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ayrton-diablosKinetic Lighting’s Ayrton Diablo proves popular
Thursday, 21 October 2021

USA - Glendale, California’s Kinetic Lighting has acquired more than 70 Ayrton Diablo-S fixtures to stock its rental inventory and supply a wide range of productions the company supports. The versatile, feature-rich, 300W profile luminaires are Kinetic’s first Ayrton purchase. Ayrton lighting fixtures are distributed exclusively in North America by ACT Entertainment.
Diablo is the smallest, lightest and most efficient luminaire in its category with a record output of 19,000 lumens in a package weighing less than 22 kg. Diablo-S is especially designed for stage applications and equipped with a monochromatic LED light source that can generate extremely high output and metallic white light calibrated at 7000 K.
“When our ACT rep, Eric Abad demo’d Diablo for us the entire team was blown away – we were really impressed,” recalls David Rosen, president of Kinetic Lighting. “We had never seen a fixture that combined a full feature set with this much output in such a compact and lightweight form factor. It checked all the boxes, and we knew it would be a great fixture to invest in.”
Kinetic intended the Diablo-S fixtures as a new product in its inventory, but they became something more, too. “We discovered that with its high output, great optics and well-rounded feature set Diablo can hold its own against larger fixtures,” Rosen notes. “So they have been able to replace some of our larger, aging fixtures.”
Kinetic took delivery of its Diablo-S units in early 2020, and they were used on a number of jobs before the coronavirus pa

colour-control-options-added-to-dali-2-certification-programControl options added to DALI-2 certification
Wednesday, 20 October 2021

USA - Additional methods to control the colour output of light sources have been added to the DALI-2 certification programme, which is operated by the DALI Alliance. DALI-2 certification is built on open, international standards and is focused on device interoperability, backed by independent verification of test results.
The DALI Alliance has added DALI-2 tests for LED drivers and other control gear that use two colour types, known as RGBWAF and xy. These DALI-2 options are now available alongside colour type Tc (widely known as tunable white).
Colour type RGBWAF allows simple control of up to six individual channels of colour (red, green, blue, white, amber and free colour). For more sophisticated control, colour type xy allows precise and repeatable selection of the colour coordinates from the CIE colour space chromaticity diagram. Colour type Tc allows control of the correlated colour temperature (CCT) along the black-body line, from warm white to cool white. Colour types Tc and xy allow calibration of the light-source and control-gear combination, enabling higher colour accuracy.
“The combination of colour control and the standardized DALI dimming curve provide a powerful tool for lighting designers and other users. DALI scenes allow recall and smooth fading of colour as well as brightness,” says Paul Drosihn, DALI Alliance general manager. “The new options for colour control are an important addition to the DALI-2 programme and strengthen market confidence in the interoperable behaviour of DALI lighting-control devices.”
DALI-2 c

mmt-with-tagline-registermark-march-2020Avnu Alliance streamlines certification
Wednesday, 20 October 2021

USA - Avnu Alliance has introduced a new Milan Advanced Certification Programme for ‘faster, more convenient, and less expensive testing and certification of professional audio video (AV) end devices for its members’. The programme introduces a significantly enhanced certification management system, new pre-certification validation test tools, and global access to test houses around the world.
Milan is a standards-based, user-driven deterministic network protocol for professional media, that through certification, assures devices will work together at new levels of convenience, reliability, and functionality. To guarantee interoperability amongst Milan devices from various manufacturers, Avnu’s new Milan Advanced Certification Programme ‘delivers robust test plans and scripts that are performed at independent authorised certification labs around the world to ensure compliance with the Milan specifications and to guarantee seamless interoperability with all other Milan-Certified end devices.
“This is a new approach to open standard certification for the pro AV industry,” comments Richard Bugg, Avnu Alliance Pro AV segment chair. “There are other open standards in this industry, however, they don’t guarantee interoperability on their own. Milan manufacturers have come together to invest their expertise, resources, and experience to ensure a system architecture that will work for the future of many ecosystems, all supported by a first-of-its-kind independent certification programme.
“The new Milan Advanced Certification programme m

brompton-la-officeBrompton Technology opens California office
Wednesday, 20 October 2021

