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ht-mercuryISE 2023: Hall debuts Mercury video bar
Tuesday, 17 January 2023

Spain - Hall Technologies, a global AV company specialising in unified communication solutions, has announced the international debut of Mercury, its all-in-one conferencing and collaboration tool, at ISE 2023 in Barcelona, having successfully been introduced into the US market in November. The video bar offers wireless screen presentation capabilities, camera auto tracking, speaker tracking, and presenter tracking.
“Think of Mercury as your smart video conferencing companion,” says Hall Technologies vice president of technology Ken Eagle. “This plug-and-play product has built-in features that enable tracking for not only the audio, but for visuals too. It’s compatible with both OS and UC applications. Mercury is a dynamic bundled solution for creating better meeting equity in small to mid-sized meeting rooms and huddle spaces. It’s unique in that it can track and capture meeting attendees when they are presenting, while utilizing AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation), AGC (Automatic Gain Control), ANS (Automatic Noise Suppression) and full duplex mode communication to make all participants feel like they are in the same room.”
The HT-Mercury is a video bar with an ultra-wide angle 4K AI camera, microphone and speaker featuring wireless screen presentation capabilities. It includes a built-in Wi-Fi module and offers multiple connection options, including AirPlay, Miracast, Smart View, HT-Voyager and physical HDMI and USB-C ports. Connecting to the HT-Mercury using any of these methods can project the video from the connected device to the connecte

ayrton-cobra2ISE 2023: Ayrton shows Zonda, Cobra and more
Tuesday, 17 January 2023

Spain - Ayrton will present a selection of its product range on its integration-themed booth (7B550) at ISE in Barcelona from 31 January – 3 February 2023.
New products include the newly released Zonda 3, alongside its larger sibling, Zonda 9, and Ayrton’s first laser-sourced fixture, Cobra.
Part of Ayrton’s multi-sources 3 Series and smaller sibling to Zonda 9, Zonda 3 is a compact, versatile luminaire with unlimited potential designed specifically for stage lighting. Available as Zonda 3 Wash or Zonda 3 FX, this little powerhouse is packed with effects and can switch from beam to wash with great ease. Its speed of movement and reduced dimensions increase its dynamic potential.
Seven high-performance 40W LED sources (RGB+W) and a proprietary optical system enhance beam coherence, while its 50mm truncated transmitting lens delivers a high intensity beam with a zoom ratio of 14:1 and a wide zoom range of 4° to 56°. A light output of 5,200 lumens and a perfectly homogeneous mixture of pastel and saturated colours, regardless of the colour combination chosen, complete the package.
Designed to cover an entire live entertainment stage, Zonda 3 Wash’s additive colour synthesis can reproduce precise, intense and deep colours, while the careful colour mixing of the sources allows for perfect colour reproduction. A special black honeycomb and perfect separation of the light sources helps to significantly boost the level of contrast. A complete library of pre-programmed colours, created in collaboration with lighting designers, is instantly a

insta-cube4-Studiomaster releases Instacube system
Monday, 16 January 2023

UK - With the launch of its Instacube 4/Instasub 8, Studiomaster introduces a dedicated ultra-low profile, high performance, commercial audio loudspeaker system to its professional loudspeaker catalogue.
The miniature Instacube 4 aluminium enclosure, measures just 145 x 156 x 143 mm, complete with its removable mounting U-bracket. With a custom designed 4” neodymium, 2-way coaxial loudspeaker, comprising a 35 mm voice coil MF and 1.3” PEEK high-performance composite film diaphragm HF driver arrangement, the Instacube 4 boasts 100 W rms / 400 W peak power handling, up to 87dB continuous SPL output, and a 100 Hz – 20 kHz (-10 dB) frequency response.
The ultra-slim Instacube 8 bass reflex compact subwoofer is ceiling, wall or floor mountable, and can be positioned under furniture. Although measuring just 515mm x 200mm x 425mm, the sub features a custom design 8” loudspeaker. With a 38 mm high temperature resistant voice coil, the long-stroke driver also features a unique aluminium modulation ring that reduces magnetic distortion, further contributing to up to 200 watts of very high-quality deep bass.
Studiomaster general manager Patrick Almond comments, “In extending our loudspeaker offering into the dedicated commercial audio segment, we have come to the market with a system highly representative of our brand values of highly competitive cost-performance ratios, and levels of design and build quality Studiomaster distributors and dealers have long come to know and trust.
“The product design is one of high performance and efficiency,

