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pointsourceaudionecklacelavalieronloveislandPoint Source Audio in disguise on Love Island
Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Canada - Over the last 20 years, Montreal-based Productions Headroom has built its reputation as an innovative broadcast rental company that can deliver solutions for reality TV productions. Its latest innovation called on Point Source Audio microphones to create a robust solution that delivers pristine sound quality all while disguised as a necklace.
The ‘always-on’ nature of reality TV filming meant that the cost of repairing or replacing microphones would quickly add up and this led to the team looking for more robust solutions. “The breakage we were having was at the element and it was due to manipulation - the cast would manipulate the microphones every day three or four times a day getting in and out of the pool - which is always hard on the equipment,” recalls Jean-Sébastien Roy, founder of Productions Headroom.
“I was using Point Source Audio waterproof mics a couple of years ago for another TV show so decided to reach out. We did some testing with the CO-8WLh high sensitivity omnidirectional lavalier, and compared to other more expensive miniature mics, we couldn’t tell the difference in sound quality.”
Since the contestants on the Canadian version of Love Island can be bare skin at times, the waterproof lavalier microphone would not be able to be worn with a traditional clip. Roy engineered custom necklaces containing the mics that could be worn subtly by contestants. The mic goes inside a bead - between weights and windscreen foam - so there is double protection from the wind. To steady the mic wire, rubber rings we

craigdavidq74DiGiCo consoles on tour with Craig David
Tuesday, 21 June 2022

UK - After a two-year postponement, Craig David commenced his UK tour in April, initially visiting 13 arenas across the country with a large-scale production based around DiGiCo’s Quantum console range.
The tour will continue into the summer with festival appearances, formatted as either full live band sets or the artist’s TS5 boutique DJ shows. To ensure seamless audio quality across the range of performances, the sound team specified consoles from DiGiCo’s portfolio.
Entitled Hold That Thought, the tour celebrates 20 years since the release of David’s critically acclaimed Born To Do It debut album, which established him as one of the UK’s best loved artists. The tour encompasses new tracks from his forthcoming album as well as his early music, and elements of his TS5 project, named after the Tower Suite 5 apartment in Miami, where he used to host house parties, recalling the early days of his career when he used to DJ, MC and sing.
Following the intense arena dates, the tour takes in festival appearances plus dedicated TS5 fly-in shows in Ibiza. With technical requirements varying from show to show, both FOH and monitor engineers designed the rider to stipulate various sized DiGiCo consoles to tailor the system for the different formats.
Peter Whitelaw, David’s FOH engineer since 2010, specifies a DiGiCo Quantum 338 for the full live band shows, and an SD12 or SD10 for any fly-in and TS5 shows. Monitor engineer, Ash Wilkinson, who has toured with David for nearly 10 years, specifies a Quantum 7 for the full live band sho

michael-mason-leftBritannia Row joins Chelsea Cutler on tour
Tuesday, 21 June 2022

North America - Britannia Row Productions has provided audio support for singer, songwriter, and producer, Chelsea Cutler, whose When I Close My Eyes tour kicked off in Austin, Texas in March.
The tour - which marks the start of the young artist’s relationship with Brit Row - was followed by her Coachella debut in April and saw her play The Governors Ball stage in June. The tour is running under the care of New York based Mutual Friends, an artist management company.
“I’d never worked with Brit Row until now,” comments production manager, Alex Slohm. “The overall service has been excellent, and the gear has been immaculate. I heard from our account manager, Marc Soame, after the first couple of shows to check in but all I had to say was how pleased I was with everything.”
One of the major advantages for Slohm was the ability to alleviate some of the inconsistency that the audio crew was sure to encounter when using house PA systems.
“The fact that I was able to walk into rehearsals on day one knowing that my FOH / monitor engineer, Michael Mason, had everything he needed made me feel super comfortable,” Slohm says. “There are so many variables that go along with each venue's rig that can cause problems. Being able to remove any inconsistencies with a collection of audio equipment that is set up the same way and a mix that's pretty much ready to go, makes me feel quite relaxed and ready to take on the other tasks required of me.”
Concord Touring's Dylan McDougle worked with Chelsea Cutler’s management team at

robe-bidvest-future-now-show-2022-zio251828109Bidvest returns with Future Now extravaganza
Tuesday, 21 June 2022

