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optocoreOptocore reports positive reaction at ISE 2023
Tuesday, 14 February 2023

Europe - Optocore’s presence at ISE 2023 produced an outcome ‘far beyond the company’s expectations’. Sharing the booth with sister company BroaMan, the focal point was the Optocore party held to recognise 30 years since the founding of Optocore technology, and 20 years since the company itself was founded in its name.
Optocore marketing coordinator, Kamil Zajdel, reported a significant visitor bounce back following the years of the pandemic, and the show’s proactive expansionary move from Amsterdam to Barcelona.
“It was clear that confidence had returned and this was reflected not only in the number of visitors generally but also in the response to our party,” he said. However, the party has only just started, he affirms, and these anniversaries will be celebrated at further events that will run throughout 2023.
“A lot more audio professionals are now thinking ‘fibre’ and as a result, we found ourselves involved in a number of exciting project discussions.”
In particular, he believes the rental market appears to have “woken up” with the outdoor season just around the corner. “There was massive interest in our devices for the hire market,” he said, “specially the Festival Boxes and M-series.”
The former enables all protocols to tunnel over the same fibre so that multi-act events, and festivals in particular, can experience a seamless changeover at FOH. As for the M-series, the M8 and M12 MADI routers have all undergone significant upgrades since first being launched back in 2015.

hirehopHireHop adds free maintenance app
Tuesday, 14 February 2023

UK - HireHop, the cloud equipment rental software, has been adding new features at a rapid pace and has just released their new maintenance module that can also be run as a progressive web app on any device. The addition is free and has been automatically added to the software.
The maintenance module allows you to track repairs, log tests and services, move assets to different depots, change what an asset is, and much more.
The maintenance module is fully adaptive to all mobile devices and can even use your phone camera as a barcode or QR code scanner. You can also use inbuilt or linked barcode scanners or an RFID reader.
Another feature is that it enables users to do batch tasks. For example, if you have 50 items that you have just tested, you can use the bulk scan feature (even with the phone camera) that will let you scan the barcodes of the 50 items and then at the click of a button, it will log the 50 tests all at once.
Other features include assigning tests or repairs to staff, logging of parts and labour, plus more. The maintenance module is available for free to all HireHop users, including users using the free version of HireHop.

point-sourcePoint Source Audio debuts sub-miniature set
Tuesday, 14 February 2023

USA - Point Source Audio has unveiled its new Series9 sub-miniature microphone collection for professional users. Available in a variety of formats, the microphones deliver a combination of high max SPL with high sensitivity making them versatile and able to easily handle the ‘powerful vocals of a live sound event or the quietest whispers of a conversation in a studio’.
Despite the tiny form factor, the mics feature 142 dB max SPL along with a -39 dB mic sensitivity - ensuring it will deliver on every aspect of a performance with ease. This performance capability is matched by its practicality. Series9 has the added Endure connectors - with accelerated life testing to 12,000 bends - as a standard option to its long list of flagship features like the 360˚ bendable booms, 180˚ reversible earhooks, IP57 waterproof rating, and sanitization with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol.
“Typically, sub-miniature microphones having a high max SPL have a lower mic sensitivity and vice versa,” explains James Lamb, president of Point Source Audio. “This can mean choosing a different microphone based on the application, which is the right approach, but having one mic that is versatile enough for any audio setup that arises can be very convenient and cost-efficient.
“We designed Series9 to offer the whole package: performance specs with reliability backed by the numbers. The durability features of the ENDURE connector, IP57 waterproof rating, and boom durability will give sound teams peace of mind in an investment that will keep delivering for years to come.”

contrikNeutrik launches CONTRIK power distribution in UK
Monday, 13 February 2023

