The new entertainment venue Studio 36 operates at all three resorts (photo: James Cumpsty)
UK - Long-established holiday destination Butlin's offers ‘action packed family breaks, adult only Big Weekenders and memorable conferences and events’. To enhance the overall guest experience, Butlin's has partnered with technical production and AV hire company Sound of Music to introduce Sennheiser Digital 6000 wireless microphone systems across all three resorts.
In addition to providing audio quality, the rider-friendly Digital 6000 offers flexibility and versatility for hosting events of varying sizes in Butlin's entertainment venues. Whether it is a large conference or an intimate gathering, Digital 6000 can be easily adapted to meet the needs of most events.
Andrew Sugg, technical entertainments manager at Butlin’s, was first introduced to the Digital 6000 just before the COVID-19 pandemic began. The team were experiencing interference issues, so Kevin Gwyther-Brown, Sennheiser UK’s business development manager, visited Butlin’s resort in Minehead, Somerset, to perform a demo. The system's flexibility in terms of RF was immediately apparent with positive feedback received from the internal teams operating the equipment in the Centre Stage venue. With Studio 36, a new entertainment venue, opening at all three resorts this convinced Sugg to go with Sennheiser.
“Each resort has four entertainment venues, so our aim was to standardise the audio equipment across our three sites,” Sugg explains. “We wanted a system that gives us scope to grow and is versatile, and Digital 6000 does exactly that. With Digital 6000, we have consistency in all the entertainment venues across our resorts. With the high calibre of performances we put on during our family and Big Weekender breaks, we’ve invested in the future by using a professional grade system that is well known in the industry.”
The implementation of Digital 6000 systems also resolved the issue of wireless interference. Sugg adds: “We’ve received positive feedback from the team, and the systems have been highly reliable.”
The Butlin’s resorts in Bognor Regis, Minehead, and Skegness have also been equipped with an extensive range of Sennheiser products. These include EM 6000 Dante Receivers, SKM 6000 Handheld Transmitters featuring MMD 935 and 965 capsules, SK 6000 and SK 6213 Bodypack Transmitters, along with HSP 4/3 Headworn Microphones, L 6000 Chargers and Charging Modules, and AD 3700 Antennas. Additionally, the Sound of Music team has supplied SR 2050 IEM Transmitters, EK 2000 IEM Receivers, AC 3200-II Antenna Combiners, and A 5000-CP Antennas to all three resorts.
Sugg notes that investing in a reliable and high-end audio system has the added benefit of alleviating concerns about accommodating visiting artists and bands. To ensure they can meet everyone’s needs during family breaks and Butlin’s Big Weekends, the team wanted to be as rider friendly as possible.
Ed Gamble of Sound of Music adds: “Digital 6000 ensures a smooth transition for visiting artists and bands, reducing change-over times and eliminating the need for the artists’ technical teams to bring unnecessary audio equipment with them. The industry standard quality of Digital 6000 is widely recognised, which makes it easier for everyone involved."

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