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la7PLASA Show 2022: L-Acoustics highlights amplified controller
Tuesday, 9 August 2022

UK - Since its unveiling during L-Acoustics keynote event in Paris this May, the revolutionary new LA7.16i amplified controller has received unanimous praise. This September will see it take pride of place on L-Acoustics stand J1, giving PLASA Show visitors the opportunity to discover how to “amplify differently”.
The new LA7.16i amplified controller surmounts the limitations of current high power amplifier configurations used in most installation projects. Improving flexibility and efficiency, especially in multi-channel scenarios, LA7.16i a lower cost-per-channel solution, consuming 30% less energy when idle. LA7.16i has an unprecedented 16x16 architecture in a 2U chassis with seamless Milan-AVB redundancy. Each of the 16 output channels delivers up to 1,300 watts at 8 ohms or 1,100 watts at 4 ohms. Its high-efficiency design benefits applications like medium to large-scale applications, where rack space and weight limitations may be a concern.
Also on show will be the new Soka colinear line source and its companion SB6i subwoofer, also first seen in May. Accompanying them will be X4i, and SB10i subwoofer which provide exciting new creative possibilities for sound designers, interior designers, and architects to shape sound and space to their needs.
Additionally, the stand will have an L-ISA Studio workstation, where visitors can try object-oriented mixing using L-Acoustics’ concert-proven L‑ISA technology that allows them to formulate multidimensional audio wherever and whenever they are ready to create.
Developed to improve the w

x-lite-pro-techledPLASA Show 2022: TechLED showcases effects lighting
Monday, 8 August 2022

UK - On stand B34 at this year’s PLASA Show, TechLED’s will showcase the latest must-have effects lighting ranges from Abstract Lighting alongside the innovative Desk Dough product that enables a projector to act as an intelligent lighting fixture. TechLED specialises in the supply of robust and reliable effects lighting products for the price-conscious installer or rental company.
The TechLED stand will platform the attention-grabbing Candi Blox unit from Abstract. Candi Blox delivers one of the most sought after looks of the moment via a five-by-five array of high performance, mix-at-source, multi-chip LEDs. Configured as a central array of 25 LEDs with an edge halo effect surround featuring a further 20 LEDs, Abstract’s Candi Blox is a 200mm x 192mm ‘square’, IP-20-rated, RBGW LED lighting system. Precision manufactured in the UK, the Blox is robust as well as efficient, drawing just 5V for a 15W output.
With a variety of lens options available, Candi Blox can be truss- or surface-mounted and is operated via Duplicator 4, Duplicator 6, or even a proprietary smartphone or desktop app.
Abstract’s Candi Bar will also feature. The product packages up to six Candi Blox together as a standalone fixture taking the six-way unit to a height of two metres. Candi Bar is a versatile fixture, suitable for a live stage, television, bars and clubs and mobile DJs.
Also on stand, Abstract’s XLite Pro, a freestanding, two-metre-high, LED lighting system which exudes a beautifully blended peripheral light. XLite Pro features high performance, m

iainrochewithqc-checkPLASA Show 2022: Data Strategy highlights QC-Check
Monday, 8 August 2022

UK - Exhibiting at this year’s PLASA Show (4-6 September, Olympia London) on stand D3, Data Strategy will demonstrate their cable and electrical safety workhorse, the QC-Check workstation, as well as some of the QC-Check’s most popular add-on modules, including VeriCal, PowerCheck LOLER inspection and SimplyPATS integration software.
Embedded as part of the warehouse process – with integration realised for most equipment hire software - Data Strategy’s QC-Check provides practical safety inspection solutions that allow hire companies and venues to simply fulfil statutory requirements (including PAT testing). Simply put, QC-Check ensures electrical appliances and equipment are always safe to use.
As a networked, multi-user application that controls Out Board’s PAT-4 (single or 3-phase in 16A, 32A & 125A ratings) to deliver PAT, CABLE and RCD testing required by UK & international electrical regulations, QC-Check systems are installed in major film studios; rental companies both large and small (PRG, Creative Technology, Adlib, White Light and Entec); various theatres including the Royal Opera House and the National Theatre, and recently, via Aggreko, into the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, where four units were in place to test all cables and power distribution systems ahead of the Games.
QC-Check’s PowerCheck add-on module tests the individual outputs of a distribution box. The PowerCheck RCD-t distribution box allows a single connection to a distro’s Socapex outputs, so each output is tested individually and PowerCheck c