USA - Brompton Technology has announced its expansion into the US with a new office in Burbank, California. The new facility reflects Brompton’s continued growth in the US market thanks to demand for high-end virtual production setups and television.
Brompton’s regional technical manager Sean Sheridan will lead the new US outpost. Sheridan joined Brompton in 2018 and has played an instrumental role in the company’s success in the US, expanding the customer base in all areas and helping drive development of new Tessera software features specifically geared toward virtual production as demand increased. He will continue to drive new customer growth and technical development, with the office as a home base for demos and training.
“I’m thrilled to expand our international presence as Brompton now has footprints on three continents - North America, Europe, and Asia,” comments Brompton’s CEO Richard Mead. “Sean is an invaluable part of our team and has led the charge for us to have a permanent home amid the film and TV industry as virtual production became one of our key markets. We’re looking forward to working closely with our partners and customers on the ground to fulfil their creative production needs.”
Sheridan is joined by technical support specialist Howard Chang and technical projects specialist Dan Warner. Chang has an extensive background as a live events technician, and Warner brings previous experience in the camera department for film and television, working first-hand on projects utilising virtual production. Together th

ecodesignRevised Ecodesign rules come into force
Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Europe - The Ecodesign regulations are now applicable to all EU member states after the rules came into force this September.
The new regulations include hard-fought exemptions for certain stage and studio lights - these are high-output and point-source (discharge) lights; high-power LEDs with high-colour rendering; high-power LEDs with adaptive colour temperature; specific scenic tungsten sources; high-power LEDs with gate (typically used in moving lights with white light source); colour-tuneable light sources (as used in RGB+ LED spotlights), plus an exemption from the standby power requirements for specialist entertainment lighting fixtures.
The revised regulations have been welcomed by the European Entertainment Ecodesign Coalition, the European-wide group of associations representing the entertainment, lighting design, live performance and film/TV sectors.
“Our coalition recognises the notable achievements made by the regulatory committee and the EU Commission to find workable solutions for our sectors in the context of Ecodesign,” says the body in a statement. “The majority of our concerns regarding stage and studio lighting were addressed and targeted exemptions allow the continued use of the vast majority of light sources needed on stage, in specialized lighting design as well as in film studios.”
The Coalition, which comprises Pearle, IALD, PLASA, VPLT, ALD, DTHG, OETHG, SLF, and STEPP, has vowed to continue to liaise with the EU Commission and the expert group on energy labelling and Ecodesign to provide input on sustainable

The Week in Light & Sound
Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Devastating Impact - One in three jobs in the British music industry were lost during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a report from trade body UK Music. The research said there were 69,000 fewer jobs in music in 2020 than in 2019 - a drop of 35% - due to the "devastating impact" of coronavirus. UK Music said the industry had been hit "especially hard" by the virus.
Musicians themselves as well as people working in venues and recording studios were particularly affected, it said. Live music revenues collapsed by around 90% in 2020, according to the UK Music report, titled This Is Music 2021, which is published today. "The music creators and live music sectors experienced the greatest decline - the majority of those working in the industry are self-employed, and they have been hit especially hard by COVID-19," it said.
In The Docks - Plans have been revealed for the Royal Docks in east London to become a new cultural quarter. London mayor Sadiq Khan and mayor of Newham Rokhsana Fiaz have outlined their vision for the Royal Docks to become a place where “creative work is made, new ideas are formed and cultural participation is open to all”. According to Khan, the new cultural quarter has the potential to deliver 35,000 jobs, 4,000 new homes and more than £5bn of local investment within the next 20 years.
Work has already begun on a range of creative spaces, including the Factory Project, which will transform former Tate and Lyle Sugar warehouses into an event space, community workspaces and music and film studios. Planning permis

robe-main-light-invests-in-robospots-image6-2-1Main Light invests in RoboSpots
Tuesday, 19 October 2021

