The new B/SPOKE Studio in South Boston, MA
USA - When audio-visual specialists ITI Systems installed a sound system at the new B/SPOKE Studio in South Boston, MA recently, it was their fourth such integration for founder Mark Partin’s cycling concept - and all four feature Martin Audio CDDs and subwoofers.
The Beltsville, MD-based integrators originally came onto Partin’s radar after he visited a club in New York that they had fitted out and was impressed with the sound quality. He knew what he wanted when it came to equipping his new boutique fitness studio concept, specialising in Indoor Cycling, Strength, and YOGA classes.
“ITI has now had the privilege of installing Martin Audio at all four locations over the past nine years, starting with B/SPOKE Downtown,” said system designer and project manager, Eugene Yi. Once again, he specified a combination of Martin Audio mission-critical solutions, focusing mainly on the hugely popular CDD series, in a fast-moving concept that continues to evolve.
“Mark Partin had wanted a high quality, clean yet loud PA,” he explained, outlining the reason for his product selection. “I have been working with Martin Audio products since the late 2000s and first heard the CDD series while equipping a different venue and was immediately impressed.” The price / performance ratio offered by CDD ticks all the boxes, he said. As a result, he selected a blend of CDD12, CDD8 and CDD6, underpinned by SX218, SX118 subwoofers. To this he added ceiling and ADORN speakers from the British manufacturer’s catalogue for a venue he describes as “the latest and greatest” of all the B/SPOKES.
B/SPOKE Studio South Boston operates on 8,000 sq.ft over two floors, and boasts 56 bikes and 26 mats for classes, with a personal training area. In terms of audio feeds, both the yoga/strength and cycling rooms broadcast audio via instructor laptops with separate mic feeds for the instructors themselves. Small parties or vendor shows are also hosted in their studios.
To give the spaces the versatility and sound coverage required, Yi took advantage of CDD’s flexible mounting brackets since the speaker locations became the biggest challenge due to the relatively low ceilings and an array of lighting/HVAC hardware he had to work around.
Mark Partin comments: “Music is a big part of our programme and brand identity, and we believe the quality of playback can completely change the client experience, leading to better retention over time,” he said. “Martin Audio's CDD speaker line provides the perfect balance of performance at an attainable cost for small businesses like our own. We now use them in all our studios, in all workout rooms and common area spaces.”

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