UK - Neutrik UK is introducing the Contrik range of professional power distribution products. Contrik extends the Neutrik Group’s product offering with a portfolio of power distribution systems, innovative equipotential bonding systems and premium-quality power cables, specifically designed and specified for portable indoor and all-weather harsh application environments.
Employing automated precision manufacturing processes within the EU, together with high-quality components and materials, Contrik systems offer ‘unsurpassed levels of quality, safety and reliability, and provide for reductions in cabling costs, complexity and man-hours’. Contrik’s multicore solutions further reduce complexity and cable volumes for demanding mobile and outdoor applications; these include pre-assembled multicore cables, power containers and power racks with multicore outputs, and highly protected multicore Turtles for distribution and daisy chaining.
Extensive testing for mechanical (IK) and environmental (IP) protection ensures Contrik systems are designed, constructed and designated to operate fully reliably in either ‘Xtreme’ or ‘Xtreme Outdoor’ environments.
The product range includes active (with circuit breakers) and passive (without circuit breakers) power distribution containers, racks, turtles and strips in various configurations, supporting Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 or Schuko connectivity, as well as a range of pre-assembled powerCON cables and power multicore cables.
The features and specifications that make Contrik power products suitab

holoplotHoloplot makes an impact at busy ISE 2023
Monday, 13 February 2023

Europe - Berlin-based Holoplot returned to this year’s ISE to reveal the beta version of its new design and simulation software Holoplot Plan as well as the new rigging system for its X1 product series - once again winning Best in Show in the process.
The X1 series - consisting of the Modul 96 full-range speaker and the Modul 80-S loudspeaker with built in sub - is a fully integrated system which combines sophisticated software and IoT capabilities. By combining 3D Audio-Beamforming and Wavefield Synthesis sound can be steered vertically and horizontally, directly to a listener’s precise location.
Holoplot brought these capabilities closer to the end user than ever before, delivering an open demo and seminar program, showcasing and explaining the effects of 3D Audio-Beamforming, coverage zones, virtual source localization and multi-zones on systems designs for some of its latest projects.
Workstations on the Holoplot Booth gave visitors the opportunity to get hands on with the Beta version of Holoplot Plan, the company’s newly developed sound system design software.
“We’re currently running an early access programme for Holoplot Plan, onboarding users via a tailored programme that provides a thorough understanding of Matrix Array technology,” says Michael Kastner, head of product at Holoplot. “Our programme allows designers to realise creative and effective Holoplot systems.
“At ISE we used Plan as a vehicle to explain X1’s capabilities. It’s been a great opportunity to visually illustrate what our technology can do

on-stageOn-Stage has designs on live and recording
Monday, 13 February 2023

Europe - On-Stage has added new lines designed for home recording, podcasts, broadcast, studio recording and live stage environment.
Featuring multiple hinges and swivel points within a reinforced construction, the new On-Stage Microphone Boom Arm, with a 32’’ reach, offers a wide range of mic positions with ease of mobility.
This professional boom arm also includes a 20 ft XLR cable installed within the arm, ready to accept standard mic clips or shock mounts. Quick and easy to install to flat surfaces via a sturdy C-clamp, the new On-Stage Microphone Boom Arm also includes a handy removable headphone hanger and, for self-promoting during videos, On-Stage has included a transparent snap-on sleeve to display websites or brand logos.
For use at home, in the studio, or live stage performances, the latest Tripod-Base Mic Stand features a lightweight and yet sturdy, heavy duty metal construction and non-slip rubber feet, offers rock solid stability, whilst the height adjustable shaft accepts standard mic holders, booms and accessories.
With non-slip rubber feet and height adjustable between 4.3"– 6.7" for comfortable positioning, the new lightweight fold-away On-Stage Tripod Desktop Mic Stand, with a durable tapered mic clip and small footprint, is suitable for a host of applications, perfect for podcasters, producers or DJs.
Acting as an acoustically transparent filter and available in a range of colours, green, grey, orange, purple and yellow, the new On-Stage Microphone Windshields, are not only to help keep microphones cleaner hy

