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magic-trainLEDJ fixtures board Train of Lights
Monday, 28 January 2019

UK - The West Country waved goodbye to 2018 with the Train of Lights light installation.
The Train of Lights was in fact a fully-functioning steam train, filled and decorated with different types of lighting, including the Spectra exterior fixtures from LEDJ, supplied through PL1 Events.
After creating and designing the Christmas lighting at Saltram Enchanted Gardens in 2017, Plymouth-based PL1 Events was chosen to decorate the Christmas train. Not only did the company illuminate a moving train, but it also designed the lighting for the stations and along the rail track for the journey, which commenced at Churston and finished almost seven miles away in Dartmouth, before making the return journey.
With many different types of lighting utilised throughout, the LEDJ Spectra Par series played a key role - 160 Spectra pars and floods were rigged to the underside of the steam trains 10 carriages which were all DMX controlled via QLab.
With 18 x 3W tri-colour LEDs (RGB) and a 40° beam angle the LEDJ Spectra Floods are suitable for feature lighting, providing colour wash effects to the outside of buildings, signage, façades and many other exterior applications. Simple daisy chain connection of power and DMX means that installation time and cost is reduced, explains PL1 Events.
The Spectra Par 15Q8 features 15 x 8W quad-colour LEDs, delivering a smooth wash of colour, ranging from intense, rich saturated hues through to pastel shades. The silent running, convection cooled heavy-duty alloy enclosure features IP65 rated con

chemical-dublin-3-largeFlock of Flares for The Chemical Brothers
Monday, 28 January 2019

UK - The Chemical Brothers’ autumn arena tour of the UK, Europe, and Mexico featured a set design including 93 Solaris Flares from the tour’s lighting provider Lite Alternative, with help from Dry Hire Lighting. With more than enough lumens for any continent, the tour will continue in the US this year.
Show designers Adam Smith and Marcus Lyall created an immersive visual experience for the synth duo, where “the visuals become the lead singer”.
"Strobes are an integral part of Chemical Brothers’ shows,” explains Smith. “For the 2018-19 shows we created a wall of them. Using Flares allowed us the flexibility to strobe into the audience, but also to saturate them in light as musically appropriate. Their incredible brightness and colours, plus their multi-use capabilities and reaction time, are what made us choose them."
Lyall adds: “For arena shows the strobe wall comprised a 5 x 11 grid of Flares on custom wire ladders which went up on mid-stage winches at points in the show. With three more rows of 11, plus more on the stage and truss, we used a total of 93 Flares. We love the Flare’s intensity and great saturated colours. They work well for strobing but also as a wash light. Their output really knocks people over.”
Production designer and technical director Toby Dennis says, “The Flares gave us a multi-coloured strobe fixture that also satisfied the level of intensity we required. We used the four-cell mode for different shapes and textures giving us endless visual options to play with. The Solaris Flares are a true mu

nx-4Obsidian launches NX 4 at NAMM
Friday, 25 January 2019

USA - Obsidian Control Systems is showcasing the newest control product under the ONYX lighting control platform at NAMM in Anaheim. The show will offer a first look and hands-on demo of the NX 4, which will also be shown at ISE in Amsterdam next month.
The NX 4 is equipped with a range of professional features and using the latest in industrial components, the NX 4 is designed to handle even the largest show with ease. With a well-arranged combination of motorised and manual faders, as well as an array of playback buttons, the NX 4 offers 44 total playbacks in a compact yet extremely powerful package.
The NX 4 includes a high-brightness, 15.6”, full-HD multi-touch screen with support for two external 4K touch displays. Eight assignable parameter encoders, a dedicated Intensity encoder, an assistive mini-touch screen, full keypad and command section, and a dedicated grand master make for a dutifully intuitive control surface.
Two independent playback sections offer instant access. The main playback with 10 motorized faders plus 10 play-pairs allow for quick page changes while the sub playback with 12 faders and 12 button playbacks mean that important cues are always available.
(Jim Evans)

zero88-eaton-team-at-warehouse-in-cwmbran-warehouseZero goes beyond 88
Friday, 25 January 2019

