City Theatrical’s DMXcat-E is an expansion to the DMXcat Multi Function Test Tool system of solutions
USA - City Theatrical will be introducing three new solutions available for demonstration in Booth 809 at LDI, including the DMXcat-E, Multiverse Connect Module, and Wing Nut Socket. These products are expansions of City Theatrical’s award-winning DMXcat Multi Function Test Tool system, family of Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM technology, and expansive hardware collection.
City Theatrical will also be offering an LDI event giveaway of one DMXcat Multi Function Test Tool or RadioScan Spectrum Analyser, at the winner’s choice, to one randomly selected event participant who registers with the City Theatrical team in Booth 809 before the event concludes. The winner will be announced via email one week after the show.
Available to demonstrate at LDI Show 2023 and shipping in 2024, City Theatrical’s new DMXcat-E (P/N 6100) is an expansion to City Theatrical’s DMXcat Multi Function Test Tool system of solutions that allows for Ethernet control of a lighting fixture. In addition to all the functions DMXcat users currently enjoy, including utilisation of the DMXcat free smartphone application for iPhone and Android to plan, install, operate, and maintain theatrical and studio lighting equipment, DMXcat-E allows users to view and send Ethernet protocols, including ArtNet and Streaming ACN (sACN).
DMXcat-E also allows users to perform cable testing of five-pin XLR and Ethernet cables via an included external remote.
DMXcat-E can read SMPTE timecode as well as MIDI timecode and regular MIDI for audio and other entertainment projects. DMXcat-E uses bookmarking of timecode and save to file functions for ease of use. DMXcat-E also allows users to view DMX timings and PoE voltages. The DMXcat-E hardware is complete with a flashlight, buzzer, and USB-C charging.
Also available to demonstrate at LDI and shipping in 2024, City Theatrical’s new Multiverse Connect Module (P/N 5914 for 2.4GHz band, and P/N 5915 for 900MHz band) is a small device that brings all the capabilities of Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM to a lighting fixture built by an OEM manufacturing partner of City Theatrical, such that the fixture has a Multiverse plug built into it.
The chassis of the device plugs into the fixture, and with a few menu changes on the fixture, it becomes wireless using the Multiverse Connect Module. Multiverse Connect Modules are Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM receivers encased in ABS plastic. The 2.4GHz model uses the 2dBi Indoor Omni Antenna, 2.3” (P/N 5729) as used in Multiverse SHoW Baby devices, and the 900MHz model uses the 2dBi/4dBi Omni Broadband Antenna (P/N 5980), as used in Multiverse Transmitter and Multiverse Node devices. Multiverse Connect Modules include seamless RDM integration and can be configured through host fixture UI/RDM.
The Multiverse Connect Module uses a USB Type-C Plug connector and runs on 5VDC. The Multiverse Connect Module is IP65 rated and can be used in an indoor or outdoor environment.
Available to demonstrate at LDI and shipping in late 2023, City Theatrical’s new Wing Nut Socket (P/N 1350) can be used to secure any wing nut with ease and reliability.
Other City Theatrical demonstrations will feature QolorFLEX LED Tape and Accessories, including QolorFLEX NuNeon, Tunable White HiQ High CRI (P/N N914-H27006500-5) linear lighting that brings the brightness and flexibility of QolorFLEX NuNeon to film & video projects using City Theatrical’s HiQ High CRI LED Tape technology.
City Theatrical will also show its award-winning miniature QolorFLEX Multiverse Dimmers with wireless DMX/RDM dimming control in combination with its parent company, Environmental Lights, in both City Theatrical Booth 809 and across the aisle in Environmental Lights Booth 803.
City Theatrical demonstrations at LDI will include award-winning Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM technology. The Multiverse system can deliver more data while reducing the amount of radio energy required for wireless DMX by as much as 90%, enabling scalability never possible before for entertainment lighting installations.

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