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newsies1Erik Morra gives Rogue touch to Newsies
Monday, 18 March 2019

USA - Founded in 1789, Georgetown Prep is one of the oldest preparatory schools in the US. The halls of its leafy campus outside Washington DC resonate with tradition, as Erik Morra discovered when he signed on to light a production of Newsies at the school’s student theatre in February. The play chronicles the heroics of New York’s newspaper boys during their late 19th century strike against two of the most powerful publishers of their era.
“I was familiar with the play, but never really appreciated the David-Goliath backstory behind the strike until I dug into it for this production, which made me extra determined to capture the world of these kids in light,” says Morra, owner of Baltimore-based LumenCUE. Helping him convey the gritty 1899 New York City streets that defined the newsboys’ life was a collection of Chauvet Professional Rogue R2 Wash and Rogue R1 Wash fixtures.
“Probably the biggest challenge for me in this show was capturing the Old World feel of New York,” says Morra. “Our director Colin Brown is an amazing set designer. He really created the feeling of a turn-of-the-century ‘newsies’ square in New York City, and I tried to support his work with my lighting.”
The deep, rich colours Morra was able to create with his Rogue fixtures helped him evoke the desired mood. “I found the colour mixing from the Rogues was great for dialling in the right colours needed to make every scene come alive,” he says. “Throughout most of the play, I stuck with basic light ambers and blues for atmosphere. I also used a

dpa-microphonesken-travis2dpiDesigner Ken Travis dazzles with DPA
Monday, 18 March 2019

USA - For the past 15 years, Ken Travis has been impressing theatre audiences with his innovative sound designs for some of Broadway’s biggest productions and national tours. With a distinguished Broadway resume that includes Newsies, Jekyll & Hyde, Scandalous, A Christmas Story, Memphis, Barefoot in the Park and Steel Magnolias, Travis continues to rely on a selection of microphones from DPA.
Travis was first introduced to DPA by an industry colleague in 2002. Since then, he’s used a variety of DPA mics - including the company’s d:screet 4061 Miniature Omnidirectional Microphones and/or d:fine 4066 Omnidirectional Headset Microphones - for every Broadway show he’s designed.
When Travis was chosen to design the sound for Broadway hit Aladdin, he once again turned to DPA - he relies on DPA’s d:screet 4061 and recently switched to the new d:screet 6060 CORE Subminiature Microphone for the cast. In the orchestra pit, Travis turns to DPA’s d:dicate 2011 Twin Diaphragm Cardioid Microphones, d:dicate 4011 Cardioid Microphones and d:vote 4099 Instrument Mics.
“The d:screet 4061 has been my go-to lavalier due to its incredibly transparent sound,” he says. “The human voice and head are very complicated so it’s great to have a microphone like the d:screet 4061 that works so well. We recently switched to the new d:screet 6060 CORE mic for our genie as it is smaller and seems to shed the sweat even better. I really hate seeing microphones on the actors, so I work with costume and

dinofight3Lighting fighting with dinosaurs
Monday, 18 March 2019

USA - Held at the Gila River Arena outside Phoenix, Jurassic Fight Night drew an enthusiastic crowd of about 4,000 to see eerily realistic-looking dinosaurs with names like Spinecrusher Spinosaurus and Rowdy Roddy Raptor do battle in a full production setting evocative of a televised wresting or boxing match.
Lending an air of excitement and authenticity to the proceedings was a dramatic John Garberson-designed lightshow that featured Chauvet Professional Maverick, Rogue and STRIKE fixtures, supplied by Creative BackStage.
“The idea was to create a fight night-like atmosphere at the event,” says Garberson. “We wanted to have some very punchy stage washing in the ring to build anticipation and convey intensity. I feel the lighting really helped the crowd get immersed in the action.”
Garberson and his team of lighting programmer Elliot Knight and L2 Jonathan Brekken arranged their fixtures on a 40’ x 40’ truss rig. Each leg of the truss had three spot fixtures, eight washes, two beams and two STRIKE 4 multi-formatted fixtures, which were used as blinders.
“The majority of fixtures we had were from Chauvet Professional,” says Garberson. “There were a total of 12 Maverick MK2 Spots, 24 Rogue R2 Washes and eight STRIKE 4 blinders.”
The throw distance of the Maverick and Rogue fixtures was essential to helping the lighting design work according to plan. “We had one dinosaur, the Tupandactylus, rigged with a zip line through the boxing ring,” says Garberson. “This meant we had to push the lighting fixtures up to 45

colour-sound-good-charlotte-goo2002198579Colour Sound in tune with Good Charlotte
Monday, 18 March 2019