kick-drumDPA addresses media market at IBC 2022
Thursday, 4 August 2022

Europe - DPA Microphones is showcasing its latest microphone offerings, designed to meet the growing needs of the entertainment and media markets, at IBC 2022.
Focusing on the needs of film and TV productions, DPA is highlighting its 4097 CORE Micro Shotgun Microphone, which can also serve as a boom mic for broadcast applications. Two important mic solutions ideal for televised live event productions, the 4466 CORE Omnidirectional and 4488 CORE Directional Headset Microphones and the 4055 Kick Drum Mic, will also be featured on the show floor.
Featuring the same sonic qualities as the brand’s other supercardioid microphones, the 4097 CORE Micro Shotgun Microphone has been optimised to pick up speech from a distance. Initially designed for plant miking applications, it is ideal for small spaces because of its compact footprint and clear audio pickup. Used in combination with DPA boom mics and lavaliers, the 4097 CORE Micro Shotgun becomes the final piece of a complete microphone package’ to meet the needs of any TV or film production’.
The DPA 4466 CORE Omnidirectional and 4488 CORE Directional Headset Microphones feature the brand’s popular 5mm round microphone capsule and provide the security, durability and flexibility necessary for use in entertainment.
A specialised mic for the low-frequency, high-SPL instrument, the DPA 4055 Kick Drum Microphone differs from traditional kick drum mics in that it is not pre-tailored to any specific sound, allowing sound engineers to shape the sound exactly as desired. Able to perform in a variety

tambora-flash-1Claypaky releases three-in-one Tambora Flash
Thursday, 4 August 2022

Europe - Following on from its successful range of LED bars introduced last year, Claypaky has now expanded the Tambora family further and introduces Tambora Flash. It is able to act simultaneously as a strobe, wash and blinder, specifically designed with a modular approach for use in a linear array, to offer new creative opportunities to lighting designers.
The strobe section is based on two strips of powerful white LEDs and a large beam angle aperture, capable of bringing a real impact of light into the show.
The blinder and the wash functions are obtained thanks to four large central RGBWW LED reflectors of 100W each, individually controllable in each function through the Advanced Layers Management. The presence of Warm White LEDs allows the typical "warm" effect typical of blinders. However, the blinder effect can also be obtained by using coloured LEDs, for a more dramatic effect than usual.
Tambora Flash was conceived and developed with the idea of making several product units combinable horizontally and vertically, in order to obtain clusters that are conceptually like the line arrays of audio systems. Its core unit is suitable for smaller venues and this is contained in a modular design that can be quickly connected together to create larger units for use in big venues and stadiums.
Claypaky Tambora Flashe offers two quick coupling modes and the adjustment of each single fixture within the cluster on a 30° angle, in order to adapt to every application. The advanced mechanics and the ease of combining matrix products make Tambora Flash

b170sBluesound debuts all-in-one streaming solution
Wednesday, 3 August 2022

UK - Bluesound Professional has launched the B170S networked streaming stereo amplifier to North American and global distribution markets. Orders for the B170S are open immediately with warehouse availability starting in September 2022.
The B170S is an all-in-one streaming solution for any commercial music installation combining a high-quality stereo low impedance and constant voltage amplifier with a BluOS enabled network music player.
The low impedance output is suitable for applications where intelligibility and sophistication are important. Alternatively, multi-speaker installations like corridors or high-traffic areas can be catered to with the constant voltage option that allows for daisy-chained speakers, in turn reducing cable lengths and complexity. With keyhole slots allowing for flexible mounting options, the B170S is well-suited to hide under shelves, tables and walls or be rack mounted into a 3U space with the racking accessory.
Continuing Bluesound Professional’s multi-zone commercial music solutions, streaming services like SoundMachine, Custom Channels, SiriusXM for Business, QSIC, and Tunify and others, are natively integrated into the BluOS enabled network music player in the B170S and can be controlled with the BluOS Controller app on PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