USA - Wilmington, Delaware and Las Vegas, Nevada based lighting rental and dry hire specialist Main Light has invested in more Robe BMFL FollowSpot LT fixtures and motion cameras to boost its inventory of available RoboSpot remote follow spotting systems.
Larger quantities of all the RoboSpot elements are needed to keep pace with increasing demand, explained general manager Randy Mullican.
The company first invested in this technology shortly after the RoboSpot launch in 2017. Since then, Robe has developed and refined the system, most recently with the introduction of the BMFL FollowSpot LT, a powerful solution for larger venues and covering greater throw distances. It has also increased the number of its moving light ranges that can be controlled via the RoboSpot BaseStations.
RoboSpots have been a popular rental item for Main Light from the start, and everything indicates a continuation of this trend, as shows, concerts and live events are re-starting across North America. “We are seeing RoboSpot systems appear increasingly on lighting specs and riders across all sectors,” stated Randy.
Main Light’s new BMFL FollowSpot LTs have already been busy on an assortment of projects.
Randy notes that the system is particularly easy to set up and use, especially with the integral camera, and anyone with some experience of operating a classic follow spot can quickly and easily become a competent RoboSpot operator.
He underlines the safety aspects of using remote follow spotting systems! No longer needing to have people up in the r

follow-meTSJ to distribute Follow-Me in Japan
Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Japan - Netherlands-based Follow-Me has announced Tokyo based TSJ (Technical Supply Japan) as a new distributor. As specialists in the distribution and installation of entertainment lighting technology for touring companies, TV, theatre and discotheques the company has recently been involved in the technical requirements for both the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
Follow-Me founder, Gary Yates comments: “TSJ has been established as one of the premier suppliers to the live entertainment market since 1986. They have a vast amount of experience in the lighting and entertainment industry in Japan and are very pro-active in the promotion of their products. We are proud to announce them as the perfect distribution partner for Follow-Me in Japan. This builds on our expanding network of distributors across all continents.”
TSJ now have Follow-Me demo kits available at their central facility in Tokyo. TSJ’s lighting specialists are there to advise, demo, sell, train and supply Follow-Me systems. Information and advice is also available about the upcoming sACN network protocol which has a planned roll-out for the end of 2021.
Yoshida Misuzu of TSJ says, "We are really excited to be able to offer Follow-Me as the solution for so many of our clients across all possible applications. The fact that the Follow-Me system is fully independent, not tied to any fixture type or manufacturer give it a unique flexibility.
“In addition to this, Follow-Me is an advantage for many lighting rental companies regarding safety onsite and cost-effectiveness which is

tsplogowestaESTA draft standards open for public review
Monday, 18 October 2021

USA - ESTA’s Technical Standards Programme currently has five draft standards in active public review. The reviews are open to anyone having a material interest in the subject matter. The review opportunities are as follows.
The Event Safety Working Group has one draft standard in public review.
BSR ES1.18 - 202x, Event Safety – Rigging provides minimum requirements and general guidelines for the suspension of equipment and materials that are utilized in the technical production of organised special events. It addresses the general requirements for design, planning, installation, set-up, removal and operation of rigging activities. These activities may be conducted using permanent or temporary structures, either in or out of doors. It does not cover permanently installed rigging systems, and it is not a tutorial or a list of specifications. Submit comments before 08 November 2021.
The Photometrics Working Group has two draft standards, and one reaffirming standard, in public review.
ANSI E1.55 - 2016, Standard for Theatrical Makeup Mirror Lighting offers recommendations and requirements for makeup mirror lighting in performer dressing rooms and similar locations. It defines a range of acceptable lamp CCTs and colour-rendering ratings, and also specifies illumination levels and lighting angles for illuminating the performer's face while applying makeup. The existing standard is being considered for reaffirmation. Submit comments before 26 October 2021.
BSR E1.69, Reporting the Dimming Performance of Entertainment Lumi