trackingISE 2023: Naostage debuts 3D trackingSystem
Monday, 16 January 2023

Spain - Naostage’s K System beaconless 3D tracking solution will make its debut before an international audience at Integrated Systems Europe 2023.
The K System makes it easy for fixed-install professionals to create immersive, interactive live experiences by seamlessly identifying and following visitors and performers wherever they are in a defined tracking area – allowing for the automation of an endless array of lighting, audio, video and media effects in real time, in sync with the installation or show. The official launch of K System will take place at 16.30 on Tuesday 31 January on the 196sqm Naostage booth (5D700), where hands-on demonstrations will give ISE visitors the opportunity to see the product up close for the first time.
In addition to concerts, tours and festivals, the technology could be used, for example, to automate tracking in a venue, museum or visitor attraction, triggering audio, video and lighting effects as a visitor enters the room, or to allow a cruise ship to embark on a multi-week journey with a fully automated show, simplifying pre-production and reducing costs across the board.
Once rigged, the plug-and-play sensor scans the space in 3D, feeding data to the K System processing unit, which automatically identifies each target in real time.
Paul Cales, founder and CEO of Naostage, says ISE provides an opportunity to demonstrate the power of K System to an international audience, as well as build on its existing network of partners and distributors in the EMEA region. “Along with live staging, the AV systems

sonicviewISE 2023: Tascam launches digital mixer line
Monday, 16 January 2023

Spain - Tascam has released its new Sonicview digital mixer line. Available as either Sonicview 16 or Sonicview 24, both products aim at a wide application range, including fixed installations, recording studios, broadcasting and touring.
Sonicview consoles incorporate the latest technology and a new multi-screen user interface called VIEW (Visual Interactive Ergonomic Workflow) which allows easy operation and control of all system parameters using fully customisable touchscreens, user-definable buttons, and intuitive control software.
Sonicview consoles include a 64-channel Dante interface, a 32-bit/96-kHz multi-channel USB audio interface, and a wealth of inputs and outputs. A 54-bit FPGA mixing engine offers floating-point processing with continuous high-definition sampling at 96 kHz, and 32-bit analogue-to-digital converters. The FPGA also ensures ultra-low latency of 0.51 milliseconds, even in analogue-to-analogue connections. The hardware mixing surface and the mixing engine operating system are independent of each other – resulting in high stability and continuous audio flow.
The two models differ in frame size and the number of physical inputs, mic preamps, motorised faders, and touchscreens. An optional expansion card allows 32-track recording directly to an SD card, while an additional expansion card can provide further audio ports such as analogue outputs, MADI, Dante or AES/EBU. For remote control, users can connect a Wi-Fi router to the Sonicview’s Ethernet port and use the free Tascam Sonicview Control software for macOS, Windows,

yamaha-vxcvcEASE Address supports ceiling speakers
Monday, 16 January 2023

Europe - Yamaha has announced that its VXC and VC series ceiling speakers are now compatible with the EASE Address software calculating tool, making the simulation of ceiling speaker placement and sound pressure levels quicker and more flexible for system designers.
VXC and VC series ceiling speakers are suitable for corporate, education and commercial spaces. Already supported by Yamaha’s Commercial Installation Solutions Speaker Calculator (CISSCA) and Nexo's NS-1 system configuration software, the new compatibility with AFMG Technologies’ EASE Address significantly expands the range of calculators available to engineers.
EASE Address is very simple to use. After drawing a top view of the facility, the user chooses the speaker models and the placement is automatically calculated, taking into account sound pressure levels. Manual operation of the software is also possible, allowing the user to delete speakers from the system draft or move them, for example to take restricted installation locations into account.
“Yamaha’s CISSCA quickly simulates the required number and placement of a wide range of speakers by simply answering a selection of questions, while Nexo’s highly acclaimed NS-1 helps users to achieve uniform sound pressure distribution in any venue, including large facilities, through its intuitive operation. Support for EASE Address will further expand the user's options, enabling them to select a calculator that is precisely suited to their purpose and application” says Thomas Hemery, general manager of Yamaha’s PA marketing

