The studio’s clients include BMW, One Plus, Veet, and Bosch
Poland - VuFinder Studios just launched its new studio, boasting to be Poland's largest Virtual Production LED Volume. Since its establishment in 2022, the studio has already completed more than 30 commercial film productions for international brands, such as BMW, One Plus, Veet, and Bosch.
"As we started to investigate the possible options, we found the BP2V2 has been adopted by most of the world's largest virtual production studios, such as NantStudios and Amazon Studio. We quickly realised ROE Visual's LED solutions could make a difference for our studio and offer our client base a reliable, high-end solution,” says Melania Kulczycka, founder and client services director at VuFinder Studios.
“After closely collaborating on this installation, our choice for ROE Visual has been strongly confirmed. Their support throughout the entire project was incomparable and has been instrumental in the entire project."
VuFinder Studios created a modular LED wall with the BP2V2 that can be customized to fit the specific requirements of various projects. With the inclusion of the Mo-SyS StarTracker camera tracking system and RTX A6000-based rendering servers, the LED wall empowers VuFinder's experienced designers and producers to fully unleash their creativity and deliver reliable and innovative solutions to customers.
"Thanks to our collaboration with ROE Visual, we have access to the most advanced solutions in virtual production. The synergy between the VuFinder Studios team and the excellent products and services provided by ROE Visual allows us to create incredible visual experiences for our clients," continues Piotr Talaj, managing director and executive producer at VuFinder Studios.
"Working with the highly motivated and professional team at VuFinder Studios was a great experience. It's great to have established this industry-leading virtual production studio in Poland, bringing the technology to a new generation of filmmakers in Eastern Europe. It's great to expand our presence in the Polish market with such a ground-breaking installation,” states Grace Guo, sales director at ROE Visual.

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