UK - Eaton’s Zero 88 has reported hit the magic number of ‘88’ in terms of countries to which the ZerOS lighting control products have been supplied.
The first award-winning FLX console was launched in autumn 2015. Sales rose steadily throughout 2016. Since 2017, especially following the launch of the FLX S range, sales have increased dramatically via a carefully selected worldwide distribution network.
Business for the FLX range initially took off in the UK and Europe, according to Tyler Holpin, UK key accounts & international sales manager for the Cwmbran based manufacturer.
However, the hot countries for FLX sales during 2018 were Japan and Australia. Other places doing well and growing fast are South Africa, the Middle East, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China and India, and the global reach of the brand and the FLX range in particular has resulted in significant sales in places as diverse as Bangladesh, Egypt and Mauritius and the Channel Islands.
Sales to rental companies and the television sector were particularly impressive, and FLX consoles are in constant use for live events and concerts: It’s also a winner for multi-purpose installations.
David Catterall, general manager for Zero 88 Eaton Lighting Systems, estimates that the ZerOS user base “has doubled” in the last 12 months, “and that’s down to the foresight and hard work of the whole team here - R ‘n D, manufacture, sales, marketing and admin. While there are currently some uncertainties in 2019 regarding our exact relationship with the EU, we are fully positio

kokovrLED Creative goes live for Liam Payne
Friday, 25 January 2019

UK - Staged at Camden’s KOKO club the event was a double first - the artists first headline London show, plus the first broadcast by production company MelodyVR of a live concert in virtual reality.
The broadcast was livestreamed internationally via the MelodyVR and as a live 360° Facebook event, giving fans the opportunity of a close up viewer experience of the intimate show by the ex-One Direction star.
Lighting the performance, LD Stuart Pring enlisted the services of Version2 for the main rig, adding an array of additional effects provided by LED Creative.
Utilising the LED specialist’s Pulse Wand fixtures, the LD created a linear installation that provided an extra depth of perspective to the stage which served to enhance the virtually reality effect. For added visual impact right throughout the 360° experience Sigma Pulse Wands were also used to form custom built geometric shapes, fixed across the ornate balconies flanking the stage, right up to the upper circle.
Available for rental as ‘plug and play’ fixtures, the Pulse Wands are a low energy, tubular illumination system that combines both the brightness and look of traditional neon/fluorescent fixtures with the versatility, intensity and highly controllable performance of LED technology. Pairing the Wands with LED Creative Byte Controllers, the crew were able to maintain full management over the installation, augmenting the production with powerful, precise colour and movement throughout the show.
On site to assist with prepping the equipment for the show, LED Creativ

aldALD launches fundraising campaign
Friday, 25 January 2019

UK - The ALD has launched a fundraising campaign “to adequately compensate” the team behind its Save Stage Lighting campaign.
The fundraising campaign was launched at the ALD’s annual Lighting Lunch in December in support of the work of Rob Halliday, Robbie Butler and Paule Constable, who also received ALD lifetime memberships and a standing ovation from the attendees.
The volunteer trio shouldered ‘unprecedented workload’ last year to highlight the dangers to the entertainment lighting industry posed by the EU’s proposed Ecodesign regulations, catapulting the issues on to the radars and priority lists of lighting professionals, manufacturers, producers, venue managements and politicians.
The trio also pushed the #SaveStageLighting cause into the public eye via an online petition recording around 85,000 signatures, and were involved in assessing and producing a wide array of written documents and briefing papers whilst taking part public meetings and highlighting the potential damage of proposed legislation in the media.
“They have put their own careers and paid work on hold in order to safeguard performance lighting. The money will also provide a reserve to help educate and support others in the face of future Ecodesign challenges,” the ALD explains in a statement.
Johanna Town, chair of the ALD, comments: “These singular circumstances call for a singular solution. The entire lighting industry has benefitted from the work of a very few tireless freela

robe-kona-mexico-the-team-kon261809579Kona invests in Robe
Friday, 25 January 2019

