialist subsidiary, Alabama, and sister company Magnum to deliver a complete technical solution encompassing audio, LED, lighting, video, cabling and power.
This tour de force was made possible thanks to the wider Novelty Magnum Dushow group offering organisers a single point of contact for the complex 20,000-person show.
This year, as part of its Recovery Plan for the World - a year-long campaign calling on governments, philanthropists and the private sector to commit financially to helping the world beat COVID-19, including funding 1bn vaccines for the poorest countries - Global Citizen planned its biggest and most ambitious show to date: Global Citizen Live 2021, a 24-hour broadcast event featuring live events across seven continents.
Screened live simultaneously from cities including New York, London, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Seoul, Los Angeles, Mumbai and Paris, 25 September’s Global Citizen Live was ‘the closest thing to Live Aid in the streaming age’, said John Taylor of Duran Duran, w

weisnfestvrijdag-080Showtec and Infinity lights dazzle Wiensfest crowds
Friday, 17 December 2021

The Netherlands - Oktoberfest Sittard held an open-air Wiesnfest in October to the delight of 18,000 visitors. This annual folk festival welcomed lederhosen-wearing punters who enjoyed mugs of beers, ate bratwursts and saw live performances by Dutch and German artists like Rowwen Hèze, Beppie Kraft and Wir Sind Spitze.
Reflexion Evenemententechniek provided the technical equipment at open-air Wiesnfest, and T.Y.S Entertainment Architects was responsible for the light design throughout the festival, including the installation of an extensive arsenal of Infinity effect lighting and Showtec stage lighting.
Six Infinity Furion S-601 Profile moving heads were used as stage front light. They were an ideal fit with the back effect lighting, consisting of 11 Infinity Furion S-401 Spot and 15 Infinity iW-1941 RDM moving heads. the fixtures share the same CMY+CTO colour mix system and are all equipped with motorized state of art effects and smooth transition between functionalities.
Particular to the Infinity S-601 is extended functionality, such as its four dual axis moving blade system which can be rotated +/-45°. The Infinity S-401 moving heads that have been used are family of the same Infinity Furion Series. They were interspersed with Infinity iW-1941 RDM wash moving heads equipped with 19 40W LEDs and a zoom function that ranges from a wide 60° wash to a tight 3.6° beam effect. To accentuate the highlights of the show with fierce blinder moments, 18 powerful Showtec Blinder Strips (Sunstrip Active MKII) were used. They contain 10 GU10 fittings, eac

astera-goty-award-film-shoot-fp1Astera Titan Tube wins third industry award
Friday, 17 December 2021

Europe - Astera’s Titan Tube has won a Pro Moviemaker Gear of The Year award in the lighting innovation category.
The annual accolade from the international publication for professional film makers is the third major industry award won by Astera’s Titan Tube, following a PLASA Award for Innovation and the PLSN Gold Star Award, both in 2019.
Gear of The Year recognises 'the best, most interesting and useful products and technical innovations and the companies behind them’.
The TitanTube is designed to be a portable lighting solution for TV, film / video / broadcast cinema and photography as well as for shows and live events.
Brent Sauls of Magic Arm Lighting is a freelance gaffer and cinematographer from Cape Town, South Africa and a regular user of Titan Tubes who commented, “They are extremely user-friendly products, and once familiar with what they can do, new ideas just keep flowing on how to use them next.”
UK-based lighting designer Nick Jevons has used them on numerous livestreams, video shoots and live events. “They are so versatile and such a great product. Being able to use these equally effectively in both a studio set up and on open-air shows means it’s not just a great product aesthetically, it offers fantastic value,” he commented.

