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willowcrystallakechurchChauvet lights acoustic church service
Thursday, 2 January 2020

USA - As one of the lighting designers at a dynamic and active house of worship, Nic Vazquez is accustomed to creating live production designs. It’s something he helps facilitate every week at Willow Crystal Lake. Recently, Vazquez had to dig deep into this well of experience, when he had to adopt a different mindset by lighting the church’s first all-acoustic service in its new building.
“We’ve always done more anthemic style experiences, where I build visual momentum around the intensity of the music,” said Vazquez. “However, with the acoustic sets, I didn’t have the same musical builds. Instead I had to centre the design around long cue times, gradual colour shifts, and more subtle details to allow the lighting to accentuate the music.”
Vasquez met this challenge with help from an extensive collection of Chauvet Professional fixtures. His rig for the acoustic service featured Maverick MK2 Spot, Rogue R3 Wash, Rogue R2 Spot and Next NXT-1 fixtures as well as COLORado par units and COLORado Batten 72 Tours.
Flying four MK2 Spots on the proscenium beam and four on trusses between the side and center screens, he has them fill a variety or roles including back lighting, layering and soft patterned beam effects. Drawing on the gobo capabilities of the 440W LED fixtures, he also relies on them to add depth to the stage.
The Rogue R3 Wash fixtures in his rig were also flown on the proscenium beam. “These fixtures become much more than a wash,” said Vazquez. “Using the macros and “virtual gobos” creates eye-candy and drive

casting-crowns-hillsong-elevation-tour11Adaptable Elation rig for Christian music tour
Thursday, 2 January 2020

USA - Seth Jackson was called on by Premier Productions to design lighting for a special fall concert series that saw three of the most prolific bands in Christian music tour the US to packed houses. The special USA arena tour featured multi-platinum-selling artists Casting Crowns, Hillsong Worship, and Elevation Worship, three top acts that brought together their devoted fan bases all under the same roof for a night of music, worship and praise.
Jackson designed an adaptable rig using 51 Elation Proteus Rayzor 760 and 20 Smarty Hybrid LED moving heads, along with 12 Elation Protron Eclypse multi-effect lights, and then turned it over to each group’s design team to put their own different touch on. Lighting supply was by Bandit Lites.
The 17-date circuit kicked off 1 November in Memphis, Tenn., making stops in major cities across the country before culminating in Hartford, Conn. As all three acts were out on their own headlining tours prior to the special concert series, coordination could have proved especially challenging. Premier Productions therefore felt it was important to have a general-purpose designer to put it all together, “basically a designer to create a sandbox for everybody to work in,” as Jackson describes it. “It was a good decision because it was very last minute as far as the acts were concerned and there was very little rehearsal time.”
Despite the pre-tour frenzy, Jackson had months beforehand to communicate with each artist and camp, valuable time that allowed him to consult with each band about their wishes. “It

lfpsburlingtonarcadeLFPS backs Burlington Christmas installation
Thursday, 2 January 2020

UK - Technical event specialists LFPS has been helping bring a suitably seasonal look to the arcade situated on Piccadilly in Central London in celebration of its 200th Burlington Christmas. Working with creative design agency L’Atelier 5 and expert paper artist Andy Singleton, LFPS leant their extensive rigging and technical expertise to help bring the installation to life.
Running the entire length of the grade II listed building, the design features a giant golden Christmas ribbon, pirouetting amongst snowflakes and fairylights above the splendiferous shopping arcade below. Colour coded to match the arcade’s architectural styling the golden hues and crisp, white snowflakes delivered a wonderfully festive look, floating effortlessly overhead.
Speaking about the project, LFPS managing director Rob Myer says, “It’s always exciting to be a part of high-profile installations such as this. Supporting our friends at L’Atelier Five, our team have helped create a stunning, elegantly festive look that complements perfectly the architecture of the Burlington Arcade. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!”
Working in shifts over three consecutive nights, taking care of all rigging and electrical work at the site, the LFPS crew installed 200m of specially powder coated, white scaffolding tube using over 120 rigging points within the arcade. The 160m long ribbon structure was then carefully suspended in place, delicately interspersed with thousands of individually cut paper snowflakes.
For an extra touch of festive magic, the team ad

hes-sola-series-makes-film-debut-in-ford-v-ferrari-3HES Sola makes film debut in Le Mans ‘66
Thursday, 2 January 2020