South Africa - The first major live post-pandemic corporate event staged in South Africa was organised by international services, trading and distribution company Bidvest for key clients, suppliers and staff. Taking the theme Future Now, the large and impressive show returned live after a two-year absence, staged for the first time at the Time Square Arena in Pretoria with newly appointed CEO Nompumelelo Thembekile Madisa.
Future Now was a special commission for Bidvest created and produced by the team of David Bloch of David Bloch International and choreographer Debbie Rakusin, who commissioned Gearhouse South Africa as technical supplier together with Pieter Joubert as technical director.
Stage, set and lighting design was delivered by Tim Dunn from nVisible agency, who flew in from the UK to programme and run the show lighting, which he did in close collaboration with Robert Grobler from technical contractor, Gearhouse South Africa (GSA).
Tim and Robert created some eye-catching lighting that ramped up the drama and the fun factors with the help of over 250 Robe moving lights.
Previously, Tim has lit the show when living in South Africa and working for Gearhouse, and for this occasion the company supplied additional lighting kit that was added to the substantial Times Square house lighting rig.
Gearhouse Group company Sets Drapes Screens built the set. This comprised of a series of interlocking geometric shapes including three hexagonal thrust stages at the front surrounded by a series of triangular shaped facias outl

kanyamakan2021jp02017-editjohan-persson-33Zactrack solution for Kan Yama Kan in Riyadh
Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Saudi Arabia - The global premiere of the theatre and dance show Kan Yama Kan was staged in the Global Theatre at Riyadh’s BLVD RUH City entertainment complex, delivered by an award-winning West End and Broadway creative team, with lighting designed by Natasha Chivers, direction and choreography by Will Tuckett and auditorium, set and video design by 59 Productions, who were also technical co-ordinators for producers, Wonderjunkie and Anthology.
With a large cast, a vibrant traverse stage design, fast moving dancers, dynamic scenic items and aerial performers, Natasha - working with associate LD Andy Purves - needed to track up to 15 principal actors, dancers and aerialists all over the performance space using multiple light sources positioned everywhere on the overhead trusses, often simultaneously.
As a solution, they specified two zactrack PRO servers which were working with 14 anchors and 27 active trackers (with full redundancy) in conjunction with 170 moving light fixtures.
Zactrack uses an innovative (Ultra-Wide-Band) real-time radio tracking technology to make this exacting task smooth and flexible.
Due to the stage layout, the cast had to be lit from all angles - on XY and Z axes - right across the stage and in the two entranceways at each end of the traverse. To do this for the near 360-degree audience to get the best experience, three or four light sources had to be diligently applied, also avoiding washing out any floor areas being used as dynamic projection surfaces, so tracking was designed into the show from incepti

nexoNexo Geo tames Java Jazz acoustics
Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Indonesia - Since the first Java Jazz Festival more than 15 years ago, the event has become an annual fixture in the Indonesian entertainment calendar, attended either for work or pleasure by all the most influential music and sound industry professionals in the region.
Like so many events around the world, the festival took a COVID-enforced hiatus over the past couple of years but returned in celebratory style to the Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran over the weekend on 27-29 May, with bands and musicians performing on a total of nine stages.
One of the more challenging acoustic environments at the festival was the GRAB Hall, a former aircraft hangar in which local rental company DSS Sound Systems deployed a Nexo Geo M12 line array, with support from the technical team at local distributor Yamaha Music Indonesia Distributor (YMID).
“With no acoustic treatment on the concrete walls or domed ceiling, the room generates a lot of unwelcome resonance at certain frequencies, making it very difficult to achieve both clarity and impact from the sound system” reports Ryan Indra Kusumah from YMID. “But the Nexo system was able to overcome the challenges and performed brilliantly.”
With Yamaha Rivage PM7 and CL5 consoles mixing FOH and monitors, the full system comprised of two hangs of nine Geo M12s, with 12 x MSUB18 and four RS18 subs, and four PS15s as front-fills. Amplification and processing came from five NXAMP powered controllers.
“Using a Nexo system of this scale in a hall measuring 38x35m obviously gave us plenty of headroo

studio-technologies-and-cp-communications1CP Communications relies on Studio Technologies
Monday, 20 June 2022