ghostbusterHog 4 in control on Ghostbusters: Afterlife
Friday, 17 December 2021

Canada - Released in November 2021, supernatural comedy Ghostbusters: Afterlife continues the spooky story line of the first two movies. Directed by Jason Reitman and set in Oklahoma, the film was shot in various locations and sound stages across the Province of Alberta, Canada in the months before the pandemic from July to October 2019.
The crew travelled to Calgary and neighbouring communities, also working in Crossfield, Beiseker, and Drumheller over several months of principal photography. To handle the fast-paced needs of the production, set lighting programmer Benoit Richard used an extensive Hog 4 control system to network the production.
As a Ghostbusters fan, Benoit is quick to thank Gaffer Michael Ambrose for getting him this gig. “Nothing would have been possible without Michael calling and offering one of the jobs of a lifetime. I was a teenager when the original came out in 1984 - when he asked, of course I said yes! Manhattan Beach Studio Equipment filled a truck with Arri SkyPanels and a bunch of other lights that we couldn’t get in Canada, and I sent my usual package at the time - four Rack Hogs, my Full Boar 4, and we also brought a Road Hog for our Canadian rigging programmer, Erin Nelligan, to use when preparing sets for us.”
According to Benoit, the prep was quite short, and the crew went straight into a camera test as soon as he arrived. Simultaneously, he was teaching the Canadian rigging crew the ways of Hog control. “With Ghostbusters, we turned some heads on how to do modern lighting control for movie

ghentChauvet helps create blaze at Lichtfestival
Friday, 17 December 2021

Belgium - The Big Fire That Never Happened drew much attention and widespread praise at Ghent’s internationally acclaimed Lichtfestival in November. Conceived by Belgium-based Austrian artist, Michael Langeder, the exhibit set the tower of St. Nicholas Church in the city centre ablaze in simulated flames, a conflagration that looked so authentic, it prompted calls to the fire brigade.
Creating this realistic scene was no simple task. Aside from having to hoist gear up the church’s 40m high tower (a 15 minute journey each time), the design team had to do extensive trial and error tweaking to get make their fire frighteningly believable. Helping them in this undertaking was the extensive colour-rendering prowess of their IP65 rated Chauvet Professional COLORado and COLORdash fixtures, supplied by John & Jane Premium Technical Event Support.
Liam van Tornhout, who was part of the creative team along with Jaagbaar and Reinout Hiel, described the process. “Recreating the look of fire in light involved more than just copying the colors you see in a blaze,” he said. “Fires are chaotic things, so we had to account for that in our design. We started out using yellow, red and orange, but when we stepped back and looked at this concept, it appeared to be more like party lights, not a fire. So, we had to experiment.”
This experimentation led Liam to try over 160 different colour schemes, run on his ChamSys MagicQ software. At the end of this trial and error, the design team used white for the core of the fire (in keeping with the nature o

robe-pitbull-i-feel-good-tour-dsc00670Pitbull Feels Good with Robe on tour
Friday, 17 December 2021

USA - Miami-based lighting and creative director Yamil Charif who heads up design company YC3 delivered a high impact stage production for Pitbull’s recent I Feel Good tour, with 32 shows across the US and 100 Robe moving lights - MegaPointes and BMFL WashBeams - as the backbone of the lighting rig.
Yamil has worked with the artist for the last four years as lighting and video director and for this one, he was offered the chance to work on the full production design, together with a talented team whose collaborative effort embraced all technical disciplines plus associated areas like wardrobe and choreography.
The result was a live performance experience delighting fans nationwide, and a tight logistical operation under the production management of Victor Martinez.
The tour’s lighting, video and rigging vendor, LPS Production, had Robe fixtures in stock which Yamil was very happy to use. “Robe have been at the top of their game for the last few years and produced a steady stream of good and reliable products,” he commented.
He has worked frequently with Robe products, especially over the last five years, and certainly maximized the 66 MegaPointes and 34 BMFL WashBeams on the rig.
The BMFL WashBeams were used for all the key lighting and specials, while the MegaPointes - positioned in the overhead rig and on the floor - provided multiple effects, creating all the big, bold exciting looks and scenes that helped pump the atmos around Pitbull’s energetic and dynamic performance, always ensuring he remained the central focus.

