USA - JoeCo has launched BandMate, a 24-channel backing track player for live performance playback. Aimed at gigging musicians, the 1U system can replay multichannel audio material alongside MIDI data for the control and update of MIDI equipment such as effects pedals and lighting controllers. The new hardware is supported by a pair of apps for user-friendly operation.
“There is a definite requirement from musicians for a live assist playback device that they can trust more than a laptop,” said JoeCo managing director, Joe Bull. “We created BandMate to be a flexible solution that will give musicians a robust device they can rely on gig after gig, which is simple to use and easy to control.”
BandMate uses a setlist to organise the playback for a gig. This playlist

Spain - Hive has introduced two new additions to its Beeblade product range. Beeblade Minima and Beeblade Osmia are joining Beeblade Pluto as part of the wider ecosystem, offering users more media playback solutions that work in harmony with a wide range of project types. Additionally, Hive is also launching the new Beehive 5U rack mountable chassis at ISE 2024.
Beeblade is a new approach to media playback that seamlessly integrates into any Smart Display Module (SDM) compatible display or projector. It’s the hidden hero behind complex, creative video that can be synced across m

Spain - Ayrton will be exhibiting at ISE on stands 1G700 and 1G530 where it will be bringing a selection of its comprehensive range of LED lighting products. Star of the show will be Argo 6, launched in September 2023 at PLASA Show, London.
Argo 6 is Ayrton’s first weather-sealed effects luminaire, available as Wash or FX versions, presenting a 280mm front window designed to ensure optimal visuals. Equipped with 19 LEDs of 40W with RGB+W additive colour synthesis, Argo 6 can deliver a light output of 13,000 lumens, and obtain a highly intense beam with a zoom ratio of 14:1 and a

Spain - Robert Juliat will be exhibiting independently for the first time at ISE on Stand 1F300, near the entrance of Hall 1.
RJ will be showing its award-winning Sully 4C profile and Fresnel fixtures - which were awarded the 2022 LDI Award for Best Debuting Product - all with integrated RJ Color, Robert Juliat’s innovative software platform.
Sully 4C Profile (650SX 4C) is a four-colour (RGBLime), 200W LED profile that delivers perfect whites and high quality saturated and pastel colours; it is also a swift and economic solution to convert RJ 600SX tungsten fixtures to LE

Europe - Audiofocus has unveiled its new ARRoCC constant curvature loudspeaker series. Conceived as a complete PA solution for medium throw sound reinforcement scenarios, the ARRoCC system comprises the wide coverage CC210W cabinet and its narrow coverage twin, the CC210N, plus the high-powered 118S compact subwoofer. ARRoCC makes its world debut at ISE 2024.
CC210W and CC210N each house a pair of V-mounted 10” LF transducers with Tetracoil double voice coils for additional power, precision control, improved impulse response and handling of transients. A large 4” titanium diap

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