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Mackie UK Launches HDR24 Hard Disc Recorder
Thursday, 25 May 2000

Mackie UK recently held a successful launch party for its new HDR24/96 hard disk recorder, at Metropolis Studio A, the Powerhouse in Chiswick, London. More than 150 industry people attended the event, including Tommy D of Catatonia, Bill Nelson, representatives from Radio 1's Dream team, Martin Rushent from Human League and numerous studio owners and producers. Two HDR demo stations were running throughout the day showcasing HDR alone, and also in conjunction with Mackie's Digital 8 bus mixing console. HDR is a 24 track 24 bit hard disk recorder will full sample accurate waveform editing software built in, which requires no external computer to operate.

New Ultra Violet Effect
Thursday, 25 May 2000

UV Light Technology's UV400 ultra violet special effects floodlight received its official launch recently. Prototypes of the UV400, developed by UV in co-operation with Temple Decor, were put through their paces at Glastonbury last year and on-location findings led to further refinements of the effect. The floodlight features a 400W lamp, uniform UVA distribution and a 90 degree beam angle. The company behind the product - UV Light Technology - is relatively new to the market, although MD Paul Jackson has over 15 years experience in ultra violet technology. To complement the floodlight, UV also offer a backdrop design and painting service, including 3D and dual image options.

DPA Microphones Take On Surveillance
Wednesday, 24 May 2000

Surveillance specialists Arkonia Systems is investing heavily in DPA Microphones 4060 miniature microphones, exclusively supplied in the UK by pro audio distributor Sound Network. The award-winning microphones are primarily used in broadcast and theatre applications, but Arkonia Systems has incorporated them into surveillance equipment which is sold to military and government departments around the world. Arkonia Systems managing director Len Robinson says: "We needed a very small, highly sensitive microphone that was capable of delivering excellent dynamic range and a particular polarisation field." Over 100 DPA 4060s have now been installed in Arkonia Systems patented surveillance equipment. The company is so impressed with the results it is achieving that it is ordering new stock at the rate of approximately 25 a month.

Shetland Council - Wireless With Beyerdynamic
Tuesday, 23 May 2000

The newly-refurbished Shetland Island Council building has just received a significant facelift to improve the way the facility is used and to open up the spectacular meeting chamber into a multi-purpose facility allowing it to be used for receptions, dining and weddings. Pivotal to the success of the upgrade was the implementation of the new beyerdynamic wireless conference system, the MCW series, giving the Council full conferencing facilities without the encumbrance of fixed installation. This means that custom modular interlocking furniture could be quickly put into place and the delegate microphone stations simply placed in position without connectors, wiring or fixing. The MCW system was released in the UK just six months ago and the Shetland installation is one of the first major installations and the first time that multi-media installation specialist ADS has used beyerdynamic conference products.

LSC Lighting Introduces iPRO Dimmer
Monday, 15 May 2000

Australian company LSC Lighting Systems has just announced the release of the iPRO dimmer , following on from the launches of their ePAK, ePRO, and e24 dimmers in recent months. The iPRO features 12 amps per channel, 100% duty cycle rated operation, hard-firing of the dimmer channel and temperature-dependent fan speed. With the same core structure as the ePRO, the iPRO incorporates a unique mounting system which allows the iPRO to be bolted to a solid wall or a 19" rack frame or resting on flat surfaces such as benches, floors or table tops. Utilising the same user interface as other LSC dimmers, the iPRO dimmer provides quick set up of the DMX512 address, individual drive control over any channel, scene storage and a choice of a six fade curves per dimmer channel. Five models are available offering a choice between 12 channels of 12 Amps, 6 channels of 25 Amps and a choice of output connectors. The iPRO is due to commence shipping at the end of June 2000.