Mexico - Mexico State-based technical production company Kona has invested in Robe MegaPointes and Spiiders.
The company was founded in 2012 by Andres Marroquin, who previously ran PRG Mexico / Ocesa. The operation provides sound, lighting, video, rigging and staging for a diversity of events.
The company’s Robe MegaPointes and Spiiders inventory currently stands at 26 of each and is set to increase soon, says Kona.
Marroquin comments: “The market here in Mexico can be extremely volatile, so as a smaller company we need to think smart and be flexible.”
He sees significant potential in the county, which he regards as ‘emerging’, being strategically located between two major oceans, a gateway to the economic powerhouse of Latin America and enjoying a lively healthy musical interchange with the US. “Mexico is in a unique position and our industry is in a very exciting place right now.”
Recent cross hires for the Robe kit have included (to PRG and Logra) popular singer Chayanne’s tour which featured 120 MegaPointes in total, shows for Dead & Company and the most recent season of Playing in the Sand in Cancun.
(Jim Evans)

elation-mainElation appoints product specialists
Thursday, 24 January 2019

USA - Elation Professional’s Anthony Velazquez and Shawn Butcher have assumed new roles as product specialists.
Velazquez has been named Antari product specialist while Butcher has become control product specialist, responsible for Elation’s Obsidian Control Systems line of professional lighting control products.
Velazquez has been with Elation for over four years and moves from a position in inside sales. Butcher has been with Elation for two and a half years as a lighting designer and programmer.
“We are excited to promote from within our organisation both Shawn and Anthony, who have proven over the years to be strong team players, both with a passion for servicing our customers,” comments Elation sales and marketing director, Eric Loader. “Their focus and dedication on developing these product categories will be key to our growth plans for each brand."
(Jim Evans)

Chauvet on Tom Odell’s Jubilee Road
Thursday, 24 January 2019

UK - Joe Beardsmore is lighting designer for Tom Odell’s current Jubilee Road tour. Using an impressive collection of Chauvet Professional Maverick and Ovation fixtures, Beardsmore is supporting his chart-topping client’s music with a diverse lightshow that weaves colourful silhouettes, starburst backlighting, gentle top washes, blindingly intense specials and a host of other dazzling effects into a seamlessly integrated visual package.
Controlling the 15-universe show is a ChamSys MagicQ MQ80 with a Stadium Wing and a PC Wing Compact. A double-draped backdrop ties this multi-faceted panorama together.
“I have been working with Tom Odell across the world in many venues,” says Beardsmore. “When he asked me to devise a new design to take out on his Jubilee Road Tour, he pretty much gave me free rein. However, he had a red drape backdrop that he wanted. I didn’t want to be stuck with that for the whole show, so I came up with a design that allows me to switch between a mixture of red and cream backdrops through the use of rotating double-sided drapes and kabuki drop. This lets me have the plush red backdrop Tom wants, plus a clean canvas for other songs.”
Beardsmore is using this canvas as the backdrop for a far-ranging lightshow anchored by 12 Maverick MK2 Spot, six Maverick MK3 Wash and eight Maverick MK2 Wash fixtures, along with six Ovation E-910FC and six Ovation E-930VW ellipsoidals.
The MK3 Wash and MK2 Spot fixtures in the rig are double rigged on three pre-rig truss structures with four spots on top and two washes below t

west-side-story6Axcor Profile debuts on West Side Story
Thursday, 24 January 2019