focalFocal debuts 100-T Series for large spaces
Tuesday, 2 August 2022

France - Focal sound has launched the 100-T Series line. This new range of in-ceiling and outdoor loudspeakers is designed for large residential, commercial and professional spaces, such as shops, hotels and restaurants.
The new range takes its technology cues from Focal’s established 100 Series, with new features and international certifications to meet the requirements of large-scale integrated systems.
The 100-T Series includes five loudspeakers: three in-ceiling products (100 ICW5-T, 100 ICW6-T,100 ICW8-T) and two IP66-certified outdoor loudspeakers (100 OD6-T and 100 OD8-T), rated for their guaranteed protection against dust and water.
These loudspeakers are direct descendants of Focal’s 100 Series in terms of design, technologies - Polyglass cone, aluminium tweeter - and its sound quality even at low volume. They are compact, slimline and have magnetic, ready-to-paint grilles, which makes them easy to fit and very discreet.
The 100-T Series speakers also feature an adjustable transformer, which switches the power of the loudspeakers for 70volt/100 volt systems. They can be linked together to cover a huge listening area.

timaxOut Board brings new developments to PLASA Show
Tuesday, 2 August 2022

UK - Out Board returns to this year’s PLASA Show (Olympia London – 4-6 September 2022) on stand J5, amidst one of the company’s busiest years, both in global sales and in product development.
On-stand there will be the opportunity for a hands-on tryout and audition of the latest TiMax 600-Series Mac and PC software, which boasts significant augmentations to TimeLine and PanSpace object-based spatialisation functionality, along with UI workflow enhancements derived from extensive user-feedback. The 600-Series software also addresses vital compatibility with the latest Windows 11 and Mac M1 platforms.
Visitors to the stand will be able to learn a little more about a new TiMax TrackerD4 precision stagetracking plug-in for integrated lighting control which is currently in beta test. The new plug-in, at the show for a sneak offline preview, intelligently directs and focuses moving-head light fixtures in real-time, including smooth and synchronised handovers between groups of fixtures across multiple tracked objects.
Further advances to the TiMax TrackerD4 core platform, which has steadfastly become a leading management system for real-time immersive audio spatialisation on premium live shows and events worldwide, have also been introduced this year. Developed in the field on several large-scale shows, newly refined error-correction filtering enhances the agility and robustness of the system not only to meet the growing immersive audio showcontrol demands of TiMax SoundHub and other spatial audio platforms, but also particularly for the forthcoming

maverick-stormChauvet launches Maverick Storm series
Monday, 1 August 2022

USA - Chauvet has announced a new generation of IP65 rated moving heads: the Maverick Storm 2 BeamWash, Maverick Storm 4 Profile and Maverick Storm 2 Profile. Maverick Storm 2 BeamWash is the first available, and its intensely bright and versatility makes it ‘powerful enough to excel at even the largest stadium and amphitheatre applications’.
“Our company has been increasing our commitment to developing IP65 solutions that stand out for being way more than weatherproof, including our Maverick Storm series,” said Albert Chauvet, CEO of Chauvet. “With the class-leading weight and versatility of the new Maverick Storm 2 BeamWash we’ve taken this category to the next level.”
In addition to its bright output of close to 10,000 lumens, the new fixture, which features 19 50-watt RGBW LEDs in its centre pixel array, and an outer ring of 0.2-watt RGB LEDs, offers a host of features that open a wide range of creative options, all in a rugged, dependable package with a class-leading weight of under 40 lbs.
The Maverick Storm 2 BeamWash will light up the night sky thanks to its output and a zoom range that goes down to 3.6-degrees for searingly tight aerial beams. When wide washes are called for, the zoom range goes up to a generous 53.4-degrees.
Adding to the fixture’s versatility is its pixel mappable 12-zone RGB LED outer ring that offers individual pixel control. The outer ring is positioned under a stealth filter, making it easier to incorporate this light into a wide range of designs. Built-in foreground and background LED macros, fa

moving-lightCity Theatrical's Moving Light Assistant available
Thursday, 28 July 2022

UK - City Theatrical's Moving Light Assistant is an application designed to document both the physical setup and programming information for moving light rigs commonly used in the entertainment industry.
The software offers a spreadsheet view to show the configuration (lenses, lamps, menu options etc.) of moving light fixtures in your production's rig, to save you time and keep your project organized. It also allows you to design and edit moving light gobo, colour, and effect wheel loads, import console reports from leading lighting consoles, and much more, depending on the needs of your unique project.
The Moving Light Assistant application will run on both Apple Mac OSX (Intel only) and Microsoft Windows operating systems.
Moving Light Assistant software is full of useful features for lighting professionals. Additional features include the ability view cue list, cue data, and channel data and examine channel usage, including maximum intensity, preset use, and redundant moves.

