Stadttheater Klagenfurt has integrated KLANG:technologies in-ear monitoring alongside its DiGiCo Quantum 7T mixing console
Austria - Nestled in the picturesque Alpe-Adria bioregion, encompassing Slovenia, the Austrian states of Kärnten and Steiermark, and two regions in Italy, Stadttheater Klagenfurt (Klagenfurt City Theatre) stands as Carinthia's largest cultural institution. Constructed between 1908 and 1910 by the renowned Viennese architectural firm Fellner & Helmer, this municipal theatre with a seating capacity of 716 hosts over 200 performances each season and is home to the Carinthian Symphony Orchestra.
Offering a diverse performance programme, including theatre productions, grand opera, operetta, and a wide musical repertoire, Stadttheater Klagenfurt recently elevated its sound experience thanks to the integration of KLANG:technologies immersive in-ear monitoring alongside its DiGiCo Quantum 7T mixing console.
Manuel Bundschuh, the theatre’s Head of Audio, highlights that the decision to adopt the KLANG system was an important part of a major upgrade to their existing personal monitoring system. “After hearing numerous positive testimonials about KLANG within the industry, it became clear to us that we wanted to implement KLANG’s immersive IEM mixing platform at our theatre,” he says.
The team enlisted the services of Signal, one of Austria's leading providers of lighting and sound equipment, which supplied one KLANG:vokal immersive IEM processor and ten KLANG:kontroller units to deliver fast tactile user control of Groups, Channels, and Immersive mixing.
Since the adoption of KLANG, Bundschuh notes a significant improvement in the work of both the engineers and musicians who utilise the system. “It’s a remarkable enhancement for them due to the ease of setup, operation during rehearsals and shows, and, of course, the exceptional sound quality that KLANG delivers,” he continues.
While a small number of musicians were initially hesitant to switch to KLANG due to their familiarity with the old IEM system, they have now embraced it. “Once they started using it,” Bundschuh adds, “they were very impressed with how user-friendly the system is and how everything feels polished, providing ample space in the musicians’ mix.”
Commenting on the level of support from Signal and KLANG, Bundschuh states: “Matthias [Reinthaler, managing director at Signal], his team, and, of course, Phil [Kamp, head of sales at KLANG:technologies], provided exceptional assistance in understanding KLANG’s technology. Phil managed the setup and guided us through the basics of the system to give us a head start. We greatly appreciate their expertise. They certainly know what they’re doing.”

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