USA - CP Communications has established itself as a full-service production equipment provider for live events, attracting opportunities from Fox Sports, MLB Network, the NFL, and others. The company offers a range of Dante workflow solutions with multiple products from Studio Technologies, manufacturer of high-quality audio, video, and fibre-optic solutions.
“We have a few hundred Studio Technologies products in our Dante ecosystem that we use for all of our events,” says Brian Ready, account executive & systems engineer at CP Communications. “The ease of use and durability of Studio Technologies’ products allow us to augment our Dante workflow depending on the client’s needs and the scope of the project.”
According to Ready, CP uses “a little bit of everything” from Studio Technologies, including beltpacks, intercom interfaces, and audio engines. He said the Model 381 On-Air Beltpacks and Model 374A Intercom Beltpacks have been “fantastic devices as we’ve built our Dante-based ecosystem”.
Ready also highlighted the Model 348 Intercom Station, an audio control centre for on-air production and support personnel, as well as the Model 206 Announcer’s Console that can manage announcer talk-back for sportscasters. Not only are both units compact and durable, Ready added that they integrate seamlessly with their Dante-enabled beltpacks and are intuitive for both production personnel and on-air talent, alike. CP has provided college football equipment packages for various broadcasters who are using all these devices in their p

leaLEA amplification powers LA’s Hotel Figueroa
Monday, 20 June 2022

USA - Hotel Figueroa, one of the longest-standing hotels in downtown LA, has been a part of the area for nearly a century. Following a two-year restoration inspired by its original 1926 Spanish architecture, the hotel re-opened for guests in 2021.
However, its legacy audio systems were encountering issues and needed an upgrade from the systems integration team at Drp, who relied on audio amplifiers from LEA Professional to power the historic venue, its restaurants, and other spaces.
With 268 rooms and suites spread over 14 floors and a pool nestled within a botanical oasis, Hotel Figueroa, part of the Hyatt group, is renowned for its style and close proximity to the Arena and LA Live, formerly known as Staples Centre.
When the hotel decided they needed to upgrade the entire audio system, Drp was brought in to create a system that met their new standards. Drp is a low-voltage cabling contractor based in Los Angeles, California. For over 10 years the company has been a leader in providing fast, professional, cost-effective solutions from cabling to security to audio and video systems.
“This was a challenging big project; when we arrived on site we quickly realised it wouldn’t just be about installing a new system. We needed to re-do the infrastructure already in place,” opens Dan Potvin, founder and owner at “When we first inspected the old system and pulled out the rack it looked like a spider’s web back there. There was no signal wire but data infrastructure wire, so the system was not secure. We had to fix that

goose2-photo-credit-adam-bertaGoedde lights Goose with Color Strike M
Monday, 20 June 2022

USA - Andrew Goedde, lighting designer for Goose since 2018 has been creating a procession of deeply evocative looks for the quintet from Connecticut as they’ve played live music venues and festivals.
The band is now playing more notable venues like Red Rocks and Radio City Music Hall, as well as major festivals in the US and Europe. For Goedde, his client’s blossoming career has opened a new world of opportunities. Not only is he touring with a larger rig that features The Chauvet Professional Color Strike M, which was supplied by Main Light, he’s also collaborating with one of its leading designer/programmers Tony Caporale.
“For the first time ever with Goose, we have the luxury of having the same tour design for almost all venues,” comments Goedde, owner of Indianapolis-based Goedde Sound & Light. “It’s really cool to have the same consistent design and fixtures for every show this tour. As for festivals, we are able to bring in our tour ground package for most of them.”
Having this level of consistency in his rig has made it possible for Goedde to take a different approach to lighting his client’s shows. “Given that we always have this rig, or most of it, with us, we can get really deep on cue stacking songs,” he says. “This is also a first for Goose, as our shows have been 100% punted in the past.”
There are 16 cue stacked songs on the band’s summer 2022 tour, while the rest of the show is still punted “jam band style”. This change in the composition of his Goose show, led Goedde to Caporale, the widely

sd12--klang-app-group-2KLANG:konductor joins international circus festival
Monday, 20 June 2022