ldmaui44g2wLD Systems presents MAUI 44 G2 in white
Thursday, 28 July 2022

Germany - With the MAUI 44 G2, introduced in 2020, LD Systems established the MAUI Series in the professional sound reinforcement sector. Since then, the German manufacturer’s most powerful column PA system has proven its versatility in clubs, at festivals, and at corporate events across the world. Now, LD Systems is again expanding the application possibilities of the MAUI 44 G2 – and is launching the column PA in a white colour version.
With the white colour version of the MAUI 44 G2, LD Systems is responding to numerous requests from MAUI users worldwide. Technically identical to the black version, the white MAUI 44 G2 integrates seamlessly into modern and open visual settings – from weddings to corporate events and more.
“Time and again, we’ve received inquiries and photos from MAUI users asking for a white MAUI 44 G2, or showing us how they’ve converted their own black MAUI system with a custom paint job themselves,” explains Baptiste Languille, senior global brand marketing manager LD Systems. “For all these customers and users, the largest MAUI is now available in white.”
The MAUI 44 G2 offers 1,500 watts of total power (RMS) with a frequency response of 37 Hz to 20 kHz and a sound pressure of 132 dB (peak). With its sound characteristics and versatile functions, the compact column PA is recommended for rental companies, musicians, small clubs and street festivals, as well as for fixed installations.
In addition to the cardioid characteristics of the column elements, users can also benefit from a cardioid operation in

jblvtxa6-b15prgraphicJBL extends VTX line array series
Tuesday, 26 July 2022

USA - Harman Professional Solutions has introduced the newest members of JBL Professional’s VTX line array series, the VTX A6 subcompact dual 6.5-inch passive line array element and the B15 compact, arrayable 15-inch subwoofer.
The A6 and B15 bring JBL’s acoustic technologies to compact form factors for small- to medium-size touring and fixed installations, providing versatile solutions for production companies, touring acts, rental houses, theatres, houses of worship and anyone who requires superior sonic performance in space-critical applications.
“When you choose the JBL VTX A Series, you’re building a complete ecosystem, with common acoustic profiles and rigging systems, consistent voicing and standardized system design and operational tools,” says George Georgallis, director, product management–performance audio at Harman Professional Solutions. “And, by accessing VTX technologies in a new ultra-compact package, you’re able to maximize your system investment and deliver VTX quality and performance in any scale application.”
The A6 6.5-inch passive two-way line array element is engineered from the ground up for sonic performance and ease of integration and deployment, as a standalone system or as a supplement to larger VTX systems. It houses two custom 6.5-inch woofers and a 3-inch annular-diaphragm compression driver and features acoustic innovations pioneered in JBL’s VTX line, including JBL’s patented Radiation Boundary Integrator (RBI) and Differential Drive® dual-voicecoil, dual-magnet woofer. It all adds up to big-s

astera-new-website-4Astera launches multi-lingual website
Tuesday, 26 July 2022

Germany - Wireless LED lighting manufacturer Astera has launched a new multi-lingual website optimised for all devices -
Astera sales director Sebastian Bückle explained that when the previous website was launched, they had three lighting fixtures and 10 accessories available. There are currently 11 Astera luminaires and an impressive 150 handy accessories, all of which now have their own pages complete with videos and downloads.
“Our objective was to empower our users by creating the smartest web page in the industry containing a mine of relevant information explaining products and answering all questions.”
The project was started during the Covid lockdowns when remote support became a vital service.
“With the live show and event industry back to full speed and more, we fully appreciate that technicians, gaffers, crew and designers need to get good and accurate info in seconds, so we focused on embracing this with practical design and the streamlining of basic elements like the menu systems which are logical and intuitive,” notes Sebastian.
Having good and comprehensive technical support is vital for Astera as the lights become increasingly complex with more features, so the website is designed for all users to find answers to their questions.
Available in several key languages, Astera wanted to ensure this resource was accessible to everyone, from big rental companies to the numerous smaller customers internationally who might buy a handful of lights or rent lights for one gig.
“We want to