showmans-showShowman’s Show returns this week
Monday, 18 October 2021

UK - The Showman’s Show returns to Newbury Showground on Wednesday 20 and Thursday 21 October this week.
Event director, Jeremy Lance comments: “The Showman’s Show has always been an excellent opportunity to catch up with industry colleagues and share ideas and information as one season draws to a close and attention turns to the following year. Let’s be honest, there has never been a more important time for us to get together.
“Challenges around securing toilets, temporary structures and other event essentials have been well reported this summer. The show is renowned for being the best place to source industry staples, and 2021 definitely won’t disappoint. Whatever you need for your events next year, then a visit to Newbury Showground this week should take a lot of the headache away from the planning process.”
Fellow event director Johnny Lance adds: “Sustainability is a key consideration for event organisers, with COP 26 now only weeks away it is definitely high on the agenda. Our exhibitors are more committed than ever to delivering carbon efficient products and services and creating sustainable businesses which will be vital as the industry builds back better.”
In addition, the Vision 2025 conference has announced that it will be delivering a series of industry briefings examining context and new research from leading experts and organisations on the afternoon of Wednesday 20 October. Topics will include Net Zero, tackling travel impacts, energy technology and bioplastics. The conference is open to all Showman’s Show at

barcelonaVisitor registration opens for ISE 2022
Monday, 18 October 2021

Europe - Visitor registration for ISE 2022 at the Fira de Barcelona Gran Ví now open.
A new development for 2022 is a paperless approach to visitor registration in the form of digital badges issued via the new ISE app.
Mike Blackman, Integrated Systems Events managing director, stated: “As an in-person event, we are uniquely placed to bring all elements of the industry together under one roof. In the build-up to our return to Barcelona, along with our co-owners AVIXA and CEDIA, we have worked hard to ensure that ISE 2022 offers the industry a truly worthwhile experience – showcasing innovation, becoming inspired by some of the brightest in the business, and most importantly, meeting up after so many difficult months apart.”
Spread across five halls at the Fira Gran Vía, the show floor has been organised into five technology zones to provide a much-improved visitor experience. So far, over 700 companies have committed to exhibit.
An innovation for 2022 is ISE’s Sound Xperience. Set just metres away from the Fira Gran Vía, this dedicated cinema complex offers 12 differently configured listening rooms to showcase audio.
ISE has also greatly expanded its technology demonstration areas. There will be three new demo areas covering lighting and staging (within the Lighting & Staging Zone), audio and digital signage (both outdoors). Taking advantage of the expansive facilities at the venue, these new areas will allow visitors to experience these major multi-technology solutions in ‘real-life’ set-ups.
“We’re ex

boxxer-versionBoxxer inks partnership with Version 2
Friday, 15 October 2021

UK - Boxxer has announced a new partnership with Version 2, which will become an official partner of Boxxer and Sky Sports Boxing. Headquartered in Reading, Version 2 is a lighting rental specialist for the television, broadcast and event industries.
The partnership kicks off with this Saturday’s stacked Fight Night at the Utilita Arena in Newcastle, headlined by world middleweight champion Savannah Marshall and supported by superstars Chris Eubank Jr., Lewis Ritson and Hughie Fury.
Version 2 sponsors Marshall, who will be defending her WBO crown on Saturday, along with new Boxxer signings April Hunter, an undefeated local prospect, and Georgia O’Connor, a former elite amateur making her much-anticipated pro debut.
As part of the partnership, Version 2 branding will feature across all pre-event promotional activity during fight week, including at Thursday’s press conference hosted at St James’ Park – the home of Newcastle United FC – and at the public weigh-in on Friday, which will take place at the bustling Metro Centre in Newcastle.
Version 2 will then feature throughout this Saturday’s Fight Night, airing live on Sky Sports in the UK and Ireland – with prominent branding across the ring and arena.
Commenting on the partnership, Boxxer’s founder and CEO Ben Shalom said: “We’re delighted to announce this new partnership with Version 2, ahead of a blockbuster card this Saturday in Newcastle. Version 2 are leaders in their space and given the strength of their existing relationship with Savannah, it is a partner

audiotonix--sound-devices-teamSound Devices joins Audiotonix group
Friday, 15 October 2021

