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ayrton-ceo-chris-ferrante-and-q-light-ceo-walid-bahnasy-smlAyrton appoints Q-Light as Egypt distributor
Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Egypt - Ayrton has appointed Q-Light Egypt to its international distributors network. Q-Light will distribute the full portfolio of Ayrton’s LED profile, wash, spot and effects luminaires in Egypt.
The distribution company was founded by CEO Walid Bahnasy and partners. Bahnasy has over 10 years of experience with international production companies and TV channels, including as lighting designer, director of photography and cameraman, and has worked on productions such as Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Deal or No Deal and the Doha Debates.
He is a former supervisor and team leader of the lighting departments in the region’s biggest TV networks - MBC, Qatar Foundation, BBC, Aljazeera media network and BeIn Group.
Chris Ferrante, Ayrton CEO, comments: “We are very happy to welcome Q-Light into the Ayrton family. Knowing that Walid, an accomplished lighting professional with many years of experience in the region, is leading Q-Light confirms that they are the perfect fit. We are looking forward to being able to, for the first time in Egypt, give this influential territory the focus it deserves.”
Bahnasy adds: “We are extremely excited to be appointed Ayrton’s exclusive distributor in Egypt. Egypt is witnessing a significant sustainable development in various fields, especially in economics, architecture, culture and arts. This development has revolutionised the entertainment and leisure industry in the Egyptian market, as a result of which Q-Light has been able to add huge value to the region with Ayrton’s produ

artisticArtistic Licence debuts DMX to DALI converter
Tuesday, 28 May 2019

UK - With support for DALI DT8 (colour), DMXtoDALI quad is specified for the new generation of DALI products coming to market.
Artistic Licence has extensive experience in DMX512 and DALI interconversion. Its popular DIN rail solution, Rail-DMX-DALI, was launched several years ago to serve customers needing to add DALI fixtures to DMX based lighting control systems.
With the continued growth of the crossover market, Rail-DMX-DALI is still very much in demand. However, the recent introduction of DALI DT8 (colour control) means that this product is not compatible with the very latest DALI technology.
Artistic Licence therefore took the opportunity to redesign Rail-DMX-DALI to incorporate the new standard, and to implement major product upgrades that greatly improve the performance and user experience. The result is DMXtoDALI quad.
DMXtoDALI quad retains the core functionality of its predecessor: it converts DMX512 to four circuits of DALI, allowing up to 256 devices to be connected. However, the feature set and user interface have been significantly enhanced. The operation of DMXtoDALI is also much faster, implementing interleaved DALI transmission.
Most significantly, DMXtoDALI features DT8 colour support for Colour Temperature and RGBWAF. This is in addition to conventional DT0 (intensity) control. DMXtoDALI provides simultaneous control via all four addressing modes (Broadcast, Group, Device and Scene).
DMXtoDALI quad is highly configurable, enabling it to be tailored for specific installation requirements. The DMX start addres

proteus-smarty-hybridElation Smarty Hybrid available in IP65 version
Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Europe - With the success of the efficient Smarty Hybrid luminaire and the increasing popularity of the Proteus range of weatherproof fixtures, Elation Professional is now offering the Proteus Smarty Hybrid.
Housing the same feature set and using the same Philips MSD Platinum 200 Flex 280W lamp (6,000 hours) as the Smarty Hybrid, the Proteus Smarty Hybrid’s IP65 dust and water protection means this compact and versatile effect luminaire can be used exposed on outdoor stages.
Designed for the wide variety of professional stage applications, the Proteus Smarty Hybrid has flexible use as a beam, spot or wash luminaire with an output of 11,000 lumens. Fully sealed against dust, humidity and water ingress, the IP65 fixture is ideal for any outdoor environment while its impermeable properties and low maintenance design make it just as suitable for indoor use.
Outfitted with a motorised zoom with auto-focus, beam angle range differs in beam and spot mode with gobo projection focus realized from 1.0° - 18° under beam mode and 3.0° to 27° in spot mode. The Smarty Hybrid also includes a frost filter for a PC lens-type concentrated wash, zoomable from 5° to 33°.
The IP65 fixture offers a full CMY colour mixing system plus linear CTO colour correction with an extra 13 dichroic colours, including UV and CTB colour correction.
(Jim Evans)

multiverse-transmitter-5911-pipe-mountABTT 2019: City Theatrical highlights wireless DMX
Tuesday, 28 May 2019