kv2ISE 2023: KV2 Audio extends ESR family
Monday, 16 January 2023

Spain - ISE 2023 is shaping up to be a busy one for KV2 Audio with four new product debuts across three different product ranges. The first of those concerns the ESR Series which sees the addition of the ESR106 and its dedicated ESR2600D amplifier based on KV2 Audio proprietary SLA technology.
The ESR Series was developed for a particular niche in the market requiring an all-in-one box to provide clear, detailed reproduction over a wide area. Typical applications include theatres, houses of worship, cultural/performance centres and concert halls where they are likely to be used vertically. When mounted horizontally, ESR Series loudspeakers provide excellent coverage over a tiered seating area for stadium or grandstand type applications.
Like its siblings, ESR212, ESR215MkII and ESR215S, the new slimline ESR106 is an active-driven 3-way system. It deploys a column array of multiple 6-inch woofers for unparalleled high quality vocal and music reproduction in challenging acoustical spaces and ambient environments. Utilising 8 x 6-inch woofers, 2 x 6-inch mid bass woofers and a single 1-inch high frequency driver mounted on a wide dispersion horn, the ESR106 is constructed to represent one large point source, with each part of the system positioned so that it is proportional in size to the wavelength it produces. Thus, the radiated power of each band remains consistent and balanced throughout the system’s overall frequency range. The ESR106 has a controlled coverage at low and mid frequencies to reduce indoor reflections.
ESR106 is controlled and dr

r-seriesISE 2023: EM Acoustics looks to the future
Friday, 13 January 2023

Spain - EM Acoustics returns to ISE for the first time since 2020 after a strong year that has seen significant growth. Celebrating 20 years in business, the full management team will be present as the company looks to actively forge new links across Europe and worldwide as well as continue to build on current relationships.
Visitors to the stand will be able to see a representative selection of EM’s ubiquitous EMS Series that offers a wide range of products for a variety of applications, both fixed and mobile, plus the full range of award-winning Reference Series point source loudspeakers.
This widely successful product family - currently comprising the compact R8, the mid-sized R10 and the large format R12 - has found favour in theatres and performance venues thanks to its quality sound reinforcement in a versatile, low profile package. This includes the most recent addition to the family, the R8, which featured prominently at Frameless – London’s first permanent digital arts experience. Frameless deployed no fewer than 158 EM Acoustics loudspeakers throughout the venue – all cleverly hidden - including 30 R8s and a plethora of loudspeakers from the EMS Series as part of a fully immersive art experience.

k-arrayISE 2023: K-array unveils AV market roadmap
Friday, 13 January 2023

Spain - ISE 2023 sees the K-array group present their new roadmap dedicated to the AV market sector. Today, the K-array group comprises three brands – K-array, KGEAR and KSCAPE. Together, these brands offer solutions for AV spaces or applications – large or small, complex or not.
According to K-array president Alessandro Tatini, the time has come to consolidate the company’s offering for the AV market to make it easy for integrators, consultants and architects to specify the products they need for their projects. K-array group products offer solutions for applications including corporate, education, hospitality, retail, public spaces, visitor attractions, marine and venues.
“We are passionate about sound and have been pioneering unique audio solutions for live events for over 30 years,” explains Tatini. “We wanted to bring that experience to the installed AV market, so the last few years have seen us develop a range of compact, aesthetically pleasing products that deliver the same levels of quality and innovation to the AV sector.
“Three years ago, we developed KSCAPE– an integrated audio and lighting solution for design-conscious environments that puts wellbeing into focus. A year later we launched KGEAR with the intention of offering simpler, less costly audio solutions for applications where quality counts. Now that we have all these elements in place, it’s time for us to have a more cohesive approach to the market.”
The first move is the creation of a dedicated K-array installed sound business unit. This will bring K-ar