France - After a two-year hiatus, the 28th edition of the annual Massy International Circus Festival returned this year, featuring the world's top circus artists, performing in the company’s impressive 50m diameter, 3,000-capacity big top erected in the town of Massy on the outskirts of Paris.
To mark the return, the technical design team employed a new, innovative AV system, revolutionised by the introduction of immersive mixing technology from German in-ear monitor specialists, KLANG.
Established in 1993 to honour the 75th birthday of celebrated clown, Achille Zavatta, the International Circus Festival of Massy has since been staged annually in the town, receiving international recognition and broadcast every year on the French television channel, France 3. A homage to traditional circus entertainment, the festival attracts world famous circus performers. At the heart of the show is the Jean Ribul Orchestra, comprising 10 musicians including a brass section, which underpins the performances in the ring.
Tasked with managing the audio and lighting requirements was French rental company, Ultra Son, collaborating with equipment distributor, DV2. The team devised an innovative audio system for 2022, employing the new immersive KLANG:konductor mixing processor with 10 individual KLANG:kontroller personal monitoring mixers.
“We watched the KLANG:kontroller launch last year, and were very excited about this ground-breaking development,” comments Ultra Son owner Maxime Polak. “The use of the KLANG:kontroller is the first time these new pro

proteus-excalibur-at-palais-royal4Magnum unleashes Proteus Excalibur in Paris
Monday, 20 June 2022

France - On 12 May, the historic Palais-Royal in the heart of Paris was the site of an EDM dance fest - Monumental Tour Europe - with a crowd of 2,000 raving to pulsating beats and bass drops beneath a canopy of powerful beam effects from Elation Proteus Excalibur moving heads.
Technical solutions provider Magnum provided all of the lighting, sound, power and truss for the event, including the Excalibur fixtures. Elation French distribution is by Best Audio & Lighting.
Needing an outdoor-rated beam light that could project far into the night sky, six Excalibur fixtures worked from the top of the building in a powerful and unmistakable fan of luminosity. The 20,000-lumen Excalibur features an a narrow 0.8° beam that widens to 3.5° when needed using an expander lens. Powered by a long-life Philips Platinum 500 FLEX lamp (550W), its long-throw beam acts as a brilliant searchlight and is visible at great distances.
The EDM event highlighted artists and young talent by combining heritage with electronic music, video, scenography and lighting. The Palais-Royal façade came alive with a dazzling array of lighting effects and video projection as Excalibur beams radiated out from the top of the Palais-Royal, heightening the atmosphere and announcing for miles around that a significant event was taking place.
The event supported the EU’s declaration of 2022 as the European Year of Youth and was part of a cultural programme to celebrate the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union, which runs through 30 June when the show w

xzd0jrvhArtech FX and Pyrofoor deliver SFX for Eurovision
Friday, 17 June 2022

Italy - Eurovision returned to its full splendour in Turin for 2022 after the challenges of the pandemic in 2021. Even the continuing horror of war in Europe failed to affect the event, in fact, only serving to intensify the joy, the magic and the music that Eurovision brings to the world every year.
To bring a kaleidoscope of SFX to the stage in Turin, Luca Toscano, CEO of Artech teamed up with Lucas Gerritzen of Pyrofoor de Amsterdam who supplied the FX for the 2021 show in the Netherlands. Artech is a group of companies, that specialise in delivering SFX and show solutions across the globe.
Appointed by this years’ host broadcaster RAI Television as the Eurovision 2022 SFX, pyro and laser supplier, Toscano sees the event as a glorious celebration of the entertainment industry, a showcase for the best of the best. Across the two companies, more than 20 people were involved in delivering the dizzying array of SFX at the PalaOlimpico in Turin. Flames, smoke machines, CO2 launchers, spark machines, close proximity pyrotechnics were all part of the extraordinary package that were offered to the delegations to enhance and excite their Eurovision performances.
“Each delegation has its own director and artistic director,” explains Toscano. “They have a list of the special effects we can supply for them along with the positions embedded on the stage area. Of course, it depends on what each entry has in mind for their visuals - not everyone will choose to employ SFX - it is entirely up to them, but our team work tirelessly to

