Complete system configuration can be achieved through the WebApp
UK - Optimal Audio has released the latest update to its WebApp and Zone firmware, furthering the flexibility and features that enable the simplicity of set up and operation of its commercial audio eco-system.
Zone is a series of zonal audio controllers with DSP and advanced configuration via WebApp. They are easy to install, intuitive to operate and comprise 4 or 8 zone powered and non-powered versions. WebApp brings the technology behind the Zone controller series to the end-user. Traditionally, the control and operation of commercial sound systems has been a complicated inconvenience to many users, who just want the system to work. WebApp puts all the functionality that an installer requires, as well as the ability to then present effortless and intuitive control, into the hands of the end-user.
With touchscreen-optimised controls, the WebApp is designed for ease of use on any device. The responsive and intuitive interface lays out the fundamental controls in a clean, accessible format with the deeper, lockable layers for system configuration available for integrators and system commissioners.
Complete system configuration can be achieved through the WebApp with ducking, EQs, limiters, advanced signal routing, programmable presets, timed events and much more. WebApp also allows for the system configuration files within Zone series products to be saved and easily replicated across multi-site installations.
Version 1.0 is now available to download from Optimal Audio’s website and offers extensive new features, audio settings and improved user interface.
Installers can now hide unused zones to create a cleaner interface, as well as having the ability within each zone settings page to hide sources from the selection list and the microphone volume controls.
Matt Rowe, head of engineering, comments: “WebApp is our secret sauce to the success of Optimal Audio’s eco-system, and with this latest release we have extended the possibilities for the system integrator while improving the simplicity that can be presented to the end-user.”

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