boschBosch debuts PRM-4P600 power amplifier
Monday, 13 February 2023

Europe - Bosch has announced the launch of the PRM-4P600 multi-channel power amplifier for driving sound systems in commercial installations. As one of the most powerful products in the current portfolio, the PRM-4P600 significantly expands the application range for music and announcements.
Intelligent Bosch amplifier technologies enable flexible installation options and achieve low cost of ownership via reduced energy consumption. With a total amplifier power density of 600 watts and full flexibility over its four channels, the PRM-4P600 perfectly fits small to mid-sized commercial installations, such as retail stores, bars, restaurants, educational facilities, and more.
The PRM-4P600 features an industrial design housed in a robust enclosure that takes only 1RU of rack space and requires minimal ventilation space. Designed as a convection-cooled power amplifier, the device operates silently, making it also suitable for quiet environments. All the amplifier’s channels can be driven in 4 ohms, 8 ohms, 70 V or 100 V without compromising the available output power, allowing for a wide range of installation options.
The new powerTANK technology also adds flexibility, working like a power reservoir for the amplifier. With direct access to the total power of 600 watts, the PRM-4P600 can deliver asymmetric power to each of its four amplifier channels as needed (up to 300 watts per single channel). All available energy is efficiently used, which allows great flexibility – especially when driving multiple audio zones with different power requirements. <

next-la210xNEXT-proaudio unveils medium-format array
Monday, 13 February 2023

Europe - Portuguese manufacturer NEXT-proaudio has unveiled the LA210x, a medium format three-way, coaxial, active line array element designed to support a wide range of mid to large-sized touring applications and installations where easy to use, from transportation to installation and rigging, are critical. Built-in powerful DSP and amplification eliminates amplifier racks, long loudspeaker cables, and basic system calibration.
Custom made European transducers and a maximally optimised acoustic design provide sound fidelity at high SPL levels. The LA210x features dual 10-inch (3-inch voice coil) neodymium woofers and a coaxial ring radiator loaded by an exclusively developed OSWG waveguide. This acoustic design delivers ‘exceptional phase coherence and consistent coverage down to 300Hz and the most accurate transient reproduction’.
Engineered for both touring and installation the system is driven by a passively cooled 2000W 3-way Class-D amplifier module releasing 1000W for LF section, 500W for MF section and 500W for the HF section. Integrated universal mains power supply with PFC provides consistency and optimum performance anywhere in the world.
The three-point rigging system allows for quick and easy system setup. The LA210X elements are easily connected via two front links. A rear center link allows the user to define relative splay angles from 1° to 10°. The system will automatically lock to the predefined angles when lifting the array.

voidVoid Acoustics introduces multiple new products at ISE
Friday, 10 February 2023

Spain - Void Acoustics is excited to be celebrating its 20th anniversary throughout 2023. As part of this milestone, the company has added six significant new products to its extensive pro-audio catalogue; these were showcased at the recent ISE trade show on a dedicated stand and in a demo room.
The product launches span the touring industry, commercial sector and outdoor applications, as well as some new products which are applicable for high-end residential projects.
Arclite is a new, high-powered, arrayable point source loudspeaker designed to meet the demands of the touring industry. It is designed for pairing with the Arcline 218 and Arcline 118 subwoofers and offers scalability with maximum output and coherence, thereby delivering a true point source alternative to the Arcline 8.
The Arclite is tailored for audio integrators and sound engineers and “guarantees predictable behaviour even in the most demanding applications,” says Void. Dispersion and sound pressure levels can be configured precisely to best serve any demands. Arclite’s design also offers full summation up to 20kHz with no destructive interference, regardless of the number of enclosures incorporated in either a horizontal or vertical array, the company adds.
The installation market is the focus for the new Air 15 - an IP rated reflex-loaded 15” fibreglass subwoofer, complementing mid-high enclosures from both the Air and Cyclone series. Its large-scale output allows fully formed systems to be achieved in any environment.
Air 15’s non-resonant fibreglass

