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verge-aeroVerge Aero dazzles at Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta
Tuesday, 8 November 2022

USA - A festival celebrating the earliest form of aviation was complemented by the very latest in aviation technology, when drone show specialist Verge Aero flew a series of spectacular light shows for the 50th anniversary Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta (AIBF) in New Mexico.
Known as “the most photographed event in the world”, the AIBF is a celebration of the oldest human aviation technique, the hot-air balloon, pioneered by the Montgolfier brothers in 1783 and capturing imaginations ever since. This year, the spectacle attracted around 900,000 visitors over its eight-day run in October – and the organisers were, as ever, pushing the boundaries of entertainment for their awe-struck audiences.
“We’ve been interested in drones since we first saw them a number of years ago at Superbowl Half-Time,” says AIBF executive director Paul Smith. “The cost was just outrageous; we couldn’t afford to do it. Now, we’re so happy that we’ve met Verge Aero and Nils Thorjussen – they’ve brought the cost down to a level we can afford, and it’s wonderful!”
Although one flight was cancelled because of a thunderstorm, the 11-minute show, featuring 300 drones and pre-programmed by the Verge Aero team, flew eight shows at night and in the mornings just before the launch of the Dawn Patrol balloons. As well as ballooning and aviation emblems, the aerial display included touches of humour, with the familiar forms of Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote (thanks to Loony Tunes). Smith comments, “When people see fireworks, you get the ‘oohs’

patdtpa-85-1Vari-Lite rig invokes vintage glamour for P!ATD
Monday, 7 November 2022

USA - Panic! at the Disco kickstarted their Viva Las Vengeance arena tour at Austin’s Moody Center in September, with a 70s and 80s rock-influenced high-octane show. Conjuring up rich colours and sharp beams were 128 VL2600 Profile luminaires from Vari-Lite.
Celebrated production designer Sooner Routhier worked closely with the band and their management to design and build the show, collaborating with Alex Specht as associate lighting designer/lighting director and André Petrus as associate production designer/lighting programmer. Together, they created a design that would take the audience back to the early days of large arena rock productions, as the band played their new album in its entirety in Act II of the show. (Acts I and III saw the group treat fans to their biggest hits.)
“We resurrected pods of lights seen in vintage rock productions and added a scenic fascia to them and the risers, giving a nod to the music video for the album’s first single, also called Viva Las Vengeance,” says Routhier, who has won many awards for her work with a wide range of artists including Coldplay, The Weeknd and KISS. “During Act II of the show, we plunged the band into a vintage rabbit hole. We used vintage star filters on the IMAG screens and golden rain curtains flanking the screens to add the feel of a 60s televised game show.”
“We needed a lot of the same type of fixture for the pods, and I had demoed the VL2600s a couple weeks prior to the tour bid process and loved the idea of having a massive amount of them in the air. I als

outline-newtonOutline’s Newton Rocks In Rio in Lisbon
Monday, 7 November 2022

Portugal - Rock In Rio is a long-established part of the international festival circuit and one of the world’s largest, hosting around 100,000 fans each day across the 16 performance spaces at the city’s Cidade do Rock (City of Rock), originally built for the first Rock In Rio in 1985. The Brazilian version is the festival’s flagship event, a sister production staged periodically in Lisbon, Portugal.
This year’s event was held over the first two weekends in September and featured a typically diverse range of headliners from heavy metal to pop and dance. Sao Paulo-based Gabisom Audio Equipment continued their long association with the event in 2022 and once again deployed part of their Outline Newton inventory to manage their sound systems.
Freelance sound engineer / system technician Ewerton Leandro Manca was working with the Newtons throughout the event and commented on why he is such a fan of the device:
“I see Newton as a sequence of good and important things. First and most importantly, Newton just provides great audio, whether using only a part or all of its resources it produces the highest audio quality, without crashes or anything like that. Then, it’s the safety and convenience of use - having a secure, robustly built and beautiful device in a small rack space is great. Not only that, its software is easy to use, fast, easy to understand and on a day to day basis, this makes work easier.
“On top of those, the amount of resources available in the unit - this is one of the points that most catches the attention of the vas

