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powercon-true1Neutrik extendsTrue Outdoor Protection series
Thursday, 7 April 2022

UK - Neutrik has announced the addition of the powerCON TRUE1 TOP-L to its powerCON TRUE1 TOP range of heavy-duty sealed power connectors for outdoor use.
powerCON TRUE1 TOP-L provides a connector compatible with the largest diameter power cables required for outdoor event and production applications, capable of accepting cable from 10 to 16 mm (0.39” – 0.63”) in diameter, making them ideal for extra heavy duty type cables.
The connectors are certified to EN 60320-1, IEC 60320-1, and UL 60320-1 when applied to appropriate cables (H07RN-F3G2.5 and SOOW 12/3, SJOOW 12/3). This allows mains cables to be assembled in accordance with UL 817, CSA C22.2 No. 21, and IEC/EN 60799. Conforming to Neutrik’s TOP standard, UL V0 and UL-F1-rated UV resistant materials, exceptional component quality and rugged construction are standard.
Features include breaking capability – CBC @ 16A 250VAC VDE (20 A 250 VAC) – and a patent-pending design that meets requirements preventing disassembly by hand. New HTLACA and HTLACB assembly and disassembly tools are designed for use with these connectors and facilitate faster disassembly for periodic safety testing.
Neutrik UK product specialist Charlie Cook says, “As with our recent NSSC self-closing caps, the new -L variant further extends the powerCON TRUE1 TOP series, making it the most versatile power connector with the widest ranging cable diameter compatibility; and the only power connector series with a product certified for 2.5mm2 H07RN-F and AGE 12/3 SOOW and SJOOW cables.”

pacalculateRCF sponsors PAcalculate app update
Thursday, 7 April 2022

Europe - RCF has introduced PAcalculate version 1.3.2, an Android and iOS app for mobile phone or tablet with over 30 calculators, reference info, and utilities for sound reinforcement and lighting professionals.
The new version boasts in-line and broadside subwoofer array calculators. The former allows for simulation of end-fire and gradient arrays, including an obscure 4-element topology originally proposed by the very Harry Olson. The broadside section features independent mechanical and electronic arcing and steering, with the possibility of adding a gradient line, or several end-fire lines, a type of subwoofer configuration that has become widespread to achieve wide uniform subwoofer coverage with reduced stage leakage.
Frequency response graphs (front-to-back ratio as well as multi-angle responses), an isobar display, polar plots and coverage maps provide a comprehensive set of graphics for an insightful analysis of design alternatives. Up to 96 elements (sound sources) can be simulated, 48+48 in L/R mode. A table is displayed with coordinates and settings (delay, polarity) that can be emailed for reference. A footer alerts the user if the specific configuration requires delay tuning on top of the results calculated (such as for gradient arrays).
The dedicated tool reportedly helps getting results quickly and easily. As an example, comparing between electronic and mechanical steering just requires entering the angle in the rotation input field of the broadside array calculator to get results for the former, and then clicking on a radio button

frq60imagelecturePanasonic projector delivers detailed 4K images
Wednesday, 6 April 2022

UK - Panasonic has announced availability of its new PT-FRQ60 1-Chip DLP projector with 6,000lm brightness designed to deliver detail, colour and smooth motion for a wide variety of sectors, including offices, STEM classrooms, digital museums, and eSports entertainment attractions.
Panasonic has added Quad Pixel Drive to its proven 1-Chip DLP SOLID SHINE Laser technology to produce smooth, sharp and detailed 4K images for deeper content engagement. Smooth 240Hz image processing increases the sense of realism with fine textures resolved in grid-less images. Rich Colour Enhancer delivers accurate colours, faithfully reproducing content as the creator intended. Fast-paced action is clearly rendered at frame rates up to 240Hz/1080p with below 8ms latency.
In addition, the PT-FRQ60 is compatible with Panasonic’s ET-SWR10 Real-Time Tracking Projection Mapping System, a ready-to-use Software Developers Kit that enables projection onto fast-moving objects at up to 240 frames per second, expanding creative possibilities at theme parks, interactive museum exhibitions and more.
For convenient integration into 4K infrastructures, the PT-FRQ60 includes two CEC command compatible HDMI inputs enabling projector ON/OFF from the source device, while the single-cable DIGITAL LINK solution supports video and control-signal transmission over long distances. Flexible 2.0x optical zoom, V/H Lens-Shift, and Geometric Adjustment featuring Free Grid enable image position adjustment and remove distortion without a PC. The PT-FRQ60 also ships with preactivated upgrade kit