UK - City Theatrical will be demonstrating new technology on stand K1 at ABTT Theatre Show 2019.
This will include wireless DMX technology with the award winning Multiverse family of wireless DMX/RDM products, extended DMX control with Pathway Connectivity controllers, gateways, and other solutions, troubleshooting with the multi award-winning DMXcat Multi Function Test Tool, bright and flexible linear LED lighting with QolorFLEX NuNeon, plug and play pixel control with QolorPIX, colour blending and control with QolorFLEX 5-in-1 LED Tape and QolorFLEX 5x8A Dimmers, and more.
Multiverse marks the fifth generation of City Theatrical's engineering development for wireless DMX technology. The Multiverse system can deliver more data while reducing the amount of radio energy required for wireless DMX by as much as 90%, enabling scalability never possible before.
The Multiverse SHoW Baby is the fourth generation of the original plug and play wireless DMX transceiver system by City Theatrical. The addition of Multiverse radio technology enhances the performance. In its default mode, Multiverse SHoW Baby works like and is compatible with all other SHoW Baby Transceivers with six user selectable SHoW DMX Neo SHoW IDs. By connecting an RDM controller, like DMXcat Multi Function Test Tool, all of the 147 revolutionary new 2.4GHz Multiverse SHoW IDs are accessible as well as all 70 SHoW DMX Neo SHoW IDs.
City Theatrical has partnered with Pathway Connectivity and is the exclusive distributor for Pathway products in the UK and Europe. Pathway products ext

etc-hes-abtt-1ABTT 2019: ETC & HES return
Tuesday, 28 May 2019

UK - ETC and High End Systems (HES) will showcase their latest product line-ups at 2019 ABTT Theatre Show on stands R1 and S1.
ETC will display its first integrated 3D programming environment: Augment3d on stand R1. The new Eos tool lets users control and design in a three-dimensional space as well as interact with their fixtures through augmented reality. Visitors are welcome to attend in-depth presentations on Augment3d in the Londesborough Room. Eos v3.0 will be available for use with all Win7 Eos family consoles, and will be shown on the flagship Eos Ti and Gio @5.
High End Systems' Hog 4-18 console will be on stand S1 during the tradeshow. The powerful console uses the very latest technology and is designed for the largest stadium shows, theme parks, concert tours and more.
The newest addition to the SolaFrame family - SolaFrame 1000 – will be on the booth for visitors to explore. Alongside this will be the SolaFrame Theatre, the industry’s first fanless automated LED luminaire that operates completely silently.
ETC’s first automated fixture in over a decade will be on show at ABTT. Specifically designed for the theatrical lighting designer, ETC’s Relevé Spot boasts a calibrated four-colour additive mixing system and an Ani-gobo wheel.
Product experts will be on the stand to talk about ETC’s Stage Technology solutions including Prodigy P2 hoist. The complete package hoist is easy and fast to install and suitable to fit any venue’s needs.
Visitors can discover further highlights on stand R1 including the ArcSystem