weezerRogues put spotlight on Christmas sweaters
Thursday, 16 December 2021

USA - No one is quite sure, where or when the custom of wearing ugly Christmas sweaters started. Some say it began in the 1950s when TV singers tried to set a cozy tone on their holiday specials by wearing corny cardigans. Others trace its origins to the ‘80s when it became a staple of TV sitcoms every December.
Either way, one thing is certain, ugly sweater parties and events pop up everywhere across North America this time of year. Among the most popular is the annual Ugly Holiday Sweater Concert at the Mesa Amphitheatre sponsored every December by radio station 99.3 FM.
Except for a 2020 hiatus due to COVID, the concert has been held every year since 2015, featuring national acts like Silversun Pickups and Kings of Leon. On Saturday 11 December, the magic returned to Mesa with an Ugly Sweater concert by Grammy winning headliners Weezer, supported by up-and-coming artist Upsah.
Setting an upbeat tone for the evening was a bold, multi-layered, beam-driven lightshow based on Weezer’s touring design. To provide the punch for these visuals, the show’s organisers called on Creative BackStage, which designed and installed a powerful, yet practical rig that featured over 50 Chauvet Professional fixtures.
Most of the fixtures were flown on four rows of truss that became progressively smaller and lower as they moved from downstage to upstage. Not only did this arrangement create a perspective that pulled the audience’s attention into the stage, it also provide the design team with greater opportunities to devise more interesting looks by in

ljonyxobsidianCurtain falls on Elation’s LightJockey
Wednesday, 15 December 2021

USA - Elation Professional’s LightJockey is one of the longest available lighting control software solutions on the market. Now, after over two decades of service and with tens of thousands of systems in the market, the time has come for LightJockey to gracefully retire, says Elation.
“As ongoing security changes to Windows prevent LightJockey from functioning reliably, the decision was made to phase out the lighting control software with the release of Windows 11 in October,” says Elation. The last LightJockey kit has been sold and this iconic software - the starting point for many professionals in the business - will no longer evolve.”
The transition to a new and modern software solution, however, is simple. LightJockey USB DMX hardware is recognised by Onyx, the lighting control platform by Obsidian Control Systems.
Plug-and-play drivers unlock any of the devices to the Onyx Nova licence, which offers four universes of DMX, Art-Net or sACN support.
Obsidian offers a host of online training videos to help professionals easily learn and convert their systems from LightJockey to ONYX. Find them at

ayrton-perseo-and-domino-newly-acquired-by-tagTAG adds Ayrton Perseo Beam and Domino
Wednesday, 15 December 2021

USA - Technical Arts Group (TAG) has invested in Ayrton Perseo Beam and Ayrton Domino fixtures, both IP65-rated, for its inventory. ACT Entertainment is the exclusive distributor of Ayrton lighting in North America.
TAG was formed earlier this year and specialises in lighting, audio, video, staging, special effects and event management. The company has offices in Secaucus, New Jersey and Miami, Florida.
“We were getting more post-COVID event work than we had equipment for, so we needed to increase our overall fixture count and quickly,” says Kevin Mignone, CRO at TAG. “We are also seeing more outdoor festivals happening than ever before, where IP-rated fixtures are a necessity. Doug Mekanik at ACT arranged an Ayrton demo and we liked what we saw. The gear was in stock and we placed our order, increasing our inventory by a hundred fixtures nearly overnight.”
The purchase marks TAGs first acquisition of Ayrton products. “Domino now has us covered in the hybrid spot wash category. Where the Perseo is the IP-rated beam/beam wash we needed,” explains Mignone. “All of the Ayrton fixtures are fast, clean and have beautiful gobos. Nothing in movement, colour, optics or brightness was sacrificed in these fixtures to have an IP rating.
“There was very little time to get the units in and prepped for our first show, and Doug definitely earned a gold star in my book adhering to the schedule. We expect that as our need grows we will continue to invest in Ayrton fixtures, adding them to our continually growing inventory here at TAG.”