USA - High End Systems SolaFrame fixtures made their US screen debut in the 20th Century Fox film, Ford v Ferrari. The film is released under different titles worldwide such as Le Mans ‘66 throughout Europe, and Contra lo impossible in Mexico and Argentina.
Los Angeles-based Lux Lighting was the first to purchase 12 SolaFrame Theatre High-CRI units last year, and when the SolaFrame 3000 launched last summer, they quickly ordered a dozen of those as well. Both were deployed in the filming, which started in July 2018 in Los Angeles.
Actors Matt Damon and Christian Bale play starring roles in the real-life 1966 battle between auto manufacturers Ford and Ferrari in building a superior car for the 24-hour Le Mans race in France.
Although there were plenty of loud racetrack scenes, Lux Lighting owner/LD Mike Bauman - who served as gaffer in the film - chose the SolaFrame Theatre for its completely silent operation. No fans means no noise - which Bauman says it critical in his industry. “Sound is as equal to picture in the film business,” he notes, “so this fixture is a perfect fit.”
Bauman adds: “Sola Frame Theatre really functions on two critical pieces: dead silent operation and high CRI white light engine. On a film set with today’s digital cameras, maximum lumen output has become less of a criteria and colour fidelity is much more critical. During prep, we tested both the SolaFrame Theatre and the SolaFrame 3000 with the High Fidelity engine. Ford V Ferrari’s cinematographer Phedon Papmichael was impre

adjADJ fixtures bring in New Year in Helsinki
Thursday, 2 January 2020

Finland - The biggest New Year’s Eve party in Finland takes place in the country’s capital, Helsinki. It features an outdoor concert showcasing some of the nation’s top performers during the build-up to a firework spectacular at midnight. For the 2019 celebration, 70 ADJ fixtures formed a significant part of the concert lightshow that was not only witnessed in person by a large crowd but also by a million viewers on state television channel, YLE.
Taking place in Helsinki’s Senate Square, and attracting a large crowd despite the harsh winter weather, the concert featured a largely female-driven line-up. The headline performer was popular Finnish singer-songwriter Vesala, who had released a new single and look just days before the event. Also performing was trend-setting pop singer, Vesta, who delivered a powerful performance as the climax to her break-through year on the pop scene.
The show was opened by a spectacular display from the Maria Baric Company with their fire circus, featured a set from DJ Orion, and was hosted by Ernest Lawson from the popular Finnish TV comedy show Putous and local TV personality Sampo Marjomaa. Mayor Jan Vapaavuori also delivered the traditional New Year’s speech before the main firework display at midnight.
The event is organised by Helsinki Marketing, which is a company owned by the City of Helsinki. It is responsible for Helsinki’s marketing and business partnerships, as well as producing events within the city. As when any public organisation is undertaking a project, supply of the lighting production fo

claypakymanatour2-copyClaypaky dominates record-breaking Maná tour
Thursday, 2 January 2020

USA - A large complement of Claypaky lighting fixtures hit the road with Mexican pop rock band Maná when the multi Grammy Award winners launched their North American Rayando el Sol Tour in September. The tour is named after the band’s first hit single.
Maná was founded in Mexico in 1986 and has become one of the most successful rock bands in Latin music history. They have sold more than 40m albums worldwide and won four Grammys and eight Latin Grammys. The Rayando el Sol Tour kicked in Corpus Christi, Texas and wrapped in Los Angeles in December playing more than 30 dates. Their seven-show LA appearance at The Forum broke the six-night record of Kanye West and The Eagles.
Menga Cruz, lighting designer and lighting and video programmer for Maná, chose 122 Claypaky Mythos2, 24 Sharpy Wash and 22 Scenius Unico fixtures for the show’s rig, which he obtained from 4Wall.
“I have been working with Mythos since 2015; I think I was the first person to take Mythos on tour,” says Cruz. “I know Mythos so well now, I know all of its capabilities even ultra-fast movement. Mythos is part of my creative process – when I am drawing and imagining the cues for each song I know exactly which gobo I want to use and which effect I want to apply.”
Cruz used the Sharpy Washes on Stage C, a small stage behind FOH, which provided the more intimate moments of the show. “We needed a small moving light with a good wash, CMY and good color saturation,” he says. “With all those requirements there was no other option on the market but the Sharpy Wash.