robe-creative-productions-pavey--dave-jackson-cre190317534Creative Productions extends Robe inventory
Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Australia - Rental company Creative Productions has recently added 50 Robe MegaPointes to its stock of moving lights.
The purchase follows the company’s move into a new a 3,000sq.m HQ, warehouse and office space in Molendinar on Australia’s Gold Coast
Creative Productions had first invested Robe lights around three and a half years ago. The inventory now includes BMFL Spots, Blades and WashBeams, Spiider LED wash beams and Spikies, soon to be joined by the MegaPointes in time for the winter season.
The latest units - most of the BMFLs, all the Spiiders and Spikies and now the MegaPointes - have been delivered by Jands, Robe’s Australian distributor.
The new MegaPointes will be for stock as well as some imminent festivals like Splendour in the Grass 2019, a music and arts festival set in the picturesque North Byron Parklands for which Creative provides lighting and video production for all stages together with floor packages for around 70% of the artists.
(Jim Evans)

colour-sound-richard-ashcroft-ric042051162Colour Sound finds the rebel in Richard Ashcroft
Tuesday, 28 May 2019

UK - Richard Ashcroft’s lighting has been designed by Jonny Gaskell since 1996 and the heydays of The Verve. Ashcroft’s fourth solo album and top 10 hit Natural Rebel dropped at the end of last year and he was back on the road recently in the UK with lighting and video once again supplied by Colour Sound Experiment.
At the start of each touring project, Ashcroft will present Gaskell with a series of ideas. “He’s a demanding client but in a good way,” comments Gaskell. “He knows what he wants and what he doesn’t like, so that’s always an essential starting point, beyond that, he trusts me to come up with an appropriate design.”
For this leg of the tour they were playing several academies, theatre and town hall venues, culminating in London’s Olympia, so it was decided to bring video in just for the London show. For the other gigs, the visual emphasis was all on lighting.
Ashcroft originally only wanted Johnny to use variations of white light, but he managed to persuade him of the creative benefits of sneak in the odd bit of blue or red primary here and there!
It’s always been an edgy, stark look onstage, with Ashcroft preferring the emphasis to be on the music rather than himself, and to be lit by shadows, silhouettes and the margins and subtleties of negative luminance.
Given those specifics, any lighting also must have the capacity to go huge for the big anthemic numbers.
“I chose the fixtures for flexibility and to produce the multiple textures and layering needed to make the show look good on an ac

galaofhappiness2Chauvet adds to Gala of Happiness
Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Belgium - For the past six years, Gala of Happiness has been operating on an interesting premise: to provide an uplifting explosion of musical enjoyment in the darkest depths of winter. At the 2019 event, which was organized by Vayamundo, an afterparty of epic proportions saw chart-topping Belgian band Please Don't Kill The Clown take to the stage at the Kursaal Oostende.
Brought in to create an uplifting visual backdrop for the performance were local production specialists Fluxx Eventing - Animatie, who specified 28 Chauvet Professional ÉPIX Strip IP as part of their lighting concept, all controlled via a ChamSys MQ80 console.
With the goal of the annual Gala of Happiness to foster feelings of well-being and enjoyment as an antidote to the long winter nights, Fluxx Eventing - Animatie utilised the ÉPIX Strips IP to develop an uplifting visual aesthetic. Thanks to their ability to create warm white wash effects - in addition to a multitude of pixel mappable looks thanks to the fixture's 50 pixel mappable LEDs - the 1m-long ÉPIX Strips IP served as a luminous interface between the music and the good vibes within the audience.
"The ÉPIX Strips provided the visual link between the audience, stage and band by giving the whole room a kind of visual consistency," commented Attila Dept of Fluxx Eventing. "By working with the linear form of the ÉPIX Strips, we were able to make a simple but highly variable lighting design that looked luxurious and created positive energy."
Dept and his team positioned the ÉPIX Strips in two arrangements. First

