Now showing at the North Star
UK - One of the UK’s largest independent pub companies, Amber Taverns operates a network of more than 160 outlets across the North of England, Scotland and Wales. The North Star in North Shields is one of the latest additions to the company’s roster, opening in October 2023 following a major renovation including a complete AV overhaul.
Overseeing all aspects of the AV specification and installation, Bolton-based TVC Technology Solutions were tasked with providing an all-immersive AV package, including 4K LED Hospitality TVs, signal distribution systems to mirror programming delivered to other pubs across their current catchment area and a comprehensive Optimal Audio loudspeaker and control solution.
Speakers featured in the installation include Optimal Audio’s Cuboid 8 two-way, full range passive loudspeaker and the Sub 15 high-power sub-bass cabinet. Given the North Star’s lively environment (the venue offers a full BT and Sky Sports entertainment package for patrons) the Sub 15 plays a particularly important role in delivering sub-bass support of up to 135dB during busier periods.
Chosen for their designed-in robustness as well as their sonic performance, both the Cuboid and Sub feature steel grilles and tough plywood cabinets and their compact footprint belies their available power delivery.
The Optimal Audio loudspeakers are harnessed to a ZonePad 4 Wall Controller which allows touch sensitive control of up to four separate zones via six programmable presets. The easy-to-operate ZonePad is supported at the North Star by Optimal Audio’s WebApp, which staff access via iPad. WebApp’s cross platform design offers a simple and intuitive user interface for non-professional AV staff while allowing deep control of the complete system including EQ, routing, ducking and limiting where required.
Tiago Borges, TVC technical AV manager comments: “There are three main reasons that we chose Optimal Audio for the North Star Tavern (and for many of our other projects) - the ease of installation, commissioning and usability by staff, the range of options on the Z8P Controller for control, DSP and routing and the flexibility of control from the unit, wall panels and app.
“The fact that the Optimal Audio app is constantly updated is another important factor. We’re seeing regular updates, modifications and new features geared to the needs of integrators and end users, which is very welcome.
“Our main goal is to provide a solution to the client that works, gives great results and offers simplicity of use at the same time. And Optimal Audio is allowing us to do exactly that.”

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