allen--heathISE 2023: Allen & Heath shows Scalable Audio
Friday, 13 January 2023

Spain - Allen & Heath will be showing their full range of audio install solutions, including audio matrix processors, touchscreen controllers, Dante I/O, and the newly released Custom Control V1.3 software, at the upcoming ISE show in Barcelona.
The complete AHM series will be on display including the Inavation Awards finalist AHM-32, plus the AHM-64 and AHM-16. Designed to excel in corporate, retail, hospitality and education environments, AHM is a family of powerful Audio Matrix Processors which allow integrators to quickly create systems that build from a single boardroom to a complete campus with emphasis on simplicity of programming and control.
Allen & Heath’s range of install-focused hardware controllers will be present at the booth including the CC-7 and CC-10 touch panels in addition to the IP1, IP6 and IP8 controllers.
A comprehensive selection of remote audio expanders from the Everything I/O ecosystem will be on the stand including five Dante I/O interfaces and several expanders from the GX, DX and AB expander ranges.
Allen & Heath’s 96kHz live sound and installation mixers will also be at the show, including Avantis, dLive and compact SQ consoles, and Allen & Heath experts will be on hand to discuss all aspects of the product range and to offer advice on integration into new and existing installs and projects.
“We’re looking forward to showing off our extensive install range at ISE this year,” says Markus Sinsel, sales director at Allen & Heath. “We can't wait to catch up with our industr

v16processAvolites releases Titan v16.0 software
Thursday, 12 January 2023

UK - Avolites has unveiled a major new release of its lighting and integrated media control Titan software. Version 16 has two new main features developed to assist programmers and operators by providing fast access to the data they need.
Freeform Layout view, for example, provides the ability to arrange and select fixtures in a 2D layout either manually, or automatically from the integrated Capture visualiser, streamlining the workflow from design to programming. It provides a visual representation of the current state of the fixtures and is accessed from a new 'Layouts' window and 'Layout' handle type. With this new function, group handles can be included in layouts to further assist fixture selection. Multiple layouts can also be created providing the ability to have more than one arrangement of fixtures or to separate fixtures into specific layouts. The view supports multi-touch gesture controls for zoom and pan.
A new window called Cue List Tracking View provides a way to view and edit the values and tracking of individual fixtures/attributes in a cue list. A 'View Tracking' button has also been added to the Playback View context menu. Selecting this will open the Tracking View window with the associated playback cues. Selecting the 'Select Cue List' option from the Tracking View context menu will open a menu where you can select other cue lists (either via the softkeys or by a cue list handle). The window will remember the last selected cue list when opened and if it is opened without a cue list it will prompt to select one.
Paul Smith, lighti

dtend7xdualISE 2023: DTEN to debut multi-platform range
Wednesday, 11 January 2023

Spain - DTEN, manufacturer of all-in-one video conferencing solutions, has announced that it will showcase several new multi-platform products at Integrated Systems Europe 2023 (ISE) later this month, including the new D7X Dual, DTEN Vue side cameras and the D7X Android Edition.
ISE attendees will experience first-hand how DTEN is advancing the hybrid workplace and hybrid classroom with innovative new multi-platform touch collaboration devices, room controllers, and workspace schedulers.
The newly released D7X series, which will be the core of the exhibit, will be displayed in not only 55” Windows and Android operating systems, but also in the larger 75” screen size. Also featured will be the new Dual 55” configuration with a uniquely mounted vertical camera.
The D7X series from DTEN is purpose built to provide a future-proof solution for video-first collaborative hybrid meeting sessions, ready to handle the latest whiteboarding and video collaboration enhancements to Zoom Rooms with easy BYOD functionality for extra flexibility.
Doug Remington, general manager of EMEA commented, “The D7X series of products are a real game changer for DTEN and we’ve received a great response from the market so far since launch of the D7X Windows and Android Editions. We are ecstatic to show our new multi-platform products in live demonstrations in Barcelona. What better place to debut across EMEA than at ISE.”
Other products on display at the DTEN stand, Hall 2 - booth number #2R350, will be the DTEN ME Pro with InclusiView and Virtual Recept

clear-comISE 2023: Clear-Com highlights IP-based intercom
Wednesday, 11 January 2023