UK - Lighting and video rental specialist Colour Sound Experiment supplied lighting equipment, rigging and crew to the latest UK and European leg of Good Charlotte’s Generation Rx tour, working with lighting designer Paul McAdams who is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland and started designing for the band last year.
The tour, which culminated in a show at London’s Alexandra Palace - was project-managed for Colour Sound by Alex Ryan. Colour Sound’s Hadyn Williams was the touring tech, whom Paul has requested several times to be his main person on the road, due to his experience and willingness to 'go above and beyond' each day to ensure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently.
Encapsulating the gritty lyrics and reflections of Generation Rx, an album inspired by the current opioid crisis in North America and dealing with inner and outer pain, Paul’s design for the tour was based around lighting and special effects, including CO2 jets.
He had the creative freedom to design the stage and place fixtures as he liked, however there was a lot of input from the band about how they wanted the album artwork presented. Following these discussions, it was decided to use their five separate faces on five upstage banners, each flanked by six vertical lighting towers.
The six towers comprised 10ft sections of pre-rigged truss, each rigged with three Robe MegaPointes and two GLP Impression X4 Bar 20 moving LED battens (upped to three per tower for Alexandra Palace).
These were joined by four smaller scaff towers on floor ba

robe-noc-modrijanov-img7668Robe gets traditional for Noč Modrijanov
Monday, 18 March 2019

Slovenia - Nearly 300 Robe moving lights were utilised by lighting designer Žiga Krajnc for the televised 2018 Noč Modrijanov Slovenian folk festival held at the Dvorana Zlatorog Arena in Celje and directed by Marjan Kučej.
Over two days, around 100 different Slovenian singers, folk troupes and dance ensembles presented a range of pieces that were enjoyed by around 12,000 people watching live as they performed on an elaborate scenic stage designed by a collaboration between Andrej Šifer, Miha Prosen and Blaž Podpečan, which depicted a typical Slovenian village.
The shows were recorded and broadcast on RTV1 in the first week of the new year, so lighting - supplied by rental company Event Lighting - needed to work live and on-camera.
Ziga has lit the event twice before, and this year his brief was to highlight the set - comprising seven different styled Slovenian houses, a town hall square and other traditional village landmarks - in two different base lighting states - daylight and night. This was to be applied according to the show script.
On top of this he was able to layer effects, texturing and a variety of looks and scenes adding the appropriate drama and emotion.
“I needed to have as much scope as possible and that’s why I chose all these different Robe fixtures” he stated.
He utilised 10 different types in total - from MegaPointes to ParFects - a wide ranging ‘magic mix’ of BMFL Blades, Spiider wash beams, LEDWash 600s, Pointes, MMX Wash Beam, LEDBeam 100s, CityFlex’s and one Robe RoboSpot remote follow s

vondelgymYamaha in the fitness zone
Friday, 15 March 2019

The Netherlands - Owned by a consortium including Dutch television host Arie Boomsma, VondelGym is an expanding chain of fitness clubs in Amsterdam. Thanks to the success of the Yamaha audio system installed in VondelGym Oost, the latest VondelGym Zuid has also been equipped with Yamaha.
The first facility, VondelGym West, opened in 2015, with VondelGym Oost opening a year later. A third facility - VondelGym Zuid - has recently opened in the city’s Zuidas district, an area that is seeing rapid expansion
Stan van Ettikhoven of Rock 'n’ Roll Engineering installed a Yamaha audio system based on the MTX3 matrix processor and VXS series surface-mounted loudspeakers at VondelGym Oost. He designed a scaled-up system for the new, larger gym. Divided into eight zones, it comprises 14 VXS8, 16 VXS5 and four VXS1 loudspeakers, plus an HS8 subwoofer. The system is powered by XMV8280 and XMV4140 power amplifiers, managed by an MTX3 and controlled by two DCP1V4S and one MCP1 panels.
The gym’s main fitness space is complemented by a raised food/drink and meeting area, a separate corporate meeting room and further rooms for Pilates and yoga.
“The main fitness space is divided into four zones. It would be possible to have different music sources for each zone, but we were concerned that they might end up competing with each other and raising the volume level, leading to complaints from the rooms above. So it was decided that only the Pilates and yoga rooms would have their own inputs for different sources,” says Stan.
“With this type of bui