clear-oneClearOne Collaborates on PPDS showroom
Friday, 17 June 2022

Germany - As the exclusive global manufacturer of Philips professional displays, PPDS is dedicated to helping integrators learn about and test the latest technologies, products and opportunities that can help grow their businesses. Building on its strategy to bring seamless global business locally, PPDS has launched its first full-solutions showroom in Munich, featuring Philips professional displays and virtual collaboration systems from ClearOne.
The new 155sq.m showroom is designed to highlight new solutions for various spaces and client types, with dedicated rooms set up to demonstrate how new technologies can be integrated to optimize conference rooms, meeting rooms, retail spaces, classrooms, hotel guest rooms and even home offices. According to Christian Krela, channel manager for PPDS in Germany, the new Munich showroom is the company’s first demo space to focus on full-room solutions with collaboration and streaming technologies.
“Integrators trust PPDS to provide innovative display products for every kind of project, and the new Munich showroom demonstrates how leading third-party solutions like ClearOne’s collaboration gear can complement our Philips class-leading displays to meet the needs of modern businesses,” Krela explains.
“We designed this space to ensure local integrators and end-customers can gain hands-on experience with whole-room solutions that include displays, cameras, microphones, speakers and control systems to help them make decisions regarding room designs and technology solutions.”
Each different space

astera-k3-6K3 Giddy Up & Go with Astera Titan Tubes
Friday, 17 June 2022

Europe - Currently on a 2022 theatre tour through Belgium, Dutch girl group K3’s set includes the track Giddy Up & Go which features 15 Astera Titan Tubes which are used as illuminated props in a skilful collaboration between the tour’s lighting designer, Jeroen Opsteyn of Painting with Light (PWL), choreographer Tommy Gryson, the three K3 girls and 12 dancers.
One of Jeroen’s creative objectives was to keep the dynamics and pace flowing throughout the action-packed, up-tempo set.
The lighting design and programming introduce fluidity and animation to the stage in the absence of video, as one of the early artistic decisions was to present the band in a more theatrical setting, focusing on them and making lighting central to the show’s visuality.
Jeroen and Tommy both hit on the idea of changing the shape and perception of the performance space - just for one song - using Astera Titan Tubes as hand-held props, which Studio 100’s technical production manager Jan De Goeyse made happen.
Titan Tubes were the solution. Jeroen had used them previously as static lighting at events or on TV sets, but not as a dynamic effect, and once he and Tommy hit on the idea of creating a kinetic effect in conjunction with the dance moves, he knew Astera was the way to go.
Tommy worked out the dance moves step-by-step as Jeroen and Niels Huybrechts (also from PWL) programmed multiple lighting colour and movement chases on the Titan Tubes using a grandMA2 console.
Apart from the wireless functionality, Jeroen loves the colours a

wbhof-inducteesBasketball Hall of Fame celebrates with Bandit
Friday, 17 June 2022

USA - The Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame Class of 2022 Induction Ceremony and celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Title 9 took place 11 June at the Tennessee Theatre with a lighting system provided by Bandit Lites.
“Every class, every year, is a special group of people,” said Bandit Lites chair Michael T. Strickland, a long-time member of the Hall of Fame Board. “This year in particular, board member and long-time friend Debbie Antonelli was honoured. Debbie is special to me and the Hall as she is not only a former player but is most notably a long-time basketball announcer on ESPN.”
The front of the stage was lit using the Tennessee Theatre’s conventional lekos from the cove. Bandit hung GLP X4S from a house electric to use as backlight for both people on stage and at the lectern. Elation SIXPAR 100s toned A-type towers with Spandex wraps, framing the center speaking position with VL 2500 spots providing mid-level beams for haze.
“On the floor we had Martin MAC Auras and VL 2500 spots to up-light the drape backdrop,” says Giff Swart, Bandit Lites project manager. “Lastly, we hung 9-lite DWE moles and 2-lite DWE moles from a different house electric to light the audience.”
Since the show was streamed on ESPN2, Bandit Lites worked with the WATE TV crew to balance levels and saturation while still making the ceremony accommodate the attendees.
“We had what you might call a typical theatre setup for any event with front light, back light, and backdrop light,” explained Swart. “What may have been most noticea