vortexEliminator Lighting launches Vortex scanner
Friday, 10 February 2023

USA - Eliminator Lighting’s Vortex is a compact and lightweight entertainment lighting fixture that offers an impressive output. Combining a potent gobo flower effect with a rotating mirror barrel, it generates a myriad of sharp pattern projections that together produce a room-filling effect. It is suitable both for permanent installation in all kinds of entertainment venues as well as for use by mobile entertainers and performers.
At the heart of the Vortex is an efficient 80W white light LED engine, which is positioned behind a combined colour and gobo wheel. This offers a selection of 10 colour and gobo pairings – including open white, a beam reducer and a multicoloured pattern – which have been carefully selected for generating both stunning aerial beam effects and intricate surface pattern projections. A manual focus knob is located on the rear of the fixture, which can be used to ensure sharp gobos at variable projection distances.
Inside the unit, the light from the LED engine is directed through the colour/gobo wheel onto a bi-directional rotating mirror dish, which multiplies the single 5-degree beam. Finally, the multiple gobo patterns generated by the mirror dish are reflected from the external rotating mirror barrel to output a myriad of animated beams. In addition to continuous 360-degree rotation, the mirror barrel can also pan through 180-degrees, which allows the fixture’s beams to truly fill an entire room.
Through varying the rotation speed of both the internal mirror dish and external mirror barrel, a wide variety of effec

l-acousticsL-Acoustics enjoys successful ISE 2023
Thursday, 9 February 2023

Spain - This year’s ISE once again saw the company appear in two halls - L-Acoustics in Hall 7 and L-Acoustics Creations in Hall 2 - and perform off-site demos for the new Ambiance Acoustic System. With L-Acoustics recording visitor numbers up 25% from last year, the show proved ‘a resounding success’ for the loudspeaker manufacturer.
The Hilton Barcelona proved a popular destination for demonstrations of L-Acoustics Ambiance, the active acoustics system, combining premium acoustics and the realism of immersive audio. Visitors were treated to live performances of a string quartet and Spanish guitarist to illustrate the benefits of this award-winning acoustic enhancement system.
On the L-Acoustics booth, visitors were given the chance to familiarise themselves with immersive sound mixing software L-ISA Studio, now available for MacOS and Windows, at interactive workstations. L-ISA Studio is an innovative approach to the workflow of spatial audio content creation.
Also at the booth were the latest dedicated installation loudspeakers and subwoofers, the award-winning Soka, SB6i, and SB10i, and the new high-power multi-channel amplifier, LA7.16i.
The L-Acoustics Creations booth attracted visitors with its Fiji 5.1 system, Tahiti 2.1, as well as the discreet trio of Soka, X4i and SB6i.
“ISE has always been a great place to meet partners and forge relationships with new ones, but this year proved to be an exceptional event, confirming that the industry is back and going from strength to strength,” says Jacob Barfoed, global director

nexo-epsNexo expands ePS installation speaker range
Wednesday, 8 February 2023

France - Since its launch back in 2021, Nexo’s ePS Series has gained a reputation for performance and value in professional installation loudspeakers. Manufactured in France, this range of two-way passive cabinets and partner sub bass units draws on the success of the PS Series, slimming down connection and mounting options, and taking advantage of new manufacturing techniques and driver design to keep prices down.
Already featured in installations around the world, the ePS Series of 6, 8 and 10-inch models and 12 and 15-inch partner subs is now expanded with the launch of the new ePS12 and eLS18 sub.
Like the other loudspeakers in the range, the ePS12 packages ‘all the Nexo hallmarks of high output, superior coverage patterns, directional control and musical performance into a compact trapezoidal-shaped Baltic-birch enclosure’, with a steel grille for IP55 certified weather resistance. Partnering a 12-inch neodymium long-excursion LF driver with a 1.7-inch diaphragm HF compression driver and Nexo’s trademark rotatable horn design offering dispersion options to the user, peak SPL @ 1m is an impressive 133dB, with a frequency response @ -6dB of 60Hz-20kHz.
The ePS12 can be stacked or flown with the new eLS18 1 x 18-inch sub which shares the same design aesthetic and extends LF response down to 32Hz. Dedicated accessories allow ePS cabinets to be flown beneath the subwoofer, creating small-footprint wideband systems that are visually pleasing.
All four main cabinets are minimally fitted with a hard-wired strip for connection, offering ge