powersoftPowersoft reconnects Pentecostal church
Friday, 15 March 2019

South Korea - When old and outdated amplifiers began to cause frequent errors at South Korea’s Yeouido Full Gospel Church, an upgrade was imperative. Audio specialists and Powersoft distributors, Dasan SR, presented the winning specification, proposing Powersoft’s X Series amplifier platforms to manage the high channel count and the complexity of the church’s sound system. The church claims the country’s largest Pentecostal Christian congregation of over 800,000 members.
Dasan SR’s technical manager, Changyu Choi, specified seven of Powersoft’s eight-channel X Series tour-grade amplification systems to drive the powerful PA comprised of EAW KF750 full system three-way cabinets and associated KF755 down fill array modules. The extensive PA is comprised of main front of house speakers including downfill, front fill and under balcony speakers, as well as the delay system, the choir and side speakers.
Flexibility and stability were cited as contributing factors, but performance and price sealed the deal on Powersoft’s X Series, over two other leading amplifier manufacturers.
The system installation was carried out with no disruption to worship, as work continued either side of the service day. Once the space-saving, 2U X4’s were in place a Dante network was created to alleviate the use of the pre-existing DSP. Powersoft’s ArmoníaPlus then took over the reins and tuned the entire speaker system.
The system set up and tuning was all handled by Choi and “very intuitive” thanks to Armonía. He also found the matrix nature of the

firstontarioAlcons Audio enhances PAC experience
Friday, 15 March 2019

Canada - Opened in 2015, FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre (PAC) is a cultural and education facility, located in the Canadian city of St Catharines. It includes the Film House Screen & Stage, a 199-seat digital movie screening room which features an Alcons Audio pro-ribbon CRMS Cinema Reference Monitor System.
As well as the Film House Screen & Stage, PAC features two large theatres and a studio theatre. Situated next to the Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts, part of the city’s Brock University, PAC attracts 125,000 visitors every year and 500 university students daily, many of whom attend lectures in the Film House Screen & Stage.
As it is used for both public screenings and education, high audio quality in the Film House was a key requirement. The audio system was designed by Connecticut-based acoustic consultants Jaffe Holden and installed by Ontario-based Westbury National Show Systems.
“The initial design was for a different system, but this was changed to an Alcons pro-ribbon solution for a number of reasons, a key one being that the sound quality of the CRMS is fantastic,” says Ben Bausher, associate principal, audio/video at Jaffe Holden. “Our aim is to deliver systems where every component is as good and as well-suited to the environment as it can possibly be. We felt that this is a space which really played to the strengths of the CRMS technology.”
The system comprises three Alcons CRMS mkII Cinema Reference Monitor Systems and a pair of CB362 high-output full-size subwoofer systems mounted

new-york-fashion-weekArtiste Picasso on the catwalk in New York
Friday, 15 March 2019

USA - In early February, lighting design firm Enlumen utilised 62 Elation Professional Artiste Picasso LED profile luminaires for New York Fashion Week: The Shows at Industria Super Studio, owned, operated and produced by IMG in downtown Manhattan. The design team of Pamela Kupper and Shawn Kaufman employed an all Elation rig of LED luminaires supplied by 4Wall to light a total of 16 runway shows and 2 presentations.
New York Fashion Week: The Shows is a platform for international designers to show their newest collections and, along with London, Paris and Milan, is one of the four major fashion weeks in the world. Enlumen served as the lighting vendor for the location, providing design, equipment and labour.
As a lighting environment, the Industria venue posed a number of challenges; namely, an abundance of windows and power and weight limitations – all constraints that the Artiste Picasso helped address. Enlumen’s Pamela Kupper notes, “In our preliminary testing, we found that the brightness of the Artiste Picasso was more than 2:1 from what we had used the previous season. That, along with the flexibility of a moving light versus a static fixture allowed us to provide a flexibility in the rig that we previously didn’t have. Although there was quite a bit of ambient light from the windows, the Picasso was super bright and able to compete.”
Using the Picasso’s CMY colour mixing and CTO colour correction, the designers were able to access the full spectrum to wash and colour match the runway and room.
The designers also used TVL