danleySan Marcos church upgrades to Danley Sound
Friday, 17 June 2022

USA - First Baptist Church of San Marcos is a diverse and multi-generational church based in San Marcos, Texas. In 2012, the church reached out to sound designer Curt Taipale of Taipale Media Systems to evaluate and re-tune their existing system.
Over the years, the church had considered replacing their sound system, however the situation became urgent after their existing digital signal processor (DSP) started to fail. Following a long relationship with Curt, he was asked in June 2020 to assist in a possible new design of their sound system. The primary goal of the new installation was improved coverage and intelligibility.
“At the time, they considered a handful of companies to design the new system and completed due diligence by listening to some of my projects in Texas,” said Taipale. “They were very pleased with one system in particular that utilized Danley Sound Labs equipment. I asked Kim Comeaux to do a demonstration in their sanctuary of Danley products so that others on the team could hear them in person.”
Following the demonstration, Scott Davis, worship pastor at First Baptist Church of San Marcos, agreed with Curt’s recommendation.
Curt’s design utilised four Danley SH-50 loudspeakers arranged in an exploded arc as mains, with an SH-95 suspended below each as down-fill speakers and two SH-95HO loudspeakers as delays. In addition, two Danley TH118 subwoofers were flown as an end-fire subwoofer array.
The new installation also featured choir monitors, Powersoft amplifiers, a Symetrix Prism DSP and Allen & Heath

ayrton-john-mayerAyrton Dominos light John Mayer Sob Rock Tour
Friday, 17 June 2022

USA - Lighting designer and director Ethan Weber chose a large complement of versatile Ayrton Domino luminaires for Grammy Award-winner John Mayer’s Sob Rock Tour 2022 in support of his eighth studio album of the same name. ACT Entertainment is the exclusive distributor of Ayrton lighting fixtures in North America.
The 23-stop arena tour kicked off in March in Las Vegas and wrapped in Boston in May. The North American schedule featured multi-day concerts in six cities. Weber, perhaps best known for his work with The Rolling Stones, obtained the Ayrton Domino fixtures from Upstaging in Sycamore, Illinois, the lighting vendor for the Sob Rock Tour.
Apart from using Ayrton MagicPanels on some festivals, Weber began using Ayrton fixtures in earnest last year. “Dave Ridgeway and Fraggle from Neg Earth suggested we swap some rain-vulnerable fixtures out for Perseo units on the fall Rolling Stones tour,” Weber recalls. “We also did a couple of shows at the Hard Rock in Fort Lauderdale with Ghibli, Bora and Khamsin fixtures. I was very impressed with their intensity, features and reliability. I didn't know about the Dominos until I talked to John Bahnick at Upstaging about Ayrtons for John Mayer.”
Upstaging’s Dominos “have been in great demand: They’re the Cadillac of high-end fixtures,” says Chuck Spector, in the Upstaging lighting department. “The Domino’s IP rating has contributed to its success combined with fantastic optics and colour mixing. We’ve also invested in Ayrton’s IP-rated Perseo fixtures. It gives me peace of mind w

openworkpartnership-1Openwork Partnership gets flexible with Adecia
Friday, 17 June 2022

UK - Four Yamaha Adecia audio solutions have been installed at the offices of The Openwork Partnership in Swindon, helping the staff at this financial advice company to enjoy hybrid working.
The Openwork Partnership has over 4,200 financial advisers and 600 support staff. The company’s structure means that hybrid working - part office-based, part at home - was already important before the COVID-19 pandemic. But with the enhanced importance of flexible working, having a pleasant and technically-advanced environment for employees when working from the office gives an undoubted boost to the company’s efficiency.
When The Openwork Partnership moved into its new premises at Auckland House in Swindon, it refurbished the spaces to include the very latest workplace technology.
“The idea was to create a pleasant, user-friendly environment for people coming into the office, including various zones of open plan hot desking, drop in areas, meeting spaces and facilities like a restaurant and wellness gym. It was designed to bring a new concept of working environment to staff in the financial advice sector,” says Sussi Murphy, CEO of workplace technology specialists Visually Connected Worldwide.
“The goal was to deliver top-quality video conferencing, while retaining a simple user experience. For the audio solution we worked with the Application Team at Audiologic. With the Adecia solution from Yamaha being new to the market, we went through a process of remote demonstrations with Audiologic and the client as a proof-of-concept exercise, which ult

robe-craig-david-dsc03725Craig David travels far and wide with Robe
Friday, 17 June 2022