theweekndProteus work After Hours for The Weeknd dates
Monday, 7 November 2022

USA - Big concert tours were back in a big way this past summer and The Weeknd’s ambitious After Hours til Dawn outing is perhaps the best example. Lighting designer Jason Baeri is using over 450 Elation Proteus Hybrid and Proteus Excalibur moving head luminaires as workhorse fixtures on the tour, an elaborate, visually striking show that has been selling out major stadiums across North America since July.
The first leg of the all-stadium tour kicked off on 14 July at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia and concludes on 27 November at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles. The tour is also scheduled to visit South America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Australia.
After Hours til Dawn is a monumental show that reflects the artist’s status as one of the world's best-selling music artists and is his most ambitious production to date. The conceptual show, which springs from the singer’s latest two albums, After Hours and Dawn FM, features a huge stage, long runway and pair of B stages. An enormous 180ft wide LED wall and lighting rig of over 1,100 fixtures support a set that includes dystopian cityscape scenery and stunning 30ft diameter moon.
Lighting had to cover a lot of ground on the production, matching the scale of the large LED screen and scenery elements but also working together with them. “The design was based on the extended concept of scale,” stated lighting designer Baeri, who has been working with the Canadian singer/songwriter on and off in various roles since 2015.
“The screen is one of the

grindstoneAtlas IED processing runs smoothly for Grindstone
Friday, 4 November 2022

UK - Owned by the True North Brew Co, The Old Grindstone in Crookes is a popular Sheffield pub which recently underwent an extensive programme of refurbishment.
Essential to the overall refurbishment, particularly in the light of the pub’s commitment to a wide programme of events, was to install a high-quality, versatile and flexible zonal audio system that could fulfil a wide range of demands. The pub needed to be able to separately control audio for four music zones, five TV screens, meeting room, and two recently installed upstairs karaoke pods. Any solution needed to be powerful enough to meet all the requirements whilst being simultaneously easy to operate for the venue staff.
Sheffield-based Audio Engineering Services was engaged to install the new system. Audio Engineering Services’ Andy Fisher consulted with Polar’s Integrated Solutions team about a potential audio processing solution that met the criteria.
Polar’s Andy Plunkett recommended the Atmosphere AZM8 8-zone audio processor from Atlas IED and, based on Andy Fisher’s information about what the pub required, put together a design for the system with suggestions for the different ways in which it could be used. The system includes an Atlas C-ZSV Zone Source and Volume Wall Controller, and two A-RCA remote audio inputs, for use with the main background music system inputs, audio routing, volume control and scene activation.
“It was my first time using the Atmosphere processor, and I was slightly concerned about how complicated the setup would be,” says Andy. “I ha

austrianNita Strauss tours with Austrian Audio
Friday, 4 November 2022

Austria – Guitar player Nita Strauss has played and toured with Alice Cooper for years and is currently with Demi Lovato. Earlier this year, Strauss became the first female rock solo artist in 32 years to hit number one on Billboard's Mainstream Rock chart with her song Dead Inside. She’s also had a successful solo career, including her album Controlled Chaos.
She is believed to be a descendant of Austrian composer Johann Strauss on her father’s side and keeping in concert with her Austrian connection, Strauss has been using Austrian Audio microphones on stage.
"Austrian Audio checks all the boxes for a working musician - pristine, clear sound in a stylish package,” says Strauss. “We have been using them on our recent tour with Black Label Society." The band, completed a 17-stop US tour earlier this year, putting the microphones to the test - the OD505 Active Dynamic Mic for lead vocals, a couple of the match-pair OC18 condensers on amps, three CC8 cardioid true condenser mics on drum overheads and hi-hats.
“The OD505 is her main vocal mic on stage,” adds Josh Villata, Nita’s long-time boyfriend, partner and manager. “These mics are always reliable. Clean, and pristine sound and our front of house guy loves them, so that tells me what I need to know.”
“We are so honoured that Nita is a fan of our mics,” says Martin Seidl, CEO of Austrian Audio. “She was the first ever female Ibanez signature artist with her own model guitar. You never know, maybe we should ask her if she’d like her own signature mic

concertgebouwMavericks operate in silence in Concertgebouw
Friday, 4 November 2022