britDiGiCo desks on BRIT School curriculum
Friday, 15 March 2019

UK - For over a quarter of a century, The BRIT School for Performing Arts & Technology, has been giving its pupils a grounding in the performing arts and the technology surrounding them.
To this end, one of its latest investments is the DiGiCo SD12 consoles chosen, says Andrew Smith (technical manager at the school), because they offer a platform that not only makes sense for the range and requirements of the school’s performances, but also because they offer the most relevant experience for students that will soon be looking for a job in the industry.
Situated in Croydon, South London, The Brit School is a state-funded school for ages 14 to 18 and is dedicated to ‘Education and vocational training for the performing arts, media, art and design, and the technologies that make performance possible’, as well as providing a core GCSE study programme. It boasts a list of successful alumni and lays claim to 99 per cent of graduating students going on to find work in the creative industries or enrolling in higher education.
"A really high proportion of students go directly into the industry as riggers, sound engineers and lighting programmers and controllers, all the way through to people taking their study further - maybe at one of the well-known universities operating in our field,” confirms Andrew. “We’re proud of that. We are energised by making sure that people have an awareness of the industry and that they can make a career."
A major emphasis for the course is real-world production practice, with students from the Production

dliveEpic Studios upgrades with Allen & Heath
Friday, 15 March 2019

UK - TV production company and music venue, Epic Studios – whose clientele has included shows such as Top Gear and WWE Wrestling – has embarked on a major audio upgrade of its Norwich, UK premises, with Allen & Heath dLive and SQ mixing systems.
“I’d been hearing many positive comments about the dLive and SQ series on social media and after seeing them in use on major world tours and appearing on technical riders, I was very keen to try one out,” comments Matt Rabong (technical manager at Epic Studios). “I used to work exclusively on another desk, however after getting my hands on a dLive S7000 at InfoComm, I knew this was the perfect desk for us. dLive has integrated seamlessly with our workflow and my engineers love it! It was extremely easy to train everybody on its features.”
As well as Epic’s TV productions, the facility is fully customisable and caters for a variety of productions and events; from television programmes and game shows to sporting events, corporate events, arena gigs (with artists such as Chase & Status and Newton Faulkner) and even private functions and intimate shows.
The installation also features a large investment in Martin Audio’s flagship MLA PA system, which integrates seamlessly with dLive. David Wallace (sound engineer at Epic Studios) comments, “The MLA integration with dLive is great and the MADI and Dante connectivity are perfect for our demanding broadcast requirements."
Rabong continues, “The sound quality in dLive is superb and it gives us incredible fidelity thr

illuminate73WL illuminates Science Museum with Yamaha
Friday, 15 March 2019

UK - Illuminate is a progressive new venue at London’s Science Museum, designed to both anticipate and surpass the needs of the events industry. Technical solutions specialist White Light (WL) has been appointed as the venue’s production partner and chose a Yamaha QL1 digital mixing console for the space’s flexible audio system.
Situated on Levels 4 and 5 of the Science Museum, Illuminate couples the latest technology with flexible spaces and stunning views of the City. Thanks to its long-standing relationship with the Science Museum and reputation for managing similar venues across London, WL was trusted with designing and installing the technical infrastructure. The installation was overseen by WL’s project manager Jason Larcombe.
“The Science Museum came to us with their vision for the space and what they wanted to achieve,” he says. “They wanted an intuitive and user-friendly system that would satisfy the demands of any client; covering everything from the biggest conferences to much more intimate events. It was our task to select a range of products to create a bespoke installation for Illuminate to fulfil that vision.”
Jason chose a Yamaha QL1 digital console for portable control of Illuminate’s audio system, which is based on a Dante network. This is similar to the system which WL devised and installed at Central Hall Westminster, where it serves as the venue’s production service partner.
Reece Stead, Yamaha’s commercial audio sales representative for the south-east UK, says, “We are very pleased that WL chose a