hercules0003r-sml-joan-marcusAyrton Perseo-S shows its strength in Hercules
Friday, 20 December 2019

USA - Ayrton Perseo-S compact multi-function luminaires, which have been developed for intensive outdoor use, made their US debut at the Public Works musical adaptation of Hercules in the Delacorte Theatre in Central Park. Tony Award-winning lighting designer, Tyler Micoleau, selected the new fixtures, with an IP65 enclosure rating, for the Labour Day weekend production, which traditionally wraps a summer of Shakespeare in the Park outdoor shows.
Hercules is based on the Disney animated film and featured the entire score plus several new songs. The production was from The Public Theatre’s Public Works initiative, which invites communities across New York to create ambitious participatory theatre. More than 200 New Yorkers took part in the dynamic production.
The show marked the first time that Tyler Micoleau has used Ayrton fixtures. Micoleau has worked on three other productions at the Delacorte, including two previous Public Works shows. “Historically, we have used a mostly conventional rig but have now migrated to LEDs and movers like a lot of the industry,” he says. “But they are more fragile outdoors, so we were interested in what was available with an IP65 enclosure rating. We knew that moving from housings that make it very labour-intensive and impractical to swap out lights to a weather-resistant fixture was a big deal.”
According to Alex Brandt, lighting supervisor for The Public Theatre: “We swap about one moving light a day in the park that’s non-IP rated. A humid day can be as bad for them as a rainstorm.”<

christmasmarket2Chauvet lights Ravenna Gorge Christmas Market
Friday, 20 December 2019

Germany - The Black Forest’s steep Ravenna Gorge hosts an annual Christmas Market.
Lending a magical quality to this event, and contributing to its visual appeal, is the 40m high railway viaduct that runs directly over the site. With its massive arches towering above vendor booths selling Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte and other holiday treats, the viaduct has become a symbol of the Ravenna Gorge Christmas Market.
Accentuating the viaduct’s majestic architectural features and enhancing its transformative effect on the market this year was an outdoor lighting design by Bächle Event & Media that featured 30 Chauvet Professional COLORado 1 Quad IP65 rated fixtures.
Positioned at the base of the viaduct’s arches, the RGBW fixtures were used to bathe the towering structure in an array of evocative colours. The colours that washed the viaduct were changed throughout the four-weekend event to create a variety of atmospheres that reflected different moods.
With its high output (1510 lux at 5m) and tight beam angle, the COLORado 1 Quad had the throw distance to cover high up on the viaduct. At times, however, light from the fixtures was focused for shorter distances to create different effects.
Bächle Event & Media’s Michael Thoma, who has been lighting the Ravenna Gorge Christmas market for over six consecutive years, noted that the colour rendering capability of the COLORado 1 Quad was only one of the reasons it was selected for this project. “The colourful illumination of the bridge was a big factor,” he says. “The othe

theatre-chatelet-etc-high-end-systems-photos-jonathan-grimaux-05132ETC and HES arrive at Théâtre du Châtelet
Friday, 20 December 2019

France - After more than two years of renovations, the celebrated Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris has recently reopened its doors to the public. With the intention of restoring the venue to its original splendour, the project saw the inclusion of an array of products from ETC and High End Systems.
Christophe Leuba - one of the venue’s two lighting managers who assist lighting director Renaud Corler - recognised the potential of ETC Eos consoles after attending an ETC training session. “I loved the event and as soon as I got back to the Châtelet I arranged an ‘Introduction to Eos’ session for our entire team,” says Leuba.
Subsequently, two Eos Ti consoles were installed in the theatre’s control room - one of which is used in the audience during creation phase - and a more compact Ion Xe 20 was chosen for use elsewhere.
Even though decision-making for lighting control and power control was not connected at the outset, the Eos consoles chosen complemented the Sensor3 Power control system selected, with both product families originating from ETC. “It's really convenient to be able to control the dimmers from the consoles,” says Bernard Maby, the theatre’s other lighting manager. “In addition, it’s very nice to have the feedback directly on the desks.”
The electrical room features seven Sensor3 power control racks fitted with 582 modules, plus 24 modules in an additional rack for lighting. The team opted to work in sACN for communication between consoles, dimmers and fixtures.
Technical solution provider Dushow was ap

sellersville-theaterphoto-by-tina-pastor2Sellersville Theatre 1894 upgrades with Elation
Friday, 20 December 2019