Spain - Clear-Com returns to Barcelona for ISE 2023, where the company will showcase a broad range of intercom applications on Stand 5G820 in Hall 5. Offering innovative voice communications solutions for live events and performance venues, motorsports, theme parks, marine offshore, corporate communications production, and more.
Visitors will be invited to explore the company’s diverse portfolio of intercom systems at the stand, including the award-winning Arcadia Central Station with HelixNet Digital Network Partyline integration, the new V-Series IrisX IP Panel, and a range of virtual intercom clients including the Agent-IC mobile app and Station-IC desktop client.
A popular choice for the largest and most complex live events, Arcadia is a scalable IP intercom platform bringing together HelixNet, FreeSpeak, Encore, other 2W/4W endpoints, and third-party Dante devices in a single, integrated system. Arcadia offers licensed-based scalability that allows it to meet numerous production needs, with support for over 100 beltpacks and up to 128 IP ports. Arcadia has already proven to be a perfect fit for rental applications like shareholder meetings and developer conferences with the right balance of flexibility to fit the various workflow needs of event after event.
For applications requiring up to 200 beltpacks and the broadest range of point-to-point workflow options, Eclipse HX Digital Matrix offers the tools to deliver efficiency. New features introduced in the EHX 13 update allow Eclipse to support systems of up to 200 FreeSpeak beltpacks in a si

rh-iseISE 2023: Renkus-Heinz features UBX and more
Wednesday, 11 January 2023

Spain - Renkus-Heinz will make its return to Integrated Systems Europe at the Fira Barcelona Gran Via venue in Barcelona.
ISE 2023 attendees will have the opportunity to experience ‘The Sound Solution’ in person at booth #7F680 where Renkus-Heinz will exhibit various systems including the award-winning UBX Series of passive column loudspeakers and Iconyx Compact Series digitally steerable arrays. Members of the global Renkus-Heinz team including president Monika Smetona, CTO Ralph Heinz and many more look forward to meeting with attendees and answering any questions about the company’s latest projects and developments.
“ISE is a great opportunity for Renkus-Heinz to exhibit the progress we have made in the past year as well as strengthen the relationships we’ve made previously,” said Smetona. “We’re bringing our best and most exciting lineup of products to the show this year and look forward to sharing our past year's achievements with our partners and new connections.”
“We are excited to showcase how our award-winning UBX Series and Iconyx Compact Series solve acoustic challenges in many applications,” added Karl Brunvoll, VP international sales, “from transportation hubs and conference rooms to houses of worship, hospitality venues and more.”

productlaunchISE 2023: Martin Audio plans hybrid launch
Tuesday, 10 January 2023

Spain - In recognition of the changing post-pandemic exhibition landscape, Martin Audio has announced that it plans to run both an online and offline product launch event at ISE 2023, in order to maximise engagement for those that can and cannot attend the trade show.
Marketing director, James King, explains, “The pandemic re-wrote the rule book on launch events. While most industry product launches were previously geared around the trade show calendar, once the pandemic hit, and trade shows were off the agenda, we all moved online.
“Now, that trade shows are back, we are entering an interesting period where attendance to trade shows is still lower than it was pre-pandemic - plus there are always potential visitors who, for whatever reason, are unable to attend. For that reason, we feel the hybrid solution becomes a pragmatic way to keep customers right up to date with the latest developments.”
The online event will showcase latest news from Martin Audio plus the announcement of two new products, while the offline event at ISE will take in both a press event and listening demonstrations. The latter will take place in their dedicated audio demo room (Hall 8, Room F1), with product also on show on stand H200 in Hall 7.
“We’re excited about the possibilities that hybrid events provide for us as a brand and we see this as a template for us moving forward,” King continued. “2023 promises to be one of the busiest product launch calendars in Martin Audio’s history, so ensuring that our customers have the flexibility to keep up-to-date

iclx-w-grilleRenkus-Heinz brings sound solutions to Orlando
Monday, 9 January 2023

