To upgrade its lighting, GTV9 Melbourne turned to Prolights
Australia - When GTV9 Melbourne decided to update its lighting, it turned to Prolights, encouraged by the important presence of suppliers but also by the reputation of the brand. Having a fixture they could add more too, or replace in a short lead time, from any of the main Melbourne rental houses was a major consideration with the purchase.
The resulting package comprises: 22 EclFresnel TW ,11 EclFresnel 2KTW, 22 EclPanel TWC, 18 EclPanel TWCJr and 13 EclProfile CT+.
Since the installation, the studio has halved the fixture count in the rig from the old tungsten amount and there has been considerable savings in power. “Our staff have even commented on how cool the studios are these days,” remarked Daniel Saveski, senior lighting director at GTV9. “The best thing about LEDs is once the colour temperature is set there is no colour shift when lowering levels. This was always the fun and sometimes challenging side in lighting faces with a tungsten source.”
Shane O'Dwyer, lighting supervisor at GTV9, added that he particularly likes that there is a very even colour temperature between all of the different fixtures which, he points out, really helps when you are lighting one show with multiple lights. “The evenness of the light output is awesome, especially the profile fixture, from the middle of the beam to the edge, there is no drop off which has changed the way I can light making it so much easier,” he comments.
Shane has enjoyed using the EclPanel TWC fixtures for fill light - especially in conjunction with an egg crate - which has allowed him to control the light and stop the set being washed out. “The ability for fixtures to switch to RGB mode has meant we have so many more creative options and can respond quickly to a creative request from a director or producer during a live show,” he said.
The tunable White from Daylight through to Tungsten means that Daniel and Shane can now get the best look out of the set screens, with so much control over the light output.

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