Udo Willburger and Markus Jahnel

Germany - PRG EMEA is adding to its extensive lighting technology line-up with investment in the new ORON H2, becoming one of the first customers worldwide to have the IP65 hybrid moving head with phosphor-laser engine in its portfolio.

"The ORON H2 is a laser moving head with unique lighting options," says Udo Willburger, CEO of PRG AG. "While working in close cooperation with Cameo, we were able to use our specialist market view to support the engineers throughout the various development stages and fully test the ORON H2 during extensive visits to the Adam Hall Group’s Experience Centre. Here we also had the opportunity to discuss all the details with lighting designers and product specialists from Cameo.

“With its IP65 rating, this moving head not only offers flexible deployment, but also reduces our operational costs. For us, the ORON H2 is an investment in the future of lighting technology and will replace several discharge fixtures within our portfolio."

The Cameo ORON H2 is based on a 260-watt phosphor laser engine, which acts as an energy-efficient and long-lasting replacement for discharge lamps in the 480-watt class. Thanks to its laser technology, the ORON H2 serves as a future-proof and sustainable alternative in light of the upcoming EU ban on discharge lamps from 2027.

Markus Jahnel, COO Adam Hall Group, comments, "We are delighted that PRG, one of the biggest names in the event industry, has opted for the ORON H2. With its recent investment in the LD Systems MAILA line array system, PRG has already shown that it is one of the industry's innovation drivers and is confidently leading the way. We can't wait to see the ORON H2 with its hybrid capabilities on numerous stages."

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