Belgium - Completed in 2002, the Paul Robbrecht and Hilde Daem designed Concertgebouw Brugge has been hailed the world over for, as one critic wrote, “its acoustic wizardry,” the result of a series of technological innovations that reduce the length of reverberations.
In keeping with its commitment to providing the most pristine acoustical experience possible, Concertgebouw Brugge replaced its traditional tungsten moving fixtures with the Chauvet Professional Maverick Silens 2 Profile, a completely fan-less LED fixture designed to operate in total silence.
Concertgebouw Brugge installed the first eight of its 20 Maverick Silens 2 Profile units during the COVID lockdown; the remaining dozen were added just recently. “We went ahead and acquired more of the fixtures, because we were so impressed with the original eight,” said stage manager Geerolf Jacques. “Over half of the concerts here are classical music performances, so silence is essential.”
Jacques and lighting technicians Anthony Carney and Jasper Bogaert use the Maverick Silens 2 Profiles as top lights, positioning them at 12m or higher for most performances, relying on their 10:1 zoom to achieve tight focuses. For some events, such as jazz concerts, they will lower the fixtures to 8m.
“Before we installed the Mavericks, we had traditional incandescent units underneath the shell structure of the ceiling,” said Carney. “As a result, every little sound of the electronics, any hiss or zoom was reflected and amplified down to the stage and audience. It wasn’t the fans per

robe-saaremaa-operaRobe chosen for Saaremaa Opera Festival 2022
Friday, 4 November 2022

Estonia - Robe was the moving light of choice for the 2022 Saaremaa Opera Festival staged in a purpose-built tented arena erected beside the charismatic Kuressaare Castle in the south of Saaremaa Island which was the dramatic location for five days of popular opera and other performances, all presented this year by the Silesian Opera (Opera Śląska) from Bytom, Poland.
The substantial venue measured 30m wide by 60m long and accommodated 8000 guests over five days. The event was organised by Eesti Concert and saw a repertoire programme comprising operas Romeo & Juliet and La Traviata, a gala show, a Mozart evening with a ballet production of his Requiem and a specially created children’s opera.
Polish LD Dominik Ksol created a production lighting design to cover all five shows, and was assisted in Estonia by Andres Sarv and Tõnis Järs from E&T, the local rental company supplying the lighting including the 67 x Robes luminaires, which comprised two BMFL WashBeams and two BMFL Blades, 15 x MMX Blades, 18 x LEDWash 800s and nine MMX Spots for the moving lights, plus 21 x ParFect SW (smart white) LED PARs.
All these fixtures were selected for their intensity, colours, quietness, reliability, and the general flexibility they brought to the 28m-wide by 15m-deep stage, which also featured a large upstage LED screen.
Andres and Tõnis received Dominik’s lighting plot and started replicating it with the kit that was available from E&T. Onsite they worked with a full lighting crew of 12 for the get in and the rig

claypakykualalumpurClaypaky Mythos 2 fixtures light KL party
Friday, 4 November 2022

Malaysia - When a retailer staged its first public exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, it kicked off the event with a party for 300 VIP guests capped by a light and drone show in the heart of the city.
Lighting designer Michael Chan of Singapore-based Lighting Insomnia designed the lights and lasers for the event using 120 Claypaky Mythos 2 fixtures mounted on the 6th Floor of Suria KLCC (the rooftop), which is connected to the Twin Towers on both sides. Guests attending the party at the nearby Sky Garden at Permata Sapura were invited into the garden at the close of the evening to enjoy the surprise of a thrilling aerial show.
“As the first private event to be held at the Petronas Twin Towers, the idea was to have power light beams emit from the towers and create an awe-inspiring light and drone show in the heart of the city,” explains Michael. “I believe it was the first time that beams lights were allowed to be placed on the rooftop of Suria KLCC and, if that's true, I am very honoured to be the first person to do a light show there.” Michael is a lighting designer working on a wide gamut of arts, entertainment and installation projects ranging from musicals, concerts and events to galleries, exhibitions and architainment.
The party celebrated the exhibition in Workshop 3, Sentul Depot which honoured the jeweller’s logo with immersive installations showcasing the history of the brand.
To mark the event, the Petronas Twin Towers were bathed in red by adding filters to its architectural lights. Michael used six 25w RGB lasers and 120 Clay