danteZenso partners with Audinate to deliver DMeter
Friday, 22 July 2022

USA - Zenso has partnered with Audinate, developer of the professional AV-industry leading Dante AV over IP solution, to develop the first third-party software product that is designed exclusively for Dante users.
DMeter from Zenso is a flexible level metering application for Dante networks that runs on macOS and Windows computers, providing instant views of up to 32 channels from anywhere on your system. Presets allow you to see vital groups of channels with a single click, so you can ensure that every participant in your Dante network is heard the way they should be.
DMeter is built using Dante Application Library, which means that Dante connectivity is built directly into the application with no need for additional drivers or configuration. DMeter is free to use with 2 Dante channels and may be expanded to a full 32-channel complement via direct purchase from Audinate within the DMeter application, using Dante Ready technology.
Managing director of Zenso, Joseph Narai, says “We are thrilled to be working closely with Audinate on the first Dante only software product using Dante Ready. DMeter is an elegant yet powerful metering application exclusively for Dante Networks and will be the first in a suite of Dante Ready apps we are excited to be releasing this year.”

wisycom-appWisycom releases wireless app for Symphony
Wednesday, 20 July 2022

Italy - Wisycom has announced the availability of its new Wisycom App for the Symphony Series wireless microphone system, available for iOS and Android. Accompanying the release of the app are firmware enhancements to the line, which includes the MCR54 four-channel and MCR54-Dual two-channel true-diversity portable receivers, and the MTP60 bodypack transmitter.
“We’re excited to release the app for our Symphony Series users,” said Massimo Polo, vice president of sales at Wisycom. “This app brings every critical function of our Symphony devices right into the hands of system operators, improving on the most advanced wireless system available.”
Similar to the Wisycom Manager PC software, the new app allows users to monitor, control and manage Wisycom devices through a Bluetooth 5 long-range connection. Users can remotely change device frequencies, monitor and adjust audio levels, and select channel/group assignments. Advanced features are available to select the transmitter and receiver bandwidth, adjust the transmitter’s RF output power, and toggle recording status.
In conjunction with the app, new device firmware is also now available for all Symphony Series products, allowing users to take full advantage of the app’s features. This firmware also adds enhanced functionality and performance to what is arguably the most advanced wireless system on the market. A new version of Wisycom Manager PC software has also been released to match these firmware enhancements.
The Wisycom App is now available on the Apple App and Google Play s

rentalpointRentalPoint debuts web browser-based package
Tuesday, 12 July 2022

UK - RentalPoint Software has released a fully web browser-based version of their Small Business Edition rental management software package designed for event technology rental and production companies.
This new release, says RentalPoint, is a re-imagining and updating of their Windows based product first released in 1998. It incorporates many of the features expected in software these days including online signatures for equipment deliveries and proposal/contract acceptance, dashboard, electronic pick list for prepping gear as well as scaling down to fit on smart phone screen sizes or scaling up to fit on desktops.
Additionally, the software offers many of the powerful features that the company has developed over the last 30 years such as equipment, crew planning & scheduling tools and optional multi location.
You can find the software at

danteDante Controller available in eight languages
Thursday, 7 July 2022

USA - Audinate’s Dante Controller is now available with built-in language support for English, Spanish, German, Chinese, French, Japanese, Portuguese and Korean.
“This new release of Dante Controller shows that Dante is truly spoken everywhere,” says Audinate product manager, Laurence Crew. “Now people all around the world can more easily use Dante in their native language to more clearly understand what settings and messages mean. With this update, Dante is truly a global citizen.”
Dante Controller v4.6 is free of charge and is available for immediate download at

vl3600-profile-ip006Vari-Lite releases large scale IP-rated luminaire
Tuesday, 5 July 2022