USA - Renkus-Heinz will exhibit at WAVE Orlando from 24-26 January 2023 at the Avanti Palms Resort & Conference Centre.
WAVE Orlando attendees will have the opportunity to experience the Renkus-Heinz sound solution first-hand at Booth #305. R-H will be exhibiting the award-winning UBX Series as well as the ICLive X Series, C Series and S Series.
“We look forward to bringing our sound solutions to WAVE Orlando. The house of worship market requires robust audio solutions for the wide variety of intricate venues found around the world,” said Joe Fustolo, eastern regional sales manager at Renkus-Heinz. “Renkus-Heinz offers the products and solutions needed for each specific house of worship, and we are ready to show that off in Orlando.”
The UBX Series brings Renkus-Heinz’s sound quality and coverage into the realm of passive arrays, creating more opportunities for AV contractors, consultants and sound system engineers to craft the right sound solution for their projects. Utilizing the same complex steering algorithms as Renkus-Heinz’s flagship Iconyx columns, the UBX Series’ new Passive UniBeam Technology delivers ‘pristine sound and consistent coverage with minimal distortions or side lobe artifacts’.
The UBX Series hardware addresses each transducer with specially designed all-pass filter networks, gain shading and frequency filtering in order to generate a downward steered asymmetrical vertical lobe with constant directivity - resulting in consistent coverage and speech intelligibility from the front of the room to the ba

absen-virtual-production-forumISE 2023: Absen highlights LED innovation
Monday, 9 January 2023

Spain - Absen will be showcasing solutions from its wide range of innovative LED solutions at ISE 2023, Hall 3, booth N300. This comprehensive booth will be supplemented by an additional feature in the new Content Production & Distribution Zone in Hall 6, booth 6E150.
Highlights of Absen’s Hall 3 booth include the new flagship Virtual Production solution, the PR 2.5. This offers a wide colour gamut, fast heat dissipation and delivers a 16% reduction in power consumption compared with older products. With the customized lock system, users can quickly complete installations including hanging, stacking and other rental and staging layouts. The booth will feature a typical VP set up, showcasing partner technologies from ARRI and Brompton.
The AW1.9 is a new addition to Absen’s DOOH portfolio and will be exhibited for the first time at ISE. Absen is partnering with DOOH Click complete management platform to support both the AW1.9 and AW2.5 versions of this range of outdoor LED solutions.
As part of the Data Visualisation Clear Cobalt Series, the CL1.2 Mirco LED solution, with black coating technology and Absen's black calibration technology, not only has a non-reflective surface, but also produces vivid colours for true to nature images. With high reliability, wide colour gamut and full flip chip technology this product redefines reality.
Absen’s Esports & Gaming Showcase in Hall 6 will feature a 6m x 3m, 2.5pp LED wall as the backdrop, with a two-person gaming desk, fully kitted out and running a series of interactive games, thanks

ddm-imageAudinate broadens access to Domain Manager
Friday, 6 January 2023

USA - Audinate Group has announced it is now offering a subscription model for Dante Domain Manager, its network management solution that brings enterprise-grade system administration to the AV world.
“Dante Domain Manager has become a critical solution in the AV industry, allowing for user authentication, role-based security and audit capabilities for Dante networks,” said Joshua Rush, chief marketing officer at Audinate. “In addition to lowering the up-front costs of acquisition, the subscription model allows buyers to treat Dante Domain Manager as an operating expense rather than a capital expense ensuring it is even more accessible.” 
Available in three editions, Silver, Gold and Platinum, Dante Domain Manager can be tailored to meet user needs and budgets while maintaining the agility, scalability and security necessary to create a trusted audio network.
Dante Domain Manager Silver Edition supports 20 Dante devices in two Dante Domains, and is designed for smaller installations such as houses of worship, recording studios and broadcast facilities.
Dante Domain Manager Gold Edition supports 100 Dante devices in 10 Dante Domains, and is suitable for medium-sized installations, including schools, small businesses, and larger houses of worship as part of a comprehensive AV management strategy. 
Dante Domain Manager Platinum Edition supports 250 Dante devices in 50 Dante Domains and provides enterprise AV management for the largest mission-critical systems found in universities, stadiums, public spaces and corporate offices

ledj600ledj601LEDJ Libretto 50W Mini Profiles available in UK
Friday, 6 January 2023