purple-patch-2Van Damme hits a Purple Patch
Tuesday, 5 April 2022

UK - Following a two-year research and development programme, Van Damme has introduced the Purple Patch PPE56 2x48 bantam patchbay. Working closely with the pro-audio installation team at Langdale Technical, one by one all the current shortfalls were dealt with and modern ‘wish list’ innovations were added to the design.
The PPE56 Purple Patch is both designed and manufactured in the UK and incorporates features that cater carefully for modern day needs, including:
Fully programmable normalling options inclusive of full-normalling, half-normalling, parallel and no normalling settings, which are adjustable whilst the patch remains terminated.
Individual earthing selection for all patch points, allowing for phantom power and unbalanced signal pass through to be selected point by point.
Individual 110Ohm impedance jack modules secured to the chassis behind a fully removable front panel which allows access to all jack screws for future retightening whilst the bay remains fully in place.
Aimed primarily at recording studios, theatres with recording facilities and broadcasting houses, Purple Patch has been designed to make Van Damme’s quality and engineering excellence affordable to all levels of users.
Nick Chmara, VDC’s technical director, comments: “We know that even in today’s computer-based studios, the patchbay is an integral part of an audio professional’s life, and they need to have complete faith in it. Therefore, we decided to work with and take advice from seasoned installers, engineers and desk manufacturers to

foggerShowtec unveils QubiQ smoke machines
Tuesday, 5 April 2022

The Netherlands - Showtec has introduced a new series of smoke machines, named QubiQ. Three new foggers and a fazer are featured in this series, the QubiQ S1000, QubiQ S1500, and QubiQ S2500 fog machines, and the QubiQ F1500 fazer, with more models in the pipeline. They are billed as ‘feature-rich, safe, and reliable, with a practical and unique-looking design’.
The QubiQ series of smoke machines are Showtec’s latest addition to their arsenal of FX hardware. All four of them are controlled manually, through DMX, or via remote control, offering the usual control parameters like output level (0-100 %) and timer settings. The heater temperature can be monitored in real-time on the display (in % of the normal operating temperature). This offers the possibility of adjusting the output to a level at which the vaporiser isn’t cooled down to a point where it would cause the machine to seize its operation to heat up again. This way a continuous operation can be ensured until the tank is drained.
The QubiQ series is equipped with a dual over-temperature protection and a fluid level detector that indicates an almost empty tank. This makes it a reliable and safe partner for stage productions as well as parties. The QubiQ S1000 is a 1000-W fogger with a 1-L tank, the S1500 uses a 1500-W heating element and a 1.5-L tank, while the S2500 offers 2500-W of heating power and a 2.3L tank. The QubiQ F1500 is a 1500-W fazer with a 2.3-L tank capacity, offering a finer mist than the foggers.
A remote control with timer function is included but can also be purcha

rode-nth100-lifestlye-insitu-017-october-2021-1080x1080-rgbAlcantara partners with RØDE
Monday, 4 April 2022