USA - When Sellersville Theatre 1894 north of Philadelphia sought to upgrade its aging lighting rig early in 2019, the venue contacted Artistic Concepts Group for a solution and ended up demoing a number of potential fixtures.
“Michael Wysolmerski at Artistic Concepts was very patient and brought in dozens of lights to demo,” recounts the theatre’s technical director and production manager, Daniel Faga. “We both knew the Artiste DaVinci was the winner as soon as we saw them in the space.”
Sellersville Theatre 1894 is an intimate and historic live performance venue located adjacent to the even more historic Washington House Restaurant & The 325-seat auditorium with cabaret seating is exceptionally busy, hosting hundreds of national and international acts every year.
“Our diverse line-up of performances ranges from comedy to theatre to music of all genres,” states Faga, who has worked at the theatre for 12 years and also serves as show tech and lighting designer. “In any given week, we could have a blues guitarist Monday, a metal band Tuesday, a solo folk singer-songwriter Wednesday, a sketch comedy troupe Thursday, a movie screening Friday, a bluegrass quartet Saturday and a classic rock act Sunday. Therefore, versatility was key in our light system upgrade. With such a wide range of shows, we needed a lighting rig that could feel like a big arena rock show one night and an intimate acoustic show the next.”
Seeking to upgrade some older conventional lighting, PAR cans and Fresnels, Faga evaluated Elation’s Artiste DaVin

zimmerman-spring-2020-fashion-show-1Martin lights Zimmerman launch in New York
Friday, 20 December 2019

USA - To create immersive lighting displays that compliment the colours of the Zimmermann Spring 2020 clothing line, Enlumen recently deployed a Martin by Harman lighting solution at the New York Fashion Week Zimmermann Spring 2020 Fashion Show.
Founded by sisters Nicky and Simone Zimmermann in 1991, Zimmermann is an award-winning Australian fashion label with 27 stores located throughout Australia, the U.S. and the U.K. Zimmermann recently unveiled their spring 2020 collection during New York Fashion Week.
In order to illicit a more emotional response from the audience, Zimmermann worked with renowned lighting specialists Enlumen to create an immersive lighting solution that accentuated the signature pastel colours of their new collection. To meet these goals, Enlumen designed and installed a Martin by Harman lighting solution featuring VDO Sceptron 10 linear LED video fixtures.
“We were hired to create an atmosphere to match the design that the Zimmermann team created for their spring 2020 line,” explains Shawn Kaufman, lighting designer, Enlumen. “We had three arrays of Sceptron fixtures hanging over the audience, all working cohesively to create colour and effects. They wanted a very strong feeling of colour throughout the whole space. Throughout the show, the tubes cycled through solid colours, matching the main colour theories of the collection.”
Enlumen deployed 150 Martin VDO Sceptron 10 LED video fixtures in three arrays to create a vibrant, immersive lighting display for the event.
“The colours and the feel of the lig

robe-skalar-mx-fronton-mexico-ska010057407Pointes for SKALAR immersive art installation
Friday, 20 December 2019

Mexico - Light artist and designer Christopher Bauder and composer / music producer Kanding Ray brought their epic immersive kinetic light / sonic art piece SKALAR to Mexico City for a five-week installation, which also featured seven live shows in Fronton Mexico, on the Plaza de la Republica, right in the heart of this massive megalopolis.
Ninety Robe Pointe moving lights plus 65 x double-sided mirrors each with a perimeter ring of 180 addressable pixels and suspended on 195 x custom WHITEvoid motors were at the core of the work.
SKALAR premiered at Kraftwerk in Berlin last year. The former turbine hall of the derelict old power station provided a dramatic, charismatic, industrial cathedral-like backdrop for this powerful piece. It was a huge success, and Christopher’s ambition was always to tour it to other cool places around the world.
Fronton Mexico offered similar installation and spatial parameters for the lighting, mirrors / kinetic winch system and audio set-ups, but being a black box space, it was a completely new environment in which to present the immersive SKALAR experience.
These challenges appealed to Christopher, David Letellier (Kanding Ray) and production manager Martin Kuhn who has worked with Christopher on several projects and is based in Germany and Mexico.
Whilst essentially the same show, some of the soundscape and lighting cues were reimagined for Mexico. While nothing needed radical changing, Christopher and David took the opportunity to finesse their intricate collaboration with the experience