UK - Prolight Concepts Group is now stocking LEDJ Libretto 50W Mini Profiles. Designed for gallery, museum and theatre applications the feature-rich Librettos operate with a manually adjustable zoom range of 14-31 degrees and project precise, focused hard-edge beams. They come in two versions, one is a 50W warm white COB LED (3200K), the second is a Bi-CCT version with 50W cool white (5800K) and warm white (2800K) COB LED (CW/WW).
Both are controllable via DMX, have a manual dimming mode and 4 dimming curves. They also have beam shaping shutters, zoom and focus adjust, and have a filter frame and gobo slot (five metal gobos supplied) included.

xps-16kd-backISE 2023: RCF puts focus on amplification
Thursday, 5 January 2023

Spain - RCF will be exhibiting at ISE in Barcelona (Hall7 - J150), showing their current portfolio alongside the launch of new products. The focus on the show floor will be a new section dedicated to RCF power amplification technology, new passive speakers (most notably the Compact A and Compact C series), the versatile active ART 9-AX speaker series, and audio solutions from the Business Music and Installed Sound product series.
The new XPS 16K power amplifier provides extreme power density and control, boasting four 4000W continuous power outputs, routing options with four analogue and digital AES/EBU inputs/outputs, Dante Audio Networking, and a complete set of tools for signal processing and tuning. Thanks to the complete RDNet integration, the sound system manager can choose active powered speakers or externally amplified modules for their system, evaluating the best approach that fits their requirements.
The XPS Series is designed for high-power installation systems such as auditoriums, theme parks, and performance venues. XPS provides installation-specific features, including enhanced system status monitoring, GPIOs for extended capabilities, flexible routing, and integration with the RDNet management platform.
QPS Series is a range of four-channel professional amplifiers that combine high-quality performance and reliability with the latest power amplification technologies. With two models of 10,000 Watts (4 x 2500 @ 2 Ohms) and 6,000 Watts (4 x 1500 @ 2 Ohms) continuous power, this design offers the sound quality and durability of Class HD

optikineticsWheels of Light records a lighting revolution
Wednesday, 4 January 2023

UK – Kevin Foakes’ Wheels of Light: Designs for British Light Shows 1970-1990, shines a powerful light on a remarkable period of entertainment history.
The book exists because of (and treats as its central hub) Optikinetics - the UK manufacturer formed by Neil Rice and Phil Brunker in 1970 and, under the ownership of Rob Stitcher, still going strong to this day. ‘Opti’ (as it has always been known) was not the first – or by any means the only – creator and purveyor of the projection effects which characterized the era. But they were a central player: they designed and built the famed Solar 250 projector, and they are one of the few companies influencing that powerfully creative time to have survived through to the present day.
The author’s research – triggered by a modern-day DJ’s encounter with a Solar 250 projector (yes, they still make them) and Luton-based Optikinetics – has resulted in the book’s publication.
Although it predominantly focuses on the artworks themselves, the book also provides a fascinating overview of those who drove this cultural phenomenon. Those early days of effects projection, from the early 1960s and through the 70s and 80s, have been a source of fascination and inspiration for light artists and lighting designers ever since. From strobing, monochrome op-art at the Fillmore, to The Pink Floyd bathed in swirling, coloured liquid projections at the UFO Club, they were innovations that have cast many long and wonderful shadows – through disco, Punk, rave and beyond.
It features light arti

kl-profile-fcelationElation’s all-in-one KL Profile FC now shipping
Tuesday, 3 January 2023