UK - Audiotonix, the group which comprises the Allen & Heath, Calrec, DiGiCo, DiGiGrid, Group One Limited, KLANG:technologies, and Solid State Logic entertainment technology brands, has announced the acquisition of US-based Sound Devices LLC as part of its expanding group. The transaction, which was concluded yesterday, further extends the Audiotonix professional solutions for audio production environments.
James Gordon CEO of Audiotonix comments, “The addition of Sound Devices and their fantastic team to our portfolio of premium audio brands is a proud moment for all involved. Their expertise and technical pedigree in film production, broadcasting and professional recording is a great fit. As with previous acquisitions we always look to increase the knowledge share group-wide and, with FPGA-based solutions and RF wireless technology at their core, we have an enviable opportunity.”
The acquisition will coincide with co-founder Jon Tatooles departure from Sound Devices after 23 years. Co-founder Matt Anderson, who has been chief engineer of Sound Devices since inception and CEO since 2013, will continue to serve in both roles.
Matt Anderson states, “I’ve enjoyed getting to know James and the team during the past few months. In terms of values and culture, Sound Devices fits perfectly within the Audiotonix group of companies. In a way, it will be ‘business as usual’ at Sound Devices, as we will carry on doing the same thing we've been doing for the past 23 years: focussing intensely on making the best sound products we can. However, t

nicoLectrosonics delivers for Netflix Bad Sport
Thursday, 14 October 2021

USA - Bad Sport is a new documentary series covering the most infamous misdeeds in the sports world. Sound mixer Nico Pierce recently wrapped work on its debut episode Hoop Schemes, which chronicles the 1994 point-shaving scandal that engulfed Arizona State University basketball. For the episode’s many interviews, Pierce relied on Lectrosonics Digital Hybrid Wireless, chiefly SMV and SMDWB transmitters paired with SRc receivers slot-mounted in his audio bag.
“I went to school at DePaul University in Chicago and actually got my degree in audio post-production,” recalls Pierce. “I had to take a lot of production classes as well. When I moved out to L.A., probably the first year I was doing 50/50 production and post. After that, I realized I liked being on set and working with people instead of hunkering down in the studio all day. At DePaul, I used a lot of older Lectrosonics stuff — 185s and 187s — because it was what they had at the time, and I was already aware of it as one of the best brands out there. As soon as I had the money, Lectro was what I bought for myself.”
The wideband reception capability of the SRc receivers was the first feature Pierce found invaluable as production embarked on the road. “We spent a week in Phoenix and a week in Vegas, shooting 12-hour days to get the episode done,” he says. “This was my first time filming outside of the L.A. area since being in school, so being unfamiliar with the blocks and availability in these cities, going wideband let me not worry about finding frequencies.”

btsboutiqueBTS virtual Mental Health training available
Thursday, 14 October 2021

USA - There are just six opportunities left in 2021 to take the Behind the Scenes virtual Mental Health First Aid training for entertainment industry workers. Mental Health First Aid takes the fear and hesitation out of starting conversations about mental health and substance use problems by teaching you how to recognize the signs and symptoms that suggest a potential mental health challenge, how to listen non-judgmentally and give reassurance to someone, and how to refer a person to appropriate professional support and services.
The course is delivered in two parts. The first is a two-four-hour self-paced online course that must be completed prior to the second part which is a six-hour virtual live instructor led session. Go to to learn more and to select the date and time you wish to attend the virtual live session. Upon completing the course you will become a certified Mental Health First Aider which is valid for three years.
The registration fee is $125. IATSE Members and those working under IATSE agreements may be eligible for Training Trust Fund reimbursement upon proof of successful completion of the course. A limited number of partial and full scholarships are available to individuals not eligible for reimbursement. Private group classes of 15 -20 are available – contact for information. Training for Canadians is available through the AFC at