Italy - The Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino hosted the return of Leonard Bernstein's West Side Story 100 years after his birth.
The Florentine edition was directed by Federico Bellone and produced by WEC (World Entertainment Company), thanks to an agreement with Music Theatre International (MTI). The book was newly adapted by Franco Travaglio, Jerome Robbins's original choreography was reproduced by Fabrizio Angelini, and the music was provided by the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino orchestra and choir conducted by Maestro Francesco Lanzillotta.
Lighting designer Valerio Tiberi drew inspiration for his work "from the new adaptation and the atmosphere of the Upper West Side of New York in the mid-1950s. For this occasion, I requested and used the new Axcor Profile 600 from the Claypaky Axcor series for the first time in Italy." Two versions are available on the market: one with an extremely bright 500W 6500K white LED source, and the other with a colour temperature of 5600K and CRI of 90.
The vast stage and scenery recalled the urban jungle of New York, where the Jets and Sharks try to get the upper hand in an atmosphere of hatred and intolerance, until this is broken by the star-crossed romantic love story between Tony and Maria and its tragic epilogue. The performance of the six Profile 900s the theatre is equipped with was integrated with 24 new Axcor Profile 600s arranged both on the ground in the wings, and above the stage on the battens.
"I am definitely happy with the overall set-up I was able to give this lighting design, and

coves1PR lights underground caves in Mallorca
Thursday, 24 January 2019

Spain - Cuevas d’Arta in Mallorca is one of the Balearic Islands’ foremost visitor attractions - a series of underground caverns with spectacular stalactite and stalagmite formations (one with a height of 22m).
The guided tour comes with special effects and the various chambers are given Dantesque names: Hell, Purgatory, Paradise. The descent into Hell is swiftly followed by a light and sound display and in fact during the Summer season the caves are used for events and high society parties.
It was with a view to improving the experience for tourists that the owners recently carried out an atmospheric lighting upgrade, turning to Sound Light Spain (SLS), who for the past five years have been the territorial distributor for PR Lighting.
The company was recommended to the project by one of its customers, Balearics-based Deejaysgrup, directed by the company’s owner Toni Llobera. “After trying different lights in the venue they finally opted for PR lighting,” says SLS system engineer, Òscar Casassas.
They specified eight each of the lightweight and compact PR XPar 150 and XPar 150 Zoom, housing advanced 150W lamp, with RGBW colour mixing, as well as eight ARC LED 3108 architectural fixtures, each containing 108 3W RGBW LEDs. The lights are used to colour change different walls inside the cave as well as the main room.
All are IP67-rated and designed for extreme outdoor use, and this made them perfect for the purpose, as the SLS engineer explains. “The wet environment was a real challenge and the most difficult issue was achievin

agm-mainBandit Lites honours long-serving staff
Thursday, 24 January 2019

USA - Bandit Lites team members gathered in Nashville for the company’s annual general meeting to mark the past year’s achievements and strategise for the upcoming year.
The company awarded staff with significant anniversaries or those who have demonstrated excellence in service.
In a special ceremony, Bandit chair Michael T. Strickland lauded Leonard Cox, the company’s first employee to retire. Cox served in the military prior to joining Bandit Lites 25 years ago and has proved invaluable to the company serving most recently as the director of logistics and safety.
“Leonard came to Bandit in 1993 and has been a true friend and invaluable part of all things facility related,” said Strickland. “Leonard led us in many areas for 25 great years and we will sorely miss him. He is going to enjoy a much-deserved retirement! Thank you Leonard and have a blast my friend.”
Andy Reese (technical assistant) celebrated five years of service with Bandit while Chas Albea (equipment coordinator), Erich Hudgens (shop foreman), John Jenkinson (installation and service specialist) and Shawn Lear (client representative) were honoured for a decade with Bandit. Jeff Archibeque (lighting technician) and Giff Swart (general manager) rang in 15 years with Bandit.
Both Andy Knighton and Matt King were granted awards for 20 years of service at Bandit. Knighton has worked as Rascal Flatts’ lighting designer for multiple tours and has worked countless productions
“Matt King has been an invaluable part of Bandit for over 20 years,” says

