Prolight is now equipped to provide comprehensive testing documentation along with cables
Europe - Prolight is reinforcing its commitment to excellence in cable manufacturing through a substantial investment in cutting-edge testing equipment. The collaboration with Distro Design yielded a remarkable achievement when tasked with developing a new cable tester.
The Cirris powered tester manufactured by Distro Design for Prolight is the largest to date with over 380 test points. This tester was a great challenge, something we relish doing. Working with Prolight was seamless and very easy something we hear a lot around the industry. They are a growing company with a great reputation we are immensely proud to have been asked to work with them in designing ‘the beast’,” says Distro Design MD, Ben Stearn.
Chris Beesley, product sourcing manager at Prolight says: “As the cable department grows here at Prolight, our need for a centralised, rapid test facility has far outgrown the large collection of individual, single function cable and appliance testers. After reviewing a number of options, it was clear we needed a custom-built option, configured not only for the most common plug to socket cables but also with the capability of testing more complex cables such as socapex spiders and motor looms.”
This strategic investment emphasises Prolight's dedication to upholding the highest standards of quality in cable production. The integration of advanced testing equipment not only ensures superior manufacturing but also enhances operational efficiency. Prolight is now equipped to provide comprehensive testing documentation along with cables, aligning with client demands and industry benchmarks with unparalleled precision.

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