twobytwobbcstudiosHawthorn puts BBC shows in the spotlight
Friday, 15 March 2019

UK - Hundreds of television buyers from across the globe headed to ACC Liverpool for BBC Studios Showcase 2019. Taking place on 17-20 February, the event brought together producers, talent and BBC executives as well as Britain’s most successful creatives. For the 13th year running, creative technical event production company Hawthorn supported BBC Studios to showcase its premium programmes, delivering two hotly-anticipated evening events.
Previously known as BBC Worldwide Showcase, the 2019 event marked a new chapter for Showcase, the first year under the Studios banner. Celebrating British creativity, the exclusive events previewed some of the BBC’s new programmes including Top Gear, The Planets and One Planet: Seven Worlds. Led by the BBC Studios team, Hawthorn’s group creative director Peter Harding helped to produce and deliver a production design for the two evenings.
Night One saw the M&S Bank Arena transformed into a glamourous gala dinner, with top BBC talent including Brian Cox and Sir David Attenborough taking to the stage. The dining space was surrounded with 12 large LED screens, created using 576 panels of ROE CB3 3.75mm LED supplied by 80-Six. A striking LED strip chandelier, designed by Hawthorn’s head of lighting Jack Sayer and created by the team at Light Initiative, formed the dramatic centrepiece. Created using 70 intelligent pixel mapped tubes, the custom-made chandelier worked alongside the lighting and video content to create a striking focal point in the space.
Hawthorn created bespoke LED tabl

edcChauvet ÉPIX fixtures define EDC Mexico
Thursday, 14 March 2019

Mexico - Insomniac’s Electric Daisy Carnival Mexico took place Saturday and Sunday 23-24 February, attracting an audience of 230,000. The two-day event featured over 120 international artists, treating fans to everything from the thumping bass sounds of Skrillex and RL Grime, to the dirtybird beats of Claude VonStroke, Justin Martin, Dateless and more.
Supporting proceedings were some awe-inspiring scenic designs, thrilling rides, and (on the popular circuitGROUNDS and neonGARDEN stages), two potent Steve Lieberman-designed lightshows that reflected the intensity of the music. Providing a vivid outline of each stage to define the performance area, while adding to its impact, movement and colour, was a collection of Chauvet Professional ÉPIX Strip Tour fixtures supplied by Serpro Producciones.
Lieberman of SJ Lighting deployed 251 of the 1m long RGB LED strips on the large circuitGROUNDS stage and 80 of the units on the more intimate neonGARDEN. In both cases, the strips were hung parallel to the trusses, each with its 50 LEDs facing the crowd. Connected via 4-pin XLRs, the strips followed the lines of the stages.
“We wanted to outline the architecture of each stage to create some definition,” said Liberman. “The truss layout was an important part of the design, and the strips helped it and the entire stage pop.”
Adding to that “pop” were the variety of effects and images displayed on the strips, which were controlled via DMX from the console. Because they were run from the lighting console, the strips were able to be coordinate

lebanonK-array up on the roof in Beirut
Thursday, 14 March 2019

Lebanon - Heralded for its atmosphere, setting and ambiance, Iris Lebanono is an open-air city retreat in the New Waterfront district in Beirut.
One of the most-visited rooftops given its amazing city views especially at sunset, the nightclub demanded excellent sound coverage able to provide pulsating dance music and to accommodate live performances including professional DJ sets without spilling over to other downtown buildings and without compromising the design of the venue.
After experiencing success in the club's Bahrain location with K-array, it became the clear choice again as the audio solution to the club management.
The installation was completed with 22 compact coaxial 12" Dragon-KX12 point sources arranged in an array configuration powered by 3 Thunder-KMT218 self-powered and ultra-light dual 18” subwoofers and 2 Thunder-KMT21 I high-power 21” subs.
The venue owners also requested an extension of the sound coverage and quality of the sound to the restroom areas and opted for K-array in-ceiling loudspeakers with built-in DMX lights: the Tornado-KT2LC.
Procom was involved in supplying, installing, commissioning and following up with technical support for the project.
(Jim Evans)