variliteVari-Lite’s VL10 delivers for Fever 333
Friday, 20 December 2019

UK - In November, lighting designer Hayden Borgars included the VL10 BeamWash from Vari-Lite in his design for the UK tour by California ‘rapcore’ band, Fever 333. Using the VL10 BeamWash for the first time, Borgars found its effects versatility, speed and power to be “a perfect fit” for his design.
With the band’s famously unpredictable live performances, Borgars looked for versatile, fast fixtures that could offer endless effects variety, while responding quickly to sudden changes in the show’s flow. “Being able to adapt and move the fixtures was crucial to choosing the VL10s,” he says. “The zoom range was also great and, for this fast-paced show, very necessary - particularly how fast it can go from a 2.2° beam to a 48° wash.”
Borgars was especially keen to explore the possibilities provided by Vari-Lite’s VL*FX Animation wheel. “This was the perfect opportunity to use the VL10, with its limitless possibilities of what we could achieve,” he says. “Exploring the VL*FX Animation wheel, and how I could add this to beam looks, aerial gobo effects and wash looks, just brought so many possibilities and unique looks for me to work with.”
Borgars also found the VL10’s colour and intensity of output, which he described as “particularly impressive and punchy”, to be ideally suited to generating the looks he wanted to create for the band. He concludes: “The VL10 completely exceeded my expectations. It’s such a versatile fixture, there are so many uses that I can see it would serve a purpose for.”
(Jim Evans)

keith-urbanGLP in full pixel mode on Keith Urban tour
Thursday, 19 December 2019

USA - Tom Sutherland of DX7 Design, along with creative director Brian Burke, provided lighting and production design for country singer Keith Urban’s Summer Festival Tour, which has been running this past year. The lighting rig comprised mainly GLP’s popular X4 Bars and JDC1 hybrid strobes.
As well as providing creative direction for Urban, Tom has already made a name for himself Stateside, winning the KOI Sword last year for his work on Pitbull’s Las Vegas residency and tour.
The Keith Urban tour also had a Las Vegas segment thrown in, with a spot at the CMT Awards in Nashville and two valedictory nights at The Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace, also co-designed with Brian Burke, to round off the tour.
With Hunter Selby assisting in the lighting design, the DX7 Design team commandeered 200 impression X4 Bars and 50 JDC1’s from PRG.
DX7 Design already has numerous touring and prime time reality show and popular entertainment TV credits to its name in both the US and UK. Along the way they have frequently used GLP solutions in their scenography, notably X4 Bars and JDC1’s, most recently on Westlife’s The Twenty tour and Dancing With The Stars.
“For Keith Urban’s Festival tour, the driving factor was creating the greatest impact on a festival stage while making the touring aspect of the production as scalable and manageable as possible,” states Tom Sutherland. “The entire rig had to be able to load-in and load-out quickly and efficiently and be able to be scaled according to the vastly different capabilitie

ac-sp-weymouth-promenade-lighting-pic-1-copyright-lewis-brown--tonkin-liuAC-SP lights Weymouth waterfront scheme
Thursday, 19 December 2019

UK - A.C. Special Projects (AC-SP) has provided a LED system to illuminate Weymouth’s 1.2km seaside promenade in a dynamic lighting scheme inspired by the local community.
The Weymouth Promenade Artistic Lighting Scheme is part of a portfolio of connected projects which aim to improve physical, digital and emotional connections to the coast in Dorset, funded by the Coastal Communities Fund and coordinated by Dorset Coast Forum.
Owing to its exposure to the outdoor elements and sea air, the scheme’s lighting system needed to conform to marine grade levels of durability in every area of its specification.
LED specialists, AC-SP worked with Dorset Council and scheme lighting designer, Tonkin Liu to supply all equipment and assist with the system’s installation methodology and programming.
AC-SP project manager, Chris Little worked with the company’s installation team to specify a fully weather-proof custom solution which would deliver maximum reliability and longevity.
Working with a HERS-certified electrical contractor, AC-SP installed 112 1.5m Traxon Media Tube HO IP66 RGB LED fixtures, which were selected for their flexibility and suitability to coastal environments.
The fixtures were retrofitted to the bay’s existing street lights infrastructure, which are dispersed at intervals along the length of the promenade between the Pier Bandstand and the Pavilion. Each column has four Traxon Media Tube HO RGB fixtures, which utilise Traxon’s Quick Connect Cable to allow easy installation.
AC-SP re-configured each tube