avolitesAvolites announces replacement for Titan Mobile
Tuesday, 7 February 2023

UK - Avolites has announced the replacement of the Titan Mobile, which has now ceased production.
Avolites launched its smallest control surface the Titan Mobile in 2010, together with a companion wing. Over its 12 years of production, it has become trusted and depended upon world-wide by many thousands of users. Over the years the Titan Mobile has been equally at home powering live productions on all sizes of stage to major installations. Anywhere were a small footprint, reliable hardware and a powerful lighting software platform has been needed.
Created in collaboration with leading lighting designers, the new T3 is the lightest, smallest, most portable console Avolites has ever produced. It shares the new design language first seen in the Diamond 9, and together with the companion Wing they form an unbeatable portable control surface. The new T3 is the leading product in the PC powered, T- Series comprising of exiting products T1 and T2, now with the T3 and T3-W.
Paul Wong, Avolites managing director says: “We are hugely excited by the introduction of the new T3. Not just because it combines a user centred design approach, with high quality materials and components. But because we believe its reliability, affordability, familiarity, and ease of use will all contribute to the T3 being the ultimate tool for every Lighting Designer or Operator, for many years to come.”
The Titan Mobile Wing is still available to purchase to use with a Quartz console.

kl-panel-xl-ipElation IP65 KL Panel XL now available
Monday, 6 February 2023

USA/Europe - Lighting designers have been quick to adopt Elation’s KL Panel XL for soft light illumination in broadcast and film environments of all types. Now the full-colour-spectrum soft light is available in an IP65 version - the KL Panel XL IP - that makes it an even more versatile broadcast-quality luminaire.
The fixture’s IP65 design means the KL Panel XL IP can be used in a wider range of applications and locations. Suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor settings, it is an ideal soft light solution for on-location applications. Its weatherproof design allows it to function properly in harsh environments and adverse conditions, eliminating the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance and saving both time and cost.
The KL Panel XL IP offers ‘exceptional output with precise control over colour temperature and full-spectrum colour rendering for an even wash coverage’. Optimized for the tuneable white light requirements of film and television, it provides bright, highly variable lighting for key, fill, and backlight.
The KL Panel XL IP’s LED array is equipped with multi-zone control, enabling dynamic colour access, visually striking effects and realistic reproductions, such as fire, lightning, emergency vehicle flashes and various strobe effects.

elum700Prolight Concepts releases Elumen8 Evora 740ZP
Friday, 3 February 2023

Europe - Prolight Concepts Group has introduced the Elumen8 Evora 740ZP LED Zoom Wash produces a high output from a very compact and durable chassis, making it a versatile yet affordable solution for both rental and installation applications.
The first-class optical system presents a high intensity adjustable zoom; the narrow 4 degree beam angle creates sharp mid-air effects, whilst the wider angles produce uniform colour mixing, bathing concerts and events in rich colours.
Full pixel control over the seven 40W Osram Ostar quad-colour LEDs gives lighting designers a further level of creativity, whilst colour calibration ensures colours match from batch to batch.