bethanyBethany Church reborn with Chauvet
Wednesday, 15 December 2021

USA - Sometimes what is old can become new again. Such was the case with the red brick building at 3700 Canal Street in the historic New Orleans Mid-City neighbourhood. Recognised by the New Orleans Historic District Landmark Commission, the building had been a church for six decades, until it was closed in 2012 in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.
Eventually its owners put the spacious structure up for sale, and in 2019 it was reborn as a house of worship, slated to become the fifth campus of Baton Rouge-based Bethany Church. Led by pastors Jonathan and Angie Stockstill, Bethany planned to open the new church in 2020 until the COVID pandemic got in the way.
This August, the building finally began its new life as a church when it opened its doors to worshippers, after extensive renovations and repairs. Some of the stain glass windows and wrought iron from the original church were still in place, but the inside was transformed to provide a more modern and engaging worship experience.
Key to creating this immersive experience is a collection of new LED lighting fixtures anchored by eight Rogue R2 Wash, 14 Rogue R1 Wash, 9 Rogue R2x Wash, and 15 ÉPIX Strip Tour fixtures.
“We purchased the fixtures earlier this year and installed them to have everything ready for our opening on 15 August,” said Brandon Broussard, lighting director for the campus. “We never would have been able to get everything done on time, if it weren’t for our amazing group of volunteers.”
The Bethany team hung the moving fixtures on four tiers of truss. On the

shell080621cgarypayne0424720x720The Rady Shell invests in Follow-Me
Tuesday, 14 December 2021

USA - Located in the heart of San Diego, The Rady Shell at Jacobs Park, operated by the San Diego Symphony, was looking for a reliable follow-spot system they could use during the symphony, concerts, and events held at venue.
Jason Rothberg, technical director, and lighting designer at The Rady Shell understood the challenges that his venue faced. Being an outdoor venue, Jason knew that a traditional follow-spot would not be an option. While the original design centred around a brand-specific moving light and tracking system, the venue, sitting on the San Diego Bay wanted a system that would meet IP65 standards for outdoor use.
The team at The Rady Shell worked closely with Jason Reberski, CEO of Chicago-based JRLX, and identified Follow-Me as the solution that would allow them to use any IP65 rated moving light to meet their unique challenges.
Jason Reberski, CEO of JRLX says, “The ‘open-source’ nature of the Follow-Me system - coupled with its years of successful use on the market is ultimately what led me to recommend it for this application. As we supplied a vast automated lighting rig for The Rady Shell project, I knew that almost any fixture in the plot could function as a follow-spot or tracking back-light.”
In addition to the IP65 challenge, all of the lighting positions at The Shell are angled. With each fixture mounted on an angle and curving catwalks at different trim heights, Follow-Me SIX 3D auto-calculates the different XYZ values for each fixture and makes set-up and calibration a snap.
The Follow-Me system utilis

jah-4Chauvet lights Jah Prayah’s livestream
Tuesday, 14 December 2021

Zimbabwe - Even before its release, Gwara, the 11th album by award-winning African superstar Jah Prayah, was touched by a sense of mystery. Months ahead of its recording, the singer/songwriter let fans know something important was coming by sharing social media images of a wide-open blue sky, a symbol of hope and boundless opportunity.
The very name of the album itself left itself open to many different interpretations, Gwara being a Shona word that could mean anything from frightfulness to a quest for new directions.
There is nothing timid about the album however, as the artist obviously chose the latter meaning, conveying as much with cover art that shows a woman walking alone down a beautiful wooded path. More importantly, its 16songs express a dreamy, hopeful sense of opportunities that await those who seek them.
Blessing Bero and Tatenta Gaylord Rushwaya, along with the Events Evolution team captured this uplifting spirt in light at the album release livestream for Gwara with help for a collection of Chauvet Professional fixtures that included 12 Maverick MK2 Spots, four Rogue R2 Spots, four Rogue R2 Wash, and six Strike 4 blinders.
Arranging the 440-watt Maverick units across the upstage deck of their studio stage, between and around mobile video walls, they used the high-output spots to direct bright shafts of light in the air, symbolizing the soaring spirit of the music. The light from the spots moved from cool white to icy blue, which added to the ethereal mood of the performance.
Balancing the Maverick’s output was the

blue-parrots-rhys-turner-and-rebecca-clough-with-their-new-perseo-beam-3Blue Parrot takes delivery of Ayrton Perseo Beam
Tuesday, 14 December 2021