etc-dick-titusETC names Dick Titus as CEO
Friday, 24 May 2019

USA - The ETC board of directors has appointed Dick Titus as president/CEO, reports the company.
Titus has led the management team at ETC for 17 years as president and five years before that as COO. He joined the company in 1990.
ETC says in a statement: “The company is dedicated to maintaining the legacy of its co-founder Fred Foster who passed away earlier this year. As ETC continues to grow and develop, Fred’s people-focused and high-quality leadership perseveres. The company remains privately held with an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) that helps to secure the business as an independent company for the future.”
Titus comments: “It’s an honour to lead the executive staff. Together, we have a vast amount of experience serving the people of ETC and our customers. We have a unique culture and I am committed to building that for years to come. We have always been a company built on a model of personal responsibility. Our path of consistent growth continues to come from the wide variety of talents of our dedicated staff around the world.”
(Jim Evans)

pm3loGLP impacts on Post Malone world tour
Friday, 24 May 2019

World - One of the most successful, if at times controversial rap/rock stars, Post Malone has shown on his current world tour his total command of arena stages as a solo performer. The multi-platinum artist has been assisted in no small part by his lighting designer Ben Dalgleish.
The LD showed his creative skill six months ago at PostyFest, the artist’s one-day festival in his native Texas, where he used 133 of his favoured GLP’s X4 Bar 20 battens at the Dos Equis Arena in Dallas. But on this latest arena tour, which began in February in Dublin, moved to mainland UK and Europe, and is presently in Australia and New Zealand, his approach was entirely different.
Explaining the conceptual background, the American-based New Zealander said that with beams intending to fire between an overhead ‘top box’ and a ‘runway’ on the ground, they had found they could replace the proposed sheet lasers entirely with the X4 Bar 20s . . . an epiphany of sorts discovered during the month spent in pre-production at Fly By Nite rehearsal studios. “That was the major change,” he said. “We then replicated the lighting under the riser, and with the beams shooting up we could create a good interplay between bottom and top. We created an iconic look for the song Candy Paint, based off a unusual rainbow effect with the X4 Bar 20’s.”
The rig was based around making the Bars in perfect symmetry around the side of the boxes to produce clean lines. “The fixtures locked together well to create those straight lines,” he says, “but it required great atten

weatherfestival3Weather Festival gets immersive with EPIX
Thursday, 23 May 2019

France - Creating an immersive environment at a music festival starts with the stage, but it by no means ends there. This was the guiding philosophy that Vincent Rautureau and his team at Giglam SA followed when lighting the Weather Festival, which returned to Paris’ La Seine Musicale on 27 April after a two-year hiatus.
Rautureau and his associates certainly endowed the stage with dynamic looks to support the pulsating sounds of international EDM and alternative music stars like Daniel Avery, OKO DJ and Ciel, but their creative vision also extended beyond the immediate performance area. Seeking to engage the festival crowd on multiple levels, they turned much of the event’s island venue into a vibrant panorama with help from 140 Chauvet Professional EPIX Strip IP fixtures, supplied by Alive Events Angers.
“We positioned the EPIX Strips on all of the festival site’s bridges,” says Andreas Monschauer, lighting engineer at Giglam. “This turned the bridges into graphical elements, which really integrated the whole festival into one panorama. Using the strips this way gave our design a whole other dimension.”
Adding to the impact of the EPIX Strip IP fixtures were the stunning video images and patterns that Giglam pixel mapped on the one-meter RGB LED strip fixtures, using a ChamSys Magic MQ500 console.
“Displaying the graphic effects on the ÉPIX Strips was very important to creating an overall look that tied the festival together,” says Monschauer. “The ChamSys console made it much easier for us to create these looks. We c

dot-trainingDWR hosts dot2 training in Cape Town
Thursday, 23 May 2019

South Africa - After a successful dot2 training course created, hosted and taught by DWR Distribution in Johannesburg, there was a demand for the same training to take place in Cape Town. The training was brought down to the Cape by Olebogeng Boinamo from DWR.
“It was booked out with 12 people and it filled our Cape Town offices,” says Olebogeng. Each student had access to the system as there were three dot2 consoles from DWR, three of those in attendance had their own dot2s and the rest worked on dot2 on PC. This illustrates the different levels that exist in the field and the impact of the dot2 console, with avid users and newcomers both attending the course to develop their skills, because the console and related PC platform are being used so frequently in the industry.
“The students reflected the Capetonian relaxed attitude as they were eager to talk and ask questions which usually requires an ice breaker but right from the word go they were participating.”
The students were also keen to provide feedback and one noted the dot2 training was the most complete and professional training he had received so far, reflecting the dot2’s importance and Olebogeng’s passion.
(Jim Evans)