hdpa-hcHDPA holds Covent Garden workshop
Wednesday, 13 March 2019

UK - HD Pro Audio’s next technology workshop, takes place in the Oak Room of the h Club in London’s Covent Garden on Monday, 25 March.
Presentations on the day will include KLANG:technologies’ immersive IEM mix engine, plus the Waves eMotion LV1 live mixing console, based on SoundGrid technology with Waves plug-ins. This compact and customisable software-based mixer will be complemented by the latest Rupert Neve Designs RMP-D8 8ch preamp with Dante audio networking and remote control. The Green Go networked digital intercom system, offers “exceptional flexibility and routing, using a traditional network infrastructure”.
The event will also provide the opportunity to evaluate the increasingly popular 10EaZy sound level monitoring and logging system, designed for venues and events of all shapes and sizes.
HD Pro Audio staff and manufacturers' representatives will be on hand to provide a comprehensive overview of all technologies on show, as well as hands-on demonstrations.
The workshop will run from 11:00am to 5:00pm and lunch is provided. The event is free but numbers are limited, so anyone wishing to attend should book their place as soon as possible online at or by email to
HD Pro Audio’s sales director, Andy Huffer, commented, “These popular workshops provide a relaxed environment in which attendees can familiarize themselves with new products and real life use of advanced technologies, with experienced professionals on hand to discuss and answer questions.”
(Jim Evans)

lawrence-sefojaneKara boosts Blackmotion Production
Wednesday, 13 March 2019

South Africa - For the past 14 years, Blackmotion Productions has provided technical solutions to live events ranging from concerts, theatre attractions, and television studio work to smaller gatherings like birthdays, bar mitzvahs and weddings. Recently, the company invested in an L-Acoustics Kara modular line source array system, which has already been put to the test.
The Kara system was used by Blackmotion Production in the Nelson Mandela Foundation’s event, Is’thunzi Sabafazi (Dignity of a Woman) hosted at the University of Johannesburg’s Soweto campus. The event celebrated women and spoke out against the systemic injustices that many women face. The speakers included Oprah Winfrey.
The system didn’t rest as it was used again at the Nelson Mandela Tribute to honour the former president and his legacy, five years after his passing. The event was headlined by the internationally acclaimed author and activist Chimamanda Adichie Ngozi. The emphasis on vocal clarity was clearly a priority, and the Kara delivered in bounds.
The Kara also proved to be spectacular at a festival in Limpopo, the Florence Palms Beach Party, where the audience was close to 20 000 people, and was also used in the corporate environment for the Nedbank Retail Leadership Conference event hosted at MAD GIANT at 1 Fox.
Kagiso Moima Wa Masimini, president and founder of Blackmotion Production, fondly recalls his days as a student at the Tshwane University of Technology. “Interestingly, I wanted to be a sound guy, but lighting always underpinned my i

resonateMavericks back Resonate Music Conference
Wednesday, 13 March 2019

UK - Glasgow’s Resonate Music Conference was launched in 2017 by local artist management consultancy 23rd Precinct Music.
For this year's event at the Barras Art and Design Centre (a former warehouse turned creative hub), local production house Blue Audio was brought on board to create an inspiring set of visuals to reflect Glasgow’s position as a bastion of Scottish independent music. Central to achieving this goal were six Chauvet Professional Maverick MK1 Spot fixtures, which served to provide a number of visual highlights throughout the event.
Centred around the inner courtyard of the Barras Art and Design Centre, the event provided a supportive platform for Scotland’s emerging young musical talent. It also hosted distinguished guests and panel discussions.
"Because the lighting at the previous conference was somewhat one dimensional, organizers this year wanted to create a more professional visual environment to reflect the conference’s growth in stature,” commented Nadar Shahzad, project manager at Blue Audio. “Our decision to include the Maverick Spots within our lighting rig allowed us to provide a number of key accentuations to the overall atmosphere within the conference, along with a little extra eye candy to create some interesting visuals."
Thanks to the Maverick's 350W engine, CMY + CTO colour mixing and two 6-position rotating slot and lock gobo wheels, Nadar and his team had a whole host of tools at their disposal to create both visual emphasis and depth for the stage.
“To draw attention to the stage, we