UK - Edinburgh-based production services and dry hire company, Blue Parrot, has become the first company in the UK to take stock of one of Ayrton’s latest products, Perseo Beam, having purchased 10 of the new fixtures from Ambersphere Solutions, Ayrton’s exclusive distributor in the UK.
Released in July, Perseo Beam is the first compact, waterproof multi-function beam effect LED luminaire and the latest in Ayrton’s family of IP65 rated fixtures. Suited for use indoors as well as outdoors, the fixture is equipped with an ultra-intensive 2° beam and 21x zoom ratio.
“We are extremely excited to add Perseo Beam to our line up alongside our pre-existing stock of Ayrton Perseo Profile,” says Blue Parrot managing director, Rebecca Clough, who explained that the reasons for selecting Perseo Beam were the same as for their first investment in 2019. “They were everything we were looking for: LED-sourced, IP65-rated and compact enough to use indoors as well as out. They have SO many gobos we haven’t had the chance to use them all yet, but its most impressive feature is the intensity of the 2° beam - outstanding from an LED source - and the zoom that allows you to change from a beam to a profile. It has a flexibility unmatched by anything else.
“I’d been contemplating beam fixtures when I saw Ayrton was bringing out the Perseo Beam. I contacted Ian Green at Ambersphere to ask to see them as soon as they were available. We have trust in the Ayrton brand from having good experience with the Perseo Profile units, so I only had to look at them f

robe-vanemuine-152nd-season-opening-cr53309Historic theatre season opens with Robe
Tuesday, 14 December 2021

Estonia - Vanemuine Theatre in Tartu - the country’s oldest and first Estonian language theatre - celebrated the opening of its 152nd season with an elaborate gala event staged in the city’s main square, with a lighting design created by Tõnis Järs featuring Robe moving lights.
Not only was it a great historic occasion, but it was a joyous moment for the public and everyone connected to the landmark Theatre representing the ‘hard re-start’ of Vanemuine as a lively cultural melting-pot for art and creativity and a vital community hub after the pandemic period.
The event’s main stage performance action included an array of ballet and operetta pieces, culminating in a full orchestral concert and collaboration between the Vanemuine Symphony Orchestra and popular Estonian electro-pop artist, NOËP, (Andres Kõpper).
Vanemuine owns a large quantity of Robe moving lights that are used throughout its three main theatre spaces, so Tõnis, who also works at the Theatre, specified Robe as the core luminaires on the event lighting design. However, with all three venues in use for daily performances, many lights were unavailable for this event, so rental company E&T stepped in to provide any shortfall in fixtures.
On the rig were 22 x Pointes, eight Spiiders, 14 x LEDBeam 150s, eight LEDWash 1200s 12 x LEDWash 800s four 600E Spots and four LEDWash 600s, all picked for their versatility as Tõnis had to cover a wide range of performance genres.
A front, two rear and two side lighting trusses - all part of the stage and roof system

prolightsCromer Pier Pavillion picks DeltaPix
Tuesday, 14 December 2021

UK - A.C. Entertainment reports that Cromer Pier's Pavilion Theatre has recently added a digital dimension to its stage by installing a Prolights DeltaPix48T LED video wall backdrop.
With approximately 450 seats, Cromer Pier Pavilion Theatre audiences are entertained all year round with vocals, specialty acts and a blend of dance, in an intimate venue.
The team behind the Cromer Pier Show wanted to add new elements to the production and make a strong comeback following the enforced closure of the theatre due to the global pandemic.
Cromer Pier's director, Rory Holburn comments, “Our new Prolights DeltaPix48T screen has added a lot more versatility to the show and what can be achieved from a backdrop. The stage is limited in space, so we needed something that was fairly compact yet robust. We are delighted with how the DeltaPix has been performing and the huge amount of possibilities it has brought with it. The feedback we had from the summer show was fantastic. It certainly has helped bring the show up-to-date, and we feel like we accomplished coming back bigger and better than before.”
The Cromer Pier Christmas Show started earlier this month and sees the team getting even more creative with their new technology to take the production to the next level.