joe-lycettLED Creative supports Joe Lycett series
Thursday, 23 May 2019

UK - LED illumination specialists LED Creative supported scenic designer Andrew Gates, lighting director Stuart Pring and the team at Joe Lycett's Got Your Back.
Filmed in front of a studio audience at h Studio, London, the series features comedian Joe Lycett serving up a healthy dose of consumer justice as he exposes a variety of scams, appalling customer service and unacceptable consumer standards on behalf of the people of the UK.
Helping to acheive the show’s bright, playful look, LED Creative provided their Pulse Wands, Alpha 60 and Byte System to deliver vibrant colour and optimum control over the set illumination.
In building the boldly coloured design, the scenic designer cleverly integrated LED Creative Alpha 60 throughout the structural components and backdrop. Additional runs of Alpha 60 were concealed above and below the raised stage area to create a halo effect around its perimeter.
LED Creative Pulse Wands were also applied to the installation dynamic shape and form.
Lighting director Stuart Pring says: “The plug-and-play nature of LED Creative’s Pulse Wands make them ideal as a simple to rig, highly controllable solution. The ability to manage the colour and intensity of the output allowed us to add some interesting effects to the set.”
The LD continues: “The design featured semi opaque perspex lightboxes which were rigged with Pulse Wands to form abstract illuminated shapes. We also positioned them behind the windows that flanked the stage and behind the audience adding a further dimension to the wi

robe-north-america-charlie-hulmeHulme joins Robe North America team
Wednesday, 22 May 2019

USA - Robe North America has announced the appointment of Charlie Hulme as business development manager. He will focus on advancing systems sales and the coordination of installation projects.
Robe North America co-CEO Lorienn Cochenour comments: “As business development manager, Charlie will be a perfect partner with Tal Janowitz in managing the Robe Anolis architainment brand and representatives, and he will also liaise with our Robe regional sales managers on permanent installation projects.”
Hulme is based in Austin, Texas and will be travelling extensively in his new role. He has been involved in entertainment lighting for around 30 years, including working for two high profile American moving light brands in this time. He brings extensive experience to the Robe equation.
Josef Valchar, CEO of Robe s.r.o. states: “We offer a warm welcome to Charlie. He already has a great synergy with many of his ‘new’ colleagues and we look forward to his energy and commitment adding another dimension to our already fantastic, highly motivated and very successful team in North America.”
Robe North America has also just relocated to a new 32,000sq.ft purpose-built office and warehouse space in Davie, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
(Jim Evans)

getPR goes for total integration at GET
Wednesday, 22 May 2019

China - PR Lighting took a fresh approach to their 558 sq.m. booth design at this year’s four-day GET Show at the Poly World Trade Centre in Guangzhou.
The company’s CEO Dave Liang reverted to an idea originally floated at the 2017 edition where they presented a united booth with other suppliers, in order to show customers a completely integrated, ‘finished’ solution. This year they collaborated with experienced Chinese LED display company, DGX, as well as laser company, Magical Laser and acoustics specialists, Lianhui Acoustooptical.
“These are all necessary facilities in most projects, particularly events, tours, club installs, and customers like to be able to see how a full project solution will look,” says international director of sales Ernie Armas.
On the other side of the booth, in anticipation of a strong international presence, there were three function areas - a product showcase for each company at the front of booth, a bar in the centre of the booth and a ‘dynamic’ stage for lighting the show at the rear of the booth.
Into this backdrop, PR presented the 580 Series, which debuted at Frankfurt Prolight+Sound earlier this year. This included two waterproof units (Aqua 580 BWS and Aqua 580 Beam), as well as two indoor units, XR 580 BWS and XR 580 BEAM. “The all-new IP66 moving heads are already being extremely well received by our customers,” Armas confirms.
(Jim Evans)