USA - Vari-Lite has announced the VL3600 Profile IP, a large-scale, high output production profile fixture with an IP65 rating. Designed to withstand inclement weather, yet with weight and size comparable with similar non-weatherproof fixtures, the VL3600 Profile IP is suitable for touring and TV productions, stadiums and arenas, and large theatres and houses of worship.
“Weather-rated moving lights are becoming highly desirable for outdoor and even indoor applications, but current IP65 fixture designs considerably increase the size-to-weight ratio compared to equivalent non-IP rated fixtures,” explains Martin Palmer, sr. product manager, Vari-Lite and Strand Luminaires at Signify. “This makes the fixtures harder to mount and heavier in the rig. The VL3600 Profile IP is the lightest in its class, meaning designers no longer need to choose between lighter non-weatherized fixtures or heavier IP-rated ones, reducing the budget and environmental impact of the entire tour.”
With a 1000W monochromatic light engine producing 85,000 source lumens, the VL3600’s considerable output power is ready to light the show from any distance in any weather. Thanks to a CMY+CTO colour wheel mixing system, the fixture produces a wide range of rich colours while eliminating the appearance of blades in the lens, improving direct view applications.
“We really focused on making the VL3600 a workhorse fixture that gives the designers what they need while making life simpler for the crew as well,” adds Palmer. “From a design perspective, the VL3600 Profile IP

robe-abtt-2022-image00001-team-with-award-courtesy-robe-ukRobe’s T11 win 2022 ABTT lighting award
Tuesday, 5 July 2022

UK - Robe enjoyed a successful ABTT (Association of British Theatre Technicians) show at Alexandra Palace in London, a highlight of which was the company’s win in the Lighting Product of the Year category of the ABTT Awards for its T11 fixtures.
Robe’s new stand design in the main exhibition hall featured a selection of the latest Robe and Anolis brand technologies and ran in tandem with a black box demonstration area downstairs where fixtures were shown ‘in situ’. RoboSpot workshops were also running downstairs throughout the expo for those keen to expand their knowledge of this powerful and versatile system.
The show proved to be a hub and meeting point for theatre creatives and practitioners working in all sectors, and “a fantastic opportunity to get kit in front of people in-person again,” explains Robe product and theatre specialist, Dave Whitehouse. “We saw many good-quality people all with a huge enthusiasm and appetite for new tech - and using it - as they get back to work.”
The ABTT Awards are one of the organisation’s flagship events, acknowledging those people and products making a difference to the industry.
The secret panel of ABTT judges - an array of experienced and influential theatre practitioners, consultants, and engineers - assessed all the Awards entries on the first show day and made their choices.
They stated that the T11 “fills a void in the industry offering not only a new LED fixture, but also addressing the industry-wide challenge of developing sustainable technology. The units are compac

s-seriesDiGiCo updates S-Series software
Monday, 4 July 2022

UK - DiGiCo has announced the release of its latest Version 3.0 software update, increasing the processing power of its small footprint S-Series consoles. Version 3.0 offers an optional software expansion that significantly increases the channel count from 48 to 60 flexi channels and 24 flexi busses, turning S-Series consoles into an S21+ or an S31+.
V3.0 includes two new Master Buss configurations: LCR (Left Centre Right) or LRM (Left Right Mono), providing additional control on the channels over the LCR blend or the LRM Mono Gain. LCR or LRM are ideal for running an expanded speaker setup or sending out a mono mix alongside your stereo mix. And increasing the Master Buss size doesn’t introduce any compromises: you still have access to all your busses and channels.
Software version 2.2 introduced OSC Control of Snapshots. Version 3.0 extends the OSC control capabilities to channel processing controls. With the ability to control many aspects of channel and buss processing including EQ and dynamics, this update adds a huge amount of flexibility when integrating your S series console with external remote control systems.
Version 3.0 now adds compatibility for MADI Sample Rate Conversion on the DMI-MADI-B and DMI-MADI-C. SRC allows the S21 or S31 to run at a different sample rate to connected MADI devices, providing useful flexibility when connecting to external MADI devices. This is commonly used for recording and virtual soundchecks, and for maximum compatibility, both Hi-Speed and SMUX 96k MADI modes are supported.
Compatibility for DiGiC

claypakyvolero-batten-aqua-2Claypaky launches Volero LED bar series
Friday, 1 July 2022

Italy - Claypaky has unveiled the first product in its Volero line of LED bars - the Volero Batten Aqua.
Designed for outdoor use, the Batten Aqua’s light source is in made up of 10 60W Osram RGBW LEDs. Each LED adopts 80x80mm lenses, allowing more versatility with focussing the power of the LEDs, optimising their luminous efficiency and resolution.
Volero Batten Aqua also allows separate control of the zoom in two groups from five adjacent lenses, creating a dynamic movement of the light beam. The fixture offers Advanced Layers Management, with which the operator can choose to use different levels of effects simultaneously.
With its IP66 protection rating, optional Wireless DMX control, effects and built-in macros, the batten is designed for the touring, event, television and installation markets, and works equally well for indoor and outdoor applications.

