The new C3 and C4 miniature speaker models are available now
France - Amadeus unveiled its new shallow-depth point-source miniature speakers at JTSE. The C Series was created in 2018 through a specific custom development, carried out in coordination with the technical sound team from the Paris-based Chaillot National Theatre. The new C3 and C4 miniature speaker models are available now for ordering from Amadeus and can be used for many applications.
“We wanted to combine frequency response, intelligibility, and directivity control over an extended spectral range while maintaining a point-source - not a line source - design,” says Marc Piera, director of the sound department at the Chaillot National Theatre.
The C15 was thus born, integrating a triaxial transducer, three ways mounted on the same axis, including a 15” (38cm) neodymium magnet woofer, and two compression drivers loaded by a large horn. The range has been subsequently extended with the C12, C10, and C6 models, respectively featuring 12, 10, and 6” coaxial transducers.
“The revival of multichannel sound diffusion, the democratization of sound spatialization, the proliferation of immersive systems as well as our developments around active acoustics have for several years encouraged the design of products and ranges created specifically for these new uses. Expanding the C Series by adding two extremely compact full-range models was a logical and necessary extension,” explains Gaetan Byk, president of Amadeus.
Unlike the C15, C12, C10, and C6 models designed using a 'bass-reflex' architecture, the new C3 and C4 models are closed boxes.
“The C3 and C4 models have already found new applications beyond the borders of our historical working spaces in the performing arts field. Their extremely compact format, musicality, and aesthetic - customisable on demand - now lead us to imagine solutions for luxury hotels, museums, and residential projects, among many other locations,” states Pipo Gomes, technical director at Amadeus.
The C3 includes two transducers mounted on the same axis. It features a 3.5” membrane transducer loaded by a horn machined from the mass and a 0.625” dome tweeter fixed to a proprietary phase piece. Its dispersion is 100 degrees and perfectly conical. The on-board crossover is passive. The C3’s frequency response (at -10 dB) is 74 Hz - 20 kHz.
“We developed these two new models by favouring the frequency response, which is very extended in the low end for such a small format and membrane surface. Their closed box design also induces a remarkable impulse response - translating perceptually into exceptional speed and precision at the low end of the spectrum,” reveals Numa Galipot, electro-acoustic engineer at Amadeus.
“Like all products manufactured by Amadeus, their finish can be personalised without limitation. We have manufactured over the last few years - on request - speakers in Corten steel, natural oak, wenge, brushed, or sandblasted. We have also covered our cabinets with exotic veneers such as Eucalyptus, gold leaf, and even natural stone powder. The customization possibilities are endless,” says Salvatore Franze, cabinetmaker and head of manufacturing at Amadeus.

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