elumeneLumen8 moving beam draws the crowds
Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Europe - eLumen8 has continued to expand its range of professional moving heads with the introduction of the 9RE Beam. This moving beam is powered by a MSD 260R9 (8000K) discharge lamp, allowing users to create sharp 2.5° beams and gobos.
Showcased at the recent PLASA Focus Leeds tradeshow, this latest addition by eLumen8 has been designed with the lighting designer in mind as it not only has top quality optics and motorised focus, it also features two prisms that can be used simultaneously, giving the user a host of options to create stunning light shows.
Andrew Jeffrey, Prolight Concepts Group managing director,comments: “This is the first of several new movers aimed at the rental and installation markets to be released in the coming months. The 9RE has been over 12 months in development but well worth the wait.”
Additionally, this moving head features 12 colours (plus 5600K, 3200K and open) and 17 fixed gobos (plus open), along with an on-board six-push button menu with 1.8” LCD display, and selectable 16 bit pan and tilt with auto correction. Combining its high output and perfectly focussed beam the 9RE boasts all the fundamental features you would expect from eLumen8, making this a n ‘event ready’ luminaire designed to “unleash creativity in lighting designers and installers alike in the theatre, television and touring sectors”.
(Jim Evans)

technic-consultstefan-schwarzlTechnic Consult upgrades with Picasso and Paladin
Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Austria - Event technology provider Technic Consult has been a satisfied customer of Elation products for years, relying on products like the Platinum Beam 5R and FS 15R followspot.
The company has recently opted to upgrade its inventory, adding the new Artiste Picasso LED moving heads and multi-functional Paladin effects.
Technic Consult has been active in event technology for over 25 years. Located in southern Austria, near Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, the company manages lighting, sound, video and staging for live events of all kinds, including theatre, handling everything from planning to implementation. “We have been working with Elation products since 2013,” says Stefan Schwarzl, head of lighting at Technic Consult. “The reliability and quality of the equipment and personal support provided by Karl Lager have made our decision to invest in Elation much easier.”
Commenting on Technic Consult’s decision to add the Artiste Picasso to inventory, Schwarzl says: “We wanted a universal fixture that we could use as a spotlight for live concerts but also use in the theatre area. The combination of high-quality spotlight with shutters was decisive for the purchase and the price:performance ratio is very good.”
Technic Consult also sought to replace some aging wall washers and chose the multi-functional Paladin with zoom, an IP65 effect that can function as a wash light, blinder or strobe. “The performance and size of the Paladins were key in their choice but also the fact that they are outdoor rated. We look forward to using them f

chroma-q-space-force-jwa-fashion-show-credit-4friends-film-pic1-pressChroma-Q Space Force on the catwalk
Wednesday, 22 May 2019

UK - Lighting designer Stuart Pring has used Chroma-Q Space Force LED soft lights to illuminate the JW Anderson February Autumn/Winter Fashion Show.
Pring has previously worked on The 2018 Teen Awards, a variety of television studios including for NBC/ESPN’s Wimbledon Studio, and TV series John Bishop in Conversation.
The JW Anderson Fashion Show was hosted on an 11m square catwalk, which required Stuart to deliver an even coverage of light across the entire area. For this, Version 2 - lighting rental specialists for the Television, Broadcast and Event industries - provided Stuart with 36 Space Force tuneable white LED soft lights.
Pring comments: “I needed to achieve an even wash of daylight white light, to faithfully reproduce the colours of the models' clothing. The fixture's output was flawless in creating a seamless coverage across the entire catwalk area. In addition, being LED there was minimal heat emission, which was perfect for the room's low 5m high ceiling with 300 attendees.”
He also praises the quality of the light for photography applications: “The output of 5,600K gave the perfect colour temperature for the photographers, and the adjustable PWM, flicker-free operation ensured the live stream on the JW Anderson website and Facebook page rendered beautifully on camera.”
(Jim Evans)