USA/Europe - Following a positive reception from designers and specifiers at the LDI show in Las Vegas, Elation has announced that the KL Profile FC is now shipping. The unit is designed for any application where a compact ellipsoidal or wash fixture with outstanding colour range and a flexible zoom range is required.
The KL Profile FC offers full-spectrum performance from a 92 CRI engine that utilises a 305W 5-color homogenized LED array of red, green, blue, mint, and amber sources. The RGBMA engine, calibrated at a native colour temperature of 6500 Kelvin, emits diffused saturates and soft-field pastels, including tuneable white light. The carefully tuned LEDs ensure accurate colour reproduction while delivering a powerful output of 10,600 lumens.
High colour quality and colour manipulation are central to the KL Profile FC, ensuring that designs translate well to camera. The unit can adjust for light that shifts away from pure white towards green or magenta through a green/magenta shift adjustment and a virtual gel library. Virtual color correction from 2400K - 8500K plus CMY and RGB emulation give designers access to an impressive LED colour array including mixed whites. Capable of matching the white balance for camera, users can easily shift the colour temperature without the use of plus/minus green gels an d filters. Additionally, the LED refresh rate is DMX adjustable so there is no flickering when used with high-speed cameras.
The fixture includes a 16-bit rotating/indexing gobo slot for versatile imaging and ships with the KL Profile Desi

double-rainbow-ossiumQuasar Science updates firmware for Rainbows
Thursday, 22 December 2022

USA - Quasar Science has announced the release of a new firmware update for its Double Rainbow and Rainbow 2 RGBX linear LED fixtures. Firmware v0.7 is available for free from It brings new features and improvements, including global parameter controls for image-based lighting.
The firmware update brings a range of benefits for virtual productions, featuring the first lighting profiles that include global parameters to set the color space and white point of input media. This allows users to match adjacent outputs, such as a video wall, for accurate and consistent rendering, providing unparalleled control over lighting in virtual environments.
“Global parameters for pixel mapping, such as white point, spectrum control and color space, are not available in traditional RGB profiles,” says Quasar Science CTO, Ben Dynice. “We have created these new DMX profiles specifically for pixel mapping for image-based lighting. Now, for example, users can change from pixel mapping a source video that is in REC709 to another source that uses traditional color management on the fly for more accurate and correctly balanced light.”
Users can now control the colour space of Rainbow fixtures to match the playback media with a single DMX parameter along with control of global parameters with new pixel mapping profiles. The RGBVW profile (RGB Variable White) allows pixel-level control over RGB, CCT and +/- Green with control of the global parameters: spectrum, color space and output level. The VRGB profile (Video RGB) adds CCT and +/- Green int

ovation-cycChauvet’s Ovation CYC 3 FC saves space
Thursday, 22 December 2022

USA - The new Ovation CYC 3 FC from Chauvet Professional allows more space to be covered with fewer fixture thanks to its greater length.
A fully-featured cyc light, the Ovation CYC 3 FC measures 47.13 x 6.30 x 4.33 inches (1197 x 160 x 110 mm), making it longer than the popular Ovation CYC 1 FC. Because of this size difference, the new fixture allows the same space to be lit with fewer units.
For example, a 45ft wide space that would require between 11 and 15 CYC 1 FC units to be lit properly, depending on the desired saturation level, would need only seven to nine CYC 3 FC fixtures to achieve the same results. This not only reduces the fixture-footprint on a stage, it also saves valuable time during set up and tear down.
Suited for theatre and broadcast applications, the Ovation CYC 3 FC is fully compatible with the Ovation CYC 1 FC, allowing both to be used seamlessly together. Like its smaller stable mate, the Ovation CYC 3 FC has an extremely low profile so it can be placed discretely in any setting.
The fixture’s in-built kick stand and adjustable glare shield make beam modification easier. It has an asymmetrical beam angle with a 111.4° horizontal and 76.7° vertical beam spread. Thanks to its wide coverage and smooth, even output, the Ovation CYC 3 excels as a footlight. Positioned at the front of the stage, it allows more light to be put on faces.
With 180 RGBAL LEDs, the Ovation CYC 3 FC can create a full spectrum of colours. It also has a virtual colour wheel that matches popular gel palettes and color temperature presets.


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