the-mixThe Mix Marrakech gets in the mood with Nexo
Friday, 4 November 2022

Morocco - The Mix restaurant and club located in the city of Marrakech features a DJ booth in the centre of the restaurant delivering music via a Nexo P+ Series system.
With a vision for a restaurant with music in its DNA, owners of the venue approached Casablanca-based sound, light and video technology specialists Smart AV to design and install a sound system that could shift gears seamlessly from background music to powerful, floor-filling sound when the DJs take over.
Working in collaboration with Nexo’s Engineering Support Team, a Nexo P+ Series point source system was configured using Nexo NS-1 software to predict coverage in the venue. Four P12 loudspeakers and four L15 subs are installed in the main room, with amplification from Nexo NXAMP4X1MK2 powered controllers. The centrally located bar is equipped with two Nexo P8s.
“P12 is the perfect system for this type of venue, thanks to its compact size and shape, and its high sound pressure level,” comments Smart AV owner Franck Bessol. “It’s also very quick and easy to install, which was greatly appreciated by the client.”
Nexo sales manager for France and North Africa Jean-Jacques Vias says: “Nexo has earned a global reputation for its compact, point source loudspeakers. With its variable dispersion characteristics, coaxial driver configuration and curved cabinets, the P+ Series delivers a perfect balance of stunning performance and sleek good looks.”

lscLSC Control Systems helps the show go on for Version 2
Tuesday, 1 November 2022

Australia/UK – When UK-based lighting supplier Version 2 invested in dimming technology from LSC Control Systems, the new equipment paid dividends on its debut outing. Version 2 purchased 12-way GEN VI dimming modules from LSC, the Melbourne-based manufacturer, to go straight onto ITV’s 2021 production of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!
Managing director Nick Edwards has been an LSC customer for many years, and continued investing in them when he founded his own company, Version 2. “LSC’s reliability has always stood out,” he says. “Having used them for so long, I know it’s very rare to get a call from site to say an LSC dimmer’s gone down. It’s pretty much unheard of!”
His faith in LSC’s technology – and its world-class customer support – was rewarded when Version 2 deployed 10 x 48-way GEN VI dimming racks on the production of I’m a Celebrity. As a result of the COVID pandemic, the hit series was being filmed in the UK for the first time, at Gwrych Castle in North Wales. The racks were set up on-site for the 10-week production by dimmer technician Richard Shout, with power for the hundreds of lighting fixtures supplied by hired generators.
As the date for the show’s live transmission drew closer, everything seemed to be going to plan - until lighting director James Tinsley noticed that when changing levels rapidly, some lights were giving an occasional flicker. With just days until the live broadcast, this was an urgent problem. After reporting the issue to Version 2, Shout was put in touch wi

europalcoEuropalco stages Lisbon accountant congress
Tuesday, 1 November 2022

Portugal - This year’s Congress of Certified Accountants held at the Altice Arena in Lisbon over three days attracted more than 6,000 certified accountants from all around Portugal to learn about sustainability and non-financial reporting, corporate responsibility, social entrepreneurship, sustainable economy and accounting metrics and indices.
This event brought together 25 distinguished speakers who addressed the various aspects of sustainability in different panels over the three days, among them the Minister of Finance, the Secretary of State for Fiscal Affairs, the President of the Portuguese Association of Accountants, the President of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC); and His Excellency, the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.
Europalco delivered a highly complex event seamlessly. The company set up an astonishing 50m x 14m main screen at the Altice Arena and used six Christie Boxer 4K30 projectors.
To enhance the experience, create visual impact, and provide a more powerful message, they used the state-of-the-art show controller Movecat Motion Expert-T III, roll-down screens and a holographic screen to project customized digital content. To manage the display and handle multiple signals, the company used a Christie Spyder X80 processor to run the contents coming from Christie Pandoras Box media servers.
Europalco's global package of products and services for this event included audio and visual technologies, printing material, stages, furniture and decoration.
Pedro Magalhães, founder and CEO