ld-heida-supervising-ld-trainee-louise-on-the-ma3grandMA3 in the mix at SPOT festival
Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Denmark - SPOT, an annual music festival in Aarhus showcasing up-and-coming Danish and Scandinavian talents, saw 300 artists and bands perform across 25 stages throughout the city.
Lighting designer and programmer Heiða Kristín Ragnarsdóttir used a grandMA3 light console to run lighting on her stage, reserved for WILM (Women In Live Music) a European non-profit organisation that supports women working behind the scenes and backstage. For the first time, this stage was run by an all-female tech crew.
Ragnarsdóttir reports: “The MA system is my first choice for everything from theatre to concerts. It is very important for me to be able to personalize the setup to fit my needs of the moment which the grandMA2 software does easily. It is highly reliable, has intuitive controls and a lot of flexibility in programming which makes it ideal for ‘busking’ festivals.
“For a stage with a very varied genre of performers it was important that each performer had a lighting design to fit their aesthetic. A play on warm and cool along with dramatic side and backlighting gave us a good foundation to accommodate everything from Greenlandic metal to reggae for children.”
Lighting trainee Louise Bagger adds: “Being a self-taught lighting technician and coming from a different type of console I was excited and a little bit nervous to try out the grandMA3, but thanks to Heida, I quickly gained an understanding of the console, and of how easy it is to personalize a setup to your exact needs. The console design offers a nice straightforward outlook of

adjADJ goes for gold at Children’s Winter Games
Tuesday, 21 May 2019

USA - Established in 1968 and sponsored by the Olympic Committee, the longstanding International Children’s Games branched out in 1994 with the launch of the Children’s Winter Games. This year the competition was held in Lake Placid, New York, giving young athletes from across the globe the chance to compete at the highest level in a wide range of winter sports.
While the Games are all about exceptional sporting achievement and fostering the exchange of ideas between athletes from different countries and cultures, it’s also about putting on a memorable show for the spectators. And that’s where ADJ comes in.
Having worked with the historic Olympic Centre on countless competitions, lighting designer Eric Wilson was brought in to deliver an epic lightshow for the Children’s Winter Games opening ceremony, jumping at the chance to work on a prestigious sporting event that was headed to the US for the very first time.
Part of the challenge for Eric was translating the event’s ethos and themes into a lightshow, while considering the practicalities and limitations of lighting a large 8000-capacity venue. A long-time user, he called on a wide range of ADJ’s versatile fixtures and controllers to actualize his vision for the opening celebrations.
Inside the large arena, 12 ADJ Vizi BSW 300s and 12 ADJ Vizi Beam RXONEs formed the crux of the lighting setup. The ceremony was laid out in a horseshoe shape, with a central facade and truss archway forming the visual focus for the audience up in the bleachers. To ensure enough coverage across thi

hoodieMartin MAC Encores tour with Hoodie Allen
Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Europe - Hayden Borgars has covered a broad spectrum of shows during his career as a lighting designer, including a wide range of music genres, corporate, dance and theatre. Most recently he joined forces with American rap artist, Hoodie Allen (Steven Markowitz) for a British and European tour, at venues ranging from the 700-capacity Garage Glasgow to 2,000-capacity Shepherds Bush Empire.
Travelling with him throughout was an inventory of 18 VDO Sceptron 10, four MAC Encore Performance Colds and two AURA XB, which combined as the cutting-edge Martin Professional lighting package, supplied by rental company, Siyan.
The tour was set up essentially as a pre-album promo tour in advance of Hoodie’s next album release.
Given the nature of the venues, Hayden drew on his vast theatre experience where he’d deployed Martin fixtures previously, generally the MAC 250’s. For this show he was able to create the same dramatic effect to complement Hoodie’s performance.
Hayden used the Aura XB’s as a sidelight downstage, while the Sceptrons were mounted on a goalpost pipe located upstage as a central set piece, and the MAC Encores were on risers either side of the drum kit.
He explained: “Being the first time I’ve worked with a Hip-Hop artist I wanted to try something different. By using a spot fixture, I was able to bring in something extra that you don’t often get to use outside of theatre whilst combining it with some classic hip-hop style lighting.
“The colour mixing and dimmer curve on the MAC Encore Performance Colds is real debuts at PLASA Focus Leeds
Tuesday, 21 May 2019