UK - Designer Daniel Richardson, working for international creative practice Sinclair Wilkinson (Rob Sinclair & Andrew Wilkinson) took the role of production designer for Craig David’s recent Hold That Thought UK tour. The scope of his work included a full stage, scenic, lighting and video design, plus content direction for the star’s acclaimed tour that was rescheduled from 2020.
Richardson’s spec included Robe moving lights - BMFL Spots, BMFL Blades and a four-way RoboSpot remote follow system - which were supplied by lighting vendor Neg Earth. Matt Arthur went out on the tour as lighting director and operator.
Craig David himself was very much involved in the show creation, explained Richardson. He shared his initial ideas with Rob Sinclair and Daniel back in 2019, who refined these into workable touring options from which a concept was chosen and developed.
Plans were then halted due to the pandemic and in this time the artist produced a wealth of new music.
During a production meeting in February of this year to get the tour re-started: “Craig indicated that he wanted to involve scenic elements in the show and loved the idea of having some real foliage on stage,” explained Richardson.
Taking the new 22 album artwork as inspiration, he and the team reimagined and reworked the stage design to capture the essence of all these fresh aspects. In the album, Craig is a journeyman, travelling through different lands, his previous homes in Miami to his present one in London.
With this in mind, a ‘real

dublinIreland’s largest church installs DiGiCo Quantum
Friday, 17 June 2022

Ireland - Three years in construction, the new Romanian Pentecostal Betania Church in Dublin is now ranked the largest church in Ireland. Accommodating 1,500 worshippers in its main sanctuary as well as an online following, the ambitious design required a sound system, resulting in the installation of the latest technology from DiGiCo’s recently launched compact, Quantum 225 digital mixing console.
The €8m development comprises a 2800sq.m building with large sanctuary, stage, choir and orchestra space, media pod, fellowship halls, a conference room, eight community rooms, pastoral areas, and a youth worship area. The building design and framework were established by a professional team of architects and construction specialists, but the majority of the building work was completed by skilled volunteers from the Church’s Romanian community during evenings and weekends.
Requiring specialist expertise, Betania’s project leaders turned to Wigwam Acoustics which has many years of experience in houses of worship installations.
“Betania Church needed to invest in an audio system and infrastructure with capacity to manage not only the size of the sanctuary and congregation but also a versatile roster of events from worship services and musical performancesto conferences and broadcasts,” says Tim Mortimer, system integration project manager at Wigwam. “Further, during COVID-19 lockdown, the Betania team responded to the challenge of an online worship environment, hosting live streaming events for the congregation. Their efforts were so successf

grammyVan Damme cables Memphis’ Southern Grooves
Thursday, 16 June 2022

USA - Matt Ross-Spang, an American record producer, Grammy award-winning engineer and mixer has just opened the doors of Southern Grooves, a custom-designed studio in Memphis, Tennessee.
Located in what was once the Sears cafeteria on the second floor of Crosstown Concourse, a “vertical urban village”, the build started pre-pandemic, in August 2020. With the expertise of acousticians Steven Durr and Matt Schlachter, a 3,000sq.ft recording studio was designed where sound and feel are prioritised in every room.
The space consists of a live room, control room, a long hallway (for reverb) echo chamber, plus a lounge, office, tech Shop and EMT plate room. The fact that the live room has an undulating ceiling and emphasises no 90° angles or parallel surfaces, means that the sounds created gives the impression that the space is a lot bigger than it actually is.
VDC Trading supplied 30,000ft of Van Damme cable for the Southern Grooves install - specifically the Ecoflex and PVC AES series cables. These cables can do AES, DMX512, RS422 and even analogue audio in one slim, elegant flexible cable solution. Van Damme LSZH Purple Series, 2, 4 and 8 core, as well as the Van Damme Green Series, single, two, eight and 24 cores, were used throughout.
Matt Ross-Spang said: “This has always been a dream of mine and I couldn’t have asked for a better group of folks to help realise it. I have been fortunate to work in some legendary studios, built by my heroes. This was my inspiration for Southern Grooves. From the very first visit, Steven Durr was indispen