sdc2Sydney Dance Company celebrates with Martin
Thursday, 19 December 2019

Australia - The Sydney Dance Company recently celebrated its 50th anniversary with a double bill featuring two starkly different performances illuminated by lighting designer Ben Cisterne with Martin Professional MAC Encore Wash WRM fixtures.
Established in 1969, the Sydney Dance Company has a broad community beyond the practice and performance of its lead dancers who believe in the universality of dance, and with the largest public dance class programme in Australia, they help over 70,000 people a year connect with the grace, strength and creativity.
To commemorate its 50th anniversary, the company performed a short run of special back-to-back performances from 1-9 November at the Roslyn Packer Theatre in Walsh Bay. The first piece performed, 6 Breaths, was choreographed by the company’s artistic director Rafael Bonachela to an original score for piano and six cellos by Italian composer Ezio Bosso. Twelve dancers clad in ripped black clothing danced on a dark, smoke-filled stage, with abstract animations projected onto a scrim downstage between movements.
The second piece on the programme, Gideon Obarzanek’s Us 50, contrasted the first performance with a bright, open setting and an energetic electronic score by UK musician Clark. The piece featured an impressive 50 performers, including current and former company dancers as well as members of the community. Lighting designer Ben Cisterne illuminated the show with Martin Professional MAC Encore Wash WRM fixtures as recommended by Ian Gerrard from Intense Lighting, relying on their

pwl-bruges-wintergloed-180353-the-sourcePainting Bruges with Light for Wintergloed
Thursday, 19 December 2019

Belgium - Painting with Light (PWL) has created a 2km walk-through lighting and visual experience in the centre of Bruges to add atmosphere, luminosity and magic for the festive Wintergloed (Winter Glow) season.
Commissioned by Bruges Plus, the organisation responsible for the town’s cultural events, PWL’s winning pitch was led by Peter van den Bosch (business unit manager for leisure & entertainment’) and lighting expert Iiris Rousku who designed the various lighting artworks with their team.
It comprises a series of elegant, eye-catching, ephemeral and different lighting and projection-mapped installations, located in six different areas.
Each installation was inspired by an aspect of the warmth and hospitality of the people of Bruges and its many visitors over the different generations.
Different approaches were taken for each work - some can be observed, some can be touched and interacted with and others are fully immersive.
Some add a playful touch, others utilise synesthetic philosophies and ideas related to colour changing and mood empathy, while others riff with nearby textures, materials and natural elements like water reflections.
This, the first edition of Wintergloed includes the lighting of pathways, waterways, streets, buildings and monuments, trees and foliage, bridges and numerous other spaces and objects along the route, plus a special custom construction - The Cathedral - built in the Station Square, which is lit and projection-mapped.
One goal of the overall scheme was enabling visitors t

stadsteatar-matildarahmELC gives flexibility to Stockholm City Theatre
Thursday, 19 December 2019

Sweden - ELC Lighting has announced that Stockholm Stadsteater (City Theatre will benefit from a new ELC Lighting network distribution system based around the dmXLAN Node8GBx range of DMX-to-network converters.
The system, including 63 dmXLAN node3 units purchased from ELC Lighting distributor mLite AB via local dealer Intersonic, is being installed across multiple performance spaces as part of the Stadsteater’s technical renovation.
Situated at the heart of the city in the bustling Kulturhuset cultural hub, the Stadsteater is one of Sweden’s most popular theatres, producing up to 40 productions each year on its various stages. Its new ELC dmXLAN system, which operates over Art-Net, sACN and Shownet as standard protocols and offers remote programming and monitoring via ELC’s dmXLAN software, is set to provide a new level of flexibility throughout the site.
The Stadsteater’s main house, where new lighting trusses are soon to be installed, will house seven dmXLAN Node8GBx units, each offering eight fully programmable DMX ports and a dual Gigabit port switch with user interface.
“We wanted to rethink how the lighting consoles send out their sACN,” says Stadsteater technical manager, Tommy Leandersson. “Even if we only have eight full DMX universes from the lighting consoles, we could spread all the outputs on multiple universes so we can use dedicated, fixed universes on every lighting truss. With a standard 8-port node and DMX-splits you are limited within those eight universes - we are not. We can use any universe, wherever we wa

decadethehalls-1Bandit lights Decade The Halls festive tour
Wednesday, 18 December 2019