UK -, the one-stop, online shop for gobos and projection products, exhibited at PLASA Focus Leeds 2019 where the team showed off its new, high resolution glass gobos.
“The new glass gobos render images in much finer detail than has been previously possible,” explains CEO Paul de Ville. “The exquisitely fine resolution allows much greater detail to be produced on smaller gobos, and has been created in response to the huge improvements in optical quality of most modern lanterns. The resultant HR gobos give the lighting designer more scope, not only allowing for more detailed images, but also enabling more accurate adaptation of standard gobo designs to fit on the new generation of smaller gobos used by many moving light fixtures.”
In a further development for the company, chose PLASA Focus Leeds to introduce an additional brand into the portfolio, will join CutColourPlus, the filter cutting and supply service, and Inluster lighting consultancy under the umbrella. is, with immediate effect, a UK distributor for one of the last remaining independent lantern and follow spot manufacturers, LDR of Italy, which produces a complete range of profiles, Fresnels, soft-lights and follow spots, each of which are available with LED, discharge and traditional tungsten light sources, for entertainment technology as well as display and architecture.
To head this new division, has employed well-known and respected industry figure,

jamie-kStage Electrics appoints South Coast consultant
Tuesday, 21 May 2019

UK - Jamie Kluckers has joined the technical sales consultant team at Stage Electrics. Based on the South Coast, Jamie is responsible for developing new business and maintaining existing relationships with customers in this area.
With over 20 years’ experience as a technical and production manager, Jamie had a long-standing relationship with Stage Electrics as a customer. “As a freelancer, Stage Electrics were my go-to supplier, it’s great to now be part of the team,” comments Jamie.
“Jamie’s appointment falls in line with our continued expansion,” says commented Paul Roughton, national sales manager at Stage Electrics. “Having Jamie join us with his knowledge and background is a real positive and he is a perfect addition to the team.”
(Jim Evans)

robe-bob-shacherlRobe’s Bob Schacherl steps down
Tuesday, 21 May 2019

USA - Bob Schacherl, co-CEO of Robe North America, has announced that he will be stepping down from his post on 30 June 2019.
“After nearly six fabulous years working with one of the most innovative and inspiring moving light manufacturers, which has included amassing a sales ‘dream team’ covering all regions, helping to take the brand to the very top of the entertainment lighting industry, it is time to spend more time with my family and in developing several ongoing projects,” he stated.
Bob joined Robe at the end of 2013, just prior to the launch of the BMFL range of powerful high brightness fixtures that have become one of the Czech Republic based brand’s signature products.
His career began in the 1980s with Blackstone Audio-Visual also based in Bob’s hometown of Austin, Texas.
This became Blackstone Productions / Lightwave Research and then High End Systems. His career continued with a stint at Vari*Lite.
Robe’s CEO Josef Valchar says: “It has been fantastic working with Bob – he has brought a lot of energy and we have all learned and benefitted from his vast knowledge, his great personality and commitment which has been very enriching. We wish him all the best in the future.”
Robe’s sales director, Harry von den Stemmen, adds: “Bob has really delivered during his time at Robe: He has built and coached an excellent sales team, and with his expertise in intelligent lighting, has helped place Robe firmly on the map in North America.”
(Jim Evans)


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