chicagowolves1Chicago Wolves go Rogue with Chauvet
Wednesday, 23 January 2019

USA - An air of excitement permeates the 17,000-capacity Allstate Arena every night when the Chicago Wolves take to the ice. Not only are fans pumped up to see their talented young American Hockey League team defend its divisional title, they’re also energised by a new twist that the Wolves have added to their pregame player introductions in their 25th anniversary season.
Providing a jolt of energy for fans and players alike before the puck drops is a dynamic, fast-moving lighting and pyro show that features Chauvet Professional Rogue fixtures, supplied by Performance Lighting Chicago.
“My friend Mark Grega, owner of Strictly FX, called me to discuss adding a lighting effect to the pregame show that would energize the arena,” comments Performance Lighting’s president, Russell Armentrout, who designed the lighting display. “After a few discussions with Mark, it was clear we needed an extremely bright compact light to achieve the desired look. Tragically, Mark passed away suddenly in early January, and this wound up being the last project we worked on together. He was a great friend, and his insightfulness was something that everyone who worked with him treasured. I will miss him greatly.”
With the intense (134,000lux at 15m) output from its 231W Osram Sirius lamp, along with its compact size, the Rogue R2X Beam offered the combination that Armentrout wanted. “We knew what this fixture could do, not only in terms of its output, but also in terms of its performance features,” he says. “Plus, it was compact enough to make sense in thi

anolis-sandton-cap-san091830183Anolis on top in Sandton
Wednesday, 23 January 2019

South Africa - Sandton City Office Tower is one of the landmarks of this premium commercial and residential district of Johannesburg.
Recently the building’s owners and operators Liberty Properties approached DWR’s architectural lighting and installations division and asked if they would propose a lighting scheme for its distinctive 40 x 40m pyramid shaped ‘cap’, which tops the 110m metre high, 22-storey skyscraper providing commercial office space.
The client’s brief was simply for “colour changing” lights, so DWR’s Johnny Scholtz suggested several options for their consideration and the chosen scheme involves 84 Anolis LED fixtures.
These are divided into 60 ArcLine Outdoor Optic 36 RGBs with 31° lenses, utilised for the side panels and base of the cap, and 24 x Divine 160 RGBWs, sixteen fitted with 41° lenses plus eight with 24° lenses to precisely fill the cap spire with beautiful, rich and colour changing luminescence.
The building was first opened in 1973 and dominated Sandton’s skyline for four decades. However recent new waves of construction and investment have resulted in a flurry of new tall buildings, propelling the owners to engage in a spectacular revamp that started in 2014. This has seen the replacement of all the external cladding around the concrete structure in a spectacular upgrade to keep it relevant and fluid amidst an ever-changing cityscape.
Johnny looked at all the options for replacing the aging old white LED installation already on the cap - in which they had not been involved - and put t

colour-sound-you-me-at-six-you0312187148Colour Sound tours with You Me at Six
Wednesday, 23 January 2019

UK - Lighting and visuals rental specialist Colour Sound Experiment supplied lighting and LED screens for the recent tour by UK rockers You Me At Six, which promoted their latest album VI. The tour also celebrated 10 years since their first album Take Off Your Colours catapulted them to the top of the charts.
Haydn Cruickshank (H) and the team at Colour Sound worked with Jamie Thompson from MIRRAD who co-designed set, lighting and video together with Dave Cohen, with Cohen directing lighting and visuals on the road.
Thompson explains that the design brief was to create “something big, epic, memorable . . . and cost effective”. Additionally, the band wanted to play two completely different sets - one comprising music from the first album, and the second featuring songs from the latest one and the other four in between. So, the idea was that the show would alternate between these, each with its own look and style.
Taking the Roman ‘VI’ from the album artwork was a visual starting point, Thompson and Cohen wanted to introduce some V-shapes to the stage architecture and accentuate the perspective and depth of the space.
The proposed multi-layered V-shaped risers fronted with LED video panels set the tone with a look that was both striking and practical to tour and build each day. “They are an energetic band, so we wanted to offer them lots of layers and levels to jump and run around on during the performance,” explains Thompson.
Upstage of the set risers were four tall portrait format video screens, hung on angles m

