Rosco will be showcasing its latest innovations at LDI in December
USA - Rosco Laboratories has announced a strategic initiative aimed at renewed engagement with the live entertainment industry. As a first step in this initiative, Rosco has appointed Amé Yeager to the role of vice president, strategic initiatives for live entertainment and architecture. Most recently, Amé led Rosco’s architectural business.
"We are excited for Amé’s new position within the Rosco team. With her extensive industry knowledge and strategic mindset, she will be focused on gathering customer feedback, building community, and rolling out multi-level engagement programs with creative professionals. We believe Amé is the perfect fit to lead our initiatives in reengaging with the dynamic live entertainment industry," said Cristian Arroyo, president of sales at Rosco.
To further enhance its industry presence, Rosco is launching a comprehensive creatives engagement programme, inviting influential figures and thought leaders from the live entertainment community to collaborate closely with the company. The programme aims to foster a community of creativity and innovation, driving the development of cutting-edge solutions that cater to the evolving needs of Rosco’s customers.
Selected industry leaders will participate in product development, education, creation of content, and industry events on behalf of the company. "The creatives engagement programme is a testament to our commitment to collaboration and creativity. We are eager to work closely with industry influencers to gain insights, share ideas, and collectively shape the future of live entertainment lighting," said Amé Yeager.
“Our first selection to kick off the programme is award-winning media designer Zachary Borovay. Having created media for dozens of Broadway shows, museums, arena rock concerts, broadcast and countless top-tier clients, Zak is the perfect fit to collaborate and evolve the Rosco brand in Live Entertainment.”
“My relationship with Rosco actually goes back over 40 years to when I was a very small kid”, said Zak. “My father was a theatrical designer and one of my favourite toys to play with were the swatchbooks he would bring home from work. I loved to hold the gels and filters up to a flashlight and see how they changed the quality of light, and to see how things reacted when I shined the coloured light onto various books, posters and even my Legos. When I had children of my own, they followed in my footsteps and loved playing with the swatchbooks too!"
Rosco will be showcasing its latest innovations and engaging with industry professionals at prominent trade shows, including the upcoming Live Design International (LDI) in Las Vegas in December.
Rosco's presence at LDI will provide a platform for attendees to experience firsthand the company's newest lighting solutions and explore how these innovations can elevate their productions.

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