las-vegasResorts World Theatre gets immersive with L-ISA
Thursday, 16 June 2022

USA - The recent opening of the 5,000-capacity Resorts World Theatre in Las Vegas, operated by Concerts West / AEG Presents, has already hosted residencies by Carrie Underwood, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan.
Resorts World Theatre is home to the first fixed install of L-Acoustics L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound technology in Las Vegas. More than 200 loudspeakers comprise an immersive aural environment that stands out on the Las Vegas Strip.
Montreal-based Scéno Plus served as the theatre designer, further overseeing the venue’s technology, while L-Acoustics certified provider (CPi) Solotech integrated the 14.1 audio system with design support from the L-Acoustics application team.
The system consists of an L-ISA Scene setup of seven arrays of 14 K2 enclosures flown across the stage width, left-right out-fill arrays of 12 Kara, plus two centre-flown arrays of eight KS28 subs each. Twenty-four KS21 subs are located under the stage, and 16 5XT five-inch coaxials are positioned across the stage lip, functioning as spatial front-fills thanks to a new L-ISA algorithm.
Many A10i Wide enclosures provide delay and seven channels of surround for each of the three balconies, with additional A10i found in the lighting booth. A combination of LA12X, LA4X, and LA2Xi amplified controllers drive the system, which also uses the new L-ISA Processor II - the device’s first permanent install. Plus, there are 11 P1 processors installed that enable bridging of AVB, AES/EBU, and analog audio with time-aligned redundant signal distribution.
“The client, in t

storm-web-2-1200x570Pharos helps control desert Storm in Dubai
Thursday, 16 June 2022

UAE - The recently opened Dubai Hills Mall is a destination in a popular tourist spot, offering opportunities for shopping, dining and entertainment. It is also home to The Storm, the fastest indoor rollercoaster in the city; an adventurous ride that stands 50m tall.
Showcasing the latest innovations in engineering, The Storm features a vertical launch to 50m in just five seconds. The 670m track weaves throughout the entire mall building, making it a spectacle to watch and a unique experience for riders.
Experiences operator Emaar Entertainment created the concept of the rollercoaster set into the heart of the shopping mall. They appointed engineering experts Cundall to design and deliver The Storm. As the lead design consultant, Cundall provided a range of services including structural engineering and lighting design.
To fulfil the design, Creation Gulf were brought into the project. As a provider of architectural lighting and systems, Creation Gulf worked closely with the design and engineering teams to enhance the experience of The Storm.
Creation Gulf were able to utilise the comprehensive portfolio of products from lighting control experts Pharos Architectural Controls to deliver the brief, comprising multiple dynamic lighting effects on the façade, including the most important effect of all: replicating lightning as found in an actual storm. Additional content was also created to simulate fireworks, the UAE flag, and other effects.
For the interior visuals of the rollercoaster, Creation Gulf provided a system capable of creating m

virtual-riotphoto-by-alex-varsa2Elation joins Virtual Riot at Hollywood Palladium
Thursday, 16 June 2022

USA - German dubstep artist Virtual Riot brought his Simulation Album Tour to the Hollywood Palladium 22 April and electrified the sold-out crowd with his edgy brand of EDM supported by lighting effects from Elation Professional. Dallas Gasper from Paradox Productions and Design designed the rig with lighting director Lorcan Clarke on hand to run the show. Lighting gear was supplied by 4Wall with SFX/lasers provided by Owl Vision.
Clarke created laser show designs for trance, house and techno events in Ireland before moving to the San Francisco Bay area in 2020. Since, he has designed, programmed and directed lighting for Blu De Tiger’s How Did We Get Here 2021 US tour, Sidepiece’s Kiss & Tell 2022 US tour, and Deorro's 2022 Lollapalooza shows in South America. Clarke timecoded much of the Hollywood Palladium Virtual Riot show and had an Elation rig of beam lights, strobes and LED battens at his disposal, along with other colour battens and LED blinders.
Twenty-four Elation beam lights, in groups of four, functioned as the main moving lights on the show. The lights hung centred on six sticks of overhead truss and were flanked on either side by pixel bars. Because the Palladium ceiling is somewhat low, the truss was angled slightly up at the downstage to enable greater visibility of the rig.
Twelve Elation strobes hung from truss towers, six each on either side of a video wall. “Virtual Riot being mainly dubstep, with some D&B elements, we certainly needed some high-power strobes,” Clarke comments. “They pack a big punch, especiall


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