robe-arsenal-lotto-arena-ars082134481Robe backs Arsenal in Antwerp arena
Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Belgium - Lighting designer Wouter Verbeke chose Robe fixtures to be at the core of his lighting design for a high impact gig by Belgian band Arsenal at Antwerp’s famous Lotto Arena.
With their roots in electric dance, the band now embrace a lively mix of genres from African and Latin American rhythms to pop, hip hop, and indie rock. They are midway through a campaign for their sixth studio album, The Rush of Shaking Shoulders which was launched earlier in the year with a gig in Antwerp’s Old Post Office venue.
Wouter had used Robe on that occasion too, and for many other shows in between, so it was a natural choice for this show, with lighting equipment supplied by rental specialist Splendit.
The Robe count included 28 MegaPointes, 24 Spikies, 28 Spiiders, 22 LEDBeam 150s and eight Pointes.
The starting point for the lighting was that band leader Hendrik Willemyns wanted a sun which rose at the start of the show, playing a strong visual role throughout their performance and then descending towards the end. The latest single is set in Africa, and so they wanted to accentuate the idea of the big skies, dramatic sunrises and awesome sunsets that characterise different countries across continent.
The other element was that Hendrik loves trees, plants and greenery, so as with the album launch, the stage set was provided by the installation of a forest of lush foliage and exotic plants.
The 4m 'sun' was created using LED screen panels attached to a circular truss and artist Akiko Nakayama created all the content through 'Aliv

vault-festival-1White Light goes underground for VAULT Festival
Wednesday, 23 January 2019

UK - White Light will be returning to London’s VAULT Festival once again this year to supply the complete lighting and rigging solutions. This will mark the seventh consecutive year that the company has worked on the Festival, having supported it from day one.
Located inside the Waterloo tunnels, this year it will run from 23 January to 17 March, with more than 400 shows from over 2,000 artists. It features the best new writing in theatre and comedy along with immersive experiences, late night parties and much more.
The event is produced by Mat Burt and Andy George of the Heritage Arts Company. Andy, who is also head of production, comments: “When we first started the festival back in 2012, we had no idea it would grow to become what it is today. We initially thought it would be a one-off yet the more people heard about it, the more who wanted to came along and get involved. One of our biggest aims has always been to make theatre accessible and remove barriers for our visiting artists. As we know, making creative work for a live audience is always risky but we try our hardest to minimise up-front costs and reward the creative party.”
With the festival being so committed to supporting its artists, this often means it relies on the help of other organisations. Andy George explains: “We are not publicly funded which often makes things difficult; especially when the whole purpose of the festival is to make theatre financially viable! That’s why when we first started, we contacted WL as we knew about their reputation for supporting emerging ar

p1350298-ayrtons-chris-ferrante-linnea-ljungmark-and-michael-althaus-smlLinnea Ljungmark joins Ayrton sales team
Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Sweden - Ayrton has announced Linnea Ljungmark as the latest addition to its expanding international sales team. Based in Sweden, Linnea will be responsible for Ayrton across the whole of Scandanavia, the Baltic and Benelux countries and the Iberian peninsula.
Linnea brings to Ayrton a lifetime of experience in the industry, having spent the majority of her working life at Intersonic AB, the family-run distribution company founded by her father Per Olof Jlungmark in 1997.
“I’ve worked with my father for as long as can remember, first in the office and at local trade shows, and later as general manager of the newly acquired lighting distribution company, One Two Sales,” Linnea says.
During this time Linnea gained in-depth experience in the Scandinavian market and a long association with Ayrton through Intersonic’s distribution of the brand. “I have fond memories of Valère with whom I worked closely and who typified Ayrton’s approach to business,” she says. “To join Ayrton is a dream come true.”
“We are delighted Linnea has joined our international sales team,” says Michael Althaus, Ayrton’s global sales director. “This is a time of rapid growth and increased activity for Ayrton and Linnea is a very welcome addition to the team. Her expertise, energy and enthusiasm will be invaluable asset to Ayrton’s adventure going forward and we are excited to welcome her on board.”
(Jim Evans)

ac-et-showcases-studio-and-architectural-solutions-at-ise-2019-pressISE: AC-ET showcases Chroma-Q solutions
Tuesday, 22 January 2019