l-acousticsL-ISA enhances Ennio Morricone tribute
Thursday, 14 October 2021

Germany - Film composer Ennio Morricone died in 2020 after a storied career that featured over 400 scores for film and television, more than 100 classical works and musical compositions for artists such as Paul Anka, Zucchero and Andrea Bocelli. He won over 40 awards including three Grammys, three Golden Globes and six BAFTAs. For his 2017 world tour, where Morricone directed the Czech National Symphony Orchestra for arena-sized audiences, he became an early adopter of L-ISA immersive sound, using the technology for shows in Bologna and Milan. The unmistakable melodies of Ennio Morricone were heard in all their immersive splendour at a spectacular tribute concert on 1 August n Berlin's Wuhlheide, played by the Berlin Symphony Orchestra.
LITT event-technik GmbH was responsible for the implementation of the L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound-System, with Ulf Oeckel as system engineer and Holger Schwark manning FOH, both of whom are experienced L-ISA users and familiar with operating the system on live tours.
“I was honoured to plan one of the first L-ISA world tours with Mark Knopfler and bring it to the streets. In addition, I am a qualified L-ISA trainer," explains Oeckel, who describes the advantages of spatial audio technology for orchestral productions as follows: "The clarity and transparency are much greater than can be achieved with a conventional stereo system. With every L-ISA production I notice that the audience unconsciously feels more comfortable and connects with the music in a natural way."
In Berlin's Wuhlheide, an L-ISA Wide scene des

modular21KV2 goes Modular in Emmental
Thursday, 14 October 2021

Switzerland - The region of Emmental in Switzerland is doubtless better known for its holey cheese than for its music output; nevertheless, the gently rolling hills of Langnau provided the backdrop for the first edition of the Modular Festival organised by DJ and producer, Michelle Kelly Leeman.
For four days from 10-13 September, the lowing of cattle gave way to the sounds of psytrance and techno from an international roster of over 50 artists and DJs with music running non-stop across two stages. Michelle has been a fan of KV2 systems for a number of years and she opted for the flagship VHD5 system for the main stage and SL412s supplemented by SL2.15 subs for the second stage.
“It took over a year of planning and 160 pages of information were submitted to the relevant authorities in order to obtain all the necessary permissions to go ahead,” recalls Michelle. “Selecting a sound system was the easy bit – I already knew I wanted KV2, and if possible the VHD5 but I needed to make sure it was feasible.”
Michelle got in touch with KV2’s technical projects director, Andy Austin-Brown, with the details of her project to see what he suggested given the size and shape of the area to be covered and the dimensions of the stage.
“VHD5 offers the absolute best quality of sound representation coupled with the highest dynamics and definition, even at lower levels, whilst carrying enormous output capability,” says Austin-Brown. “Given the area to be covered and the anticipated audience levels, we could certainly have achieved excellent res

adjADJ's Spooktacular Contest opens online
Thursday, 14 October 2021

USA - ADJ’s Halloween Spooktacular Contest is back for 2021, offering the chance to win ADJ lighting gear simply by sharing your spooky lighting projects on social media and including ADJ’s hashtag.
“We want to see the creative ways you put your ADJ lighting, video, or effects equipment to use to create shiver inducing displays or spinechilling events,” says ADJ. “Whether it’s a professional project or home haunt, as long as you use ADJ fixtures, we want to see your Halloween 2021 display and it could win you one of three fantastic prizes.”
Like last year, the 2021 ADJ Halloween Spooktacular Contest is easy to enter. Just take photos or video of your Halloween project, display, or party and post it to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtag #ADJSpooktacular.
“The contest is open to anyone around the world and you can enter as many times as you like, just be sure to let us know what ADJ fixture(s) you have used in the description of your social media post(s). We’ll be selecting the top three winners based on how good the photos/videos look as well as the creative use of ADJ products.”
Once the contest has closed at the witching hour on Halloween (12 midnight Pacific time on 31 October), the ADJ team will comb social media for every post made in 2021 that uses the #ADJSpooktacular hashtag and choose three winners based on the creative use of ADJ fixtures and the aesthetic appeal of the photos/video.