audientAudient aids Portuguese music promotion
Tuesday, 1 November 2022

Portugal - Independent audio-visual project Porta 253 has been utilising the Audient iD14 MKII audio interface to produce artistic films on YouTube for a while. Recently, Portuguese TV network, Canal180 approached them to televise a curated selection of its audio-visual pieces, each of which is recorded around the city of Braga.
Founded by Joana Jorge, the concept of Porta 253 is to promote Portuguese music by filming 20-minute intimate concerts and interviews with local and international artists in unusual surroundings. She is the creative mind behind the project, often choosing the venue - which could be anywhere from an ice cream shop to a railway station - as well as handling the video direction and editing of each performance.
Joana’s boyfriend, producer João Figueiredo looks after all things audio. Since the arrival of his iD14 MKII, he has put the Audient audio interface front and centre of the production.
For every Porta 253 project that only needs two channels, the Audient iD14 MKII is his go-to interface. “I love the audio quality: stellar preamps, very clean, transparent and articulated, with lots of headroom and very low noise floor. Also the DACs which contribute to the overall clarity and articulation of the soundscape,” he says. Indeed when he’s back in the studio, iD14 MKII is the main interface for mixing as well as recording. He also uses it every time he is mastering.
“I also love how easy it is to mute/select/mono your outputs; the internal routing options and the iD button feature for ‘blind’ tuning of ev

astera-alessandro-nelAstera Titans light Bayreuth Baroque Opera
Tuesday, 1 November 2022

Germany - Astera Titan Tubes provided a solution for the lighting of a rolling ‘small stage’ scenic truck which was central to the action for the 2022 Bayreuth Baroque Opera Festival’s production of Allessandro Nell’Indie by Leonardo Vinci, directed by Max Emmanuel Cancic and lit by David Debrinay from Paris and Lyon, France, based design studio, LJOMA.
Three performances were staged at the Margravial Opera House (Markgräfliches Opernhaus), a UNESCO World Heritage site.
David is well acquainted with Astera products, and he initially asked lighting specialist Kai Fischer, the festival’s technical production manager who co-ordinates all the lighting procurement, if he could source Astera AX1s or Titan Tubes for the task of lighting the small stage – which played an integral role in the narrative.
The story is focused on Alexander the Great’s Indian campaign and his defeat of King Poros in 326 BCE at the Battle of Hydaspes, and in true Baroque style, a sense of spectacle and elaborate staging and complex detailed architecture was central to the production.
“I knew using the wireless Astera fixtures was the only way to easily bring light, colour and vibrance to the stage taking up such a small amount of space,” he commented, adding that he also chose this option because they had a short time in which to build the set. “It was a solution that enabled the stage to be built without needing to define in advance where I might need electrical power.”
Three Titans were attached above the back of the small stage set

rolling-stonesAyrton IP fixtures tour Europe with the Stones
Tuesday, 1 November 2022

Europe - The Rolling Stones took to the road this summer for their first European tour since 2018 with their new show, Sixty, in celebration of their 60th anniversary. The show had a new set design by Stufish and lighting by Patrick Woodroffe, the Stones’ lighting designer and creative director for over 40 years.
“When designing a European tour, you must consider the vast range of weather conditions you might meet across the summer from beautiful sunny days to end-of-the-world storms,” says Terry Cook, associate lighting designer at Woodroffe Bassett Designs. “One thing Ayrton has become famous for is their high-powered IP rated fixtures. On the 60th Anniversary Rolling Stones tour we have 83 Ayrton Perseo Profiles over the stage. We have used these units on multiple shows and found them to be bright and reliable.
“At FOH, for the first time ever, we specified 10 Ayrton Domino LT units attached to the FollowMe. This is a new Long Throw unit of the Domino range and is also IP rated so it takes the weather concerns away. Our spot towers moved around a lot from venue to venue, but we found having the Domino LT spot very useful and the light performed well.”
An additional 12 Domino LT fixtures were also chosen for exposed positions at the front of the stage, all of which were supplied by Neg Earth Lights.
“With a new scenic and lighting design for the Sixty Tour, Patrick and Terry (Cook) took the opportunity to add many more Perseos and Domino LTs to the design,” says Rolling Stones lighting director, Ethan Weber. “Pretty much e

vascorossiVasco Rossi delivers with DiGiCo’s Quantum 338
Tuesday, 1 November 2022