Europe - Alcantara partnered with RØDE as the material of choice for their new NTH-100 headphones - the company’s first headphones.
Alcantara covers the earcups and headband and is integrated with the style and features that the product offers. “Thanks to its softness, its breathability and its technical qualities, it improves the sensory experience and enhances the ergonomic design of the NTH-100s,” says the Italian manufacturer. “As well as providing the ultimate in comfort, the use of Alcantara also guarantees high durability and longevity owing to its resistance to wear and tear, and its ease of maintenance.”

spektraProlights’ Spektra standardises colour output
Friday, 1 April 2022

Europe - With an increasing presence in Film, TV and theatre markets, Prolights has been strengthening its efforts in Research and Development to implement new innovations within its colour science, to ensure colour consistency and advanced colour control across its product lines.
Every fixture marked as ‘Spektra’ meets a standard set by Prolights, and its colours will match with other units with the same marking and guarantee batch consistency over time. The fixtures balance precisely in a controlled and predefined colour space, such as XY/HSI/RGB and CCT modes, gels or source emulation.
Spektra categorises individual light sources during the calibration process, making different luminaires operate in the same CIE1931 colour space. Any fixture with this calibration matches precisely in whites and colours defined during production.
The internal algorithm manages the source's information and helps users obtain the exact colour point across Spektra calibrated fixtures.
This innovation was developed by Prolights' R&D and is already present in the company's latest products.

pixeraknowledgebase1AV Stumpfl introduces Pixera support platform
Friday, 1 April 2022

Austria - AV Stumpfl recently released a new online information platform for its rapidly growing Pixera media server user community called the Pixera knowledge base.
In addition to combining the latest written Pixera documentation with video tutorials and animated clips of key topics, visitors to the knowledge base can also contact the Pixera team by creating a support ticket from the same interface.
The knowledge base covers topics related to Pixera media server hardware, software and the new show control system Pixera control.
Pixera control is a distributed, software-based integration and control framework that empowers users to seamlessly host new functionalities within the Pixera media server system and to control all aspects of an extended project environment. Anything users create and integrate can be distributed across their connected systems and shares itself.
Pixera project manager and trainer Florian Eder comments, “Our user community has grown a lot recently and is still growing really fast. We felt the need to create a one-stop environment where all available information could be collected and easily accessed, as well as enabling users to get in touch with our support team directly. Of course, updating and expanding the available materials is a never ending job, but with so much positive feedback from our user community, it’s a challenge we welcome.”
With Pixera being regularly used for a ariety of different application and programming scenarios worldwide, direct written input from experienced users is very welcome:

a127tecAudix A127 named 2022 TEC Awards finalist
Friday, 1 April 2022

USA - Audix has announced that the A127 Omnidirectional Metal Film Condenser Microphone has been chosen as a finalist for the 37th Annual NAMM Technical Excellence & Creativity (TEC) Awards for Technical Achievement in the category of Microphones for Recording.
The Audix A127 microphone is designed to capture acoustic instruments and sound sources ‘with transparency, accuracy and purity’. Utilising a reference-grade, half-inch Type 1 metal film capsule, the A 127 features a frequency response of 10Hz-20kHz, a wide dynamic range of 133dB and an ultra-low self-noise of 7dBA.
The NAMM TEC award winners will be announced on Saturday 4 June 4, 2022 at the Hilton in Anaheim during The NAMM Show.

clear-comClear-Com brings diverse applications to ISE
Friday, 1 April 2022

Spain - Clear-Com will have a presence at the first Barcelona-based Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) show in May, exhibiting on stand #7M925. Clear-Com will be demonstrating their latest innovations including Arcadia Central Station, FreeSpeak Edge Base Station, Station-IC Virtual Desktop Client, and the latest software/firmware update to the Eclipse HX Digital Matrix platform - alongside the company’s award-winning solutions including FreeSpeak II, LQ series of IP interfaces, and the Agent-IC mobile app.
“ISE has grown in importance for us over the years, and at this point it’s a critical platform for us to connect with a wide variety of market segments, including live events, installation, theme parks, sports venues - and really more than I can list here,” comments Clear-Com president, Bob Boster. “We are looking forward to reconnecting with this disparate audience in the show’s new home of Barcelona.”
A main feature on the booth will be the Arcadia Central Station. Designed with input from Clear-Com’s extensive global live sound user base, Arcadia is a scalable IP intercom platform that integrates wired and digital wireless partyline systems along with third-party Dante devices in a single rack unit. The system can be expanded to meet varying production needs, offering a base level of 32 IP ports which can be expanded to up to 96 IP ports (and beyond in future releases) as needed.
“This is truly a platform designed for future expansion,” explains product manager, Kari Eythorsson. “We will be demoing the highly anticipated

