Robert Scovill - senior live sound market manager
USA - EAW has welcomed Robert Scovill to the position of senior live sound market manager.
Scovill’s new role will be to work tightly with existing teams on product definition and positioning, in-person demos and trainings, as well as providing thought leadership. This will include refining and shaping all public-facing communication. These duties will include assisting with written product descriptions, as well as the listening and voicing of new and existing production-level audio systems. Scovill will drive the creation of educational how-to pieces on industry topics such as tuning and deploying large-scale ADAPTive systems, passive and active articulated systems and subwoofer arrays.
“We are excited to welcome Robert to the team - he brings decades of pro audio and live sound expertise to EAW and further demonstrates our commitment to being a leading loudspeaker manufacturer in the industry,” explains T.J. Smith, president of EAW. “From driving strategy and tactical development to helping define and finalise products with an end user perspective, Robert will take on a multi-tiered role.”
Audio engineer Scovill has mixed for over 4,000 live events. He is widely regarded as a pioneer of virtual sound check and live multi-track workflows and over his 40-plus years in the industry, Scovill has touched nearly every facet of the music production industry from recording studio, record label, live concert and broadcast.
Scovill continues to contribute to the live sound and pro audio market through his educational efforts, which include multiple keynote addresses for organisations such as the Audio Engineering Society (AES), as well as various presentations, podcasts, articles and videos sharing his knowledge and experience with the industry and technology.

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