Italy - Vasco Rossi is known for selling 225,173 tickets, the highest number ever to a single show, in his home region of Modena in 2017. After the success of his last stadium tour, Vasco Non Stop Live 019, and in anticipation of his upcoming album Siamo qui this November, Vasco has marked his return to the live stage by playing 11 sold out concerts.
Supplied by Italian rental company, Agorà, DiGiCo consoles took up both the front of house and monitor positions, with Vasco’s long-time sound engineer, Andrea Corsellini, utilising a pair of Quantum 338s at FOH.
For this tour, alongside the Quantum 338s, the set up included five DiGiCo SD-Racks on stage - two for monitors, two for the FoH and one for effects, all connected via an Optocore optical loop.
“In a show like this, redundancy is a ‘must’ and the use of Optocore guaranteed that reliability and, therefore, peace of mind,” explains Corsellini. “We had two Q338s in full mirror mode, so anything I do on one is directly mirrored on the other, so much so that during the evenings it didn’t matter which console I used.”
Corsellini notes the Quantum 338 offers flexibility and a feature-rich mixing experience. “Having many years of experience working with DiGiCo Quantum consoles, there are several interesting features I like on the Quantum 338. The Spice Rack is undoubtedly one of those, the virtual processors have really narrowed the gap with outboard equipment,” he continues.
The trio of high brightness multitouch 17-inch screens was another key benefit Corsellin

davidgrayChamSys MagicQ drives David Gray US dates
Tuesday, 1 November 2022

USA - Joe Beardsmore and Jonny Gaskell channelled the power of contrasts when designing the light and video show for David Gray’s recently concluded USA leg of his 20th Anniversary White Ladder tour.
Divided into two distinct parts, their client’s show was lit in “black and white shades of CTO cold whites and CTB” for one hour, as Gray performed back catalogue hits; then, following an intermission, concluded with saturated coloured lighting as the star played his seminal 7m sold album White Ladder in its entirety. (Gray changed outfits to mirror this contrast, wearing a black suit at the start of the show and a white one in in its concluding section.)
“There were many different things we did to keep it interesting as we created this contrast, between black-and-white and colour,” said Beardsmore. “We relied on about eight different shades of white in the first part of show, and wherever possible we also did black and white I-MAG. Then in the second part of the show, we had a total change of mood with our full colour palette. The emotional change this created was great. It was even more effective than Jonny and I thought it would be when we decided on that as a concept back in 2020.”
Helping Beardsmore, the owner of Phosphor Tech, bring this dramatic contrast to life was his ChamSys MagicQ MQ250M. “The banks of faders on this console are great,” he said. “I had overrides on Bank 2 and whenever I needed to busk anything, it was all there on defaults, which was great. Bank 3 had all my video clips stored so they were easy to

robe-hrvatski-domRobe T1 Profiles make a difference in Split
Tuesday, 1 November 2022

Croatia - The 256-capacity Concert Hall at the Hrvatski Dom in Split, Croatia’s second, is enjoying new Robe T1 Profile moving lights as part of a technical investment that was instigated and specified by the venue’s head of technical, Slaven Tahirbegovic.
The fixtures were delivered by Robe’s Croatian distributor LAV Studio and installed when the building re-opened after extensive renovations which returned the Art Nouveau architecture and décor back to its original 1908 splendour simultaneously integrating contemporary elements enabling it to function fully as a cool 21st century performance space.
They join the existing 10 x Robe LEDWash 600s which were delivered in late 2019, a great combination of fixtures to facilitate the current programme of shows and events.
The Concert Hall is an intimate space. It has outstanding acoustics and is utilised for classical, jazz, acoustic and unplugged concerts, and broadcasts. The venue also regularly hosts premium conferences and presentations.
Typically, 10 or 12 shows a month are staged there, boosted to daily performances during Split’s Summer Festival which runs for a month mid-July to mid-August.
During the pandemic, the Concert Hall’s first ‘new season’ streamed programme in 2021 attracted over 30,000 online visitors. To make up for doors being closed to the public during that time – and previously due to the building works – in 2022 it has staged the most concerts of any concert hall in Croatia, so the new lights came at an opportune moment.
Before taking up

piltonpartySWG and WPL join the Worthy Farm Pilton Party
Tuesday, 1 November 2022

