TiMax is launching two new product integrations
Spain - While the company looks ahead to a new trajectory within the Focusrite Group, the launch of two TiMax product integrations is tabled for Barcelona.
The first new product introduction is the much anticipated multi-channel, live production reverb feature for TiMax SoundHub. This new plug-in option, available to all existing HARDCore FPGA-equipped TiMax SoundHub units, adds no less than four individual 1-in / 16-out reverb engines which give sound designers full control of all parameters, as well as access to an advanced 3D room reverb-builder application. Aux sends to each reverb engine can also be driven by TiMax TrackerD4 stagetracking so that performers’ mic sources or effects can be cross-faded between different reverbs configured to be spatially consistent with their localisation on stage or in the auditorium.
New for the TiMax TrackerD4 precision stagetracking solution is TiMaxSP, a plug-in option for integrated lighting and media control. Developed in collaboration with virtual production show control specialists, Stage Precision, TiMaxSP enables TiMax TrackerD4 to intelligently direct and focus groups of moving-head light fixtures using ArtNet and sACN networked DMX.
TiMaxSP operates seamlessly for synchronised groups of fixtures across multiple tracked objects and opens the door for further Stage Precision integration with video mapping and camera control, as well as Unreal and Notch control and beyond.
As part of the Focusrite Group, a TiMax presence will feature on the Focusrite Group stand and visitors will also be able to hear the immersive and spatial audio capabilities of TiMax SoundHub in ISE’s Martin Audio demonstration room. Martin Audio loudspeakers are one of the loudspeaker brands in the ‘TiMax Recommends’ family of manufacturers.

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