lumieresALPD’s pilot Lumière Scheme underway
Tuesday, 14 December 2021

UK - The ALPD has launched an evolution of its Lumière Scheme apprenticeship programme.
The Lumière Scheme provides a pathway into the industry for emerging lighting designers by creating professional opportunities that include practical training and professional experience. The new Production Lumière Scheme has been established as a pilot in 2021, with its first edition initially planned as a virtual process due to the continuation of COVID-19 restrictions within the theatre environment.
But circumstances as well as generous donations have since made it possible for this year’s Lumières to benefit from a week of onsite paid work experience alongside their mentors, with all the associated networking opportunities that brings.
As such, the five successful Lumière applicants were paired with suitable and professionally established mentors. The Lumières engage in a series of structured discussions based around each stage of the production process, as well as some group-based masterclasses with leading industry professionals.
The 2021 ALPD Production Lumières are Izzy Waugh, mentored by programmer Victoria Brennan; Lewis Byfield, with mentor John Delaney, production electrician; Louisa Craig, mentored by programmer Dan Street; Rachel Stanwood-Jones, mentored by programmer Sarah Brown; and Dan Heesem, for whom production electrician, Fraser Hall is mentor. Stuart Porter and David Ayton run discussions and masterclasses for the Lumières with guest speakers.
The roles of production electrician and lighting programmer continue to evolv

l8-1L8 adds support for grandMA3 viz-key
Monday, 13 December 2021

Europe - L8 reports that it now supports the grandMA3 viz-key. It is now possible now to connect any grandMA3 or onPC software to L8 with the maximum number of parameters. This means that all current 255 universes from L8 can be used.
L8 supports grandMA3 viz-key for it's Media, Trace, Unlimited dongles with FP21 update package (FP21 package is already included in all licenses sold in 2021 and can also be purchased separately).

mecc444Elation in refurbished MECC auditoriums
Monday, 13 December 2021

The Netherlands - AV rental and production company Houben Souren has installed Elation Fuze Profile and Colour 5 Profile luminaires in two auditoriums in the recently refurbished Maastricht Exhibition and Convention Center (MECC).
As the audiovisual partner for the biggest convention centres in the southern part of the country, Houben Souren enjoys special insight into the audiovisual needs of the venue and drew upon its close relationship with Elation’s European office to realize a successful installation.
The upgrades to the facility, begun in 2019, included investment in new lighting equipment for two newly renovated auditoriums. Under the supervision of theatre consultants Theater Advies bv and the MECC, Houben Souren won the tender and was awarded the contract to deliver and install the new lighting gear.
Tijs Verfurth, operations manager at Houben Souren, contacted Bert Schmeits, key account manager Benelux at Elation, for input on a suitable solution. “We were looking for an LED-based light that was silent; something with a framing option and good color mixing,” Verfurth explains. “The venue also needed an automated fixture with a high CRI value because the congresses are often livestreamed and recorded on camera so good quality lighting was a must.”
Schmeits and Verfurth considered several options before examining closely the Fuze Profile LED moving head and eventually setting up an on-location demo. “The MECC were surprised at the output and were excited about its performance vs price ratio,” says Verfurth. “The assumpti

robe-scena-jutra-2021-sta171336258Robe supports Stage of Tomorrow conference
Monday, 13 December 2021