UK - With a frequent presence at the Glastonbury Festival site at Worthy Farm, where they service a number of stages, SWG Events also provide technical support for Pilton Party. Although lesser known, it occupies the same site as the popular John Peel Stage - and features equally prominent headliners.
This year it was the turn of Elbow, supported by Easy Life to take the stage at Pilton Party 2022, where the same PA system that graced the Pyramid stage this year -Martin Audio’s WPL Wavefront Precision line array - was in position again, and Pyramid production manager Emma Reynolds-Taylor repeated her role.
Both bands had turned in stunning performances on Pyramid stage this year, and Pilton Party saw a reprise. Besides that, SWG Events provided sound reinforcement for Easy Life when they played the BBC Music Introducing stage at Glastonbury in 2019.
The confidence the company now has in specifying WPL is borne out by SWG head of audio, Simon Purse’s comment: “We have now done so many shows this summer with WPL that sound engineers have built confidence playing through it, and have got used to the workflow.”
On either side of the stage SWG flew 12 WPL elements, which they ran in two-box resolution from their iKON iK42 amplifiers. Providing front-fills were eight of their W8LM Mini line arrays, while 12 of their powerful Martin Audio SXH218 (2x18”) subs were designed in a monoblock across the front. And for good measure they also provided eight of their new Martin Audio XE500 stage monitors for reference sound.
Appraising the per

metallicaBrompton processing fuels Metallica summer tour
Friday, 28 October 2022

Europe - Metallica has completed its European summer festival run with The Return Of The European Summer Vacation tour, which saw the band playing at some of Europe’s most anticipated music festivals including Copenhell 2022 (Denmark), Download Germany, Hellfest Summer Open Air (France), Rock Werchter (Belgium) and NOS Alive (Portugal).
With a total of 11 shows held between June and August, Metallica’s long-term production partner PRG turned each event into an epic visual experience both for the in-person and streaming audiences by providing a custom LED set-up of ROE Visual panels and Brompton Technology LED video processing.
PRG has worked with Metallica for over a decade, supporting them on tour and providing custom design work to deliver the fascinating LED configurations the band’s fans have experienced throughout the years.
For Metallica’s The Return Of The European Summer Vacation tour, PRG partnered with Metallica and combined ROE CB5 LED panels with Brompton’s 4K Tessera SX40 LED processors, which the company has been using for a number of years.
“Brompton LED processing has delivered the same processing power for the different configurations we’ve used during the tour, which gives us a real sense of security,” says Gene McAuliffe, video director & engineer for PRG. “Tessera SX40 offers by far the best colour and brightness control of any processor, so we can always get our screens to match, which is especially helpful with the live streams and the TV broadcasts.”
McAuliffe recalls h

digicoDiGiCo consoles process C. Tangana tour
Friday, 28 October 2022

Spain - El Madrileño is one of the most successful Spanish album premiers, generating more than 5m downloads on Spotify in a single day. It is the third studio album from Spanish rapper and singer-songwriter Antón Álvarez Alfaro, better known as C. Tangana, and was co-produced with fellow recording artist, Alizzz.
With the album peaking atop the Spanish music charts and bringing C. Tangana his first Latin Grammy nomination as a performer, a concert tour in support of El Madrileño, Sin Cantar ni Afinar Tour, was announced. The first date in Málaga earlier this year sold-out almost instantly, with over 30 shows taking place around Europe since. Providing powerful processing and stability are DiGiCo Quantum 7 and SD7 consoles, supplied by audiovisual equipment rental company Fluge Audiovisuales.
FOH engineer Felipe Lara has been mixing for C. Tangana for the last four years and explains how he started using the SD7. “I started the current tour with a different console brand but it was having stability problems, so three days in, I opted to switch. I chose the SD7 because I know the consoles, its processing power and stability. Being so familiar with the DiGiCo environment, I knew I’d be able to replicate the work I’d done on the previous console to the SD7 very quickly,” he says.
With Fluge Audiovisuales’ extensive product inventory, which includes SD7, SD5, SD10, SD8, SD12, SD11 and the latest Quantum7, Quantum338 and Quantum225 models, meant supplying the tour was not an issue.
Lara notes that although he always fo

nexo-screen-and-audioNexo delivers clear sound for popup cinema
Friday, 28 October 2022

