The DLK4000 Live Microphone Kit features 20 mics and capsules, along with accessories
Denmark - Following positive response to its new DDK4000 Drum Microphone Kit, DPA Microphones has launched several new professional sound microphone kits.
The new kits provide audio engineers with a selection of high-quality condenser mics for a range of purposes. DPA has created bundles of its popular solutions, including the DLK4000 Live Microphone Kit, DSK4001 Studio Microphone Kit, DRK4001 Ultimate Recording Kit and DLS4000 Location Sound Kit.
“We are excited to share these new solutions with our industry colleagues,” says Helga Volha Somava, product management director, DPA Microphones. “We have listened to and taken notes from experienced sound engineers within multiple industries to correctly define which mics are most critical for each application. With the flexibility to easily upgrade the mics, tools and accessories, we aimed to provide audio professionals with the best starting point to reach their end goal.”
Offering an appropriate microphone and accessory selection for touring sound engineers, the DLK4000 Live Microphone Kit features 20 mics and capsules, along with a multitude of useful accessories that will enhance sound quality, clarity and consistency. Included in the kit are mics for lead and backup vocals as well as instrument mics for close-miking any live instrument. To further equip the entire live stage, the kit’s lineup features various pencil mics, which are ideal for spot-miking instrument groups or capturing ambient sounds. Accessories such as extension cables, mic clips, mounts and wind screens ensure easy set-up and breakdown no matter the instrument.
For those miking more in the studio than on the stage, the DSK4001 Studio Microphone Kit offers ‘a premier solution for small home studios and large professional spaces alike’.
The DRK4001 Ultimate Recording Kit features more top-of-the-line professional microphones. Over two-dozen DPA condenser microphones and close to 100 functional accessories sit within this case, making it possible to mic any instrument imaginable. No other kit available can handle miking a full-service recording studio in such style. As DPA prioritises versatility, the DRK4001 can additionally aid in live-stage recordings.
This adaptability also shows in the DLS4000 Location Sound Microphone Kit, which features all the standard TV/film production solutions, along with cables, holders, concealers, adapters, clips and more.
Previously introduced at NAMM 2023, the DDK4000 Drum Miking Kit is designed to deliver a clear and natural reproduction of the low-frequency, high SPL instrument. With consideration for durability at the forefront of this solution, the microphones have also been rigorously tested to perform flawlessly for all types of music genres and instrument types, and to withstand the demands of life on the road.

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