boschBosch expands language distribution system
Friday, 3 February 2023

Europe - Bosch has announced the Integrus Omneo transmitter, a new addition to the Integrus Wireless Language Distribution System. The Integrus Wireless Language Distribution System, which is widely found in parliaments and used for international congresses, is designed for multilingual meetings to enable attendees to understand speeches in their native language. The audio signals of simultaneous interpretations are transmitted to pocket receivers and headphones via radiators utilizing proven, tamper-free infrared technology.
Thanks to the built-in Omneo IP architecture, the Integrus Omneo transmitter can seamlessly interconnect with the fully IP-based Dicentis conference devices from Bosch. This allows all existing Dicentis users – building owners, rental companies and system integrators specifying the Dicentis conference system – to integrate Integrus systems in an easy, time-saving and future-proof way. By becoming part of a complete IP workflow, open industry standards and protocols such as Dante and AES67/70 can also be used.
All language settings are automatically detected and transferred between the Dicentis conference system and the transmitter, and the entire setup can be conveniently configured in the Dicentis meeting application. Once integrated into an IP network with the Dicentis conference system, it is also possible to take full advantage of flexible power options supporting PoE and redundancy concepts. The IP infrastructure further ensures enhanced security by state-of-the-art encryption.
A new, cost-effective licensing model all

powersoftISE 2023: Powersoft launches cloud-based platform
Friday, 3 February 2023

Spain - Powersoft has launched its third-generation fixed-install amplifier platform, UNICA.
The UNICA range comprises three four-channel (UNICA 9K4, 12K4 and 16K4, with 9,000W, 12,000W and 16,000W respectively) and three eight-channel models (UNICA 2K8, 4K8 and 8K8, with 2,000W, 4,000W and 8,000W).
Featuring high power density, sound quality and backed by five new patents and four existing ones, UNICA represents the third and latest generation of Powersoft amplifier platforms, designed to meet the requirements of any size of installation with a single product family, explains Powersoft’s R&D director and co-founder, Claudio Lastrucci.
“UNICA is engineered to accommodate upcoming functions and feature expansions to fulfil the most demanding audio design requirements for years to come – all within a single platform,” says Lastrucci. “By listening to customer feedback and market demands, and drawing on our passion and R&D ingenuity, we have, with UNICA, created an amplifier platform truly fit for the future.”
In conjunction with Universo, Powersoft’s new cloud-based platform, UNICA represents a significant milestone in the development of cloud-based devices, offering cloud-native connectivity and remote monitoring functions without the need for specific product registration or configuration. Cloud integration allows for the storing and sharing of projects online, keeping the amplifier’s firmware up to date, or simple integration in third-party systems through APIs.
UNICA enables install professionals and system int

klangKLANG software release adds offline editor
Thursday, 2 February 2023

Europe - KLANG’s latest software version 5.3 introduces a flexible offline editor and simulator. This enables users to prepare a show remotely without requiring access to KLANG processor hardware. Built into the KLANG:app, the offline editor emulates any existing KLANG processor from the smallest :vier to the flagship :konductor including network communication for DiGiCo SD and Quantum console integration, as well as to connect other KLANG:apps or the personal mixer :kontroller on a local network.
The offline editor also offers full compatibility with DiGiCo consoles’ offline editor, making it possible to set up the console remotely without having a console and KLANG processor on hand.
“Imagine you are sitting on a tour bus to the next gig and you need to make quick changes. Now, you just need your laptop to open an existing show file, adapt it for a different KLANG processor, or changes in the band or equipment available. With just the press of a button you can preview the mix settings with KLANG:app’s built-in :kontroller emulator,” says KLANG’s CEO Dr. Roman Scharrer.
KOS 5.3 also offers greatly improved Remote Management, adding an extra layer of security to the KLANG system. Administrators are now able to fully restrict access to the system with password protection, and help musicians to connect and configure their :apps remotely. In addition, musicians can be locked to their mix to prevent them from changing another mix.
When managing a monitoring system with many devices and users, it is crucial to find and access devices qu

