‘LSD covers all areas of the industry’
Europe - Light and Sound Design (LSD) Serbia is now officially an exclusive SRS Group distributor for Serbia, Kosovo, and the Balkan region.
“Immediately after LSD reached out to us, we quickly understood that they are a very well-established company, that anyone would like to collaborate with,” says Samuel Sloboda, CEO of SRS Group. “For over 20 years, Milan (the CEO of LSD) and his team have been doing a great job evolving the entertainment industry in the Balkan region from the heart of Serbia - Belgrade. With the extensive time investment LSD put into the construction of its new futuristic building, we are thrilled to see the Balkan market expand and prosper, as we are sure LSD is future-proof and absolutely ready for it.”
LSD covers all areas of the industry - rental companies, theatres, television and movie production companies, hotels, bars and clubs, and cultural and sports venues. Their open day last week was the first fair in the Balkans dedicated solely to professionals from the AV/rigging industry, and it gave visitors from all Balkan countries the opportunity to meet SRS Group’s team and test the equipment in real-life scenarios.
“Being made in the EU is an extremely important factor for us. SRS Group will fit nicely with our portfolio of premium brands,” mentions Milan. “The sheer quality, for both, products and the people of SRS Group, made it easy to decide that we want to start this distributorship.
"We had several meetings with SRS Group before we signed the contract to start the exclusive distribution. The features and innovations in SRS Group's products, the quality of topics we covered during those interactions, and pure passion from the team at SRS Group, left me with nothing but certainty that LSD and SRS Group are the right match. We know we set a new benchmark by introducing SRS Group solutions to the Balkan market and I am really looking forward to feedback from the clients - everything we heard so far was superlative.”

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