Regatta Grove in Coconut Grove’s Regatta Harbour
USA - Breakwater Hospitality Group - the Miami based team behind hotspots like The Wharf, Carousel Club, and John Martin’s - unveiled their latest concept, Regatta Grove, in Coconut Grove’s Regatta Harbour, this summer.
The gathering spot offers four culinary outposts by Michelin-starred and James Beard Award-nominated chefs, live entertainment, and impressive waterfront views. Regatta Grove is situated on an approximately one-acre waterfront property. The venue features multiple decks, a walkway to the waterfront, direct access to the marina, and even dockage for guests who would like to arrive by boat. Green lawn areas for entertainment and wellness programming surround the space.
“What sets Regatta Grove apart from any other venue in Miami is its location,” said Alex Mantecon, co-founder of Breakwater Hospitality Group. “The venue is inspired by the essence of the sailing and boating community we all grew up enjoying in the neighbourhood. As Miami locals, we have an immense appreciation for this community and wanted to create a one-of-a-kind experience that will resonate with the people of Coconut Grove.”
DRVCS Productions came to 1 Sound after experiencing an outdoor 1 Sound demonstration in Miami, and specified 1 Sound’s premium IP55 rated loudspeakers for this outdoor venue on the water.
The venue boasts three large outdoor bars, and a capacity of nearly 1,000 people. The large main bar sits under an open structure made from a repurposed 20,000sq.ft airplane hangar, designed by architect firm, Cube 3. Here DRVCS installed Tower LCC44s in white on the column posts utilising the Wall Bracket accessory. The Tower columns provided even coverage with their wide 120 degree dispersion pattern and hit support the target SPL levels for the energetic atmosphere. For the bass, six CSUB610s were placed in this space, making it an ideal audio design for resident DJs as well.
For music playback in the rest of the entertaining spaces and seating areas Cannon C5s were utilised. Some were placed in garden beds and aimed toward the seats using their dedicated C-Clamp accessories. The food station’s Cannon C5s were mounted on the face of the built structure with a C-Clamp. For one of the bars two Cannon C6s were utilised to provide a little more impact. The Cannons extended low end, small form factor, amount of SPL, and their high-fidelity sound quality make them a great and versatile loudspeaker that can stand alone for music playback.
Like the loudspeakers used in this installation, all 1 Sound loudspeakers are IP55 rated and have stainless steel accessories available.

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