Image Reality from SGI
Friday, 12 May 2000

At the TiLE (Trends in Leisure and Entertainment) show in London this week, advanced graphics specialist SGI claimed it has made a significant development in image realism for the interactive entertainment market, with the launch of the InfiniteReality3 (IR3) graphics engine for the Silicon Graphics Onyx2 visualisation workstation. Onyx2 InfiniteReality3 provides a powerful image generation system for immersive, real-time 3D graphic experiences. The solution will be used for planetariums, heritage visualisation and science centres to create multi-channel virtual environments where groups of users can interact directly with seemingly realistic surroundings. Onxy2 InfiniteReality3 handles high-resolution images using 256MB texture memory and improved texture mapping techniques. This, says SGI, will yield a four-fold increase in image quality over the previous-generation InfiniteReality2 (IR2).

Compact IR Transmitter from Auditel
Wednesday, 10 May 2000

As part of its family of IR transmitters for conference and associated communications applications, Auditel has introduced a new range of compact 4- and 8-channel models. Aimed at situations requiring simultaneous interpretation facilities, the new models - the TVR-4X and TVR-8X - can be rack-mounted or free-standing as required. Features include a test emitter diode enabling the operator to test or monitor language transmissions during simultaneous interpretation broadcasts, tape recorder output, headphone monitoring and individual channel switches.

Yamaha's All in One
Friday, 5 May 2000

The new AW4416 professional audio workstation from Yamaha is a complete stand-alone, 44-channel, 16-track, 24-bit recording studio with 12GB internal hard disk facilities (Expandable to 64GB). It incorporates many of the key features from some of Yamaha's most recent 'dedicated' products such as the 02R digital mixer, over 100,000 of which have been sold worldwide. The AW4416 will be available from July.

Thursday, 4 May 2000

Artistic Licence (UK) Ltd has released a new revision of the Art-Net Ethernet protocol. Art-Net is a TCP/IP protocol that provides a mechanism for transferring DMX512, triggering and console video monitor data over 10BaseT Ethernet cable. The Artistic Licence product DMX-Hub implements the Art-Net Protocol and provides input and output for four universes of DMX512. DMX-Hub can be used as a peripheral to a lighting console that outputs Art-Net or multiple units can be used to transfer DMX512 over Ethernet. In conjunction with the revised protocol, Artistic Licence has also released Art-Net View' which, as the name suggests is a test and analysis program for Art-Net.

Communications Technology Added to CIE Portfolio
Wednesday, 3 May 2000

CIE Audio has been appointed UK distributor for Communications Technology, the company set up by Tony Walker to manufacture a range of desk, paging and gooseneck microphones and accessories. "This range of microphones adds another string to the CIE bow, said Jon Doar, CIE Audio divisional manager. "Communications Technology's series of single, multi-zoned and pre-amplified desk mics perfectly complements our existing commercial lines from Inter-M, Atlas Soundolier and IC Audio."

MTFX Glitter
Friday, 28 April 2000

MTFX has recently invested in a new glitter (mylar) cutting machine which will allow them to provide a range of glitter and confetti products. In stock at present is over 200kgs of both gold and silver mylar fetti in stock which MTFX can now cut to any size or shape required.

Martin Audio Extends Cinema Range
Thursday, 27 April 2000

Martin Audio has introduced the Screen 2/2P system, which is aimed at small cinemas, preview theatres, screening rooms and post-production suites, and accommodates the various digital formats of modern films. Martin say the Screen 2, which can be run either active or passive (2P), exhibits low distortion, wide bandwidth and uniform coverage. Designed to be run bi-amped, the system uses a single 15in (380mm) LF driver, reflex-loaded with a single horn-loaded 1" (25mm) HF unit.Martin has also introduced the Effect 3R, a two-way passive surround system suited to medium-sized cinemas, screening rooms and under-balcony applications. It features an 8" (200mm) bass driver and a 1" (25mm) HF unit mounted on a 90 x 90 degree waveguide which controls directivity above 2kHz. The Effect 3R has THX approval from Lucasfilm. Both products have already debuted at the new Warner Bros screening rooms in London.

