Unlimited Vision & Sound’s Pascal van Engelen (left) with operations manager John van Gaal (photo: Louise Stickland)
The Netherlands - Unlimited Vision & Sound is a full production event rental company based in Den Bosch, capital of the North Brabant area and a renowned beauty spot.
Owner and CEO Pascal van Engelen, started the business in the 1990s whilst studying electronics at the local university, initially supplying his own DJ shows and party sets. After he graduated in 2000, he was enjoying the industry so much, that he decided to make it a more serious enterprise, adding several corporate clients and events to the portfolio, with the idea of providing the full technical package.
Clients liked his energy and attitude, so Unlimited Vision & Sound grew steadily and sensibly during this time. The company earned a great reputation for being creative, delivering excellent value and investing in quality technology, and the full-time team is currently 15 people, all retained through Covid.
Pascal has kept the rental stock relevant and contemporary, and right from the start wanted to work with leading brands.
The first Astera AX3s were purchased in 2021, Pascal comments that they are “great little fixtures” with “many ingenious mounting options”.
In 2022, they purchased AX9 PowerPARs, which he reckons is a “perfect product in every way” again offering much flexibility.
Using their time and space effectively during the two pandemic years, a high-quality streaming studio was added to the warehouse, as the demand for this service continued growing even once in-person events returned, with the part-live-part-streamed becoming a dynamic and good option for many businesses and brands.
“Streamed events need very specific lighting to ensure that the space works well and has the best impact on camera, adding depth and presenting a rich, textured 3D style and great flesh tones,” noted operations manager John van Gaal. “So the AX9s are excellent for our high-end streaming events and also cross over nicely to all the live events we are doing.”
They both agree that the battery life on Astera products is “amazing” and the software is powerful and logical to use.
In fact, John says a case of Astera AX9s goes on the truck for every job leaving the warehouse, “just in case”. which there is a constant need.
“As a rental company, we want to be as adaptable and offer our clients the best possible service and results,” stated Pascal, so this quality and type of lighting is always important. That is why we have currently 96 pieces in stock with all corresponding accessories, and we hope to extend that in the future,” he says.
All the Astera luminaires have been supplied by Astera’s Benelux distributor, Controllux.

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