The Alien O5 is an elegant recessed colour changer from Martin Professional, which opens up new design possibilities in retail and themed environment illumination thanks to its stylish design and interchangeable colour possibilities. The compact and powerful Alien 05 is made of die-cast aluminium and offers eight interchangeable dichroic colour positions, plus open white. The Alien 05’s adjustable spherical head can be angled and swivelled in any position. It can be used as either a recessed ceiling fixture, or be positioned in a wall as an uplight, downlight or sidelight. The beam angle is 55-degrees and a special long life MR16 lamp (3000 hours) is included. The Alien 05 is also electrically dimmable using an appropriate transformer.

Colour and intensity can be controlled for various colour presets with colour sequences also controllable. With the Alien multi-driver unit, it is possible to connect a total of up to 24 Aliens on six independent driver outputs. A standard network cable using RJ-45 connectors can be used for easy daisy chaining of multiple units.

The unit has three different control options: in the simplest control option - a dipswitch - it is possible to select a predefined colour change from a setting of the dipswitch. The dedicated operator panel, Oracle 05, ensures intuitive programming and playback and features an LCD display. Finally, there is the option for control via any DMX controller.

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