cardiffMartin MLA powers Cardiff’s Titan Festival
Thursday, 14 October 2021

UK - A festival in Cardiff Bay is being seen as the precursor to reviving a once popular venue at the City’s Alexandra Head. The four-day extravaganza, promoted by Live Nation, combined the two-day electronic Titan Festival at the weekend, book-ended by Bay Series on the Friday and Monday.
In residence throughout the entire event and broadcasting sound from an all-star line-up, ranging from Biffy Clyro and Frank Carter And The Rattlesnakes on the opening night, to Eric Prydz and Chic featuring Nile Rogers, was the Martin Audio MLA loudspeaker array - provided by Stage Audio Services (SAS) under the project management of Nat Hopking.
In addition to the above, Pendulum presented their spectacular Trinity show, reuniting all three original band members for a rare UK outing on the Friday, and another popular act was CamelPhat, supporting Eric Prydz on the Saturday.
In view of the sensitive location, with the potential of sound propagation affecting both harbourmaster’s comms as the PA blasted out over the Bay, and also spilling into nearby residential areas, Martin Audio provided SAS systems engineer Dave Taylor with technical back-up in the form of product support engineer, Simon Purse.
Purse recalls that the main issue had been the risk of disturbing communications to the boats in the harbour. “We did some propagation tests and applied Hard Avoid to prevent leakage back to the artists onstage, and at the imaginary rear wall at the boundary of the audience area, 70m back. In fact, we stored a number of presets in the background of the softw

pumpkinGet creative for the Backup Pumpkin Challenge
Thursday, 14 October 2021

UK - Industry charity Backup's Pumpkin Challenge is back for 2021. The competition aims to help raise awareness of the charity in a fun and creative way, encouraging interested parties to carve the most creative pumpkin.
“To enter, all that’s need is a pumpkin, your design and any props or tech you want to incorporate to bring your design to life. If you want to use the opportunity to fundraise too (though not a requirement) that would be welcome,” says Backup.
Competition categories are: Best overall design (judged by panel); Best use of tech (judged by panel); Most money raised (via Backup Pumpkin Challenge Fundraising Page); and Most overall likes (on Instagram, using the hashtag: #BackupPumpkinChallenge).
For 2021 long-time Backup supporter Lightpower Collection has generously donated a prize of one of their photographic books to the winner of the best overall design category.
Due to competition being open to anyone, anywhere, the charity is only able to send prizes to UK-based prize winners due to costs of shipping. All winners will be promoted on Backup’s social media pages, in marketing material and in industry press. “Plus,” adds Backup, “you get the prize of industry bragging rights!”
“Entries may be uploaded onto your Instagram by 31 October 2021 using the hashtag #BackupPumpkinChallenge along with your name or team name. Please make sure your Instagram privacy settings allow us to view your entry when you enter #BackupPumpkinChallenge. You can also email when you post, that way we can doubl

frozenMartin MAC Encore brings Frozen to life at Theatre Royal
Wednesday, 13 October 2021