USA - Tenth Avenue North, the multiple Dove Award-winning band recently wrapped their fan-favourite Decade The Halls tour this Christmas season, with special guests Plumb and Land of Color. , which explores the last 100 years of popular music with the costumes, set and lighting reflecting the styles of music Bandit Lites provided the lighting system for the show ranging from Christmas pageants to candlelight services.
“The big directive for the tour design is it needed to contain looks that reminded audience of every decade of the music they’re hearing,” explains lighting designer Mike Marcario. “Combined with logistical directives to keep the system simple enough to be set, teched, ran and struck by a one-man lighting crew, while also living within a lower than usual weight restriction due to transportation, I believe we landed on a production design that accomplishes all of it.”
Bandit Lites supplied GLP X4S, Elation CuePix WW2 Blinders, Chauvet Rogue RH1 Hybrids, Chauvet Nexus 4x1 fixtures and Mega-lite Circa Scoop LEDs, a fixture that Marcario shared doubles as the workhorse and time machine of the lighting.
“Starting the night only using the warm LED in the centre, similar to a large old incandescent bulb, then adding the RGB colour mixing and pixel mapping element as we get to the decades where that technology emerged allows me to easily paint looks from each of those decades,” he says.
“As the tour takes place mostly in churches and theatres, the lighting system has to stand on its own without any support overhead fr

robe-signal-festival-prague-2019-6-photo-dusan-vondra-b4a0821Robe in harmony at digital arts festival
Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Czech Republic - Robe was a sponsor of the 2019 Signal Festival in Prague, the Czech Republic’s best-known multi-platform event celebrating the fusion of digital arts and technology.
A series of provocative lighting and video installations turned a series of hand-picked sites, areas and buildings across the Czech Republic’s vibrant capital into temporary gallery spaces for four days, attracting a diverse and inquisitive audience eager to explore new experiences created with multiple lightsources - video mapping, large format laser projections, moving light performances, etc.
This year the additional resonance of the date made it 30 years since the ‘Velvet Revolution’ which saw the peaceful transfer of power (in then Czechoslovakia) from a one-party communist system to a modern parliamentary democracy.
To mark this, various festival works touched on the themes of freedom of expression, change, transformation and evolution.
For Simple Harmonic Motion for Lights at the Czech Museum of Music, London-based visual artist and creative technologist Memo Akten utilised 32 Robe MegaPointes to create a high impact installation, a fluid and reflective work in the museum’s main hall.
The magnificent building, formerly the Baroque church of St. Mary Magdalene, was built in the 17th century. While the MegaPointes were at the heart of the artwork, the airy interior was low-lit with eight Robe Divine 160 RGBW LED wash lights and 14 RobeStrobes.
Robe also supplied six BMFLs, Divine 160s and haze and fog machines to another Signal 20

cyranophoto-by-monique-carboni3Artiste Van Gogh lights Cyrano in NYC
Wednesday, 18 December 2019

USA - Tony Award-winning lighting designer Jeff Croiter turned to Elation Professional’s Artiste Van Gogh LED wash moving head to light a new musical adaptation of Cyrano starring Peter Dinklage at the Daryl Roth Theatre in New York.
The classic tale of unrequited love premiered in November and has received praise for its design. Separated into five acts, Croiter says he uses the Artiste series fixtures to fulfil a different role in every scene of the play. “Their versatility was key and that’s what made these the perfect light for Cyrano,” the designer stated. “It’s my first time using them and they’ve worked perfectly.”
Croiter, who has over 25 years of Broadway and off Broadway lighting experience to his credit, uses the Van Gogh fixtures from an upstage position as the backlight system, forgoing conventionals or fixed position LED backlight. “There aren’t a lot of moving lights in the plot, so I wanted something with flexibility to be able to move around to use either as wash lights to cover the whole stage or to pinpoint certain moments and as specials. They move subtlety and either expand or contract the space.”
The theatrical-grade Artiste Van Gogh houses a high-CRI, 380W white LED engine for a high-quality, flat-field light and includes a 4-blade framing system. It also comes with interchangeable PC or Fresnel lens options. The designer says, “Cyrano is a period piece and not a rock show so I didn’t want to call too much attention to the face of the light. But, all of the lights were exposed so the a

turboray-strictlycomedancingTurboRay dazzles on Strictly debut
Wednesday, 18 December 2019

