The OTOS B5 is an IP65 beam moving head based on a 480-watt discharge lamp
Germany - Cameo has expanded its OTOS series. Following the successful launch of the OTOS H5 IP65 Beam-Spot-Wash Hybrid Moving Head, demand for IP65-capable, light-intensive and lighter moving heads is growing. The German manufacturer is now expanding its portfolio with the specialist OTOS SP6 (Spot Profile) and OTOS B5 (Beam) models, IP65 moving heads aimed at lighting designers and rental companies looking for tools for outdoor use.
The OTOS SP6 is an IP65 spot profile moving head with a 600W LED light source and an illuminance of 75,800 lx at a beam angle of 7°. The optical system – with a 130 mm front lens – offers an impressively wide zoom range, from 7° to 50°, and ensures precise lighting results without visible hotspots. With its IP65-rated housing, the OTOS SP6 is an extremely versatile tool for outdoor use that can be used to reliably achieve all lighting ideas, even under adverse conditions – on live stages, at outdoor events, and also in the theatre and TV sectors.
In addition, the OTOS SP6 can also be used creatively and flexibly. For this purpose, two gobo wheels, a five-facet prism and an integrated four-fold iris slider system with individual angulation and +/- 45° rotation are available. Two frost filters (light and heavy) and an infinitely variable iris diaphragm round off the wide range of possibilities. The OTOS SP6 works with CMY colour mixing and includes an additional colour wheel with six dichroic filters + open for particularly saturated, powerful colours.
The OTOS B5 is an IP65 beam moving head based on a 480-watt discharge lamp. It delivers an illuminance of 511,000 lx @ 15m. With its high-quality optical system – with 205 mm front lens – the OTOS B5 produces impressively precise 1° beams that prevail even in dense lighting designs and remain visible even from a greater distance.
Thanks to the IP65-rated housing, the OTOS B5 is particularly convincing under adverse conditions – whether it’s in continuous rain or in dusty environments. At the same time, the 480 W custom discharge lamp of the beam moving head ensures maximum reliability and profitability in long-term use. The service life of the lamp is 3,000 hours and has been tested in continuous use under live conditions.
The Cameo OTOS B5 and OTOS SP6 can now be pre-ordered. Delivery is scheduled for mid-April.

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