stadthalleMartin WPL for Schmallenberg City Hall
Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Germany - Since the laying of the foundation stone in 1953, Stadthalle Schmallenberg has been able to accommodate various events, such as concerts, readings, shooting festivals (popular in that party of the country) and more, with up to 1500 participants per event.
An extensive refurbishment of the Stadthalle was completed in early March 2019, and this included the renewal of sound and lighting technology. The complete planning and implementation were realised by Event Active, a company from Schmallenberg.
Noel Büchte and Event Active's Sascha Deussen created the concept and implemented the PA system with loudspeakers from Martin Audio.
"We have already owned an MLA Mini System for several years, which has often been used in the Stadthalle. The result was always convincing - both for the customer and for us - no matter if it was for theatre, a big party or with trendy DJs," said Büchte.
The choice for permanent installation fell to Martin Audio’s new Wavefront Precision Mini.
"The advantage of the Wavefront Precision Minis over the MLA Mini for installations is in the structure of the system. With the MLA Mini the power amp is installed in the bass, but here we have the appropriate power amp available as a separate 19” device. Furthermore, the native bass of the MLA Mini is a 15” subwoofer. But we needed more low-end for the size of the hall, so we opted for two double-18” subwoofers. Thanks to the software interface, the system parameters could easily be loaded into the power amplifier so that the subs can be perfectly integr

etc-operaOpéra Garnier upgrades to ETC Eos
Wednesday, 13 March 2019

France - The Opéra Garnier has updated its lighting consoles to a selection of ETC Eos desks. The Eos consoles were chosen by Jacques Giovanangeli, the head of the lighting department, and his team of 42 lighting professionals.
The switch to an ETC Eos system was strongly encouraged by the whole technical team. The design quality, adaptability to the opera, and colour tools made the Eos family stand out. ''The reason for this choice was based on more than just the quality of the product,'' notes Giovanangeli.
''I frequently travel to operas and theatres in France and abroad. I found Eos consoles in many places, such as the Bolshoi in Moscow, the Teatro Real in Madrid, the Staatsoper in Vienna and many other prestigious places like The Royal Opera House in Covent Garden in London and the Metropolitan Opera in New York. The combination of the technical endorsement from my team and the observations I made on each journey led to us choosing Eos.
''Co-productions continue to increase between the major opera houses and many lighting engineers work mainly on Eos consoles. With Eos, we can anticipate what’s coming by sharing files,” comments Giovanangeli.
In total, four Eos family consoles joined the Palais Garnier with three Eos Ti desks, two in the control room and one in the workshop. A Gio @5 is also on stage if an engineer would like to operate lighting from the stage. The whole system communicates in ETCNet3 (ACN) and the main console controls all the fixtures over sACN. To complete the installation, 2 RVIs (Remote Video Interface) are al

evanoff2ChamSys gives Evanoff new look
Tuesday, 12 March 2019

USA - Popular Colorado dream rockers Evanoff have their moments of dark bass-driven jams, but for the most part their ethereal psychedelic-tinged music doesn’t travel on the same sound waves as the thumbing traps that EDM star G. Jones swims in. Still, the two share an affinity for dramatic moments in music - and lighting. This was evident when the Boulder-based trio went to a G. Jones show recently.
So impressed were the band members with the infinite pans and tilts that fed off the energy of Jones’ musical performances, that they talked to their lighting designer Matt ‘Jonezy’ Jones about moving away from the video -heavy look of their last tour and going with a beefier moving beam design. Jones was only too happy to oblige. Drawing on his ChamSys MagicQ MQ80 with wings, he created a deep, saturated other-worldly show with EDM-style visuals that wraps the band in immersive blankets of light from 36 moving fixtures.
“It was a great new look for the band,” said Jones of the lightshow, which appeared for the first time at Evanoff’s 23 February concert at Denver’s Bluebird Theatre. “We brought in 36 movers for our floor package, all patched into the ChamSys, then out via Art-Net to my 4-port ChamSys Node.”
Jones positioned many of his movers in ways he rarely has before. “I don’t usually do this when I design rigs, but I yoked many of my movers straight out,” he said. “I am usually not a fan of this type of hang, as it can take considerably longer to get perfect angles and beams to cross just right. But in my experience, w