avxinuseSennheiser Group returns to NAB
Friday, 1 April 2022

USA - Sennheiser, Neumann and Dear Reality will show a broad spectrum of products at this month’s NAB show in Las vegas. Mark Posgay, senior vice president sales, professional audio, Americas, comments: “We’re excited to be back on the NAB show floor and see our customers face to face. We will have great solutions for pristine audio capture, reliable monitoring and best-in-class immersive mixing waiting for them.”
The Sennheiser Group booth features an experience zone that will present a complete Dolby Atmos mixing workflow complemented by products from Dear Reality and Neumann. Visitors can immersively mix and monitor Atmos ‘on the go’ using Dear Reality’s dearVR Spatal Connect, dearVR Monitor, dearVR Pro and a pair of studio headphones. As the zone is also fitted with a 5.1.4 AES67-based Neumann monitoring system, visitors will be able to listen to a benchmark reproduction of the mix results. Additional demonstrations will be presented every hour, showing how broadcast engineers can work in remote, on the go setups with Dear Reality’s software tools or in a fully-fledged studio environment with Neumann monitors.
Sennheiser will products ranging from premium shotgun microphones like the MKH 8060 and MKH 416 to wireless tools like the EK 6042 camera receiver, which works seamlessly with Sennheiser’s digital and analogue wireless microphones.
NAB will also feature RF wireless solutions for major broadcast events and shows, such as Sennheiser’s Digital 6000 wireless microphone series and 2000 IEM series.
For ENG professionals

rode-nth100-lifestyle-insitu-001-2000x1334-rgbRØDE makes debut in headphone market
Friday, 1 April 2022

Australia - RØDE has announced its debut in the headphone market with the NTH-100 professional over-ear headphones.
“The NTH-100s are the culmination of decades of passion and immersion in audio,” says RØDE CEO Damien Wilson. “We developed these headphones from the ground up with avid attention to every detail and an obsession with perfection, and we are incredibly proud of the outcome.
“It is with absolute confidence that I say the NTH-100s are the best in their class. If you’re a creator looking for your first headphones or a seasoned professional still on the hunt for the perfect cans, your search is over.”
The NTH-100s are designed for all forms of content creation at home, in the studio or in the field, including music production, podcasting and livestreaming, location recording, and video production or editing.
The headphones feature custom-matched 40mm dynamic drivers that have been crafted to deliver an accurate frequency response and exceptional clarity. Their design is based around a custom voice coil with a four-layer ultra-high-tension aluminium alloy as its core, which is coupled to an ultra-stiff triple-layer Mylar diaphragm.
These characteristics are further enhanced by the contoured earcup construction. This ergonomic design has been precision-engineered to not only be extremely comfortable but also acoustically optimal, eliminating standing modes and frequency resonances for a more immersive listening experience. The earcups also feature high-density memory foam for ‘excellent’ noise isolation.

hivemark-trey-daveproductshero-imageHive launches media player range
Thursday, 31 March 2022