The Netherlands - A.C. Entertainment Technologies will be showcasing a range of Chroma-Q studio and architectural solutions in Amsterdam.
On show will be the Chroma-Q Space Force LED space light, which provides powerful yet soft lighting and has been adopted for a number of sets and major TV Studios. Also designed specifically for Film & TV, Chroma-Q Studio Force II high intensity tuneable white LED wash light will be making its ISE show debut. This fixture produces a smooth uniform wash from homogenised optics, with the ability to produce deep saturated colours.
Providing inspiration for the architectural and installation market is the Chroma-Q Inspire range of LED house lights. These versatile fixtures have been fitted in a multitude of venues to create an immersive experience.
The Chroma-Q Color Force II will also be on show to demonstrate stunning colour blending for grazing a variety of interior surfaces.
All fixtures on the stand will be controlled using the Vista 3 by Chroma-Q lighting & media platform.
Also represented on the stand is the Tourflex Cabling service – a manufacturer and supplier of a full range of bespoke cables for Signal, Data, Lighting, Audio, Video and Rigging applications.
(Jim Evans)

gunsandroses1Chauvet lights Mother of All Rock Fest
Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Mexico - Nothing was held back at the Tecate Mother of All Rock Fest 2018. Bands like Whitesnake and Garbage gave full-throated performances. Headliner Guns N’ Roses roared through an intense set.
Matching the performances on stage note-for-heart-pounding-note was an intensely bright lightshow from Serpro Producciones that was anchored by 95 Chauvet Professional Maverick MK2 Wash fixtures.
The dramatic stage lighting rig featured nine hexagon-shaped truss configurations. Flown in an oval pattern over the stage, these structures served as a scenic element in addition to holding some of the rig’s Maverick MK2 Wash fixtures and other luminaires. Hovering over the stage, they created an air of anticipation, as if they were a spacecraft. The fixtures held on these structures were used for downlighting and specials.
Other Maverick MK2 Wash fixtures were flown on upstage and side truss around the massive LED video wall that dominated the stage’s backline. From this position, the RGBW washes were used to shower the stage with vivid colours, often coordinated with the images displayed on the video wall.
All of the Maverick MK2 Wash fixtures in the rig were used to create crossing patterns on the stage at various points in the three-hour show. The high-output fixtures were also used to create block out full-color looks on stage and for aerial washing.
The Parque Fundidora of the City of Monterrey Nuevo León hosted the second edition of the Tecate Mother of All Rock Fest, which also featured performances by Eruca Sativa and Steel Panther

6-amber-gray-persephone-and-nathaniel-cross-trombone-in-hadestown-at-national-theatre-c-helen-maybanks-smlNational Theatre invests in Robert Juliat
Tuesday, 22 January 2019

UK - The National Theatre on London’s South Bank has been a revered national institution for over 50 years. Its three theatres, the 1110-seat Olivier, the 890-seat Lyttelton and the 400-seat Dorfman, play host to a wide range of theatre performances from bold new work to re-imagined modern classics.
The NT technical department have the responsibility to provide the best quality equipment in order to maintain the highest standards for all productions.
The lighting department has invested in yet more Robert Juliat lighting equipment over the last 12 months to add to its already large inventory of RJ fixtures.
“We have over 300 Robert Juliat 600 Series 1kW and 700 Series 2.5kW profile fixtures, mostly used as generic lighting in the Olivier and Lyttelton theatres where they are rigged on the front of house bridges,” says lighting resources manager, Paul Hornsby. “The latter are especially suitable for the long throws in the Olivier and Lyttelton where they give that punchy 2.5k look that everyone wants and which has yet to be achieved by any LED equivalent.”
2018 saw Hornsby’s department make a sizeable investment in 54 Dalis 860 300W LED cyclorama battens. “Our aim was to be able to light a full wrap-around cyclorama in the Olivier, which we are able to do using 48 Dalis units (24 each on top and bottom). The cyclorama for Common, for example, measures 8m high by 21.5m wide - so you can see the size of the space they have to cover.
“We chose Dalis because we were looking for an LED solution to replace our old tungsten cy

atreyuin-our-wakejenn-curtis-photo1Elation lights Atreyu winter tour
Tuesday, 22 January 2019