UK - It’s been a busy summer for Blackbeam, the popup cinema and event projection specialists based in Barnstaple on the north coast of Devon. The company provides popup cinema hire services to a range of customers including Exeter Phoenix, Seaton Outdoor Cinema and the National Trust, in addition to organising its own Blackbeam Cinematic events.
A graduate of the Royal College of Art with a history of working in the events services industry, Blackbeam owner Alastair Leslie knows that powerful, full range cinematic sound is every bit as important as a great picture in creating a thrilling and truly immersive outdoor movie experience. So Blackbeam audiences are wowed by the punch and clarity of a compact Nexo line array system comprising two hangs of six Geo M6 boxes with a pair of LS18 subs on the floor, with amplification and processing from a pair of NXAMP4X2MK2 powered processors.
“We never come away from a gig without somebody in the audience complimenting us on the sound quality,” reports Alastair. “And it’s not just about power, but also intelligibility.”
Transport and deployment are also important to any events services company. “The Nexo system is very light and compact, so it’s easy to transport” continues Alastair. “And it can be rigged by a single tech. Even the amplifier and processing rack is just 4U. Yet despite its diminutive size, the audio holds up at best quality up to 40 metres from source, and the audience coverage is impressively consistent.
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42nd-streetAyrton Diablo lights 42nd Street revival
Friday, 28 October 2022

USA - Goodspeed Musicals, a professional musical theatre located in an historic Opera House on the banks of the Connecticut River in East Haddam, Connecticut, is using 15 Ayrton Diablo S fixtures from PRG for its new production of 42nd Street. ACT Entertainment is the exclusive distributor of Ayrton lighting in North America.
Goodspeed is the first regional theatre in America to earn two special Tony Awards, one for outstanding contributions to the American musical and a second for distinguished achievement. Goodspeed mounts both new and newly revived musicals each year on its main stage at the Opera House and its second stage in Chester – a total of more than 400 performances during the April to December season attracting 130,000 patrons to the Connecticut River Valley.
The revival of 42nd Street is the first theatrical production for which PRG has supplied Ayrton Diablo S. The musical marks the first time that New York-based lighting designer, Cory Pattak, has designed a show for the Opera House, although he has previously worked on shows in both of Goodspeed’s spaces. It’s also the first time he has used Ayrton fixtures.
Pattak had noticed theatrical colleagues starting to use Ayrton fixtures and was interested in exploring the product line when he attended a vendor showcase featuring Ayrton luminaires. Earlier this year PRG offices worldwide committed to an investment of more than 1,000 automated LED luminaires from Ayrton. PRG USA added Perseo Profiles and Beams, Khamsins and Diablos to its inventory.
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eefjeChauvet helps Randall Diagre light Eefje de Visser
Friday, 28 October 2022

The Netherlands - Having worked with singer/songwriter Eefje de Visser since 2019, lighting designer Randall Diagre understands and appreciates Eefje de Visser’s emotive approach to her art. It is a quality that inspires and invites collaboration, leading to creations that support her songs with evocative visual displays.
The fruits of this creative process were one full display at Pinkpop, where Eefje de Visser was named the festival’s Number 1 act by the Dutch media. Wrapping itself seamlessly around the singer’s captivating performance was an evocative lightshow designed and operated by Diagre, with help from light artist Nick Verstand, who created a remarkable mirror scenic piece that helped define the show’s transcendent quality.
As Diagre recalls, the distinctive design grew of a project organised by Motel Mozaik Rotterdam during the pandemic lockdown. Her tour had been postponed because of COVID, and Eefje was looking for alternative creative projects when Motel Mozaik asked her to work with Verstand. “She asked me to join this collaboration,” said Diagre, “because I know her aesthetic and we understand each other very well.”
When developing the new touring design, Diagre was inspired by the work of David Byrne. “David’s shows have been one of my biggest source of inspiration,” he said. “I love how he works with contrasts. It always seems like he wants to create some kind of optical illusion without using smoke and mirrors. He just relies on the basics, and to me, that is a really good approach to lighting design.”


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