sennheiserISE 2023: Sennheiser grows TeamConnect
Thursday, 2 February 2023

Spain - Sennheiser has announced a new ceiling microphone for mid-sized meeting rooms and lecture or collaboration spaces. Named TeamConnect Ceiling Medium (TCC M), the new TeamConnect Ceiling solution was unveiled at ISE 2023.
TCC M delivers ‘all the innovation and features of the award-winning TeamConnect Ceiling 2 (TCC 2) to a new segment of the meeting space market’. With a coverage area of up to 40 m², customers can now bring the power of TCC 2 to their mid-sized meeting space, with a sleek design and at an attractive price-point, says Sennheiser.
“With the worldwide success of our TCC 2 for large meeting spaces, we wanted to provide that same experience to mid-size conference rooms and educational spaces,” said Jens Werner, product manager, UC Solutions, Sennheiser. “Now with TCC M, a whole new meeting category can realise TeamConnect Ceiling Solutions benefits like Trusted Sennheiser Audio Quality, efficient setup, brand agnostic integration and simple management and control. Also, when considering a new design, it was important to us to make a sustainable impact with smaller housing.”
Unlike the TCC 2, TCC M is round, but does offer the same ceiling installation choices - surface mounted, suspended, or flush mounted. These options allow for cable-free tables and flexible furniture arrangement.

ovation-e2Chauvet Ovation E-2 FC spotlight delivers
Thursday, 2 February 2023

USA - The new Ovation E-2 FC from Chauvet Professional has an RGBAL engine that delivers richly textured colours and smooth, even whites (it has a CRI of 93), plus an integrated 25-50 degree zoom lens in a compact body that makes it suited for small and mid-sized applications.
Weighing in at under 15 lbs. and measuring 18.1 x 12.2 x 17.5 inches (461 x 310 x 445 mm), the tidy, but powerful, fixture puts out 1107 lux at 5m when used at its narrowest and 488 lux at 5m when used at its widest beam angle.
The Ovation E-2 FC features advanced optics, which means it ‘projects sharp, crisp gobos that add depth to any design’. A convenient dedicated focus mode button allows one-touch focusing without the aid of a board operator. A Virtual colour wheel and preset white CCTs add to the conveniences offered by this versatile fixtures, which can be controlled via DMX or RDM.
Other features in this ultra-quiet fixture include selectable PWM, +/- Green adjustment and emulated red-shift, a built-in gobo slot, electronic dimming, and USB ports for software updates.

v4-8presettimelineHippotizer v4.8 launches with Show Manager
Wednesday, 1 February 2023

World – Green Hippo has unveiled a Hippotizer v4.8 software update for its range of media servers, packing in a range of new and upgraded features designed to power-up real-time media manipulation, playback and mapping.
A major enhancement is Show Manager, facilitating complete control of multiple productions and installations at once. It allows users to easily save and load various shows on one Hippotizer Media Server, simplifying show management and switching between events. Within this, shows can be duplicated to enable quick modifications without affecting the primary show data, and each show can be easily labelled for one-glance referencing. For productions run by multiple users of one machine, shows can be locked to protect them from any unwanted edits, and the popular HippoLauncher can now be controlled by TCP Commands allowing to start up or switch into the designed show.
Also upgraded is TimelinePlus, where pre-recorded looks can be easily transferred onto the Preset Timeline for quick, easy show programming.
The Hippotizer SHAPE tool introduces Dockable Windows, aiding customisable workspace management and enhancing 3D project visbility.
And the Hippotizer team has upgraded the built-in integration. Notable is the NDI update to version 5.5, which includes game changing features to its media over IP protocol, allowing for more creative freedom connecting any device with any location.
“We’re thrilled to bring the next level of features to Hippotizer, which are all designed to improve workflow and deliver more power to our e