Pioneer Releases Revolutionary DJ CD Player
Wednesday, 26 April 2000

Pioneer has released the CMX-5000, an automatic-beat mixing twin-CD player for DJs. The CMX-5000 is similar to existing rack-mount CD player, but includes a number of developments. The CMX-5000 uses a sophisticated computer chip which analyses the beat of the music playing, adjusts the next track to match the beats per minute (BPM) and smoothly mixes one track into another. It also gives you a choice of four different blends and mix effects (standard cross-fade, cut, echo and zip). It can also auto beat mix seamlessly from any two tracks on the same CD. The CMX-5000 includes the features of the CDJ- 500 series, such as Master Tempo, Fader Start/Back Cue Play, seamless looping, re-looping, digital outs, super fast track search / track scan and a large jog dial. Another new feature is the transparent jog dial, which allows for a comprehensive data display behind each dial.

Avenger Launches Instrument for Soundweb
Wednesday, 26 April 2000

Avenger has released two new items for its Conductor and miniConductor show control systems. The first is a new driver designed for the BSS Soundweb which is being heavily used in conjunction with Avenger's Conductor at the Hannover Expo. The driver allows the Soundweb to perform fades when switching to another setting without the need for control from a PC running Soundweb software. Secondly, a new, slim eight-channel RS232-card has been added to the range of Conductor interface cards.

QSC to Unveil New DSP Module
Tuesday, 25 April 2000

QSC will introduce a new Digital Signal Processing accessory module at the NSCA Expo 2000 in Las Vegas, April 27-May 1. The compact module offers two channels of independent DSP and attaches to the back of most DataPort-equipped QSC amplifiers, without taking up additional rack space. Each channel handles a wide variety of DSP functions, including high- and low-pass crossover filters, high- and low-pass shelf filters, signal delay, compression, peak limiting, six parametric filters, two-to-one mixer, signal splitter and more. Other features include 24-bit, 48kHz converters, contact closures to trigger configuration presets, post-DSP output signal for daisy-chaining signal to other amplifier inputs, memory backup, and power and signal presence LED.

Amptown Success at Frankfurt
Tuesday, 25 April 2000

2000 marked the first full year of trading for Amptown Cases UK, and a debut appearance at the Frankfurt trade show, where the new SiP case inserts and flying RigRax cases generated an enormous amount of interest. The company's Steve Kane told PLASA: "We have been inundated with enquiries and orders from existing and new customers. In fact, the response has been so much better than we anticipated that we have been taking on new staff to cope with the extra workload."

TOA Corporation launch H-Series
Thursday, 20 April 2000

TOA Corporation launched the H-Series of loudspeakers at the Frankfurt MusikMesse this month, aimed at any application requiring unobtrusive units to deliver targeted quality audio. The H-3 and H-3WP have been designed for easy installation at above head-height, directly onto a wall, from where they can deliver quality audio in a 180 degree coverage pattern, eliminating audio dead spaces. Unlike bracket-mounted box-type speakers, the H-3 and H-3WP feature audio with minimum out-of-phase reflection from walls. The grille surface of both units is paintable, and weatherproof H3WP models are available for exterior installations.

Fostex Launches Clutch of New Products
Tuesday, 18 April 2000

Fostex has announced the launch of several new products. The VM88 is the company's first eight-channel digital mixer. Aimed at both live sound and recording applications, the VM88 offers 24-bit A/D and 20-bit D/A conversion, a 44.1 sampling rate and Fostex ASP (Advance Signal Processing). All channels have full three-band EQ, phantom power and individual inserts. The VF-16 is a new 16-track digital combined recorder/mixer with two built-in Fostex ASP digital effects. The unit has eight additional 'ghost tracks' for multiple takes. No compression is used in recording, and data is stored on its own internal E-IDE hard disk in Fostex's FDMS-3 format. Another first for the company is an active monitor - the NF-1A system. Bi-amped with two 60W amplifiers, the system incorporates a range of adjustable filters for different room characteristics. The system also includes an innovative woofer design – made from a combination of wood and banana pulp fibres which provide a clear sound down to 50Hz. Other features include full magnetic shielding.