USA - California metal-core band Atreyu released their seventh album In Our Wake in October, then promptly hit the road on a 27-date promotional winter tour in the US.
Lighting designer Megan Alksninis had a large Elation floor package supplied by JDI Productions at her disposal. “A big part of the physical design came from drummer and vocalist Brandon Saller,” explains Alksninis, who also programmed the lighting and served as lighting operator on tour. “He had a clear vision on how the stage was going to be set up. Once the design was set it was a full collaboration to create the final show design. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had designing a show.”
Atreyu’s fast-paced music drives the lighting and the design throughout the show, says Alksninis, with a mix of strobes, subtle colour chases and even a mirror ball or two. The lighting package consisted of 30 compact ACL 360i and six DARTZ 360 LED moving heads along with eight Cuepix Blinder WW2s and 4 Protron 3K Color strobes.
“Metal can easily get stuck with a lot of strobes and little front light,” Alksninis says. “I tried to find the balance between having that but also allowing the audience to see and participate with the band. The chorus almost always had a unique colour chase and occasionally blinders.”
A total of six pipes surrounded the stage with lighting working off the set each show depending on the stage size. From the back of the drum riser the pipes were positioned as a V with three on each side of the stage. The pipes held different configur

elcPRG chooses to network with ELC
Tuesday, 22 January 2019

The Netherlands - ELC Lighting has announced that Production Resource Group (PRG) has made a significant investment in ELC's GBX Distribution System.
Specifically tailored for live entertainment applications, the GBX Distribution System transforms how DMX can be distributed from an ethernet network. Recognising this, PRG has purchased multiple units, including ELC’s switchGBx10 and switchGBx18 switches, nodeGBx8 nodes, and the innovative new nodeGBx8 Slave node.
Bob Walpot, director of operations and asset strategy at PRG Europe, says, “With this investment, we evaluated various brands and involved our technical teams from our various markets and segments. ELC was the preferred choice because of the technical and financial efficiency of the products. The Slave node is the perfect example of this. It has been really well thought through. Without losing any technical advantages, they have cut costs drastically.”
Walpot adds: “ELC also listened clearly to our specific needs and provided a tailor-made solution.”
That solution included the addition of Neutrik opticalCON Advanced Duo fibre optic ports, mounted directly onto the units, as requested by PRG.
“This will make the units even more flexible in their use,” says Walpot. “As a global company, it is essential that the equipment we buy is widely applicable. We provide a 360° service in various market segments, all with specific needs. With the flexibility of the new ELC range we are able to serve all these markets in a cost-efficient way.”
The new ELC GBX Distribu

louvreMSL and Chauvet light The Louvre gala
Monday, 21 January 2019

France - Between eight and nine million people walk through the doors of the Musée du Louvre (aka The Louvre) every year. Anyone lighting a private event within its walls has to operate on a tight setup schedule. This is one reason why Martin Symul and his team at MSL (Sprimont, Belgium) elected to light a recent gala at the home of the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo and other great works of art with Chauvet Professional WELL Fit up-lighting fixtures.
“I know the product quite well,” said Symul. “The WELL Fit is interesting because it is an autonomous stand-alone fixture with no ground wiring – better for safety -- and it does not require much installation time. Doing an event at a venue like this one, you are not given much time for installation. We arrived on the site Tuesday afternoon, only two hours before the arrival of guests.”
Despite the short setup time, guests who arrived at the event (a 60th anniversary celebration for the DEF Network group of fire prevention companies) were treated to a stunning and stylishly designed setting for their gala. This was evident to them as soon as they entered the reception area via a spiral staircase and encountered a vista of richly saturated blue light from 90 WELL Fit fixtures.
“We positioned the WELL Fit uplights in the mezzanine and in the reception area to set an elegant mood with uplighting,” said Symul. “The fixtures were static. They did not change colors. We went with a single shade of very attractive blue that matched the client’s logo, and used it to colorize columns and walls th


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