Animesh Mishra (left) and Team Phoenix Networks with their newly- acquired DiGiCo Quantum 338
India - Event equipment rental service provider Phoenix Networks has invested in a DiGiCo Quantum 338 digital mixing console, coupled with the SD-Rack, the first ever Quantum 338 system in Central India. Alongside, the company has also acquired a Meyer Sound system comprising the Leopard modules complemented by the 900-LFC Low-Frequency Control Elements.
“As a company, our vision for success is deeply rooted in our relentless pursuit of audio perfection. And these strategic investments are a key extension of this ever-evolving pursuit,” says Animesh Mishra, director of Phoenix Networks.
Animesh explains that the power and adaptability of the Quantum 338 and SD-Rack setup was so impressive, that he was convinced it would be the perfect addition to Phoenix Networks’ already impressive line-up of digital mixing consoles.
He elaborates: “The DiGiCo Quantum 338 digital mixing console is a technical powerhouse and an absolute marvel of audio engineering. Offering a staggering 128 input channels, 64 busses, and a 24x24 matrix, all operating at a pristine 96kHz sample rate; it boasts unmatched audio quality, versatility, and an array of advanced features which make it a top choice in the industry.”
Of the new Meyer Sound Leopard system, Animesh notes: “Phoenix Networks' addition of Meyer Sound's Leopard line array modules accompanied by the formidable 900-LFC Low-Frequency Control Elements, exemplifies our determination to push the envelope of auditory excellence.
“We were the first ones in the entire country to invest into the revolutionary Meyer Sound Panther system; and our choice to expand our existing Meyer Sound arsenal with the Leopard line array modules and 900-LFC subwoofers emanates from our unwavering commitment to deliver an audio experience that stands unparalleled.”
According to Animesh, the acquisitions of the DiGiCo Quantum 338 console with the SD-Rack and the Meyer Sound Leopard line array modules alongside the 900-LFC subwoofers have now opened up a world of possibilities for Phoenix Networks, as he is confident that the company is now even better equipped than before, with the technical prowess to undertake mega productions, not only within India but also on international stages.
“One of the most exciting aspects that comes with these purchases is our ability to seamlessly adapt to diverse venues and event scales. Moreover, the compatibility and scalability of these systems enable us to extend our services beyond borders. We're excited about the doors these acquisitions have opened, and we look forward to setting new benchmarks in live sound, both at home and abroad."

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