robeRobe lights Live Legends China project
Tuesday, 12 March 2019

China - Creative director Daan Oomen and his team from Netherlands-based visual specialists Live Legends have delivered a major club project in China – OT Kun in Kunming – following up their work at One Third in Beijing.
At the core of the lighting rig are 56 x Robe MegaPointes and 110 x Spikies chosen by Daan and Live Legends’ lighting designer/production manager, Serge Patist.
They were again working for NOA’s Arc Group as the design partner for this newest flagship venue, a 1,500-capacity property that includes 50 VIP tables positioned right in the centre of the main room action around the dancefloor.
Prominent guests can therefore be in the vortex of an immersive lighting, video, automation and visual experience, all designed and specified by Live Legends. The long-term objective is to create a series of clubs that “unite imagination and cutting-edge technologies, offering a totally new eye-popping clubbing phenom”.
The scope of Live Legends’ work included everything from the front façade, coat check and reception areas to the main room and dancefloor, co-ordinating all the visual disciplines with the goal of repeating the success of One Third Beijing but with a completely different look and feel, offering an unprecedented journey for guests and adventurers.
The MegaPointes are deployed around the main room’s central feature which is a ring of square objects clad in video panels presenting a prominent circle shape. This was inspired by Yunnan tribal necklaces and headpieces, known for their beauty, interesting shape

ayrton-ghibliAyrton Ghibli illuminates Seville landmarks
Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Spain - A glittering array of national and international movie stars gathered at the Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones in Sevilla on 2 February 2019 to celebrate the 33rd edition of the Goya Awards, celebrating the Spanish film industry.
Presented by the Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences (AACCE), the Goya Awards were established in 1987 to honour the best in Spanish filmmaking. The ceremony, which is always a glamorous occasion with high production values, was televised nationally by Spanish public television broadcaster, TVE, and internationally by the TVE Internacional channel.
This year, the Goya Awards took place for the first time in Seville instead of Madrid, its traditional home since the inaugural event in 1987, and the new host city took the opportunity to spruce itself up by lighting some of its most famous monuments. The emblematic Torre del Oro, Seville’s 13th century dodecagonal military watchtower, and the Muralla de la Macarena, the historic defensive walls surrounding the Old Town of Seville, both played leading roles in this special set up. The walls of each were illuminated with the deep red colour that is symbolic of the corporate image of the Goya's Awards, and adorned with the logo of the 33rd edition of the gala.
This celebratory lighting project was entrusted to rental company, Crambo Alquiler, the chosen fixture was the Ayrton Ghibli spot luminaire which was used to light up the Sevillian landmarks. Two Ghibli fixtures illuminated the walls of the Muralla de la Macarena, and four more Ghibli lit the Torre del

ropeRope Assemblies in Royal Albert Hall project
Tuesday, 12 March 2019

UK - Rope Assemblies has supplied a range of Doughty kit to the Royal Albert Hall to help improve safety in the performance space. As a duty of care to performers on stage and to ensure that any falls from height are prevented, Doughty designed and fabricated some bespoke handrail braces to make the space as safe as possible.
Ian Redding, technical supervisor at the Royal Albert Hall explained: "While there were no incidents that triggered the need for these rails, our technical team are always striving to ensure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to the safety of our performers, crew and audiences. The challenge was to design and create something that could work for our stage, but at the same time, not to look too intrusive.
“It also had to be strong enough to withstand the weight of an average person. We had a round, scaffold size connection on the off stage edge but we were using square handrails, produced by Steeldeck on the stage extension pieces. These handrails don't always fit back in perfectly every time so it was clear that we needed the length of these braces to be adjustable. We discussed this in one of our team weekly meetings and someone mentioned that we should look into getting some Doughty kit. We already have a supply of Doughty arms that will get used to rig lighting and this was something a bit similar."
Ian got in touch with Rope Assemblies, one of Doughty's UK distributors who suggested browsing the catalogue of items online, where Ian found something similar to what he needed (an adjustable pipe coupler). Ann McCo


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