the CCX8 and CCX15 are available now
USA - Fulcrum Acoustic has announced the introduction of two new additions to the company’s CCX range of compact coaxial passive cardioid loudspeakers: the 8in CCX8 series and the 15in CCX15 series.
The CCX 8in coaxial system is offered in two horn patterns: CCX896 (90° x 60°) and CCX826 (120° x 60°).
Like the CCX 12in models, the CCX15 15in coaxial system is offered in a full range of five patterns: CCX1595 (90° x 45°), CCX1565 (60° x 45°), CCX1577 (75° x 75°), CCX1500 (100° x 100°), and CCX1526 (120° x 60°).suited to high-fidelity, foreground distributed systems, as well as for systems requiring targeted pattern control. Their trapezoidal shaped enclosures allow for mounting very close to ceilings with minimal effect on sight lines, which facilitates acceptance by interior designers and architects.
They are suitable for houses of worship, theatres, restaurants, transportation facilities, theme parks, and more. Other features include mounting brackets, hydrophobic stainless steel rear ports for outdoor applications, and weather resistant and custom colour options.
"Unlike conventional loudspeakers that trade off low frequency (LF) directional control for compact enclosures, our Passive Cardioid Technology enables CCX loudspeakers to achieve unprecedented LF/HF control for products of their size," says Fulcrum Acoustic co-founder and vice president of R&D David Gunness. "Combining the benefits of this technology with Temporal Equalization (TQ), single-amplified CCX products deliver impressive LF directional control, improved intelligibility, and enhanced sonic accuracy in lighter and more compact enclosures than those with offset drivers."
Both the CCX 8in and 15in models provide 7dB of LF attenuation in the rear hemisphere.

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