nx1external-monitor-not-includedNX1 system offers complete control for Onyx
Monday, 27 June 2022

USA/Europe - Following a successful launch at the Prolight + Sound tradeshow in Germany in April, Obsidian Control Systems has announced availability of the NX1, an ultra-compact yet full-featured lighting controller designed to handle a wide variety of shows using the intuitive Onyx lighting control platform. The NX1 also features an expandable playback wing (NX P) along with a 10-digit keypad (NX K) that combined with the NX1 creates an even more powerful and flexible console.
Designed for smaller to medium projects where an intuitive console is needed without a PC, the NX1 will be appreciated by rental companies and the mobile lighting programmer alike. The NX1 joins the compact yet fully-integrated NX2 and Obsidian’s flagship NX4 under the Onyx lighting control platform.
The NX1 is a small yet powerful console where playback and programming interfaces are fully supported with no compromises. Utilising the full Onyx Operating System, the NX1 offers a slate of professional features like a high-brightness 10.1" HD multi-touch screen plus 1 HDMI output for one additional external touch monitor that allows for additional customizable views (optional touchscreen monitor not included). Included are 4 assignable parameter encoders; 10 full motorized playbacks with four freely assignable buttons plus an extra playback and function key hybrid array. A dedicated Master Go section rounds out the efficient front panel design.
The NX1 is expandable with the NX P playback wing with motorised faders and dedicated NX K keypad that on their own can operate as

v14Waves Audio upgrades Waves plug-ins with V14
Thursday, 23 June 2022

USA - Waves Audio has announced Waves V14, the latest version of Waves plug-ins. Waves V14 enables faster load time, new Trim & Mix knobs in Waves’ most popular compressors, and quick new pre-set workflows.
With V14, Waves users can now control and fine-tune dynamics faster than ever, with brand new trim and mix knobs added to Waves’ most popular compressors: the API 2500, the CLA-2A, CLA-3A and CLA-76 Compressor/Limiters, the Renaissance Compressor and the SSL-G Master Buss Compressor. These new features allow users to stay creative, quickly balancing volume and creating parallel compressions in seconds, directly from the plug-ins.
V14 offers faster loading times for plug-ins, pre-sets and sessions in your DAW and enhanced quick drag-and-drop pre-set workflow.
V14 also features new ‘ultra-sharp’ HiDPI graphics for select Waves plug-ins: Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain, API Collection, the CLA-76, CLA-2A, CLA-3A Compressor/Limiters, the F6 Floating-Band Dynamic EQ, OVox Vocal ReSynthesis and PuigTec EQs.
Also, V14 includes a new standalone application to the CR8 Creative Sampler, allowing users to shape, manipulate and play samples without a DAW.

cob-cannonADJ expands COB Cannon LED series
Thursday, 23 June 2022

USA - ADJ is expanding its COB Cannon Series of LED wash fixtures as well as its new range of lighting products incorporating lime LED chips with the introduction of the COB Cannon LP200ST.
Featuring a powerful light engine, smooth colour mixing and wide beam angle, this flexible professional wash lighting fixture can be used for a wide variety of applications.
The COB Cannon LP200ST harnesses the power of an efficient 200W COB (Chip On Board) LED light source, which generates a potent and even output with no colour shadows. This efficient light engine combines red, green, blue, amber and lime LED chips to allow the creation of a huge gamut of colours as well as white light with a variable colour temperature of between 2300K and 9900K. The inclusion of the lime LED chip helps certain colours to appear more vivid and also boosts the CRI to in excess of 90. The LED engine has an approximate lifespan of 50,000 operational hours, which essentially removes the inconvenience and expense of lamp replacement.
Offering a wide native beam angle of 80°, allowing a large area to be washed with vibrant coloured light, the COB Cannon LP200ST is also supplied with a useful lens kit. This comprises both 40° and 50° lens options, which easily and securely clip to the front of the fixture to provide a narrower beam angle when required. Barn doors for directing the light output are also available as an optional accessory.
A variety of operational modes make this fixture suitable for use in all kinds of permanent installation and temporary event applications,


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