Poland - Robe supported the fourth edition of the Stage of Tomorrow (Scena Jutra) conference, staged at the Teatr Wielki Polish National Opera in Warsaw, organised by the Stage of Tomorrow Foundation and its president Rafal Rzeczkowski, with Polish production technology sales specialist Prolight and Teatr Wielki, the latter represented by technical director Malgorzata Szablowska.
The one-day event featured over 150 production industry related presentations, seminars, and discussions with a focus on the theme of virtual, extended, augmented, etc. reality and its potential for events and shaping the future.
Three main presentation areas - Stage of Inspiration, Stage of Discussion and Stage of Partners - were constantly busy and explored a lively array of topics including sustainability; new technologies and their use in entertainment; art and promotion, education, and future directions and development of the industry.
Nearly 500 individuals pre-registered, the vast majority also attending, and all the discussions / presentations were also streamed live on the dedicated Eventory platform for those unable to be there in-person. The Stage of Inspiration broadcast was available in multiple languages with simultaneous translations provided for those attending these presentations in-person.
Rafal stated, “Our objective with Scena Jutra is to unite people from all industry sectors and generate discussions and conversations on multiple levels, connecting a diversity of people from experienced industry practitioners to students and young people aspiri

ceremonyChauvet joins Rock Hall of Fame ceremony
Monday, 13 December 2021

USA - HBO’s recent broadcast of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony took place inside Cleveland’s NBA arena. Key to creating a sense of intimacy within the walls of the 152,970sq.ft. Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse was a lighting design by Allen Branton and production design by Bruce Rogers that drew audiences - TV and live - into each performance, while also allowing the stage to stand out against its cavernous surroundings without being overwhelmed.
Helping Branton accomplish the latter goal was a collection of 104 Chauvet Professional COLORdash Accent 3 compact washes, which like the rest of the rig, was supplied by 4Wall Entertainment. Positioning the RGBA fixtures along the sides of the stage as well as in the blacked-out seats behind and to either side of it, he used them to define space and maintain consistency between camera shots.
“The COLORdash units served as a point source element, a technique I have explored for many years,” explains Branton. “They filled space, when we went out to wide shots, helping us create a stage picture in scale within the huge venue. COLORdashes and some big beams in the blacked-out seats 60-70ft behind the stage created a frame around our already large picture.
“TV is very cruel about scale,” he continues. “If we had only 40ft of stage lit, it would have covered the performers, but looked puny.”
With over 700 lighting fixtures, including the Maverick MK3 Wash and Rogue R1 BeamWash, the Induction Ceremony stage looked anything but puny. At the centre of the design was a parabolic

robe-cirkusrevyen-2021-0557Cirkusrevyen raises laughs with Robe
Friday, 10 December 2021

Denmark - Cirkusrevyen (Circus Review) is the longest-running review performance in Denmark, with a six-month season kicking off every year since 1935 except for 1945 (due to fire) and 2020 (due to Covid). Staged in a purpose-built big top tent in Klampenborg, Dyrehavsbakken north of Copenhagen, the 2021 season was lit for the first time using Robe Esprite moving lights.
The lighting spec also included a Robe RoboSpot remote follow spotting solution, LEDWash 300+s and LEDBeam 150s, all supplied by rental specialist Live Company, who were working on their second season as a supplier.
Lighting designer Malthe Haugaard was designing his fifth Cirkusrevyen season, which started in May, initially to restricted audiences due to Coronavirus rules. As these were gradually relaxed, ticket sales opened up.
A new production design is created for each season, just as a new review format is evolved and developed. In addition to the backbone of sketches, the action is interspersed with performance slots for music and dance numbers.
For this season, the Esprites were newly purchased by Live Company to replace the older moving lights that have featured on previous productions.
Of the 19 Esprites used for general show lighting, seven were rigged on a truss between the tent’s rear king poles - making up the ‘front’ position in relation to the stage - with the other 12 on the over-stage rig where they were used for back lighting and gobo effects.
Malthe likes the output, the colours including the range of whites - he’s a big fan of white so

pphub3csamplemusicfestivalProlight + Sound 2022 turns focus on audio
Friday, 10 December 2021