UK - Hive Media Control has unveiled a new generation of media playback and control systems comprising four hardware video media players that promise to "dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of media player solutions". The product family has been designed for use by AV integrators, architects, event producers, show designers, and brand activations. The four products are known simply as Player_1, _2, _3 and _4. They deliver HD, 4K, 4K SDI and 8K SDI respectively, with the SDI models also supporting genlock from a reference sync source.
The range utlises the latest embedded GPUs by NVIDIA, and is said to offer "outstanding performance at a fraction of the cost and footprint" compared with other systems on the market.
Hive was founded by Dave Green, Trey Harrison and Mark Calvert, who have together delivered video systems for global projects including the London Olympics, the Tokyo Olympics, Dubai World Expo, Eric Prydz’s HOLO, Coldplay, and the National Museum of Qatar.
Green explains: “As the AV market demands higher and higher resolutions, the cost and complexity of the media control systems required to drive displays has become unmanageable. With Hive, we have taken an alternative approach. The days of Heavy Metal are over! Instead of huge racks of expensive, power hungry hardware and complex signal distribution systems, we have a new generation of pocket-sized computers. These are also specifically designed to be more environmentally friendly, using less energy, as part of Hive's commitment to reducing carbon footprints.”

b107sBluesound Pro debuts streaming amplifier
Thursday, 31 March 2022

UK - Bluesound Professional has introduced the B170S Networked Streaming Stereo Amplifier, a versatile amplified streamer.
The B170S is an all-encompassing networked streaming amplifier that satisfies a multitude of commercial audio needs. Features like low-impedance lines out, constant voltage option, energy-efficient amplification technology and a compact form factor makes the B170S suitable for supporting bulk speaker installations and daisy-chained speaker setups.
The B170S is designed to work with all kinds of installations. High performance audio can be achieved with the low impedance option via 4 or 8 Ohm low impedance outputs. Using the low impedance outputs is particularly fitting for applications where intelligibility and audio quality are most important. Alternatively, bulk speaker installations like corridors or high-traffic areas can be catered to with the 70/100V constant voltage option that allows for daisy-chained speakers, reducing cable lengths and complexity.
The amplifier section of the B170S offers various power options: 2 x 80W into 4/8Ω, 2 x 100W at 70V, or 1 x 100W at 100V, which is plenty of power for small or large installations. Additionally, thermostatic fan cooling and a standby mode consuming only 6W of power ensures reliable operation in commercial environments.
Thanks to its sleek design, the B170S can be mounted vertically or horizontally, allowing it to seamlessly hide under shelves, tables or on walls. Keyhole slots allow for stealthy mounting options closer to where speakers will be installed. Up to 6 B17

pliantPliant brings High Density mode to NAB 2022
Wednesday, 30 March 2022

USA - Pliant Technologies will be presenting High Density mode for both its CrewCom and CrewCom CB2 wireless intercom systems at NAB 2022 (Booth C7118). High Density mode is a selectable mode of operation that increases user densities.
For CrewCom, this new software-selectable mode supports up to 32 Radio Packs (RPs) on a single Radio Transceiver (RT) while dynamically allowing any four of the RPs to communicate in full-duplex across four available talk paths. For CB2, the High Density mode supports up to 16 Radio Packs (RPs) on a single BaseStation. In addition, users of both systems will have the flexibility to simultaneously deploy “Normal” mode-enabled RPs and RTs (synced BaseStations for CB2) along with High Density mode-enabled hardware, providing adaptability for application-specific setups.
“We are excited to showcase High Density mode for both our CrewCom and CB2 intercom systems to those in attendance at NAB 2022,” says Gary Rosen, vice president of global sales for Pliant Technologies. “With this new firmware update that can be downloaded at no charge to all new and existing users, both the flagship CrewCom (firmware v1.10) and CrewCom CB2 (firmware v1.1) now offers our users a truly amazing value in professional wireless intercom.”
Also at NAB 2022, Pliant will be showcasing its MicroCom line of intercoms (MicroCom M and MicroCom XR), including the new 4-Wire I/O Interface and Two-Way Radio Headset Adapter (PAC-MC4W-IO) for MicroCom XR.

