Tim Timmermans - Central European partner support
Europe - Ahead of a string of major announcements in the region, PK Sound has appointed event industry veteran Tim Timmermans to the role of Central European partner support. Based in Limburg Province, Netherlands, Timmermans will work closely with PK’s David Roselló, Southern European partner support, and Canadian HQ staff in developing and serving the company’s growing European network.
“PK Sound’s robotic line source technology is a total gamechanger, and the PK Alliance model puts these advanced capabilities into the hands of the next generation of live sound providers with an unrivalled total cost of ownership,” offers Timmermans. “We’ve already deployed T10 and Trinity Black systems for high-profile applications in venues throughout Europe with incredible results, and the industry is taking notice. I look forward to empowering more users throughout the EU with these innovative solutions.”
In his new role, Timmermans is a direct point of contact for PK’s current and future partners in the region.
Timmermans brings over 15 years’ experience to the role. In addition to serving as a manager with Stagelight, Timmermans has become one of the most demanded technical producers and project managers in the region, collaborating with a myriad of top-level touring artists, music festivals, and other live events.
Timmermans began his European network development work with PK Sound in January, making significant inroads in several key markets ahead of the 2023 launch of PK Sound Europe and PK Alliance.eu.

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