Gremany - Prolight + Sound 2022 will offer ‘a new, interactive experience zone for companies and visitors from the fields of audio production, DJing and digital live performance’.
From 26-29 April 2022, the Performance + Production Hub will feature product presentations, demos, live performances and workshops with artists and experts from well-known brands. There will also be live visual showcases. The area is being created in cooperation with the makers of the Sample Music Festival.
“With extensive new offerings, we are strengthening the audio section as a mainstay of Prolight + Sound,” says Mira Wölfel, director Prolight + Sound. “We are thus underlining our commitment to making the event a hotspot for sound professionals from all fields of application: from live sound reinforcement to recording, mixing, mastering and DJing.
“The premiere of the Performance + Production Hub further expands the spectrum with cutting-edge topics such as live remixing and looping, control, and the latest software and apps. We are very excited to take our collaboration with Sample Music Festival to the next level in 2022,”.
Alexander Sonnenfeld, organiser of the Sample Music Festival, adds: “The creative use of sound tools has developed into a serious form of art. Today, modern technological possibilities are merging with instrumental handwork in a way that was previously only known from classical musical approaches. The Performance + Production Hub brings this transformation to life.”
With the Studio Village in Hall 11.0, for the first

ldi-alchemy-7-best-product-debut-9Alchemy 7 wins LDI debuting product award
Thursday, 9 December 2021

USA - DTS, the Italian Professional Lighting company has won the prestigious Best Debuting Product Award for the entertainment industry. The Award, hosted during the LDI exhibition in Las Vegas was given to DTS's Alchemy 7, the latest Wash moving head announced by the company in 2021.
Alchemy 7 was designed in order to widen its range and offer a high-power, high-efficiency product.
With a 250mm lens, a two-blade framing system and a 6-LED colour chip, capable of delivering quality light and a wide range of pastel shades, this product was placed on the market with the goal to accommodate to the most demanding requests from lighting designers and directors of photography.
The Best Debuting Product Award was proudly accepted by Carmen Savarese, international sales manager at DTS and Ola Melzig, one of the four founders of Apex Technologies, DTS’s exclusive distributors in North America.
"Coming back to LDI after a long time and being awarded the Best Debuting Product Award in 2021 is a huge achievement for us, especially after two very difficult years for the entertainment industry, says Carmen Savarese
"We're grateful that the judges saw the great potential and strength that make Alchemy 7 a great, innovative product, and we're grateful for our colleagues at DTS, especially the Research and Development team that designed the projecto.
“Finally, I'd like to thank Ola Melzig and the whole Apex technologies team, with whom we recently established an exclusive partnership for the North American market. I believe winning this award

anolis-wilberforce-monument-tnAnolis ArcPars light Wilberforce Monument
Thursday, 9 December 2021

UK - The Wilberforce Monument, a statue dedicated to 18th / 19th century politician, philanthropist and anti-slavery campaigner, William Wilberforce, which stands on a 31m high Doric column in the grounds of Hull College in the UK, has recently been re-lit using Anolis ArcPar 150 Zoom LED fixtures.
Graham Roberts of event technical production company HPSS designed the new lighting scheme which is part of a city-wide urban regeneration initiative driven by Hull Council that includes illuminating key city centre buildings and historical landmarks.
The Monument – which is Grade II Listed and near to Wilberforce’s birthplace – was previously lit, but a more robust and weatherised colour-changing LED solution that would offer sustainable, cost-effective, and flexible options was needed.
It was important that the new lighting could be integrated and co-ordinated with other building illuminations for special occasions, and the brief also stipulated that the new fixtures must utilise two existing lighting poles already installed across a pond 65m away, providing the requisite height.
Graham has worked as a project manager at HPSS for eight years and the company already has several Robe products in its rental stock which are in constant use for shows, events, and festivals. When asked to light the Monument, “It made complete sense,” stated Graham, to “automatically” look at architectural ‘sister’ brand Anolis, having had had such a consistent experience with Robe over the years.
He recalls a visit to the Robe factory in the C


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