newtonNew software and firmware for Outline’s Newton
Wednesday, 30 March 2022

Italy - Continued development of the company’s patented WFIR filter design offer greater EQ resolution, while other updates extend the unit’s capabilities, compatibility and control options.
The latest updates to the Dashboard application (software v1.9.4 and firmware v0.97) include enhancements to the functionality of WFIR filters, the addition of GPIO port control and extended compatibility for the latest Apple Mac computers.
Of particular interest to companies who already deploy Newton on some of the world’s largest festivals is the further development of its unique WFIR (Warped Finite Impulse Response) filters, using Outline’s new Equalisation Coefficient Synthesis Algorithm (EQ-CSA) which accelerates the group EQ speed functionality significantly and also extends the filter resolution.
These enhancements apply not only within a single Newton but also when several units are networked together, whilst retaining all the outstanding performance and surgical precision for which the unique WFIR filters are recognised. This new level of multi-unit control delivers a level of audio equalisation options that can be simultaneously deployed across multiple festival stages.
Compatibility with Apple Mac computers has also been further developed by Outline’s engineers, as Big Sur and Monterey operating systems are now supported. Additionally, Dashboard is now fully compatible with latest-generation Macs using the M1 chip.
The update also introduces the option of using Newton’s GPIO capability to manage some internal functions for sa

amateg7grpip44-loresAmate G7 system gains IP44 certification
Friday, 25 March 2022

Spain - Amate Audio’s new G7 premium commercial audio loudspeaker system has been IP44 certified, further validating its use for a wide variety of outdoor applications. Additionally, a new anthracite colour scheme expands the options for matching the ultra-compact loudspeaker system with a wide range of interior and exterior aesthetics.
The IP44 certification awarded the G7 signifies intrusion being impossible by objects larger than 1mm in size, including most types of wire, slender screws, tools, even large ants and other insects, and liquid ingression resulting from the spraying or splashing of water and having no harmful effect on the functioning of the loudspeaker.
Commenting, vice president and chief technical officer Joan Amate states, “As a premium dedicated commercial audio design, the G7 has to fulfill the superior sonic performance expectations of an Amate Audio design and also meet the robust build requirements required of the product class. The degree of protection affirmed by an IP44 certification is what should be expected of a loudspeaker intended for applications including use outdoors in recreational and wider commercial environments.”

prolightsProlights extends Mosaico range
Thursday, 24 March 2022

Italy - Prolights has extended its range of image projectors by adding the Mosaico L to the family. The newly added fixture is a bright outdoor LED gobo projector, designed for long-range images, textures and logo projections.
The Mosaico range has an IP66 rating for long-lasting outdoor installations. The Mosaico L has a 300W high-power white LED source and an incredibly bright 11,700-lumen output.
The 7 to 49-degree zoom range makes the Mosaico L versatile for near-field or long-throw installations. The new fixture has an enhanced optical system that boosts the light output, making it more efficient while making the gobo images crisp and focused on all positions, including the centre and the edges of the projected picture. It also prevents distortion or bending of the image at large zoom angles.
The Mosaico L comes with an extensive set of features, including a rotating animation wheel, seven interchangeable gobos, seven colour filters and motorized framing shutters that focus precisely on any projected area.
The Mosaico family includes four fixtures: The Mosaico Jr, Mosaico, Mosaico L and Mosaico XL. Although their core features may differ slightly, they all have seven layers of effects, enabling thousands of different looks by combining the several effect parameters.
The family also shares the same connectivity options, including DMX and RDM operation, Wireless DMX, and an innovative stand-alone operation with DMX recording and editable playback options.

titanv15Avolites adds fixed install capabilities to Titan
Thursday, 24 March 2022

