Remora PRO is scheduled for shipping by the end of September

Germany – Remora has announced the launch of its inaugural product: Remora PRO. This innovation, based on the Headphone 3.0 platform from Sonical Inc, introduces an Ultra-Wideband (UWB) wireless connection.

The product's design connects seamlessly with all existing audio sources via analogue and USB interfaces, and is adaptable to all headphone models. Moreover, the Remora PRO offers full Bluetooth support, ensuring backward compatibility with ‘billions of existing wireless audio devices’.

Mark Wade, head of products at Remora explains, “By using CosmOS, the operating system for the ear from Sonical, running on their high-performance ear computer platform, Remora PRO provides a complete solution for a personalised experience through downloadable plugins.”

Grammy award-winning mix engineer Wez Clarke expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "I love the fact that I can use the professional headphones I already own, which I've had for years and understand the sound profile of. This level of audio performance goes beyond regular Bluetooth wireless headphones and is truly a cable replacement. More than that, it means I don’t have to throw away my headphones just to get access to the latest technology.”

The Remora will include THX AAA, the patented THX linear amplifier technology for headphones.

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