UK - Professional loudspeaker manufacturer Void Acoustics has launched a new website (// With a modern, responsive design, the new website is optimised for desktop PCs, tablets and mobile devices and across Mac OS and Android platforms. It is designed to offer a more engaging visitor experience, offering in-depth product information logically grouped together, a news section with current news releases, upcoming events and embedded social media feeds from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The Dorset-based maker of the Incubus system, a mainstay of many of the most popular nightclubs around the world, provides detailed product information and technical resources on its new easy-to-navigate website product pages - from full specifications and high resolution images to EASE data, 3D cabinet drawings, user manuals and crossover settings.

According to Void's sales and marketing director Alex Skan the new website "illustrates our extensive product ranges for the touring and fixed installation markets, and demonstrates our commitment to making a visual, as well as sonic, impact in today's club market and in live sound reinforcement.

"The new website is one of our most important marketing tools, accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world, and is a vital resource for our many customers worldwide."

(Jim Evans)

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