UK - Avolites has unveiled an incremental update to its lighting and integrated media control Titan software. This update looks at making the setting up of fixed installations easier.
Titan’s Timeline has proved useful to fixed installations, as well as live productions, as it transforms the way users can programme a time coded show, dramatically speeding up the process. Essentially it provides a visual approach to programming, allowing users to quickly capture their actions manually via the UI or by using the innovative live record feature.
With Titan 15.1 a new Venue Mode Workspace allows users to choose a workspace that will display on the screen when the console is locked. This can be used to display user-selected playbacks on the lock screen, allowing for basic control by venue staff such as cleaners or bar staff when the lighting operator is not present. This can be password controlled for installs operating in publicly accessible places. Additionally, the console can now be configured to start in different lock modes, protecting the show from accidental editing.
“Fixed installations are very different to the live environment where you may often want to be able to change and modify your show on the fly,” comments Oliver Waits, Avolites Titan lead developer, Avolites. “In a fixed install, you want to set-up and program your show easily and quickly and then let it be operated by anyone with only minimal capability, whilst making sure these users aren’t able to change or modify what has been programmed by accident.”
Other ne

l-isaUpdated L-ISA Studio 2.4 offers free facilities
Wednesday, 23 March 2022

France - L-Acoustics has further expanded access to L-ISA Studio, adding unlimited free binaural output capability. The software, compatible with any Mac computer, is available on the L-Acoustics website.
Through L-ISA Studio’s binaural engine, users can create and monitor spatialised audio content from their laptop, using headphones and optional head tracking. L-ISA Studio software accepts up to 96 audio objects and sends 12 audio outputs to any soundcard. All binaural capabilities within L-ISA Studio are now free for an unlimited time.
“With platforms like Apple Music, Tidal, or Amazon Music enabling spatial sound, the ability to conceive music directly in immersive is not a luxury; it’s a need,” explains Guillaume Le Nost, executive director of Creative Technologies at L-Acoustics. “For this reason, we felt that it was important to make L-ISA Studio available to anyone, with any Digital Audio Workstation on the market. L-ISA Studio is an amazing platform from which users can explore spatial audio dimensions and share ideas with other creators.”
In the paid version, mixing engineers and creators can deploy L-ISA Studio in any multi‑channel mixing or recording studio with up to 12 loudspeakers for multi‑channel monitoring. Pre-production can be done with the L-ISA Studio software suite for live productions, then seamlessly transferred to a venue configuration using the L-ISA Processor.
Developed to improve the workflow and ‘unleash the creative potential of all sound creators’, L-ISA Studio seamlessly interfaces with lead

intellimix-roommtrdiagramIntelliMix receives Microsoft Teams certification
Tuesday, 22 March 2022

UK - At Enterprise Connect, Shure announced that IntelliMix Room has received expanded Microsoft Teams Rooms certification with the Lenovo ThinkSmart Core, a computing device built on the Intel vPro. This expanded certification is applicable for use in cases where the Shure Microflex Ecosystem is jointly leveraged with video conferencing products from Poly, Logitech, Crestron, and Lenovo.
“Ensuring our audio solutions seamlessly collaborate with other platforms remains one of our primary goals. We understand the direct impact and benefits these partnerships and certifications provide to both end users and IT professionals,” said Paul Gunia, director of technology partnerships, at Shure.
“Pairing Shure Microflex Ecosystem solutions with leading video conference solutions from Poly make achieving the highest-quality collaboration standards more seamless, scalable, and flexible than ever. Our certified communication and premium solutions can ensure every member of your team feels present and essential to each meeting, whether they are at the far end of the conference table or halfway across the globe.”
“Today’s modern day hybrid workplace needs to accommodate attendees that are both on-site and remote to provide an equitable meeting experience,” says Jay McArdle, senior director of product management, Poly. “By combining Poly solutions with Director AI technology, which intelligently frames conference room participants, with Shure Microflex Ecosystem solutions for Microsoft Teams Large Rooms, we will deliver a seamless collaboration e

