Claypaky will be showcasing its recently launched products for all kinds of events
Spain - Claypaky will be showcasing its recently launched products for all kinds of events from touring to theatre productions. Booth 1D150 at Fira Barcelona is where visitors can see and learn about the latest products and innovative technologies for the entertainment industry. It is also the first time since ARRI’s acquisition of Claypaky, that two companies will be exhibiting together at ISE and presenting an even broader portfolio together.
With demand for IP-rated fixtures continuing to grow, Claypaky will feature the Shield Family IP66 product range with fixtures such as Arolla Aqua and HY B-EYE K15 Aqua. The Shield Family - which included Skylos, Arolla Aqua, Mini-B Aqua, Xtylos Aqua - launched a new standard of weather-resistant, high-performance, ultra-durable and long-lasting fixtures. These IP66-certified lights have advantages in performance, handling and use. Whether used indoors or outdoors, the high level of impenetrability minimises the need for time and resources spent on maintenance allowing users to fully dedicate themselves to their productions.
Arolla Aqua is Claypaky’s new top-of-the-range weather-resistant light, a versatile workhorse IP66 fixture. It offers high-power and high brightness with top-level performance in a remarkably compact and lightweight package that enables fast pan and tilt movements.
HY B-EYE K15 Aqua is the newest member of the IP66 Shield family. Based on the well-known Claypaky ALEDA B-EYE technology with rotation and pixel-mapping, Aqua boasts true IP66 protection and has been rigorously tested to endure vibration and shock during transportation, extreme temperature fluctuations, impacts from hailstones, electrical stress, harsh surroundings, UV exposure and more.
Claypaky fixtures for theatrical applications - Rhapsodya, Sinfonya and Actoris Profile FC- will also have a prominent place at ISE 2024.
Rounding out Claypaky theatrical fixtures is ADB’s Actoris Profile FC, a six-colour ellipsoidal with advanced features that incorporates state-of-the-art software to deliver top-notch performance, especially in terms of color control.
Buddylight, Claypaky’s new followspot system, will also make its ISE debut. The Buddylight can be used either in an Art-Net or DMX network - by setting up control priority management with the console - or in stand-alone mode.
Skylos, the newest member of the laser family, is sure to capture attention at ISE as an ultra-versatile and weather-resistant fixture. With total power consumption of only 600W, the Skylos has the same light output as a 4000-watt Xenon lamp. Considering its light output and the size of the front lens, the body of this remarkable light is lightweight and compact. This allows the unit to be moved with relative ease in any environment and to be rigged on trusses for use on tours.

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