Tannoy's New i7 Contour
Friday, 14 April 2000

Tannoy has launched its new i7 Contour infinite baffle installation loudspeaker, designed for high quality music and speech in applications where wide yet controlled coverage is required and discrete matching to the architectural environment is important. The i7 features four 4" bass drivers and a single HF driver housed in a slim cabinet for fixed installation applications, and exhibits dispersion characteristics of 70 degrees (v) and 110 degrees (h). In addition, the i7 is available in both charcoal grey and white finishes with colour co-ordinated grilles as standard and options include a stainless steel grille and the MB7 yoke bracket for easy mounting.

Three New Mixer Products from Citronic
Wednesday, 12 April 2000

Citronic has introduced three new mixer products. The entry-level CS-3 uses VCA Pro-Crossfade and industrial grade 'long life' Alps input faders for durability and smooth action; the VCA crossfader characteristics are also variable from Crab-Mix to Cross-Mix for maximum performance customisation. The CDM5:2k is an enhanced version of the successful CDM5:2, with the addition of three-band switched kills, while the high-end Station 9 has been designed to allow DJs increased use of outboard processing. Its PA mixer-style layout has a variable effect send that can be used pre- or post-fade on both microphone and music signal input channels. Unusually, it has five music-input channels as well as dedicated microphone that can be configured to provide up to three mics, nine CD/Line and two phono inputs.

Tannoy Speakers in Dolby SR
Tuesday, 11 April 2000

The small Yorkshire town of Pocklington is the location for the latest independent cinema, The Oak House, to open in the UK. The complex features a multi-use 200-seat cinema/theatre auditorium with a full-size Cinemascope screen - which rolls up into the ceiling for live theatre performance. The Dolby-accredited system uses Tannoy T300 SuperDual speakers for the LCR channels, with an additional six Tannoy i8 loudspeakers being used for the surround channel. Low frequency effects are boosted with a Tannoy B475 18" sub-woofer, whilst QSC amplifiers drive the system and two Tannoy TX3 controllers are used for maximum controllability.

It Could Chain-ge your Life . . .
Friday, 7 April 2000

Blackout Triple E has launched a new track system - ChainTrack. It utilises a duplex chain - the top portion for driving and guidance and the lower section from which the curtains or scenic objects are hung. Curtains can be attached to the chain using either a sliding carrier (on conventional straight type systems) or rings (fitting into the chain to provide a fixed distance between hanging points). It not only enables a motorised curtain to turn a 180° corner within a radius of just 30mm, it also allows operators to stack acoustic curtains in a cupboard with a series of parallel tracks. The system can also be used to construct a continuous moving background in a depth of only 100mm. In agreement with the inventor, Michel Morice sarl of France, where the system is already installed in both television studios and theatres, Blackout Triple E is producing and marketing ChainTrack worldwide as well as further developing the system and its accessories.

ColorBlast from Color Kinetics
Wednesday, 5 April 2000

Color Kinetics has introduced ColorBlast, which they claim to be the world's first digital lighting fixture designed to wash interior and exterior walls with rich, saturated colours and colour-changing effects. The product utilises Color Kinetics' patented Chromacore technology to generate over 16.7 million colours and colour-changing effects via microprocessor-controlled red, green and blue LEDs. The unit has built-in intelligence offering onboard control to run an assortment of pre-programmed lighting shows, including colour washes, cross-fades, random colours, fixed colours and strobes. The fixture also may be easily programmed and controlled externally by an industry standard DMX512 lighting console, a PC or Color Kinetics' own line of controllers.

New LCD Projector from Optoma
Tuesday, 4 April 2000

Optoma have produced a new compact and versatile LCD video projector for home theatre and commercial applications. The EzPro 540 features triple video input and projects in excess of 500 ANSI lumens, and can network between DVD, VCR and laserdisc appliances simultaneously. The unit weighs only 4.7kg and measures an unbelievably small 259mm x 162mm x 317mm. Other features include height-adjustment facility; onscreen display menu; remote control; projection size up to 160in; and exclusive Keystone correction to prevent distorted image. It also has an audio input/output function, and while it contains two internal 3W speakers, the EzPro 540 may also be connected to external speakers.


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