UK - Respected theatre lighting designer Neil Austin has again relied heavily on Martin Professional’s MAC Encore Performance moving heads in lighting the West End production of Frozen The Musical for audiences at London’s famous Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.
He is using 115 Martin MAC Encore Performance CLD fixtures as part of a fully moving rig, quipping that “I chose the CLD units as I predicted there would be quite a lot of cold white light on Frozen!” The inventory was supplied by White Light, whom Austin says he has been renting from “since I was a 15-year-old schoolboy.” White Light were supplied by Martin’s exclusive UK distributor Sound Technology.
As the predominant fixture in his rig, the MAC Encores are set on five overhead bars and six ladders either side of the stage in a virtually all-LED rig. “They’re basically everywhere I could fit and afford one. I’m a huge fan of Encores and put them onto every show where the budget allows. The quality of light is extraordinary.
“I knew there were brighter lamps available but I didn’t want another discharge lamp because they decay over time. I wanted something that would remain the same colour and brightness the entire way through the run of a show, and the MAC Encore has more than sufficient brightness.
“In Martin’s hands, LED is so beautiful. It’s a truly full-spectrum light source. No longer do you have to dial in pink to get a reasonable colour for people not to look ill - it really is just like daylight coming through a window. The base colo

showtools-robert-runko-Showtools to distribute SRS Group
Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Australia - Slovakian stage controllers production company SRS Group has appointed its new exclusive distributor for Australia and New Zealand - Showtools International.
Being an established player on Australian market, Showtools is already distributing a number of top industry brands. The two companies have collaborated on the design of touring and installation distros customised for Australasian market, which will help strengthen the presence of Slovakian firm in the region. Showtools will be representing SRS Power and Lighting sections.

theatres-trustTheatres Trust conference takes on climate change
Wednesday, 13 October 2021

UK - The programme details have been announced for the Theatres Trust’s Conference 21: Making Theatre Sustainable.
Scheduled for 4 November at the Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith, the programme features a line-up of speakers including Lisa Burger (National Theatre), Lucy Davies (Royal Court Theatre), Andy Hayles (Charcoalblue), Dave Moutry (HOME/MAST), Melly Still, Alison Tickell (Julie’s Bicycle) and Steve Tompkins (Haworth Tompkins).
Lockdown discussions have led to the creation of the Theatre Green Book, an industry-wide collaboration that builds on existing guidance and draws on input from across the sector to form a shared standard for environmentally responsible theatre.
Conference 21: Making Theatre Sustainable will launch the Buildings volume of the Theatre Green Book and continue the industry-wide dialogue and sharing of best practice that sits at the heart of the project.
National Theatre’s executive director Lisa Burger and director/designer Melly Still will start the conference off, talking about their own journey toward sustainable theatre and why they support the Theatre Green Book. Across the day there will also be a series of debates unpicking some of the deeper challenges of, and opportunities in, making theatre sustainable.
Architect Steve Tompkins and theatre consultant Andy Hayles from Charcoalblue will head up a debate on how we ensure theatres remain fit for purpose given the need to build and buy less. Reflecting the international discussion taking place at COP26 in Glasgo

The Week in Light & Sound
Tuesday, 12 October 2021

Longlist Revealed - Bradford, Stirling, County Durham and Wrexham are among the places in the running for the title of the UK's City of Culture 2025. The longlist, unveiled by new culture secretary Nadine Dorries, also includes Cornwall, Southampton, Derby and Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon.
The winning city, which will succeed Coventry, will be announced in spring next year. For the first time, each listee will receive £40,000 worth of investment. They will all work with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) to finalise their bids before the shortlist is announced early next year.
"Winning the UK City of Culture competition has a hugely positive impact on an area, driving investment, creating jobs, and highlighting that culture is for everyone, regardless of their background," said Ms Dorries. "This year's focus is on levelling up access to culture across the country and making sure there is a legacy that continues for generations to come. I look forward to seeing what this brilliant longlist has in store as they continue in the competition."
Grand Opera - Work has begun to restore the historic Grand Opera House in Belfast in time for the theatre's 125th anniversary in December. The £12.2m lottery-funded project will take 10 months to complete. It has been 40 years since the last renovation work was carried out on the unique auditorium. The decorative Victorian paint and plasterwork will be repaired and accessibility will be improved.
The theatre's ageing technical infrastructure will be updated with moder


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