UK - High End Systems’ TurboRay automated luminaire recently made its UK TV debut on celebrity dance show Strictly Come Dancing. The fixture featured as part of a special guest appearance from Irish pop band Westlife during the show’s annual jaunt to Blackpool.
“It seemed the ideal opportunity to showcase TurboRay’s possibilities,” says Strictly lighting designer, David Bishop. “Westlife were performing a medley of their hits, which allowed for full use of the fixture’s various tricks. And, being so powerful, TurboRay stood out well in the visually ‘busy’ environment of the Blackpool Tower Ballroom.”
Strictly has been visiting the famous ballroom since the show first began in 2004. It’s a massive highlight of the show’s run every year and it’s the aim of many of the celebrities “to make it to Blackpool”, but relocating the show from its Elstree Studios home is not without its challenges.
“Our Blackpool outside broadcast is always a tricky week,” says Bishop. “We take our show, which has been running in a set-standing stage for two months, and have to produce a show of equal complexity on location in just five days. Within this, the guest act is provided just 30 minutes of setup and rehearsal time; then is struck out in order to record a different section, and rebuilt and recorded in just 20 minutes.”
Despite the production conditions, Bishop was pleased with the result. “I enjoyed the TurboRay's contribution and really appreciate the support that High End Systems gave in bringing

guys-and-dolls-4-mountview-robert-workmanWL enrols at Mountview with new investment
Wednesday, 18 December 2019

UK - White Light has supplied a range of new lighting fixtures to Mountview, following the drama school’s move to its new premises in South London.
Mountview offers vocational training at foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate level in performance and production arts. Last year, after a 17-month build, it opened the doors to a new building in its new Peckham home. This included the creation of a new 200-seater auditorium, which required a range of lighting fixtures. As an organisation that has worked closely with Mountview for several years now, WL was approached to provide the equipment.
Mountview’s senior lighting tutor Alex Cann, comments: “Moving into a new space opened up the opportunity to have the very latest technology match these state-of-the-art facilities. Whilst the new building was still under construction, we’d already started to think about the type of fixtures we’d need to invest in. We were keen to draw on LED products as we knew these would dramatically reduce our energy consumption as well as lower operating costs; mainly due to their longevity. The equipment also had to be industry-standard as it would be used by our students who need to familiarise themselves with this technology prior to them graduating.”
To decide which fixtures to invest in, Alex and his team attended various tradeshows across the country as well as product demonstrations. He explains: “Having seen a whole range of products, we made a shortlist of our desired kit and approached WL to supply this; knowing of their strong relationship with t

chamsysprogrammersChamSys programmers impress judges
Wednesday, 18 December 2019

USA - One London-based lighting programmer took home a brand-new MagicQ MQ70 console as he triumphed in ChamSys’ Programmers Competition, which took place during the LDI 2019 tradeshow in Las Vegas.
The contest required programmers to programme a large Chauvet Professional rig for a one to three-minute song of their choice using MagicQ with MagicVis Visualization, with the top three entrants invited to playback their entries live at the trade event.
“We were blown away by his incredible work,” said the panel of judges in a statement announcing that Matt Blake had won the contest.
Chris Kennedy, director of ChamSys, added: “Matt made excellent use of the different fixtures on the lighting rig, created lots of different visual effects some static, some moving and made the most of ChamSys powerful control abilities to create a stunning show. This is all the more amazing since it was created without access to the real fixtures, only using ChamSys MagicVis.”
Also earning recognition for their efforts were runners up Cody Atwell of Jacksonville, FL and Brian LaPoint of New York City.
The MagicQ MQ70 console is the latest offering in the compact console range from ChamSys. Small enough to comply with the carry on restrictions of all airlines, including budget carriers, the MagicQ MQ70 features a 10.1” Multi touch display, with illuminated encoder and fader tracks. The console supports 24 universes with an option to expand to 48, and has three network ports enabling ArtNet and sACN direct from the console.
(Jim Evans)


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