Spain - Powersoft will introduce Verso, a gateway device designed to connect current Powersoft products to its MyUniverso cloud platform, at ISE 2024.
ISE attendees have the opportunity to find out how the Verso gateway helps system integrators and IT managers take full advantage of MyUniverso cloud platform. Formerly known as Universo, MyUniverso has now merged into MyPowersoft, ensuring that all users with MyPowersoft accounts can access the cloud platform.
Verso is a half-RU device designed to enable access to the MyUniverso cloud platform and all its related functionalities for the entire current Powersoft amplifier portfolio, allowing monitoring and centralised remote firmware updates for all connected amplifiers, as well as supporting Powersoft’s popular Dynamic

UK - Optimal Audio is expanding its footprint in the commercial audio sector with the launch of the Amp series, featuring three high-power class A/B amplifiers.
The Amp series comprises three two-channel amplifiers: Amp 100 (2 x 350W @ 4Ω), Amp 200 (2 x 700W @ 4Ω), and Amp 300 (2 x 1350W @ 4Ω), and they are available in both 120v 60Hz and 230v 50/60Hz models to accommodate various international power standards. They are designed to power the complete suite of Optimal Audio’s Cuboid point source loudspeaker series and their subwoofer partners effortlessly and reliably from the

Spain - Martin Audio is promising ‘an even larger-than-usual presence’ at this year’s ISE 2024 in Barcelona.
Aside from showcasing the strongest line of products in its own right, it will also be accompanied by other brands within Focusrite Group’s Audio Reproduction division. The company will occupy a prime position at the front of Hall 7 (booth A300) along with Optimal Audio, Linea Research and Focusrite. In the demo room, TiMax, the latest brand acquisition by Focusrite, will feature.
James King, marketing director, commented, “We see the founders of TiMax, Dave

Europe/USA - Meyer Sound is gearing up to present technology showcases at The NAMM Show and Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) conventions.
“2024 promises to be another significant year for Meyer Sound,” says senior vice-president John McMahon. “We’re building on unprecedented momentum that began with the success of the Panther large-format linear line array and the 2100‑LFC low-frequency control element. This success continues with further development of our award-winning Nebra software and the newly announced NADIA DSP platform, which is already redefining the world of ac

France - Naostage has released its Kratos software to the public as a free download. KRATOS serves as the central hub for Naostage’s K System, the automatic beaconless 3D tracking solution, and allows users to manage automations and output tracking data in real time to AV systems (sound, light, video and any third-party system). Its multiple functionalities help users create fully automated and interactive live events and visitor attraction shows, as well as immersive spaces for the public.
In the software, users can design their own stage, set up zones to automate AV effects i

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