panacousticsISE 2023: Pan Acoustics presents 4D Audio
Wednesday, 1 February 2023

Spain - With the acquisition of ACS "Acoustic Control Systems" from the Netherlands in April 2022, Pan Acoustics made its debut in the field of virtual room acoustics. Since then, the portfolio has been consistently revised to offer an end-to-end solution for natural and spatial audio representation from a single source.
“More and more modern productions today rely on spatial sound reinforcement to immerse visitors deeply in a world of sound experience. It was immediately clear to us that the future would consist of a symbiosis of virtual room acoustics and spatially flexible audio representation. The result of our efforts can be found in Pan Immerse 4D Audio," reports Udo Borgmann, CEO of Pan Acoustics.
"With the 4D, i.e. the four dimensions of height, width, depth and time, completely new, impressive worlds of experience can be created for an audience. Via the dimension of time, for example with time code control or interaction, with action controllers, additional audio or image objects can be staged and controlled in a sound installation or live performance," says product manager Sebastian Oeynhausen, explaining what is behind Pan Immerse 4D Audio.
"Pan Immerse 4D Audio introduces a new multifunctional, interactive production platform. Primarily, the platform is designed for rendering and controlling audio objects, but it can also interact with other systems via various control protocols."
In addition to classic 3D audio positions such as 7.1, a wide variety of speaker arrangements are supported for spatial audio applications with up to

questraISE 2023: Adam Hall debuts LD Systems’ QUESTRA
Wednesday, 1 February 2023

Spain - Adam Hall Integrated Systems has introduced QUESTRA design and management software for networked LD Systems installation solutions.
LD Systems from Adam Hall offers a vast range of robust, well thought-out audio solutions for applications as diverse as touring and events, DJ and MI, plus of course integrated systems. The integrated systems portfolio includes dedicated loudspeaker solutions, power amplifiers, mixer amplifiers, preamps, wireless systems and microphones and much more. QUESTRA is the new software brain that makes planning, designing, configuring and managing your project easy.
QUESTRA enables access to the full DSP capabilities of all LD Systems’ audio installation devices, allowing you to configure audio networks of any size and manage and control every device from a single application. The software also includes a powerful editor to create custom user panels for remote control that can be operated from Windows computers or any Android or iOS portable device.
Administrators can create users, assign specific roles and limit access to certain functions, thus ensuring that critical network settings cannot be modified. Device presets to match different user applications can be easily created and managed in QUESTRA and triggered via the individual user panels. Also, with remote access to the audio network, monitoring and support can be provided from anywhere, at any time.
Adam Hall Integrated Systems product manager, Gabriel Alonso, comments, “QUESTRA gives you full control of your project before, during, and after commis

torusrangeISE 2023: Martin Audio extends Torus series
Wednesday, 1 February 2023

Spain - Via an online special event and at ISE 2023 in Barcelona, Martin Audio unveiled a smaller addition to the Torus series, the Torus 8 (or T820 as the individual model is known).
T820 is a passive, two-way loudspeaker engineered for small to medium-scale applications which do not call for the longer throw capabilities of a line array. With exceptional ease-of-use, scalability and deployment flexibility, it is primarily used as an array element in vertical constant curvature arrays as well as being used singly as a point-source loudspeaker. In venues with short throws, yet high ceilings - as is the case in some theatres - a horizontal centre cluster may also be a practical solution.
T820 combines impressive output capability, sonic performance and a defined 100° by 20° coverage pattern, all from a compact enclosure that weighs just 14kg. Its small size and portability extend its range of applications from live sound and permanent installations to corporate events, gigging musicians and DJ’s.
A phase plug is mounted in front of an 8” neodymium driver to increase mid-band sensitivity while two 1” exit, 1.4” voice coil high temperature polymer dome neodymium compression drivers ensure sonic performance is not compromised, even when driven at higher SPL. That higher SPL can be as much as 130dB.
Torus 8 comes in a plywood cabinet, finished in hardwearing PU paint, and incorporates two pocket handles for easy installation and deployment, as well as fixings for pole-mounting. Rigging hardware and accessories are suitable for installatio


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