xmXMove developed for live event automation
Tuesday, 22 March 2022

UK - XM Automation has released XMove, a new user interface for programming the movement of automated systems. Available via a per axis licensing model, the XMove interface offers a number of powerful, easy to programme features.
The software interface can be retrofitted to existing infrastructure or configured to work with new hardware available from theatre-specialist suppliers or from non-theatrical industrial manufacturers such as Siemens, Control Techniques and Beckhoff.
Director Mark Ager explains: “The availability of XMove software on a licence basis overcomes the high capital investment costs traditionally associated with the purchase or refurbishment of automated equipment. Created in Apple’s latest pro-SwiftUI, the user interface provides a powerful and robust platform.”
XM Automation has recognised that ease of programming is key to the operation of automation systems and this specialist software application has a powerful graphical interface providing an intuitive tool for simple and complex programming of moves. Multi-target moves, locked groups, multiple users, shows, and venues are supported and more specialist requirements are included such as Rigging & Referencing for scenery which is key in repertory theatres.
Ager, who was instrumental in developing established interfaces such as the Acrobat and Nomad control desks, continues: “We intend that this software removes barriers to entry and dramatically improves options for maintenance of legacy equipment, whilst simultaneously addressing the needs of programmers who

domino-ltAyrton launches Domino LT
Tuesday, 22 March 2022

Europe - Ayrton has announced the Domino LT, the first long-throw IP65-rated fixture in its 9 Series.
Domino LT is the first all-terrain LED luminaire in Ayrton’s LT (Long Throw) range. Designed for intensive outdoor use in long-distance applications that require high precision, Domino LT can cope with the most extreme conditions, and is able to acclimatise to all types of environments and endure rapid climate change. It combines the minimalist design of Domino Profile with the colour mixing capabilities of Huracán Profile and the IP65-rated weather-proofing of Perseo.
Domino LT’s 225mm diameter frontal lens produces an ultra-intensive beam with a 15:1 zoom ratio and a zoom range of 3.5° to 53°.
Equipped with an all-new high-efficiency 1,000W LED module, Domino LT delivers a record luminous flux of 51,000 lumens at a colour temperature of 6,700K. Domino LT’s complex colour mixing system offers a double level of CMY saturation that can obtain 281 trillion colours (patent-pending) and a triple corrector for variable colour temperature that allows subtle adjustment from 2,700K - 15,000K and significant CRI improvement.
Fitted with multiple optical tools for shaping light, Domino LT is factory-equipped with a linear progressive frost system, a lightweight frost filter, and two image-multiplying rotating prisms: one is linear with four facets and the other is circular with five facets. The framing section enables precise positioning of each shutter blade on a 100% surface area. The effects section includes two superimposed rotating gobo

do-100-evolution-of-andiamoDirectOut releases third generation Andiamo
Thursday, 17 March 2022

Germany - Audio and connectivity specialist DirectOut is announcing the release of the third generation of its Andiamo. The device comes with newly designed AD/DA converters, network based audio and remote control.
“When we launched our first Andiamo in 2010, we already had the feeling that it would be a game changer”, says Claudio Becker-Foss, CEO and CTO of DirectOut, “and now, 12 years later, our clients can witness the evolution of Andiamo to again meet their expectations for an AD/DA Converter, they can count on.”
Optionally supporting network audio formats Ravenna, Dante or SoundGrid, the third generation Andiamo offers up to 288 inputs and 288 outputs with internal routing matrix and failover redundancy using EARStm. The device features eight summing busses, input and output gains and trim, hardware monitoring for PSU status and temperature and redundant power supplies. Remote control over network is available via globcon.
“While modernising the feature set of one of the most reliable AD/DA converters on the market, we still wanted to keep it simple”, adds Becker-Foss. “Our goal was to make it possible to use the new Andiamo also without remote control if needed. A very straight forward bank routing, clock and I/O selection are directly accessible from the front panel.”


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